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Happy Friday! =D I need to publish or else I will keep adding news!

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  1. jello

    Having mad 3l3w withdrawls..
    anyone else feel the same way? i finished the drama like a week ago but i cant stop thinking about it. I cant get myself to watch anything else. I keep wanting more.

    idk what to do with my life atm i wish there was a similar drama to watch or something but idk what to watch

    1. yoyo_oy

      If you don’t need eng. sub. The Journey with Ma Ke is what I’m watching now and it is so awesome. It’s not similar to this drama but it’s a very light hearted drama, I like it very much. Going to watch it again when there are eng sub in the future, I hope.

    2. dee

      And I thought I was alone here! find it hard to be excited for anything since Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. It totally ruined all other dramas for me in the time being 🙁

    3. MichaelaH

      Me too, there is nothing now, still in the 3l3w feeling and empty….

    4. EVE

      Same. Sitll rewatching and checking on 3310

  2. Riley Elizabeth

    I always love reading your entertainment news. It must be a lot of work compiling all of them. Thank you. & have a great weekend. =)

    1. Kappy

      You too Elizabeth! Have a great weekend! ~^_^~

      1. Riley Elizabeth

        Thank you, Kappy! 🙂

  3. pinkblossom

    God damn Chen Xiao looks fine in a Emperor costume! *__* He looks absolutely suave when he’s styled right *cough* Yu Zheng *cough*. I really love the black and red look emperors had back in the day compared to the yellow from Tang (or Ming?) Dynasty to onwards 😛

    1. Donald

      qing dynasty

    2. Kappy

      He looks gorgeous. No Lie. *___* Agreed, love the colors!

  4. peach

    I thought I saw the announcement of 神秘家族 few years ago…it’s finally airing! It has been quite a long while! Definitely watching this because of Ariel!

    Omg yes, that poster looks exactly like the character Chen Xiao played in LuZhen! The costume looks so similar! Is this the version with YangMi or the other actress (what was her name again… I forgot)?

    Saw the news of YSS not renewing her contract on weibo, and my immediate reaction was, when is Yang Rong and Chen Xiao leaving as well… Yu Zheng’s reaction towards YSS not renewing was ugh, typical Yu Zheng, so unlikeable. He has more spotlight than his veteran actor and actresses.

    Wow, the production company sure is milking what they can huh… Chusen drama was such a mess, and now they are trying to create another mess? Pity the author so badly… imagine what he must be feeling when his own ‘baby’ is being used in such a way and how the drama was a mess too. Sigh.

    1. Kappy

      Chen Xiao’s Dugu is with Chen Qiao En. Heh. It looks exactly like in Lu Zhen!

      There should be a clause somewhere in the contract…. “Don’t harm my baby with ya greedy hands!”

      1. peach

        Oh right it’s CQE! I remember seeing news of Yang Mi acting as an Empress or something along that line somewhere… maybe I mixed it up.

        1. Kappy

          Yang Mi is Empress Fu Yao. 🙂

          A lot of empresses this year. Lol.

    2. kitai

      Yu Zheng has clarified that he was not at the press conference and did not know of Yuan Shanshan’s announcement (can’t remember his exact words). He already knew that she isn’t going to renew her contract though and wishes her all the best. His previous post was purely about the drama itself. I’m actually inclined to believe him. Relatively speaking, I think he and YSS’s parting is rather amicable. He gave her lead roles in his productions and she would otherwise never have gotten, and even though she was heavily panned at least she’s got some attention. I really don’t think he minds; YSS isn’t that valuable to him anyway.

      As for Chusen’s author, most book fans don’t appear to feel any real sympathy towards him. Apparently he played a part in butchering his own novel adaptation. I haven’t followed Chusen news so I’m not sure about the details. In any case, I really don’t think the novel needs an adaptation. From what I’ve read, and the fact that the I’ve never wanted to read the novel, it probably appeals to male readers much much more which means it’s likely unpopular material for television.

      1. peach

        As usual, the news are always misleading sigh! I read about the issue when it first came out and never follow up after that! Thanks for the clarification! 🙂

        Now I am interested to find out what he did! But it’s always sad to see poor adaptions on TV… If I was an author, I would be upset to see my own story being butchered in such a manner..

  5. Tranzgeek

    OMG just when I thought I was done with subbing for the week T_T. Too much candy is not good for the soul LOL

    1. Kappy

      Lol this is why I don’t want to scare you with all the requests! XD


  6. Chloe

    Wonder if yang yang will join the zhang yimou movie since his name was attached to it. Martial universe is sure taking a long time to film tho, still only halfway O_O

    1. Kappy

      I would say small chance now since filming is due to begin shortly. They are surely taking a looongg time with Martial Universe. Really hope it’s worth the time!

  7. Hannah

    I look forward to your updates all the time lol

    1. Kappy

      Aww thank-you Hannah!

  8. sharreb

    thanks for the updates kappy.
    by the way on C drama Once promised -starring Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song – is it true that Janice Wu and Leo Luo is it it too?? Thats what i read from commentators on another site.. i missed them together…

    1. Kappy

      You missed my post too! 3 days ago: http://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2017/03/a-life-time-love-huang-xiao-ming-victoria-song-wu-qian-luo-yun-xi.html

      The official name is no longer the novel name. 🙂

      1. sharreb

        omo while u were replying i went to ur search button- and found your post.. mian Kappy i missed it but from that post it doesnt look like Janice and Leo’s parts are big. Hope to see them both in bigger capacity. Janice even got the soompi award for her webdrama. but i dont thk Amzing boyfriend 2 is filming yet – and maybe the lead actor cant reprise his role cause of THAAD.

        I jus saw Page Turner on your banner – love that mini drama

  9. Majesty

    Thanks for the updates.

    I’m really loving the trailers for Problematic Restaurant Solaso Bistro. I will definitely watch if t is subbed.

    The trailers for This Is Not What I Expected are not appealing as a romance. Takeshi is still a good-looking guy despite the age gap but they have they have styled him like an old man. He looks like he should be playing her father and it doesn’t help that Zhou Dong Yu’s character appears to be so immature.

    1. yoyo_oy

      Takeshi was acting very different too, immature and funny to match up with Zhou Dong Yu. Yeah his styling does match to be a father for her! But but but but it’s Takeshi lol, I won’t care about the age gap.

      Going to look into Ariel and Chen xiao movie. Is Joe Chen going to be empress dugu? She’s only good as a comedical lady in modern dramas and do not look good in ancient, I like her but I don’t like it when she do roles don’t match her.

  10. Yui

    Kappy, do you have any info when will my fave Ode To Joy will air???

    Wah so many new dramas. I just finished ten miles with engsub. this is my 2nd time watching this drama. again & again. Ye Hua… but why i still feel the pain for Master. Aigooo… he has me. really. LOLs.

    Btw, i’ve watched The Perfect Match, Tw-drama. Pretty good. I hope you can watch Behind Your Smile, hehe. Marcus Chang is love. If there’s any TW news, kindly post it too dear Kap. Xie xie 😀

    1. Kappy

      I updated it here. May 11th. 🙂

  11. Ironfingers

    Thank you for the update! Not sure about the drama listed, none are up my alley, I am interested in the movies, def will check the Takeshi one, he sure is still handsome!

  12. jen

    OMG I want to watch everything! Jiao Jun Yan looks great! Even the CF was great. Too much to watch!

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