Fan Bing Bing’s historical drama Win The World drops first posters

Fan Bing Bing‘s massive historical drama, Win The World (赢天下), is based on the story of a Qin Dynasty widow who was named the most successful and richest entrepreneur of the time, Widow Qing. After her husband’s death, she remained unmarried but the drama will draw out her complicated relationship with Qin Shi Huang. Google tells me her ancestors became rich for digging “elixir” through mining. She was even once rewarded by Emperor Qin Shi Huang and considered as an older sister, and even given the title “virtuous woman.” There was mention that she even helped him built the Great Wall of China with her immense wealth.

*UPDATES (3/21): added posters of Yan Kuan.

First Posters:

Fan Bing Bing.

 photo Win 1.jpg

 photo Win 4.jpg

Gao Yun Xiang as Qin Shi Huang.

 photo Win 5.jpg

 photo Win 2.jpg

 photo Win 3.jpg

Yan Kuan as Crown Prince Dan, who sent Jing Ke to assassinate King Zheng of Qin, (later Qin Shi Huang.)

 photo Win 8.jpg

 photo Win 9.jpg

 photo Win 7.jpg

Ma Su is also a confirmed cast.

Directed by Gao Yi Jun (The Empress of China), Win The World plans to have 60 episodes.

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  1. Kathy

    is it Qing or Qin dynasty?

    i think its the Qin right that is like 2000 years before Qing

    1. Kappy

      Definitely Qin. We are talking about Qin Shi Shuang. Lol.

    2. anon

      Qin. I mean, like just the, coughcoughhaircoughcough … now that that’s over – the enormously large bald spot that is always seen in Qing dramas.

      1. Kathy

        no i mean the description said Qing but i kappy fixed it 😀

      2. pinkblossom

        Lmao! The queue must be the biggest sin in Chinese history T__T it’s just so awful looking….

        1. anon

          It was imposed by Manchus upon Han males as a sign of subjugation. And it also subjugated Chinese males to perpetual ugly stereotypical caricatures in the west.

      3. pinkblossum

        @anon – Yeah I know that’s why I hate the queue so much 😩 What’s also most annoying is that the West thinks the qipao/cheongsam is our “native” clothing when really it was imposed by the Manchu’s. It’s hard for me to watch Qing dramas after Qianlong knowing what China will go through ☹️

        1. chasingpolaris

          It doesn’t help that the Han people eventually adopted it and made it a fashion statement among themselves even after Qing rule. Han women brought qipao to the height of its popularity in the 1930s and 40s. The rest is history. I don’t blame the West for thinking qipao is native clothing when it was widely worn back then and no one seemed to have corrected that.

          The post-Qian Long era is a sad one, I agree with that.

  2. peach

    Im so excited for Gao Yun Xiang and Ma Su!!!!!!! I think I haven’t seen him since MiYue and Ma Su, gosh I miss her! She is a joy to see in dramas and movies!

    I hope this won’t turn out like FBB’s previous Wu MeiNiang drama… That drama was all visuals with a really boring plot… No idea how it got so famous lol. Looking forward to FBB too!!

  3. pinkblossom

    I saw a Chinese article on how the first photo’s background is similar to the Japanese castles and I do see it… hopefully the production team stays faithful to Qin architecture. One thing that annoys me these days is that most dramas don’t pay much attention to aesthetics and historical accuracy anymore. =_=;

    FBB looks as great as always (tbh I’m not a big fan of her “beauty”) but it’s seemingly obvious to me she only likes to play powerful or beautiful women I can’t help but roll my eyes. XD I mean, even in her productions (like this one) she predominantly hires “pretty” people which I find a bit distasteful. I guess that’s how the industry works these days. >__>

    1. peach

      Most of the people in the industry is pretty hahaha!!! But I get what you mean! But looking at the main leads- Gao YunXiang, Ma Su and Yan Kuan, all of them are actors and actress with pretty good acting skills! So don’t worry!

      Yeah I am a little worried about the architecture part too.. and the plot itself. A drama with just visuals is just……

  4. Majesty

    Stunning posters except for the second one with Gao Yun Xiang, i don;t like his facial expression there. I like that Fan Bing Bing often plays powerful female characters but I dislike how they are usually Mary-Sues. No doubt every male who comes across her in this production will fall in love with her.

    When did the Qin Dynasty and Qin Emperor get so popular lol? I’ve been interested in that period for a while and struggled to find anything and now we have so many different productions. From a superficial perspective I’d much rather this than yet another Qing Dynasty production. I like the fashion from this period and it isn’t showcased enough.

    1. chasingpolaris

      Have you watched the 大秦帝国 series? There’s three parts that started airing in 2009. Haven’t watched them myself but they are consistently ranked quite high on Douban.

      1. Majesty

        @chasingpolaris: Thank you for the recommendation. There are no English subs 🙁 and I think even as interested as I am in the period a series that’s been running for 8 years is too many episodes for my poor attention span!

  5. HKStars1

    Who’s the main male lead in this series? Is it Yan Kuan or Gao YunXiang? Maybe they both share the lead roles.

    1. Kappy

      Based on the vague plot, Gao Yun Xiang will be the lead since it focuses on their complicated relationship (widow – Qin).

      Yan Kuan might be the third leg. Sigh~

      1. keekeepod

        Yan Kuan’s weibos called Fan Bing Bing “younger sister” (likely from movie L.O.R.D.), and mentioned that he won’t protect her in this one. I’m guessing a platonic adversarial relationship. Besides, no way Yan Kuan’s character will succeed bringing down Qin Shi Huang.

  6. Coralie

    FBB is very good at fitting this ancient maiden look with her ghostly pale skin, pointy chin and graceful long neck. So much so that when she’s plopped into modern dramas, she looks kinda weird and out of place.

    But it seems to me that physical appeal is all she has to offer these days. She hasn’t displayed enough of her acting talent to prove she’s above and beyond that. Please let me know if you can rec any drama that is contrary to her stereotype. I watched 4-5 epi of Empress and couldn’t finish. I think she’s pigeonholing herself into playing these grand and strong women type which as someone mentioned, also comes out very Mary-Sue (similar to Tang Yan.) It’s boring.

    Also, weird how they’re romanticizing this Qin period. It’s probably one of the most brutal & bloody periods in Chinese history.

    1. pinkblossum

      This is exactly what I wanted to say!! FBB is awesome and all but I feel she is all style but no substance. Like she made the badass Wu Zetian into a Mary Sue. (Ugh I’m still mad about it) 😑 She might be the weakest like in this drama. :/

      No matter how brutal the Qin was I can understand the fascination. It was after all the first dynasty to unify China, built the Great Wall and paved the way for a long and glorious dynasty, Han Dynasty. 😍

      1. Coralie

        I know; I was equally upset when I actually started reading the novel Princess Weiyoung VS actual Princess Weiyoung drama. They turned Tang Yan into yet another Mary Sue (but it’s worse because this is Tang Yan’s own production, so even she endorsed being this utterly boring character and deliberately changed things around to make it that way.)

        But for some reason, I find FBB’s dramas much harder to swallow. Her dramas/movies tend to be self-aggrandizing – even when it’s NOT about her (like a supporting cast member.) It’s pretentious.

    2. Lizzie

      I didn’t watch Empress either as I loved Zhen Huan and watching one episode of the former just made me realize that it couldn’t hold a candle to the latter!

      I do think that FBB pigeonholes herself when she self produces the show (aka Empress) as it’s a vanity / self love thingy but she is actually a good actress (way better than either Ruby Lin or Tang Yan who also does the same in their own productions). I saw her in Ever Since We Love with Han Geng and she was great playing a fractured self-aware femme fatale. She definitely lit up the screen and has that old school siren vibe.

      1. peach

        I think she needs to either pick or produce her dramas well! I have heard a lot from people that FBB’s acting is actually quite good, but no one seems to give her credit for it or notice it.
        I think one of the main reason is because she is focusing her acting career in the movie industry, which audience tend to just notice and then forget about it as time passes. Because movies are more like a one-off thing, whereas dramas can really stereotype an actress/actor and most audience watch dramas only, and if they do well for that drama, many will remember.

        I just hope she isn’t gonna pull off another Wu Mei Niang for this drama, I would be really disappointed. The script and her acting inside wasn’t able to pull off Wu Ze Tian. It felt more like a typical idol drama instead, and it made me feel like the production team ruined the historical figure, Wu Ze Tian.

      2. Coralie

        I can kind of understand why. People let their acting speak for themselves, but FBB lets her superficiality speak for itself instead. When she finally unleashes respectable acting skills, it still couldn’t take the limelight from her much publicized beauty (which she has no problem with – in fact, her PR team spins it so that that is more emphasized than her skills.)

        I do hand it to her for being a very hard worker, even if sometimes it feels like she’s bragging about how hard she works. Definitely has a lot of work ethic. Personality-wise though…she’s a bit iffy.

        1. peach

          Yeah agree! I saw loads of report about her natural beauty, about her fashion style, and rarely about her acting skills. Guess this is another reason why people don’t credit her for great acting skills, which I agree that it is her and her team’s problem for not ‘manipulating’ the news and make use of the opportunities that showcased her acting skills.
          I think FBB focuses TOO MUCH on trying to make her image out to be this strong independent beautiful woman, not that it isn’t a good thing, but she overdo it a lot that it gets boring.
          Honestly, I am not fond of her too, as an actress on screen, but idk about her personality, so oh well.

        2. anon

          Her die-hard fans are partially to blame. Their comments are always ‘FBB’s the most beautiful’…… rarely do they discuss her character or acting. Same is true of fans of other actors/actresses. It’s so boring and monotonous when all they can say is “….xxx is the most beautiful/handsome goddess/god….”

      3. Coralie

        @Lizzie, yeah FBB’s work was a lot more like an idol drama than a true story-driven drama like Zhen Huan. I loooooved Jiang Xin in it and even felt she overshadowed the much respectable Sun Li. Empress was kind of a fluff drama even though I’m sure FBB didn’t intend for it to be.

        Hopefully this drama will be a changing point for her.

    3. anon

      FBB seems to be celebrated only for her beauty, but she did win several acting awards. Among them, best actress for Buddha Mountain at Tokyo Film Festival and last year’s I am not Madame Bovary at Barcelona Film Festival.

      1. Coralie

        It’s very irksome when every movie/drama I watch with her in it, she’s always playing some glamorous character. So thanks, I might check it out.

        1. anon_

          A lot of the problem is bc when FBB is in drama or film X, it’s a ***FBB’s*** story of X, with lots of FBB <3, so all the X's become a distant third. The second being FBB's costumes.

          She may be better known for acting in the West. She can be good to ok in tragic roles. Lost in Beijing with Tong Da Wei and Tony Leung Ka Fai was banned in China for having characters with no redeeming values. I think that was the official reason. But at least it's not about how everyone worships goddess FBB. My guess is FBB is worse in costume drama and films than modern ones. At least with modern ones, she can't obsess over her luxurious Qin or Tang robes, hairpins and makeup. Her more recent works are often also heavier in FBB <3 than earlier ones.

          This is a common problem for Mary Sue's like Tang Yan, Ruby Lin. Do you sometimes find it hard to distinguish their Mary Sue characters vs the Mary Sue actresses too? AB, ZS, LSS, YM are more or less circling around the same camp. It is hard to take if you're not a Mary Sue c drama fan.

        2. anon

          FBB won another best actress award at Asian Film Festival in HK for a radically de-glamorized role in
          “I am not Madame Bovary”.

  7. chasingpolaris

    This must be the third recent project I’ve come across with a setting in Qin dynasty. Step into the Past remake, Li Ji Zhuan with Dilraba and this one. I guess we are moving from Tang to Qin now? Lol

    It’s good to see Chinese historical women being brought to the small screen. I hope they keep at this. Still waiting to see a drama series on poet Zhuo Wenjun from Western Han.

  8. Julianne Lin

    Wait do u mean Qin dynasty then? Qing’s the one with Kang Xi and stuff and Qin’s the a-lot-older one with infamous Qin Shi Huang.

    1. Julianne Lin

      Sorry, I didn’t see the other comments. Never mind.

  9. Ironfingers

    I am going to eyeball this one for sure! Lovely poster! I have bever heard this story before! This will be fresh for me. Love fbb and Yan Kuan and Ma Su!

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