The Journey with white-haired Ma Ke, Fu Xin Bo, Zhou Yu Tong

(This post sat in the draft section for 8 months, I totally forgot about it! Shame on you K!)

Ma Ke is still hot on that iron! His next drama to air, The Journey, is adapted from the novel Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations (寻找前世之旅) written by Vivibear. I tried reading the novel but heck, the male lead is never to be found. Turns out he doesn’t appear until the 3rd story. The storyline reminds me of Hua Xu Yin a little. Our female lead is raised by a mysterious master who doesn’t age. They reside in a mysterious tea house, where only those fated to see can visit and task them with commissions. Those commissions are related to their past lives and they come to seek help on resolving the dilemmas of this life. Our heroine is taught the ability to time-travel through time to different dynasties, and in each story, she causes heartaches (to herself) and to the men she meets. The only price to pay is a single tear. Will she be able to solve her own past regrets?

Beside Ma Ke, we also have second male lead in Fu Xin Bo and female lead in Zhou Yu Tong.

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Uploaded English-Subbed Trailers:

  • I like how these are released subbed by Qiyi, can’t they do this for all their webdramas?
  • Our heroine is a bit too much of a hyper bunny for me in the trailers.
  • Shipping her with Fu Xin Bo! Their scenes are so cute together. Sorry Sha Jie Jie!

Directed by Gao Lin Bao (Wu Xin:The Monster Killer), The Journey premieres on January 16th.

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  1. Amina Mirza

    Ooh,this looks beautiful. I hope we get subs.

  2. miyeon

    I swear web dramas get weirder and weirder every single time. o__O
    I haven’t watched any of Ma Ke works after Journey of Flower and none of them seems to appeal to me, sorry.
    Also I did not know that Fu Xinbo and Jing Boran were in a group together till this month. So weird.
    I’m not fond of Fu Xinbo’s acting as opposed to Jing Boran but he looks decent here.

    1. Kappy

      It’s based on a novel so let’s just say they always pick novels with the strangest plots!

      Yep, the rising young faces all started out as singers; Li Yi Feng, Kimi Qiao, Boran Jing, and Fu Xin Bo. Collectively, they were known as the Four Trendy Boys (rough translation). After Kimi passed away, Boran even closed down his weibo for a little bit. 🙁

  3. Kitty

    Aww, no more love for Ma Ke! I think he looks hot, better wigs for this drama than the ugly ones in Journey to Flower!

    The female lead….bright and sunny….really? REALLY? No more other adjectives for our heroines?!

    1. Kappy

      Right?! Only the heroes get to be angsty *rolls eyes*… These people think us ladies are only unicorns. hehe.

  4. Julianne Lin

    …I think they all look better in period garb. Lol. Prob won’t watch cuz the plot doesn’t appeal tho.

  5. Julianne Lin

    Tbh, same Kappy. I’m totally shipping her with Fu Xin Bo. He looks really cool and also likable here too. Ma Ke (his character at least) looks really unapproachable and not really feeling the chemistry. I think they made his character too “up there” without enough “down-to-earth” and so he just feels really removed right now.

    1. Kappy

      I think once the “sin/secret” is out, everyone will be sympathizing with Fu Xin Bo’s character. Lol.

      Ma Ke looks beautiful here, definitely better wigs but character-wise, he looks to be more cray-cray, unlike fun-cray-cray Sha Jie Jie. XD

  6. nell123

    Folks, I probably load different videos than all of you becasue I can’t see better wigs here. If you ask me, Sha JIejie had muuuch better hair and make up.

    1. Kappy

      Lol. I think these wigs have more volume, not flat and boring like Sha Jie Jie’s. XD

  7. chasingpolaris

    I think seeing Ma Ke in all these weird web dramas makes me want to watch Song of Phoenix even more. They’ve dropped a gazillion stills but only one short trailer. T__T

  8. imomusings

    ohhhhhh Ma Ke in the shorter hairstyle looks gooooodddddd (although a bit cartoon-y, but still =O)

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