Hard work behind Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai’s Martial Universe

It’s a new year so I really hope unkind rumors stop plaguing this production team. From Zhang Tian Ai‘s sudden change of character to Gina Jin‘s poetic reveal on weibo, then to the slandering of Yang Yang‘s reputation, it has been an exhausting ride. The production team just released a behind-the-scene video, showing how hard everyone has to work for the upcoming ancient drama, Martial Universe, based on xianxia novel Wu Dong Qian Kun (武动乾坤) written by Tian Can Tu Dou.


Yang Yang as Lin Dong, as child regarded as untalented by his clan, who’s destined for greater things. His family is banished from the Great Lin Clan, and the story follows his journey to avenge for his defenseless father after obtaining a mysterious Stone Talisman.

 photo Uni 50.jpg

 photo Uni 62.jpg

 photo Uni 55.jpg

 photo Uni 54.jpg

Zhang Tian Ai plays Ying Huan Huan.

 photo Uni 47.jpg

She treated the entire team to ice-cream!

 photo Uni 58.jpg

Wu Chun. Yang Yang’s enemy.

 photo Uni 61.jpg

Wang Li Kun. Another girl in the male lead’s life.

 photo Uni 48.jpg

Ashton Chen Xiao Long as Little Flame, one with a special body, giving him the ability to merge into any bloodline. Happy happy for you!

 photo Uni 56.jpg

Liu Yan.

 photo Uni 57.jpg

Suo Xiao Kun.

 photo Uni 51.jpg

Dong Qing. Her hair is just a ponytail ~

 photo Uni 52.jpg

Yang Hao Yu.

BTS Video:

Directed by Zhang Li (Young Marshal, The Road We Have Taken) is currently filming with a vision for 60 episodes.

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  1. July

    Thank you. I really can’t wait watching this. I hope dramafever and viki will licensed this drama so I can watch it with english subbed.

  2. coffeenlucia

    “then to the slandering of Yang Yang‘s reputation”

    What happened?

    1. Nino

      They were saying that Yang Yang has become haughty after his rise from Love O2O. Besides cranking up his fees, he also uses excessive body double. These were all proven wrong by his agency and the production team. They issued a formal letter threatening those who spread false rumors.

      We can see that hes doing everything himself.

    2. peach

      If I am not wrong, it started off with someone on weibo saying that a xiaoxianrou specially ordered face mask and then used replacement actors to act on his behalf due to him being unable to attend filming because of tight schedule, and that xiaoxianrou only acts in close-up scenes. Then a famous actress Song Jia replied to the weibo post saying “At the end, found out that these replacement actors acted better than the actor himself right?” Then it went on saying how this xiaoxianrou has attitude problems, doesn’t respect his seniors and is often late to filmings.
      The matter then blew up, with YangYang’s name going up in top searches. Because he is currently seen as a xiaoxianrou, and he is filming for a drama right now.

      Tbh, this whole matter was just ridiculous. It felt like a witchhunt on YangYang because it merely started off with just a weibo post saying that oh, this xiaoxianrou doesn’t act himself but uses replacement actors instead, then for some reason, the arrow pointed at YangYang, with no concrete evidence! I have no idea why YangYang was being arrowed, when there are SO many xiaoxianrous filming for dramas or movies right now.

      It’s just ridiculous. As a YY fan, I know he works hard and there were many praises about him from seniors and filming teams. He often goes on the fighting scenes himself, and don’t use professional stunt actors, he ended up with bruises on his leg, injuries, and his knuckles were bruised.

      1. July

        I was informed that weibo posting is sent by li yifeng fan. I also heard that yy fans & lyf fans is famous not get along with each other after the lost tomb.

      2. hohliu

        Fans can be your worst enemies. I remember the days Leslie Cheung and Alan Tam fans created so much problems for the two stars. That was my first experience how scary/possessive/obsessive fans can be.
        Poor Yang Yang, his handwork steams from a very firm foundation. He is not some rich Chinese boy growing up in expensive Private schools. He was educated in a Military dance school. His dance school is the Best and also extremely strict. It will be a joke to suggest he is lazy, disrespectful and have just a pretty face.
        The producer for this drama has chosen Yang Yang to star in this drama for very good reasons. He had changed the lead actress, he can do the same if he thought Yang Yang was not suitable.

  3. shimokuren

    thanks for the photos! they look great!

    really looking forward to seeing this!

    also very sweet of zhang tian ai to treat everyone to ice cream! 😀

    1. Kappy

      I love it when actors treat the staff to food! The fans usually gift them like fancy and pretty lunch boxes which makes me wholly envious. Oh the effort!

      1. July

        Yang yang also treat drama team with kfc at the same time with zta. When yy treat them with meal, tianai treat with dessert ice cream 🙂

        1. shimokuren

          that’s really nice of yy and zta! 😀

      2. shimokuren

        i agree with u! it’s nice to see actors show appreciation for staff! and food is nice way to bond! 😀

  4. chasingpolaris

    This looks great! Can’t wait to check it out when it airs!

    The YY rumor has always been ridiculous. Anyone who has watched Whirlwind Girl can tell you YY doesn’t need a body double for fighting scenes. Plus, he usually only films one drama at a time so it’s not like he’s too busy to show up at the set.

    This rumor is very much like the one Liu Tao brought up when she mentioned an actress who only says numbers for lines and expects dubbers to dub her lines. We won’t know who that actress is, much like we won’t know who the actor is that needs a body double.

  5. Julianne Lin

    All complicated thing aside, this looks great. I love the warrior costumes. Looks like a lot of epic action…hope it lives up. All the girls look fierce too, so hope all of the characters stay as cool and complex as they seem.

  6. DonD

    This looks great, so many shows I’m anticipating this year; I love it.
    Princess Agents – Anything with ZLY ❤haha
    Condor remake
    Heavenly sword dragon saber remake
    Martial universe
    There’s prob a lot more I just can’t think of them. Plus all the 2016 stuff that I’m waiting for subs, anyone up for teaching me Mandarin 😝

    1. Julianne Lin

      Wait…there’s a Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber remake??? I definitely hope it’s good! I love the 200(3?) Taiwan one (with Alyssa Chia and Alec Su and Gao Yuan Yuan) but I REALLY didn’t like the 2009 remake (the only good thing in my opinion was LSS’s cameo as Yellow Lady and the fact that I love Zhang Meng).

      1. Kappy

        Yep! Yumama is behind it. LOL! It’s in one of the news batches. ;D

        1. Julianne Lin

          …I was excited until you reminded me that Yumama’s behind it. I no longer bear any expectations for the remake then. -_-

    2. Maknae

      Mandarin Lessons? I can help you out!

  7. wuxiarocks

    Poor Yang Yang. Keep working those fist my boy. Show them what you got!

    As for Tian Ai. How sweet. I was right to love her for more than her sexy legs. Ahem.

    Martial Universe looks amazing!

    Those ice cream up on ebay yet? 😀

  8. Chloe

    Does anyone know if this drama will be released this year?? Or is it 2018?

  9. Jessy

    I’m excited to see this air as well! I’m not sure when it will be coming out, but there should be more updates as production gets closer! Wow, 60 eps!! Thank you Kappy for your many many posts!!! They are always great to read.

  10. tokkita

    I’m glad Yang Yang got this role; it’ll be a good opportunity for him to show if his acting has improved.

    Zhang Tian Ai looks awesome ^^

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