Ady An Yi Xuan announces marriage to CEO Chen Rong Lian

OMGOMGOMGOMG!! One of my favorite Taiwanese actresses is officially taken! Ady An shocks fans with marriage news on her weibo this morning. What a wonderful news to wake up to. She also posted some of their wedding photos. Awww. Congratulations!!

On weibo, she said, “1230 days ago you suddenly entered my world, and I seriously used 810 days to get to know you. Did not expect to be conquered by you. Well, by your side, I will eat till old age and play till old age….becoming a Doraemon that never ages, as a Mr. Doraemon that never ages, in the future days, please take care of Mrs. Chen well!”

 photo Ady 6.jpg

 photo Ady 4.jpg

 photo Ady 5.jpg

 photo Ady 7.jpg

 photo Ady 2.jpg

 photo Ady 1.jpg

 photo Ady 3.jpg

❤❤❤ Happy for her!!

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  1. Serene

    Congratulations to one of my most favourite actresses ever.. so pretty ! Wish Ady a lifetime full of happiness n kids soon

  2. chasingpolaris

    Congrats to Ady! Best wishes to the newlyweds!

    Hu Ge’s Weibo has once again been bombarded with messages haha.

    1. Kappy

      Oh Hu Ge, never the bride. LOL.

  3. Maymay

    Hope you don’t mind…there are minor corrections to the translation

    “1230 days ago you suddenly entered my world (through the anywhere gate…reference to Doraemon), and I seriously used 810 days to get to know you. Did not expect to be conquered by you. Well, by your side, I will eat till old age and play till old age, Mr.Doraemon-who-never-ages. In the future days, please take care of your Mrs. Chen well.

    1. Kappy

      Lol. Thanks. I reread at work and totally missed the part about “Mr” and thought Ady was referring to herself. Then I saw her comma and the sentence makes sense, she’s asking the-never-aging him to take care of Mrs. Chen. =D

    2. Ada

      Ah the “we will play and we will eat till we get old together” reminds me of that scene in CP between her and hu ge and when she sacrificed herself went “I never thought I would get so old already” :(((

  4. Yui

    congrats… i remember watching her years ago. She and Dylan was my fave OTP then she and Vanness. LOLs. i shipped her with most of her co-stars. Aigoo, their pics are sooo beautiful. My fave is still Shu Qi and Stephan’s wedding video but this one is also really beautiful.

    btw who is this CEO?

  5. unforgetableme

    YAY!!! I wish the best for her!!!

  6. Angela

    Awwwwwww!!! OMG!! I didn’t even know she was dating for that matter!

    Now we need to get Joe Chen hitched!! LOL.


  7. Loretta Liu

    Goodness, I was wondering which lucky guy will marry her. She is really one of my favourite actress.

  8. Ironfingers

    Yay for her congrats! these silly neitizen need to leave HU Ge alone.

    1. anon

      How true. Media and fans need to stop pressuring him.

  9. sami

    Love this good news, congrats to her and wish her lifetime happiness. She is my favourite actress.

  10. sharreb

    love her photoshoot paired with sneakers. low key but sweet n romantic. Blessed marriage for her n her beau

  11. flowerbejo

    Congratz, a really happy news. Still, i’m feeling a little bit melancholic and nostalgic. Watched her for the first time on The Outsiders (2004, yikes !!). Became a fan on Chinese Paladin. It feels like my generation has already started to past and move on. Anyway, wish her happiness.

  12. Sharon

    Congratulation Ms. An! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

  13. pinkblossom

    Sooo not only is Ady very wealthy herself but she married to a very wealthy businessman?! What a lucky girl! Wish the best for her, she’s been one of my favourite actresses since she portrayed Zhao Min in HSDS 2009. Dang, It’s been 8 years already?? Time flies. =/

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