Cdrama: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Episodes

Are you ready for three lifetimes of torture? Lol.

English Title: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
Chinese Title: 三生三世十里桃花
Cast: Yang Mi, Mark Zhao, Dilraba Dilmurat
# of Episodes: 58
Airing Days: M-S (2 episodes per day), Sunday (1 episode)
Broadcasting Station: Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV
Synopsis: Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is the drama adaptation of Tang Qi Gong Zi‘s novel, depicting the lives of two immortals as they are teared apart in one lifetime and given another chance to meet through another form of themselves. [Credit: Kappy]

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Kappy: As I said before, I’ll tune out from this one. You guys have fun. 🙂

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  1. atsu-chan

    I’m watching both this and 大唐荣耀 and enjoying both so far, so fingers crossed. 大唐荣耀 has a really great older cast and feels a little like a Tang Dynasty 甄嬛传 with a dash shoujo manga romance adventure, but since this is the 3L3W thread, I won’t say more.

    As for 3L3W, I’m really glad they kept the humor from the books. TangQi doesn’t have the greatest prose but she’s definitely funny and with all the doom and gloom coming down the line, the humor feels fresh. Mark Zhao was better than I expected. He’s not the prettiest but he has this gravitas that really fits the role, I think. I don’t mind the chemistry so far between Yang Mi and the two guys (it’s not off the charts or anything), but what I’m really looking forward to is Feng Jiu and Dong Hua! The collective pretty is going to be unbelievable.

    Not a fan of the CGI, but it’s xianxia and we’re going to have to live with it and hey, the actual sets are pretty creative actually. I watched the BTS video with the director and he explains the set creations and it’s pretty snazzy I think. Just the blingy white clouds are really disturbingly bright. And the animals are awkward. But it could have been worse.

  2. ChocolateCosmos

    Yes I am ready for 58 episodes of torture LOL.
    Thought the two episodes were okay and I guess flowed decently. I don’t remember the Mo Yuan part so much when I was reading the novel as my memories may be failing me. I guess for now I don’t expect the chemistry to be there since Mo Yuan is not really the main guy. Typical CGI for xianxia dramas and not too awful.
    Love the actual setting and arrangement of the items.
    Ye Hua is a serious dude (when he’s not being a lovesick puppy) and so was Mo Yuan (or at least the part I remembered of him), so I guess Mark Zhao fits to that degree of the character.
    I just hope nothing too out of the ordinary or too much jeering off for later episodes. If it does change, please change for the better.

  3. Aryael

    I’m watching both – The Glory of Tang Dynasty and Three Lives. Not sure which one I will dump since both started strong. Maybe I will keep watching both….who knows. It all comes down to story line now. I agree with atsu-chan….CGI in Three Lives is not the best but bearable, since this is ones of those series involving deities and such. Looking forward to the romance and angst that follows. I must admit though….I am not a fan of Yang Mi. I don’t understand how she can be considered best actress and such when her facial expressions are pretty limited and her face…well, I always thought she has a taut face….as if she had too much plastic surgery done on it! Perhaps that explains the limited facial expressions she has. Anyway, since she’s pretty much everywhere in any big projects, one would just have to tolerate her. I do wonder though if China is so lacking in female talents that there are no other female actresses out there that can act well that they would consider Yang Mi as a great actress??? Anyway, that’s just my opinion. I am sure her fans feel differently.

    1. Hannah

      Same here

      YM is lifeless in her acting. She was better a couple of years ago. Interesting how both husband and wife have limited facial expressions lol

      1. ChocolateCosmos

        ^ That last statement is such a burn lol. I don’t hate Yang Mi nor do I like her as much as I used to, but seeing her during her Chinese Paladin days to now she has become a bit stiffer in my opinion.
        I think most dramas nowadays pick out actresses and actors with a big fanbase to reel in viewers and gain profit.

      2. lizzy

        I agree that Yang Mi’s acting is pretty wooden but certainly not Hawick Lau. He may have had plastic surgery but have you actually seen the guy act? He’s got hundreds of variations just for the “I love you” stare alone LOL.

    2. chasingpolaris

      I am not a fan of Yang Mi either but she was really good in the Interpreter drama with Huang Xuan. When I was watching that, I was starting to think if she just needs a good actor to draw out her abilities. Kind of like Wallace Huo who I thought was a pretty vase until Battle of Changsha where he had a good script, a good role role and a bunch of veterans to force him to bring out his best. Having a partner like Huang Xuan definitely made me see Yang Mi in a different light.

      Though if she’s reverted back to her pre-Interpreter acting then maybe there’s no chance for me to give this try…

      1. ChocolateCosmos

        Hi there chasingpolaris,
        Is Mark Zhao considered a good actor to you? I only watched him in movies and he was meh to me.

        By the way which part you dislike about her pre-Interpreter? Not trying to persuade you or anything as I respect your opinion. Just curious here 🙂 So far in 3L3W Yang Mi is okay, not too cringey and not too stiff.

        Interpreter was such a mess in terms of writing and only Huang Xuan saved it lol. Yang Mi was definitely watchable but her character started doing things I dislike around mid 20-ish episodes. The last few episodes were ugh and I was really annoyed with Vengo’s character.

        Agree with Wallace. Hoping Zhou Xun elevate their chemistry in Ru Yi or help him lol.

        1. chasingpolaris

          Hello, hello!

          I actually haven’t watched any of Mark Zhao’s works so if I were to start this 3 lives drama it would be my first.

          I thought Yang Mi was pretty stiff and lifeless pre-Interpreter. She still had that stiffness to her in Interpreter but at least I was able to see some life in her eyes. While I enjoyed watching her scenes with Huang Xuan, I think she did her best when faced with his mother. The sparks! It didn’t feel like she was reciting her lines for once.

          So that’s why I really think if she were given a good script (the first half of Interpreter was strong and when Cheng Jiayang fell in love everything just went downhill lol) and a strong partner, she has that potential to move on from being a bad actress. Up until now she has been paired with mostly actors who can’t act to save their lives either, so it’s not like they can help her.

          LOL Vengo’s character in that drama was stupid. It didn’t help that Vengo can’t act either. I dropped the drama and haven’t picked it up since.

          Same here. Zhou Xun is wonderful and I’m glad Wallace has this chance to work with her!

    3. Alice

      She’s definitely alot better than Angelababy and Zheng Shuang — both actresses are the epitome of bad acting, but then they are soo popular! Which makes me wonder, does China really have good actresses? All the popular “little flowers” are either mediocre or okay. Only Zhao Liying can be called a good actress.

      1. xingfenzhen

        Well, if you consider the older generations, Zhao Wei, Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin etc are totally solid. Some reason, a lot of people with good skills always end up in supporting roles, for example Wan Qian, Kan Qing Zi, Xiao Song Jia, etc….

        The problem is, these days, been a good actress has nothing to be with being a popular celebrity, and a popular celebrity don’t have to be good actress to get roles (or a good singer to release albums either)… And popular celebrity has better fan base than a good actress, so good actresses always get sidelined, while popular celebrities also get the lead roles.

      2. a

        @Alice, Generally C-actresses in their 30s and older tend to be better. Though there are exceptions. For the 20 somethings, Gina Jin, Sun Yi are usually quite good. Andy Yang Zi, Guan Xiaotong, An Yuexi, Chen Yao, Rachel Mao are still young and on the rise. Other 20 somethings: Zhou Dongyu, Jing Tian, Jiang Shuying can often be good – sometimes they are just not getting the best roles. Bai Baihe is good too and she’s barely in her 30s. Lots of others like Tong Liya, Dong Xuan, Shen Jia Ni, etc.

        People like Zheng Shuang for her charitable contributions?? She helps build schools. Some fans grew up with her. Watched her when they were in high school and got used to it. AB may be popular bc fans like her looks and her Hong Kong “connection”. She gets credited as HK-er in dramas. People see her as being in the hip crowd.

        Generally actresses with stick-thin figure are more favored by the audience. Especially if they have flashy wardrobe. Or actresses who do Mary Sue roles where the lead girl is pursued by 4-6 princes. Can shoot an actress to stardom fast.

        There are lots of great actresses that don’t get much attention bc they don’t have the right looks. Qin Hailu is quite good sometimes. Like in her recent thriller movie with Wallace Huo. Or youth school film with Dong zijian. She won awards for her older movie(s).

        You have to realize being a good actress is different from being a great business woman. Fame can come from the latter without the former. Fame is about being accessible to the highest number of fans. Not always because you have spectacular acting etc talents.

        Another way of looking at it is, lots of audience members are focusing on the more “superficial” things beyond acting/singing talents. Sad, isn’t it?

      3. lizzy

        Michelle Chen, Zhou Dongyu, Hu Bingqing etc are pretty good. Liu Shishi’s ok too.
        About why actresses with bad acting are popular… Yeah, I’ve kind of been asking the same question about Fan Bingbing.

    4. yoyo_oy

      Yeah, YM is not the prettiest, I really don’t know why so many people copied her looks. I can’t name a single actress after it passed 2008-09 that still looks real?

  4. Jermoni

    What days does Glory of Tang Dynasty air? 7 Days a week 2 episodes? Wish Legend of Condor Heroes aired more, being on break this week sucks….

  5. whitediamond

    I am so ready for the torture that I will suffer from watching 3L3W. Looking forward to Yang Mi and Mark Zhao chemistry. I love both opening and ending songs, especially the ending song with Zhang BiChen. C dramas always have too much spoilers that I felt like I have seen all the scenes between OTP after watching opening and ending. Shifu and Tudi relationship is giving me those HQG flashback with BZH’s emotionless face.
    Around 11 mins mark of ep 2, those spike on the guy’s forehead is creeping me out. As for the CG, so far it’s pretty okay.

    1. yoyo_oy

      NO WAY! It’s really another shifu and student taboo?

      1. Phixster

        It’s not, don’t worry. The main character isn’t Shifu anyway.

  6. Phixster

    Pretty good start. I do wish they did the lives in the same order as the books and started with Susu and Yehua instead of doing it chronologically but I guess it might confuse viewers if they did it that way.

    The sets and costumes are pretty (minus the weird antenna facial things on Yi people) and CGI is not the best but average for a Xianxia production so bearable.

    Yang Mi’s acting is passable, but there hasn’t been any difficult scenes as yet so can’t judge. Will need to see how she goes with the angsty/ crying/ tragic scenes.

    Looking forward to the rest of it since I am a book fan. I hope they don’t ruin it too much.

    1. whitediamond

      I hope Shi Fu/Tu Di life time won’t get too dragged, since i haven’t read the novel, not sure how the story will play out. I think Yang Mi doesn’t look good with cross-dressing outfits.

      Those spike antenna really irritates me too, they look awkward. I am planning to check out the book, are there any english translations out there. I can only find the summary on this blog http://onesecondspring.blogspot.com/2013/12/three-lives-three-worlds-ten-thousand.html

    2. xingfenzhen

      Yes, the order in the book is much more riveting, start in the present live, find out about past live and read on to the future live. In chronological order, the past live bit is pretty boring, since it’s really just background information for main characters.

      1. Phixster

        Also it ruins the surprise about their identities because now everyone will know exactly who Susu is and how she became that way (by everyone I mean viewers).

        ps. Shi fu is not Ye Hua

        1. whitediamond

          So is shifu the guy who turned A’Yin into a boy? Isn’t Mo Yuan basically A’Yin’s shi fu right now? The drama started off from the past lives as Mo Yuan and A’Yin. I am confused.

  7. Alice

    Btw does anyone know what’s Ye Hua/Mo Yuan’s third identity? I saw some website saying he’s called Liu Ying. Is he a human?

    1. xingfenzhen

      Liu Ying is Ye Hua’s mortal form.

      1. Alice

        Oh I didn’t know he changed his name as well. Thanks!

  8. Tusu

    58 episodes…

    Gonna wait for more reviews before touching this one.

  9. Coralie

    I’m not sure how I feel about this drama yet. I love the sets, because they do have the grandeur and loftiness to make the heavens convincing. Chinese cinematography has always been a strong point. However, the plot is rather sparse and character development is minimal to none.

    We’re kind of told through voice-overs why YM is sent to train with her Shifu. And her training plus mutual respect for her Shifu is not built at all. You’re just kind of told why they like each other or how she’s spent 20,000 yrs or something training with his sect just because. O_O.

    Her character is rambunctious and a trouble-maker but somehow manages to get all the adoring regards from her fellow sect peers. Oh and she’s supposed to look like a boy because the sect only accepts male students. Exactly which part of her looks like a boy? I get that sometimes some choices have to be made to ensure high ratings, but seriously, she looks like a shrimp. Her stature is short & she’s skinny AF and somehow we’re supposed to believe that with her girly face and awkward posture that she’s attractive to all the genders?! It boggles my mind.

    /rant over.

    I will still continue watching. Sink or swim marathon coming through.

    1. creidesca

      You have to remember Ye Hua and Mo Yuan are not the supposed to be the same character at all. There is a connection b/w the two but not the Ye Hua = Mo Yuan one (past or present), thus why the drama decided to have Mark Zhao play both roles.

      As I see it, Mo Yuan pays special attention to Si Yin because he’s curious as to why the heavenly fan chose her, which gets misconstrued by the rest of the Heavenly tribe as possibly “love”. Si Yin respects her sifu for his “care”–he’s always getting her out of major trouble (I think they might have replaced one of her calamities that Mo Yuan risked his life saving her for w/ the one w/ the goddess who lived in Mt. Kulun). I believe the novel mentions that because she was born as a goddess as opposed to earning her station, she has to go through numerous calamities (many of which are foreseen by Mo Yuan and that she should have been able to divine some of them if she had paid attention to her studies while under his tutelage, which she isn’t by the way she and 16th pupil visit the human realm so often).

      And for those who want to read an English translation, there is one offered thru Amazon, available either in paperback or in Kindle format. Goes under the title of “To the Sky Kingdom”, translated by Poppy Toland.

      1. coralie

        @creidesca & @Ara – my problem isn’t with the relationship between Mo Yuan & Bai Qian Qian. my problem is with the way their relationship was developed. even if Mo Yuan isn’t supposed to be the ultimate love interest, the fact is that they tackled their master-disciple relationship too fast. the pacing in this drama feels really cramped.

        as of now, i’m already starting to lose interest. aside from pacing issues, the characterizations/plot is not believable at all.

        1. creidesca

          In the novel when Bai Qian returns to her female goddess form, and accidentally runs into Zhang Binbin’s character thousands of years later–he recognizes her immediately as Si Yin, who he fell in love w/ and had betrayed because he couldn’t get past the fact that he was in love w/ a male.

          At least this drama attempts to show the audience the reasoning behind Mo Yuan’s “favoritism” of Si Yin–at their initial meeting, there’s a possibility he saw through her male disguise, but accepted her as his disciple because the heavenly fan had chosen its owner and later w/ the golden lotus. Ken Chang’s character did say it will depend on Bai Qian’s ___ that day when she asked him whether anyone would see through his spell.

        2. Ara

          I really don’t see it’s a problem… Just you have an issue with he favors.
          Why can’t it be just a fact? She is the only female student he has and youngest etc… Like Dad like daughter than their sons.
          Or maybe he does like her and the time like is 20, 000 years right? so we didn’t see anything . Just in the book everyone know MY loves Seventeenth the most

    2. Ara

      But she and Mo Yuan doesn’t have love line so what’s wrong with it?
      They can’t see her as a girl because of the spell on her? She is supposed to be a prettiest goddess yet… you want someone to look believable as a man to play her?

  10. Dieu

    Where to watch with eng sub?

  11. humbledaisy

    I was watching this on Youtube last night with my husband and explaining her status as Little 17 – and he called her 1/4 cup 17th – as she is totally so much smaller and younger looking than the other students.

    Eh – it is what it is and I enjoy watching very sad moments so I’ll be here for the long haul.

  12. aw

    Why does no one talk about the higlight of ep 2? Baby Fengjiu (≧∀≦) Looking forward to Dilraba&Vengao, they’ve acted together prefer so prepare the tears !!

    1. aw

      **acted together before, sorry

    2. Haha

      You are not the only one! I watch this drama (well skimming) just to watch those two 😀

      But I am anticipating them because of their books. Love it!

    3. xingfenzhen

      So does this series includes pillow book as well?

      1. Haha

        Yes, it does. But, I am not sure about the portion. You can see the pet fox and Aranya on the preview, so I believe they will include that story line also.

        1. aw

          Nooo Pillow book deserves its own spin off 🙁 To me it had way more flesh and story (though some parts were draggy) I get a feeling they will squeeze everything in a fews eps, which is really undeserving because Fengjiu and Donghua really deserve so much more) ( ̄▽ ̄) Sigh dont think Bai Gun Gun appears…pity I really love him (≧∀≦)♡

        2. Haha

          Bai Gungun is LOVE!!!!

          Well, the main 3L3W book doesn’t have many storylines anyway, so I think it’s understandable that they merge it together. I just hope at least they would get around 10episodes in total. I would be happy with that!

    4. atsu-chan

      I think Pillow Book IS getting its own spin-off! Nobody’s been cast yet but I saw the news announcement of it being in the works. That said, I’m excited about Pillow Book being included because otherwise, I didn’t think they’d have enough plot to make it through 58 eps. This way, the world is wider. 🙂

      @aw You’re not the only one excited about Baby Feng Jiu. She was so cute in the couple of seconds she was on screen, and I’m sure Dilireba is going to be PERFECT.

      I don’t know how I feel about the chronological timeline. I think I prefer the book version, but I also enjoy seeing all of the holes that the drama version feels in. I always had a strong impression of the present and future storyline but was always super hazy on what happened before she became Susu, and it’s nice to see it play out. I’m okay about tweaks in the story since events in books don’t always translate well on screen. So I’m fine with 3L3W so far as long as the story keeps the integrity of the original *cough 锦绣未央*

      I don’t know about you guys but I thought the chemistry was so much better today between BQ and both Mo Yuan and Li Jing. Made me want to keep clicking to the next episodes. I think I like Yang Mi better when she’s dubbed…

      I was so super dubious about Mark Zhao but so far, I like him a lot in this role. He brings a maturity and grandeur to it that a pretty face, while prettier, just can’t. And Zhang Bin Bin and Li Jing is pretty perfectly cast. Ten years ago, I thought Yuan Hong would have been perfect.

      Also found this on Youtube for those hankering for a fuller version of the opening scene in the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94nL4aMD2JY

      1. aw

        @atsu-chan OMG are you serious?????? I AM DYING to see Donghua & Fengjiu occupiy my screen for 58 (or 60 eps) !!!!! I REALLY hope they keep the orginal cast though, can’t see anyone else playing the OTP except Dilireba & Vengao! !Man, that wouldn’t be a bucket of tears, it would be a waterfall LOL because this couple makes you laugh and cry XD Plus if Gungun shows up……*already pictures a litle dough with white hair like his dad haha*
        I actually can’t stand dub in genera; because im a fan of original voices as dub make everyone sound the same LOL … but i think the main reason they started in he past because they could just make it more sense like past -> present susu -> current bai qian), otherwise it would be like “time traveling” (which i heard SARFT the tv/drama policy people arent a fan of lol)

        @Haha, no way 10 eps? I would like at leas half of the whole story devoted to them…highly unlikely though because thery arent main cast 😛

        1. atsu-chan

          @aw Welp, there’s good and bad news about the drama version of Pillow Book though. First of all, it was bought by Liu Yuxin’s studio (I think she played Shi Fujin in BBJX), and they hope to cast either Jiro Wang or Wu Yi Fan as Dong Hua. Here’s the baidu page if you want to check it out: http://baike.baidu.com/subview/6309060/15736809.htm
          And I agree, I love the kids in TangQi’s world. I’m super fond of Tuanzi too.

          I think Dilireba and Vengo are pretty much perfect for their roles, and I think this team in particular reaaaalllly thought stuff through (they even have an explanation for rainbows in the palace sets), so even if we won’t get whole episodes devoted to them, I think/hope their story will be incorporated in a meaningful way that enlarges the TangQi world.

          Oh, I didn’t know that’s why they changed it. Bummer. But now, since I already feel invested, I’ll probably cry rivers when she jumps off Zhuxian Tai instead of just buckets. (I don’t think that’s a spoiler since it was in the MVs).

        2. aw

          @atsu-chan… oh that is distressing news indeed, I really just can’t stand anyone else play our OTP
          Why Yang Mi Studio didn’t buy both rights if they were going to go into so much detail and engrave these OTPs and actors in our brains T___T Gah, somtimes you do wonder what is china’s obession with a TV Drama, Movie, Webdrama, and spinoff 1 2 3 of literally the same story XD LOL …ugh Jiro Wang doesn’t Donghuas presence at all…and Wu Yi Fan is too young!!! He looks like a playboy (if you don’t mind me saying) and He seriously cant act…..not like Vengao’s entimatic presence (inner bias for him coming out) and everything….Man praying this adaption will give them enough screentime T__T
          I think that was the only reason I could think of LOL, technically timewise it doesn’t make a huge difference haha, as flashbacks maybe on screen would maybe be confusing and give people headaches XD, oh I just saw the link you gave in the comments!! and im preparing the tears!!! (A Li is the saddest, hie thought it was his fault it happened to his parents (his name meaning seperation i think)) (´;Д;`)

      2. Shellie

        I can’t wait to watch once drama fever subs it but I’m happy to read that some viewers think mark is doing OK.

        In a nutshell, I think it’s better to not have too high expectations and be surprised to like it than having high expectations and be all disappointed (like I did with General and I).

      3. Haha

        @atsu chan, I read about the news a while ago about that too. I thought Liu Yuxin studio’s contract for the adaptation had expired:(

        Argh, I just wish YM’s studio bought that :(.

        Jiro Wang’s image will ruin DH’s, same goes to Kris Wu.

        1. aw

          @Haha, same feeling, same pain :(((( Guess we have to make do with the limited art from the books and drama scenes, really hoping they get more “fun” moments (there’s a lot haha) vs the sadder ones, but the mv/trailers/op/ending prove otherwise XD :<

  13. keekeepod

    I’m also watching this drama and The Glory of Tang Dynasty. So far both are decent enough to pay attention to. Still too early to tell whether I’ll stick with either one.

  14. L

    Am I the only one who thinks the set design looks like Lisa Frank threw up all over it, and the CGI and costumes are hilariously low budget?

    The movie casting is leaps and bounds better.

  15. LH

    Am I the only one who thinks the set design looks like Lisa Frank threw up all over it, and the CGI and costumes are hilariously low budget?

    The movie casting is leaps and bounds better.

    1. AG

      Visual yes but none of them can act

    2. atsu-chan

      @LH – I actually like the sets most of the time. Especially Kunlun Sect and the demon world I thought were beautifully done. Less fond of the rainbows in the heavenly palace but I think the idea they mentioned in the BTS video was that since it was high in the heavens and stuff there’d be rainbows. The CGI bothers me more in those parts but otherwise I didn’t mind it as much (I’ve definitely seen worse). The costumes don’t bother me either, as long as they don’t do the backlit beauty shot with the hair blowing in the wind.

      I actually am really growing to like this cast. Crystal Liu is a goddess, and I’m ambivalent towards Yang Mi, but I think Mark, Vengo, and Zhang Bin Bin have all been on point. Yang Yang is so pretty to look at but he doesn’t have as much 气场 as Mark, who isn’t as pretty but looks like he has an old soul (which is what I felt about Ye Hua). I always thought Yang Yang would be more suited to play playboy Lian Song (who is purportedly the main male lead of the unwritten third book that rounds out the 3L3W trilogy). I’ll probably watch the movie too though.

      @Shellie – I think Mark is really working for me, much more than I expected. I was so disappointed when he was cast too, and still am not fond of some of his hair, but he’s much better in motion I think. He definitely feels more manly and that aura really suits Mo Yuan. He feels more like a shifu and less like a pretty face.

      @Haha – Really? I read the news a while ago too, so it’d be great if it were true…

      @aw – I agree with you 200% on the casting. This adaptation feels pretty thought-out so far and I haven’t headdesked (yet) so crossing my fingers that they’ll do a good job! I’m feeling (tentatively) confident!

      1. Shellie

        Great to hear!!! I know a lot of people weren’t (and still may not be) happy that Mark was casted but personally, I love love him so I was one of the excited ones. LOL

        As for the movie, I like Yang yang but am not sure I will watch the movie. So many of the movie versions were horrible when compared to their drama counter parts, no matter how you look at it. There is just not enough time to develop anything so it’s all choppy to me. Examples are You are my sunshine and Love O2O

        1. Kim

          May I ask why Mark is not favor for the role? I’m watching this with no knowledge of the books, and I think he’s doing a fantastic job. He’s so so so charming to watch.

        2. aw

          @Kim i think they feel he is not handsome enough [LOL] as Yehua is technically quite younger then Bai Qian by a few ten thousand years haha….. [and she is pretty enough LOL with Yang Mi playing her haha], but Mark is older -and looks mature/older] then her i think in real life vs Yang yang and Liu Yifei [where shes older/mature then him], but his actings pretty good, glad you like him ;]

        3. Kim

          @aw Thanks for answering 🙂 So that’s why, Look seems to always be the reason why people are opposed with this actor or that actor. Nowadays no one seems to care about the talent, what a shame. Well at least in cdrama world it’s not as bad as kdrama world lol. I think Mark is doing great as Shifu, since I haven’t see him in his real role yet I can’t say whether he’s fitting or not. But he’s a pretty good actor to begin with so I think he’ll be fine. I like Mark ever since his Black & White days, so I’m not complaining. I find him very charming, and to me the charming and charismatic factor will always out beat the look department. In terms of Yang MI and Mark physical compatibility, Yang Mi isn’t that young looking anyways, so I don’t see what’s with all the fuss.

  16. aw

    Just finished 5 and 6,man the bucket of tears, and Teacher of The century goes to …..MO YUAN, ! man oh man are we ever going to have better moments lol…but anyways i’ve noticed [which is sort of obvious] that there are so many versions out there, like there’s the tv version [dragon tv i think], the online version [croten media] and qq, and iqyi and youku and basically so many cut versions floating around, does anyone know where we can find the ‘uncut’ version ? or it wont be released afterall ;[

    1. creidesca

      croton media, qq, tuduo seem to be the same version of each other…was there something cut b/w the end of ep 5 and the start of ep 6?

  17. atsu-chan

    @aw I’d go with the version on Croton? That feels pretty legit and uncut to me. Let me know if there’s a better uncut out there though.

    I love her relationship with Mo Yuan. It’s not romantic, but it’s very caring, and it’s so rare that we get to see a caring shifu/tudi relationship in c-drama world these days ;D

    1. aw

      @atsu-chan, creidesca i think i watched the dragon tv version because i was in a hurry [LOL] it was the one that was released the fastest ;p i compared the one with the Croton one and there wasn’t much of a difference -> but it was much longer/delayed then the tv version for sure [so the tv one prob censored/cut some scenes and the op/ending haha [but i will be honest, i am honestly skipping their jargon and fighting because i can’t stand the cgi XD….and all those tears……九师 died in pain T—T……….rip [really hope this Demon/past/War/ Arc will be over soon, ready for Yehua moments! XD, I only asked if there was an uncut version, because i was watching [dragon tv vers] and suddenly Qianqian went from trying to revive Mo Yuan to the new Demon Lord [that egghead of a guy lol] being crowned the new Demon King haha and yesss i love Mo Yuan’s relationship with her too – seriously such an patient teacher – man he suffered so much for just 1 discipline, i understand why some people will mistake it as romantic love ha/ha…..by the way…i do have a question though if anyone can answer ;p the ‘yellow spirit Yehua/Mo Yuan /looking one’ who was always behind qianqian when she was thinking to herself or doing things -> is this Yehua???????????? because i can’t find in the novel where he does this…like why is his spirit randomly interacting with qianqian if he doesnt know her yet?? o’-o

      1. creidesca

        you mean at the end of dragontv’s ep 6? If you look at that portion of the clip, on the screen to the left there are words telling you it’s for the upcoming episode. Official ep 6 ended w/ Bai Qian kneeling down in front of her brother and Ken Chang.

        I’m actually more interested and what’s missing b/w the end of ep 5 and the start of ep 6. Feel like something has been cut there.

      2. Melodymuse

        Ye hua and mo yuan are actually twins. The novel translation is no longer online but someone summarized each chapter. 🙂 I was super confused too before I read the summaries.
        So what happened was that since MY and YH were born as twins, I think YH’s soul was too weak. So their father put him into this golden flower which was placed in quan lun’s garden to grow and absorb essence to be born with a body? (sorry my chinese isn’t good enough to understand everything they’re saying).

        1. enmachin

          I did find the novel translation after some digging around the web! if anyone wants it just drop me a mail!

        2. adella

          @enmachin: hi can i have your email? i really want to ready the novel translation. thank you

        3. Jenny

          there a translation called to the sky kingdom on Amazon for 1 dollar

  18. creidesca

    @aw, that was never in the novel If I remember correctly. But I believe it is supposed to be the spirit of Ye Hua.

    1. aw

      @creidesca I thought so too!!! But I’m like he’s not dead….pretty sure he’s way past the birth at this point!!! I can’t recall the timeline, but if they were going to incorporate the fact that Fengjiu was born around the time Qianqian went to Mo Yuan and “train” then Yehua most definitely should have been “alive” at this point. And how the heck does he even know who Qianqian is lol….my limited Chinese isn’t helping me at all, yeah most likely stuff was cut 🙁 pity, wonder if they will ever release the uncut when everything’s done airing

      1. atsu-chan

        @aw I think in the drama, Ye Hua is supposed to be born from the golden lotus that Mo Yuan/ Qianqian took care of at Kunlun. I think he’s shown up in his human form already once before? I think that’s how the drama rewrote him. And as far as I remember, I don’t think this was in the book. There was a scene at the beginning where little Mo Yuan received the golden lotus from his father to tend to until it grew to become human, and I think that’s Ye Hua in the drama

  19. nell123

    Hmmm, for the first time ever reading comments for the drama is not helping me fill in the white spots but is actually confusing me more. I finish the thing thinking I understand most of what happened and then i come here and it turns out stuff meant something else. Cr*p, i though my chinese had gotten better ….

    I can’t rate this drama yet because I really don’t understand where the story is going. If it requires reading the book to understand it – i’ll be dropping it soon. Can anyone tell me how long until the tragic love story between yang Mi and Mark?

    1. creidesca

      I’m lucky I was able to read the novel translated in English. And the drama is being subbed in Vietnamese (surprised at how quickly these subs come out too…right around the same time as the video gets put up by Croton Media)

      1. nell123

        I also watch Croton’s channel. It is the only place I can find it in decent quality. I also lost hope for any subs because this is licensed to DF and I can’t watch Df in my country. I’m on my own.
        And btw, they def chopped stuff between 5 and 6, I noticed it too. I hope it is not an indication of their general approach to the story because last time we got such jarring cuts was HQG and that got really bad towards the second half. Me no likey … 🙂

    2. Kim

      Same @nell123. I thought reading the comments here will help me a little in understanding the storyline of the drama, but I’m getting a little confused myself lol. Like finding out that Mo Yaun is not Mark’s main character and that the main male lead has not even enter the story yet. I was one of those who was looking at Mo Yaun and Tang Qi in a romantic sense since the chemistry is there between them lol. Confused but I’m glad I know their relationship is more on the caring and loving between a shifu and student dynamic, but their body language though??? How can I not be confused? It also doesn’t help that my Mandarin is not even on that level to understand a full sentence lol, and this not being a modern drama makes it worst lol.

      However, I see that Dramafever has this drama listed on their upcoming drama, so I guess I might have to rewatch it once it’s out with English subtitles. I did read the summary provided by Dramafever and I finally sort of understand what’s going on in the story and the past, present, and future that people are talking about here. But yeah…everything is still sort of in a blur at the moment lol. I have the urge to buy the translated version of the books on Amazon, but I’m not in the stage of life where I can spend money on such things. Poor college grad here so lol.

      1. Ara

        Actually MY likes her but he never told her and you only got hints here and there about that.
        His brother is the one that get the full love lines

    3. Haha

      @nell123, it should be soon. Mo Yoan will be in deep sleep. I would say episode 10. Unless, the production company has decided to add some stuffs in between.

      1. nell123

        @Kim: I think our problems come from the fact that we are not book readers and most other commenters are. I can figure out that they are talking about stuff that happened in the books (but in the books it is in the beginning part) but hasn’t happened here (drama) yet because it in the later part of the drama timeline. Which means that names are different because we are talking about future reincarnations?1 May be, possibly?! But I can’t figure out how come if Yang Mi and Mark’s characters are all different people, they remember what happened in the past and remember to fall in love with the same person?! Yeah, how does reincarnation work exactly?
        Btw, I also read summaries online but they give the general outline of the story and can’t help me understand the details here and now and those are, apparently, important.
        @ haha: Thank you. If it is 4-5 episodes , i can wait. 🙂 If you don’t mind me asking more things, in he next lives do we get to keep the same secondary characters or we get new ones? I really like Yang Mi’s current sect brothers and the demon people and will not like it if I have to get used to new personalities.

        1. aw

          My other comment is under moderation, woops I think i posted to much of a long link XD
          http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4957617139 <— theres a relationship+timeline of the eps here (if some kind soul can translate it would be so much apprenticed T____T

          @nell123 I KNOW I LOVE her current brothers to!!! <3 Especially 4th brother~ <3 but if you have to know, everyone keeps their identity in the "second" lives (if you are refering to when Qianqian descends down and becomes Susu) she was the only one who "reincarnated" and lived as a "human" (Everyone else stayed in the heaven/upper world so they don't change) 😛

        2. nell123

          @aw: thanks! 🙂 So everyone else stays the same and only Yang Mi changes – okaay. Good, BUT does that mean Mark doesn’t change as well ? Does he remember all of their story in the past through all his other personalities?

        3. Haha

          It will be a spoiler tho, do you want me to write it down?

          Please note my knowledge is based on the books, the drama might have different approaches.

        4. nell123

          @haha: i like spoilers 🙂

        5. Haha


          Mo Yuan is God of War. Ye Hua is his twin.
          When their mother gave birth, their parent could only save 1, so their father kept Ye Hua’s soul and gave it to Mo Yuan in case he could revive his twin. Ye Hua’s soul is the gold lotus flower.
          Yang Mi as Su Su will rescue Ye Hua in his dragon form. And the rest you should know.

          There aren’t many stories about secondary characters from the sect. I am not sure about the drama. I even thought they spent too many on screen times for Mo Yuan and his sect.

        6. nell123

          @haha: thanks.
          btw, now that i’ve seen both of them, I kind of prefer shifu.

      2. aw

        @Haha, Oh man I hope so… Here comes the Susu arc XD
        @Kim & everyone else who hasn’t read the book, I found a list of characters and relationships (on tieba baidu) as well as an approximate timeline of how the eps will go…..if someone who is fluent can kindly translate, I think some things would be clarified ^^
        http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4957617139 – full link
        [timeline of eps]

    4. zend

      episode 26.

  20. aw

    @Haha was about to say that too… by the way, just curious which translation did you read? XD i didn’t get to read the full one because the translator skipped some longer parts 😛

    1. Haha

      I read Hamster and I bought the book from Amazon. The Amazon’s one is kind of weird. The translator translate everything, that includes the names.

      1. aw

        @Haha oh i heard about that, she didn’t keep the chinese romanji one so Instead of original fox cave/Tianjun/Heaven she goes like “Sky Kingdom” rigt? XD I wanted to read the Amazon one mainly because I wanted to read about Fengjius trip to the mortal world for Donghua XD…guess maybe one day ill read the original text instead or be happy with summaries 😛

        1. Haha

          That’s the only reason I bought the book. Lol

          Just to read Fengjiu and Donghua. I think it would be in the drama, since I can see both of them in a palace. We’ll see.

        2. aw

          @Haha can you clarify for me then since you read that part, Fengjiu went to the mortal world because she wanted to repay Donghua saving her right? (And sorta fell for him at first sigh lol (i mean who wouldn’t XD but anyways)) and then Fengjiu also went because she heard he wanted to try going through a “love trial” etc, but The “mortal” Donghua, I am confused was he the “playboy emperor” (in which he accidentally ate some weird love potion and fell madly in love him with her) or what Qingti (the mortal who saved Fengjiu or something and Fengjiu went through all that trouble to revive/save with the Saha Fruit) ??? I get a feeling Donghua was the mortal Qingti…..?

        3. Haha


          If you read the second Pillow Book. There was one scene about Fengjiu’s past through Minghua Glass. Based on the book;
          2000 years ago DH saved FJ from lion whatever.
          700 years ago FJ became maid servant. She did it for 400 years.
          305 years ago. FJ saved DH and became his pet fox.
          Then she didn’t do anything for 10 years, mostly because she thought DH had married Jiheng.
          295 years ago. Xie Chou visited her to told her than there was a soul without an origin and it’s DH’s shadow. So, she sent her shadow to repay him (this would be the background story for Aranya)
          After Aranya failed, 30 years after that, she begged Siming to know DH’s whereabout because DH went to mortal world for his trial. She wanted to help him, so she borrowed Concubine Chen’s body (unfavoured Concubine). When Yang Mi went to mortal world to help her brother’s son trial, it turned out her brother’s son mortal version was DH’s son (DH was the king ah I forgot his name). Unfortunately, YM’s plan to help her niece went wrong and changed DH aka the King’s destiny. Fast forward, instead of falling in love with someone else, the King fell in love with Chen (aka FJ). DH’s trial was a love trial, so to repay his favour, Siming asked Chen or FJ to make the King fell in love completely with her and when the King had already fell in love, she should be distant and cold hearted, hence the trial. Qingti was one of the King’s general army (I forgot). Anyway, the King decided to give Chen to him. So Qingti was also her husband. Qingti died when he tried to save her from one of the Demon’s sword. Chen aka FJ promised him that she would mourn him for 3 lifetimes and purify his soul to become immortal. That’s why she wanted Saha fruit.

          I don’t know about the drama’s storyline tho.

        4. aw

          Thank you <3 lol, so the point of the love trial was to be distant to him but he was allowed to be crazy in love with her? XD Man poor Fengjiu had to endure all this time…… XD
          Hmm I used to think Qingti was 1 of Donghua's life (because of the 3l3W concept idea) and that's why Fengjiu went through all the trouble for him LOL, but now I'm starting to think Fengjiu Qingti is like Mo Yuan Qianqian (the level of devotion, non-romantic love, but like admiration ish) Thanks for the clarification, I’m wondering how this will all play out in the drama as well lol.

  21. Kappy

    And I thought I was confused. 3 lifetimes of names to remember! Lol.

    Added the DL links to first 6 episodes. Enjoy!

    Might have to do a weekly post for 3L3W at the rate you guys are going. XD

    @aw, comments with multiple links are automatically sent to moderation cause we get a lot of spams from robots. They usually get cleared once I’m out of work.

    1. aw

      Thank you Kappy! Sorry for the wall of text, didnt realize the picture link was so long XP

  22. aw

    Man, just finished 7&8 (dragon tv) version..I find it so funny Yehua was born AFTER Fengjiu (scene where his ma&pa went to Kunlun and the waterlily spirit Yehua thing went to his ma XD) lol was this true in the books? I can’t recall the age but it would be strange, but I always thought that between the two of them Fengjiu was younger then Yehua at least XD ( like Donghua > Qianqian > Yehua > Fengjiu) in terms of ages LOL

    1. Haha

      The timeline for the drama is reversed. Fengjiu should be about 30,000 to Ye Hua’s 50,000.

      1. aw

        Yes! I remember this too! But in the drama, Fengjiu’s birth came before Yehua’s (LOL)

        1. aw

          I WAITED 80 YEARS FOR THIS!!!!!! T___________T lol

    2. Melodymuse

      Is there a link for dragon tv? :O I want to see!!

      1. creidesca

        just patiently wait, those scenes aw mention are actually a preview from the next day’s episodes. Dragontv shows previews at the end of the episodes. The previews are available for viewing separately from the episode at select online viewing sites.

  23. Priz

    Do you have any info about the english sub? Chinese is not my forte 😂, i force myself watching this in raw but because i already read the book i can still follow the story. But still need the sub please thank you

    1. xingfenzhen

      Dramafever is subbing them, supposedly first episodes will come out 2/6


      1. priz

        thank you so much xingfenzhen for the info, so still have to wait few more days for the subs then

  24. Phixster

    Ok watched up to latest episode. From what has been shown so far, I must commend the script writer on managing to fill in the gaps and expanding what is only a few sentences in the book to actual scenes that are logical and well written. The plot makes sense (except for some errors in the timeline) and all the important lines are there. Also the scenery is so pretty.

    Acting wise – Mark Zhao is a lot better than I thought he would be. He has managed to convey the feel of Mo Yuan and Ye Hua and differentiate between the 2 of the them. Yang Mi, is her usual self.

    The only let down in cast is Vengo – he does not give the vibe of Dong Hua at all! He doesn’t have the serious, brooding presence that makes Dong Hua and some how comes off as too ?playful (not sure what word I can use to describe him). I do admit some of it is the script writer’s fault with the lines he has be given (not in the book). At least Dilireba is perfect for her role as Feng jiu though.

    1. atsu-chan

      Am I the only one major fangirling Siming right now? He’s the best, I just love him. Zheyan is also pretty awesome too.

      @Phixster I agree with you on Vengo, but I think for me it’s the opposite. I always thought Dong Hua was very “腹黑” from his role in 枕上书, and I thought Vengo came across a little too stiff for me. But Feng Jiu is perfectly cast. She’ll always be Feng Jiu to me.

      I think the scriptwriters are doing great so far. The story keeps running and it isn’t all MV style, and they’ve really created a cohesive background. TangQi commented on that on her Weibo too, and also the fact that their math isn’t great like hers, haha.

      I’m also really fond of Mark in this role. Although I laughed when people referred to him as 少年 but he really does give off the feeling of an old soul, and I’m so looking forward to his guard coming down around Susu. Still invested after a week, and I have to say, I reach for this one first before 大唐荣耀 (which has way too much awkward swimming, imo)

      1. Phixster

        I also see Dong Hua as “腹黑” which is more in the words he says rather than his demeanour. But I just think Vengo isn’t aloof/ broody enough. Like I think Zhang Binbin would have been a better suit than him (actually they should have swapped roles), when he was in the cave brooding about Siyin I could totally Dong Hua. But it looks like they aren’t quite following the Pillow Book storyline between Dong Hua and Feng Jiu.

        Well to be fair in Tang Qi’s original edition of the novel the timetline was wrong too. So no one can maths properly lol

        1. Hurk

          Being honest, I actually really like the cast in for Dong Hua. I read the Pillow Books as well, and while I liked them, the more serious and calm DongHua in the drama is fine with me. The actress for FengJiu also played GaoWen from Diamond Lovers, which made me fall in love with her pretty much immediately. She is very good at acting in cute roles but also still sometimes sophisticated and beautiful. Both DongHua and FengJiu’s castings make me very satisfied.

  25. 5ngela

    Cannot wait to watch it. Hope I can watch it via dramafever.

  26. NPC

    Spoilers for most recent episode: Did Yehua in the novel also pretend to be hurt so Susu could find him and he could get close to her? I remember reading a summary where the details were a bit different and wonder if any changes were made.

    Sorry for the basic question, I only understand little Chinese. ;(

    1. Haha

      No, in fact he has never shown any weakness in front of YangMi (the deity) and Susu.

      The storyline is a bit different from the novel.

    2. creidesca

      Yes, Yehua did pretend to be hurt, it’s in the epilogue of the novel, from Yehua’s viewpoint. He asked his uncle on what to do and of the three options offered, he was pleased w/ the pretend to be hurt one.

  27. Cat

    Yes, it is in a short YeHua version. It is exactly in the book. Reading that. Erosion make me understand his depth of love for her. The part where he turn into human a night was also in that version. I am so happy that they show this version too, because the long version was not that decriptive.
    Here the link below. You got to read the book it super good and Yehua version in the back!


    1. Serene

      Thanks a million for the link. You re a star !
      Loving the book soooooooooo much

      1. Cat

        You’re very welcome Serene. I love it too!!

    2. adella

      do you have other links? i cannot read or download the book. thank you

      1. Cat

        You have to sign up, can cancel anytime. Instead of downloading just screen shot it and then upload it to iBook. That how I got my saved.

  28. luli

    can someone time the DF subs to the videos posted here please? thanks!!

    1. priz

      here’s the link for the subs https://subscene.com/subtitles/ten-miles-of-peach-blossoms-eternal-love

      1. Cat

        I downloaded thus link but can’t see it. Is there another way to view this?

        1. Kappy

          Cat, did you unzip the folder first? After unzipping (right click>extract), you’ll get the softsub file, rename that to the name of the video and put it in the same folder as the video. When you play the video, subs will appear.


          Blossoms 01 (540p ZASK).mkv
          Blossoms 01 (540p ZASK).srt

          (sub files are either srt or ass, two most popular formats)

          Hope this helps.

        2. Cat

          I got it! Thank you so much Kappy!

  29. Melodymuse

    Just finished reading the english translations of this book, had to go search for it~ 191 pages! It’s a good read and I can see why so many people liked it. Mark Chao and Yang Mi are doing a good job portraying their respective characters. I also realized that there are un-edited, basically raw, untouched, non-CGI, episodes but I’m not able to open them bc I’m not in China 🙁

    1. Priz

      Read the pillow book too…it’s on scribd, you can search it but there are 2 parts and longer than bai qian and ye hua story

    2. Rin

      hamster482 has reposted link to the Pillow Books! Rejoice! 🙂


      1. adella

        yes thank you for letting me know. im starting to read it now hehehe. but still really want to the read ye hua and su su story but the link in the scribd, i cannot download it. if you know the new link to read their story, please let me know. thank you

        1. Rin

          I know Hamster doesn’t have/talk about the first book but might I suggest googling three lives three world pdf and it should be the second link besides scribd. Also, you can read great summaries of the book on onescecondspring blogspot to fill in any missing gaps 🙂

        2. Cat

          Here the original Three Lives Three World book translation ekindke for $1 right now on Amazon. It a different tile but it is 3L3W. It a more complete version than Scribd because it doesn’t skip some part.


      2. adella

        you’re life saver 🙂🙂🙂🙂 thank you so much

        1. Cat

          Lol not a problem! I know how hard it is to find a translation fir that book. Been searching forever too.

  30. adella

    can someone give the other link for the novel because i cannot open it in scribd? i really want to read it. love the drama. thank you

  31. priz

    Dear Kappy,
    Please upload the ost of this drama, can’t seem to find other song beside jason zhang and aska yang, i’ve been looking the ost from ep 17 (where ye hua and susu at the peach blossoms garden)


    1. Kappy

      When they release an official OST, I will have it up. 🙂

      1. Priz

        Thank you so much kappy

    2. adella

      @kappy yayyy thank you so much…. really love this drama. Totally like different story from others 🙂

  32. Lisa

    Does mo yuan know yi xin is a woman?

  33. Dundi

    Yeah he knew

  34. Jenn

    I’m waiting for Bai Qian/Little Dumpling parts cause I thought that part was the most interesting in the novel. The drama didn’t really improve the other parts either.

    For the moment I’m more interested in Dong Hua and Feng Jiu even though they get like 5 mins an episode. They’re stinking cute. It’s such a huge change from the novel that I have no clue where they’re going. So it looks like Dong Hua knows from the beginning that Feng Jiu is his pet fox and is just playing along.

    I do miss Dong Hua’s unique dry humor from the novel. I don’t really blame that on Vengo but more the script.

  35. Apple

    I watched the first episode and literally got bored to the point of starting to skip. Then i came back at episode i think 25/26, still skipping, but watch properly from 27, and still caught on to whats going on. Then i went and found the summary of the book, n the book basically started at where i start watching, which is 25/26, before 27. I have to say i hate how c-drama love to draw out storylines, added really unnecessary stuffs, ppl might find thats it explains thing but it just makes everything long winded, boring, and rather uninteresting. If ppl keep having to tell me the apple is on the tree, n how to get it, i’ll be bored. And i know china is against reincarnation so the drama didnt show reincarnation properly. Instead of starting as a baby, they just jump in and suddenly take on the new life -.- i dont need them to tell me how they were when they were little, but show me she was borned as a human baby! And when she jumped through the hole thing in heaven to commit suicide, somehow all that does it shed her off being human -.-? I do know that because china doesnt like reincarnation, so technically she is still a deity, just got her power and memory blocked, and since the hole cant kill a deity, she is fine, but magically she shed the memory block and power? And somehow that mean she passed her test? Huh?

    As much as im drawn in by wanting to see the interaction between ye hua and bai qian, everything else is literally filler. I dont think i even care for the other couples since the edit is so terrible, the story jump between the two coupkes to include both their stories without actual coherent. Sure i can follow them, but i really dont care about them, because the second couple story is so fragmented, chopped up then fit into the main story whereever they feel like, that i feel like they are just in my way of watching the main couple -.- mark chao is a lot better than i expect, his chemistry with yang mi is actually decent, much more than angelababy and wallace chung in the general and i, gosh, angelababy just cant kiss. And i like her in clouds of song. Yang mi is indeed quite weak, and i like many has problem with her male outfit. Ok, i can suspense my belives and buy she is a male, but it seems the director wants me to know for sure she is a female by giving her stupid headdress that not only look weird, girly but has to have a massive colourful flower in the middle of her forehead. Nothing scream girly more than a bright flower >_> (and despite many belives hawick can portray eye emotion, did you see his crying face in ruyi? He couldnt even manage to pull a muscle due to the amount of botox he injected in his face, hes a worse actor than her >_>)

    And despite not reading the book, i feel the sub stories are weak and virtually serve no purpose (no real character development!), so thats why its quite safe for ppl to skip the drama quite a bit. And is this the current trend with c-drama? Its used to be 40episodes, now everything is 55+, and because of this we have to deal with 5mins of bad acting of “the bold and the beautiful” (or the young and the restless) sad stare at being rejected, by actor who cant even do a convincing sad face >_<

    Anyway, series isnt too bad, but be prepared to skip, and if you cant stomach more than the first two episodes, domwhat i do and skip to 25/26. I started at where she jump off heaven 🙂 from then the story is a lot more interesting 🙂

    1. yoyo_oy

      Interesting!!! I actually think I would want to watch them die 3 times (is it only 2 times that already makes 3 lifetime or die 3 times to make 3 lifetimes?), anyway, away from my bad math, skip the long crap of them growing up and and move on to them all grown up would be interesting to watch. I kind of feel like YM didn’t really die (she couldn’t be killed right?) but just got amnesia and then came back to her old self, which is a bit different than what I thought 3 life times would literally mean. More likely it should be called 2 amnesias, or 3 different personalities…

      I also only got interested in everything only after YM jumped into that one hole, but that was so near ep 30… so everything before that were a bunch of none sense that got skimmed. Right now, I so cannot wait for the next episodes! And what’s so great is I got used to YM bald head, anybody else also change their taste to think it’s quite fashionable by now?

      1. Apple

        Haha yea, my thought exactly. I wouldnt call it 3 lives either, since it feel like she didnt really live those three lives fully, or she spent so little time in them that some are more like a thought experiment. And yea, i got interested at the same part, after she jumped off. And like you, right now i cant wait to see the next episode either lol. Glad im not the only one feel this way about the drama. Though im not sure what bald head you are refering to. Also, i found their timeline for these lives is so jumble up! So dong hua talked about his son to the second girl lead. That mean the son is already born. Then you got the grandson of the heaven king got punished and have to be human for 60yrs, n that life is that of dong hua’s current incarnation’s son, the one that was mentioned. So like how does this work -.-?? And this is why i dislike their subplots, because the way they edited it make no sense, and totally disjointed.

    2. Ara

      I think it’s 3 worlds for BQ ( She lives as YS, SS and BQ) and 3 lives for YH (the lotus, YH and reborn again after dying)
      The title is 3 lives 3 worlds make sense that way

  36. Wei

    coool! are these episodes have english sub?

    1. Kappy

      The softsub is included in the NOTE section. Download the videos, then the subs (need to be extracted), rename the sub to video file name and put them in the same folder. Then play them, sub should appear. 🙂

      1. Wei

        thank you so so much! 😀

  37. Wei

    coool! are these episodes have english sub? i realllly wanna watch it!

  38. An

    I just finished the novel from Scribd (Hamster428) and ep 30~ so far the 30th ep was the best as I replay it over and over till I could remember every scenes and dialogue w/out watching it.
    But the use of years in the novel at first confusing me as it always mentions 70,000 years while many things happened after BaiQian duel with QingChang that turned her to mortal woman and 300 years passed + many years passed as many things happened suddenly everything describe as 70,000 again. Then I no longer pay attention to the years in story. Huhuhuhu~
    The CGI isn’t bad and at 1st I though MoYuan somehow motionless then YeHua again but gained understanding as the story goes because I didn’t read the synopsis/summary of the novel before start watching/reading.
    Definitely ✪✪✪✪✪

  39. Ni

    Are you gonna post the OST for this drama to download?

  40. Nhube

    Hi Kappy and All!

    Can’t help but to come out of lurking status to comment on this one, hahaha….
    What can I say, except I’m hooked mainly because Mark Chao’s performance in the drama makes this series really entertaining. I’m in love with his character, YeHua hahaha… and in awe of his portrayal of him. He def. has become my new favourite actor in a CDrama. Started the drama not expecting much (actually I’d even thought I would drop it before mid-way through, hahaha…) but it kept getting better and better. Mark brought Ye Hua to life for me and how much I love his character is credit to his acting ability. I do hope it will be more TV dramas for him in the future 🙂

    I also have to praise the production crew who put in the work to bring the story to life for us viewers. I like the fact that they added depth to the characters and story line rather then go about completely changing things and then proceed to still call it by the same title as the original work. So often when they do that it just ruins the story altogether. I’m actually also glad the TV stations didn’t decide to air this series with their random cuts or changes to the production’s vision because how often has that killed the story for us as well, lol….

    All in all, Kappy are you sure you want to give this one a miss? If this lurker (aka me :)) has come out of hiding to say it’s good value, don’t you want to give it a go at the very least? Hahahaha…..

    My Impression Rating:
    – Story: ✪✪✪✪
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪
    – Acting: Mark Chao ✪✪✪✪✪
    Others: ✪✪✪ ½ – ✪✪✪✪ I think other secondary and minor characters too have done a
    good job with their perspective roles making it enjoyable to watch.
    – Directing: ✪✪✪✪ (kudos for not messing with the plot)
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪

    PS- can’t wait for your OST post for the series, the songs are quite lovely. My fave being 董貞’s “繁花”

  41. darkice7_12

    Thank you for the uploads! Just started watching this drama, and I am really enjoying Mark Zhao’s portrayal of Ye Hua. Can’t wait to see how it ends.

  42. Phixster

    Mark Zhao’s portrayal of Mo Yuan is heartbreaking 🙁

    Also yay to BQ getting back her eyes – love Yang Mi’s acting in that scene

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