Janice Wu Qian and Zhang Lu Yi’s Beauty From Heart drops stills

Beauty From Heart (这个世界不看脸) is an upcoming modern drama with Janice Wu Qian and Edward Zhang Lu Yi as leads, following the story of twin sisters and their different life approaches. One prefers to forge ahead with hard work, while one wants to use her beauty as a shortcut. Eventually, the morally good sister influences her vain twin sister that face can only go that far – beauty from the heart will prevail.

Hmm, twin sisters storyline, you know what this means, everybody gets the girl! Lol.


Janice Wu Qian. Leading another drama, yay! I haven’t seen any other character visual so hopefully, she will show us her other twin character soon! (Assuming the twin sisters look alike…)

 photo Face 4.jpg

 photo Face 10.jpg

 photo Face 16.jpg

 photo Face 15.jpg

 photo Face 13.jpg

 photo Face 14.jpg

 photo Face 11.jpg

 photo Face 12.jpg

Edward Zhang Lu Yi with a shorter haircut. He’s described as genius businessman who mistakens the two sisters as one and therefore dislikes them (or one).

 photo Face 23.jpg

 photo Face 24.jpg

 photo Face 22.jpg

Wang Xin Qiao. The young boss that the vain twin sister sets her eyes on.

 photo Face 6.jpg

 photo Face 18.jpg

 photo Face 17.jpg

 photo Face 19.jpg

 photo Face 21.jpg

 photo Face 20.jpg

Ohhh. Who is this hottie with the stache! He’s Fang Fei Lin, also in Wu Lei‘s Magic Star.

 photo Face 5.jpg

Hu Hao Bo, was in Yang Yang’s Love O2O.

 photo Face 7.jpg

Gai Yue Xi.

 photo Face 8.jpg

Zhang Meng. This name is popular…

 photo Face 25.jpg

Directed by Zeng Li Zhen (Loving Never Forgetting, Best Time) and written by Wang Yun (Best Get Going) and Jin Hong Da, Beauty from Heart has 50 episodes and is still filming. Burrr!

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  1. anon

    Zhang Luyi is an older version of Hu Ge. want to see them in a drama together as siblings.

    1. Kappy

      He is! 😀 I also want the same thing. It’ll be crazy to see them standing side-by-side!

  2. sharreb

    Yay Janice! This girl lights up my screen evytym i see her. She’s quite eloquent and even pensive in her IG posts.

    1. Kappy

      I also like her energetic and bubbly side! So bold in interviews. =)

  3. Ryu

    THIS I’m interested for the cast! I have a soft spot for Janice and I’m really interested to see Zhang Lu Yi in a character that’s not a spy. Oh and Kap, your math doesn’t work. One girl, two characters, but four guys. How to split?

    1. Kappy

      The hottie guy is mine, Ryu! *smiles prettily*

  4. Serene

    It Seems good ♡♡♡♡♡♡
    I am wondering what is the relationships between Janice and Edward Zhang. Most likely they will not have romantic relations as they look like uncle and niece .. lol.

  5. hohliu

    Janice is a naturally good actress. She is clearly very comfortable in front of the camera. She will go very far in coming years.

    For a moment, I thought I saw Hu Ge too. Lu Yi does look like him in the photo.

  6. tokkita

    Janice Wu is prolly my fav out of the 90s-gen actresses.

    Looking forward to seeing her more onscreen!

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