Legend of the Ancient Sword 2 drops trailer and new stills

Adapted from the RPG game of the same name, most popular known as Swords of Legends 2 aka Legend of the Ancient Sword 2 (古剑奇谭二), the ancient drama stars Fu Xin Bo, Ying Er, Aarif Rahman, and Dylan Kuo. The story structure is similar to part one, a bunch of youngsters gather together to fight evil.

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  1. Donald


  2. anon

    Shao Bing looks HOT!

    So is this drama another version of the one starring Leehom and Godfrey Gal?

    1. Angela

      Yes it is. I wouldn’t watch either though. LOL.

  3. Angela

    Somehow these two give me absolutely no feeling…. Lol….

  4. Rach

    Why does it look so badly produce. Like a whole lot of recycled costumes.

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