2016 Year-End Music Performances from Chinese TV Stations

Time to let your heart and brain dance and sing for the celebration of a great new year ahead! Chinese broadcasting stations took their turns to invite as many Chinese stars and celebrities as possible to their platform in the last days of 2016. How did it fair? Fairly equal. Find your favorite stars down below. I think it’s a solid end to 2016.

20 minutes to go before the closing of curtains on 2016! Last post is this humongous compilation of videos. Forgive me if there are mistakes….I am holding a drink…or two. ;]

Performances from Hunan TV
Performances from Beijing TV
Performances from Jiangsu TV
Performances from Zhejiang TV
Performances from Sichuan TV
Performances from Dragon TV

Well, that’s a wrap on my end! I feel like I have a lot more to say, but words aren’t coming out. So let’s us charge forward to a new year with renewed strength and happiness. A huge thanks to everyone, lurkers included (hehe), for riding along this little love boat. Please know that this world has become a huge part of my emotional life, especially during the last 3 months while being temporarily discharged. Your words, your comments, all gave me laughs and chuckles, beyond the walls of my room.

Thank-you for being here, whether or not you know, you have come.

Happy New Year!


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  1. effervescent

    Am I crazy or is Leo Ku in the Dragon TV and Beijing TV performances?

    1. Kappy

      CONFIRMED! You’re not crazy! It’s only January 1st. Lol.

      Some of the artists attended more than one (cloning a success?). =)

  2. chasingpolaris

    Happy New Year, Kap!

    Thanks for compiling this ginormous list! I’ve already watched Luo Jin and Tang Yan’s videos, including the one where they play a game. So sweet.

    But holy moly I didn’t know Karen Mok would be working with Lang Lang. Definitely need to check that out!

    All the Wakin songs <3

    1. Kappy

      My eyes are gonna roll backwards if I see anymore New year shows. Lol. The best of luck in health and life Polaris! Be a “polaris.” heh!

      But Wakin songs. ❤❤❤

    2. Mia

      would you please share to us what they were talking about in the game? I think that was reflecting how deep they know each other. But I would love to know the detail. Please translate to us #begtoyou 🙂

  3. glorygirl

    I stumbled upon your website and now I check everyday for updates. It is wonderful resource. Thank you Kappy. You are my connection to Chinese entertainment!

    1. Kappy

      Thanks for visiting quietly! Lol! Do come out and play, glorygirl. 🙂

  4. Julianne Lin

    Happy New Year Kap!

    Guys, I really love you guys. All the awesome AVV members. Love you guys and all the peeps too. It’s really cool how amazing that this is such a mostly sweet, accepting, awesome place to just fan-out and talk. Even though I really don’t know any of you in person, I feel like I know all of you and you’re are fantastic. You guys are such a great online family to be a part of. Also fab that I feel like we can talk about non-entertainment stuff here too. I know I’ve said this multiple times, but I really really am happy I’m part of the AVV community and cheers to a great new year. It’s a great place here to just leave RL sometimes and geek with you guys. (Or even geek ABOUT RL) I hope you guys feel the same, but I honestly feel like you guys are great friends, and great people to have in my life :D. Love and kisses.

    (Lol just realized I know most of the words to all the old songs …the Wakin songs and esp the one Zhang Ruo Yun sang — literally my mom and I were just belting that in the last hour. Thanks mom for making sure I know all the classics. Old soul indeed.)

    1. Kappy

      Thanks Juli!

      It’s the same with me! While we do get some flaming comments here and there, everyone is mostly accepting of other people’s opinions. And that is important for any communities to thrive. We don’t have to like and love the same people, but as long as we respect the each other’s preference, that is all well and good. I haven’t met any of the members and commentators in person either but I do feel the closeness to poke and joke around with them because we have known each other for years.

      Happy New Year! =)

  5. Liuc5

    I am a lurker but finally coming out of my cave because I sincerely want to wish you Kappy a Happy New Year!!! At this point I don’t know even know how long its been but I check the blog at least a couple times of week. Being a ABC I can only understand chinese and cant read, so this blog has been so useful in keeping up with chinese entertainment. Thank you and more thank you for maintaining this blog. May 2017 bring you more happier days and success in whatever you pursue!

    1. Kappy

      Thanks for the well wishes and for coming out, Liuc5! I hope you’ll join the discussion more in the future! Have a great new year! ^_^

  6. ChocolateCosmos

    I already said this but nevertheless HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks to everyone in the AVV community. AVV is such a great site in keeping updates with cnews since there are so many activities. In addition, I enjoy reading the comments from folks and the articles themselves. Hoping this year will be better for everyone and that good things will come ~

    1. Kappy

      Let’s keep this a place for everyone to enjoy discussion! =D

      Happy New Year, ChocolateCosmos!

  7. Ironfingers

    Thank you so much, another Epic post- Yes I am going to try to watch all the vids.

    I love the three songs that Yang Yu Ying sang to especially the second song, I just heard Liu Tao sang that song on a variety show also, she sang Cantonese well too. I like Hua Chen Yu to his voice is nice. Ma Ke’s segment is so busy lol. Omg Jia Nai Liang is segment is so entertaining even if I find the pineapple pen song annoying lol. Of course, Liu Tao is lovely and enjoyable to watch as usual. I was waiting for zhang Tian Ai to take off her Shinny jacket lol. Wallace Chung segment has some interesting dance move!! Cleaver of Hunan to promote their new drama though his performance!

    Lol, Leo Ku dancing reminds me of my father in law! Love Leon performance, Tian Mimi is such a classic song, Will you come tonight ahh brings me back to my teens day lol.

    William pants need to go and Kris Wu sweater got to go, looks like a loose up restraint jacket.
    Emil song is from Rising of the Taiji master with Eddie Kwan? OMG Lovers of the world, more old memories, love the remix!! Louis and Carmen!! Best Yang Gou and Long Nu!!! I’m old with an old soul too!! Alright Done for tonight, will watch the rest tomorrow !

    1. Kappy

      Lol. I can’t take Leo Ku dancing seriously. ;D

      I’m slowly being sucked in by the PPAP song, these Chinese actors are so cute/entertaining dancing to it. Favorite version is still sexy Jiang Jin Fu doing it. WEEEE ~

  8. Wuxialovers

    Happy NewYear everyone and wishing you all 365 days of excellent health and thank you Kappy. Awesome as usual…….We feed on your news and updates. Tbh, I have only managed to watch DragonTv as there was Tang Yan, Lay and Liying. She look very Princessy and I absolutely love that crystal high heels. I love her hairdo and light make up. Tang Yan is very sexy and Luo Jin very good looking. Good show……..

    1. Kappy

      Thank-you Wuxialovers!

      Lol, you only watched DragonTv! I had to compile them so I watched them all. But this year was pretty good with bringing back the old souls and songs so I thoroughly enjoyed 95% of the performances. =D

      Happy New Year!

      1. Wuxialovers

        He he he….for all the effort you put into it, it will be unjust not to watch it all. I also watched the others. I kind of like Yang Yu Ying too. Li Yi Feng is so cute. I like his songs. Seeing some of the “oldies” such as Emil and Leon brings back sweet memories. Thank you once again.

  9. StillNoUsername

    So much lipsyncing. Why even bother performing on TV if you’re gonna lipsync? Just don’t sing if you can’t be bothered to sing live.

    Happy New Year to the people running this site and the visitors!

    1. Kappy

      Lol. I think most are lipsyncing because most of them are not singers and they didn’t have much time for practice. Some could only squeeze in a few hours of practice by flying back and forth in between filming.

      Happy New Year! We need to find you a username fast! hehe. 😉

  10. amalee

    Thank you for this Kappy I’ll start to watch some songs and singers that I might know as I only got to watch Hunan TV yesterday. And Happy New Year! Please keep updating ^^

    1. Kappy

      Happy New Year to you too, Amalee! =)

  11. peach

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for all the hard work Kappy!

    1. Kappy

      Hope you will have a great new year too, Peach!

  12. Serene

    Many many thanks for the links Kappy ^^ sooo greatly appreciated.
    Happy new year to Kappy and all others Avv Family

    By the way I have noticed Li Yi Feng’s video had been removed by the user. Only his video that was removed (weird). All the other videos are still intact . Lol.
    I adore performance from Zry and Yin Zheng
    Jia nai liang’s songs also put a big smile on my face ^^

    1. Kappy

      Uploaded LYF’s performance to dailymotion. Lol. And Lu Han and Hebe Tien’s performance as well. 😉

      Happy New Year, Serene!

    2. anon

      Wahhh. LYF’s super lady fan may like to keep LYF to herself. :- ) Note to all LYF viewers. Please exercise restraint and don’t sit too close to TV and computer screen and paw while LYF is on. Just kidding.

      Thank you very much Kappy! These performances will take months to go through.

      Happy New Year!!

  13. kitai

    Happy New Year!!!

    How about “A Lone Flower” for Wallace Chung’s song for General and I?

    1. Kappy

      I like it Kitai! Thanks! I will use that when they release an official MV. Full Song is Here. =D

      Happy New Year!

  14. Annster

    Love your site and this post! I watched Luo jin and Tang Yan’s duet a few times now and still swooning over the fact they are together! Hope this is a good year for all!

  15. StillLooking

    Kris Wu also performed at another New Year show on CCTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erDf6r3qndY

    It’s really good!

  16. wuxiarocks

    Oh Tian Ai. I have no words.

    Enjoyed all the performances.

    Thanks for this ridiculously long post of vids sis!

  17. Tusu

    Happy new year, Kap. I’m late again, hehe. *Packs a bunch of beers along*

    I saw Tangtang and LJ’s duet, gah these two are so sweet. I feel happy looking at them being happy :’D. Personally I think JJ Lin’s the best performer and LYF’s voice is so nice to hear in Cantonese.

    And that ZLY fanboy is so sweet!

    1. Kappy

      You’re late with drinks Tusu! *dances*

      Her fanboy is definitely the epitome of a devoted fan!

      Happy New Year!

  18. DonD

    ZLY is just too amazing, the fan is right, there is just something about her that makes her unique.

    Out of the looks department, I wouldn’t even say she is the prettiest actress out there (not saying she’s ugly by any means) but something about her that seems to give off a vibrant aura. Even though I know nothing of her, she just feels like she’s down to earth and seems very genuine and sincere.

    Each character she plays she seems to bring to life like no one else can.

    Whomever she ends up with will be a lucky fella…(crossing fingers for myself hahahaha)

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