Mao Zi Jun, Jing Tian, Ren Jia Lun drip blood in Glory of the Tang Dynasty

Glory of the Tang Dynasty (大唐荣耀) should be called The Legend of Chusen‘s men courting Jing Tian. We have Jing Tian, Shu Chang (also in Chusen), and Wan Qian for the ladies, and Mao Zi Jun, Qin Jun Jie, and Ren Jia Lun for the men. One of them will win the lady’s hand and succeed the throne. If anything, the latest trailer reveals a bloody war path leading to the throne. It is fast-moving and I hope they didn’t use all the action scenes in the trailer alone. XD

Posters Released:

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First Trailer:

  • This drama is taking the opposite route of General and I. Very little promotion. The trailer is interesting in that it introduces the veterans and older actors before the younger generation. I wonder if we will be spending a hefty portions with the older generations. It is dramatic and looks good.
  • The story follows Consort Shen (played by Jing Tian) who was known as “the wise and true empress” during the Tang Dynasty (and only honored as Empress Dowager after her supposed death), wife to Emperor Daizong of Tang (Li Chu) and mother of Emperor Dezong (Li Kuo). After being captured by rebels during the Anshi Rebellion in 759, she disappeared and was announced as deceased in 805, despite multiple attempts to locate her. During those years, many women came and pretended to be the missing Consort and were all declared as fakes. [Wiki]
  • Allen Ren Jia Lun plays Emperor Daizong of Tang, first Emperor of the Tang dynasty to succeed as the eldest child. He served as a general to put down the Anshi Rebellion. His succession to the throne was credited as a result of maneuvers by eunuchs. [Wiki]
  • The Glory of the Tang Dynasty will join the ratings game by premiering on January 29th with 60 episodes (LOL).

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  1. Anna

    Too many dramas with similar plot… Even the actors are repeating themselves.

    1. Kappy

      Chusen cast came as a package deal last year. Take 1? You have to take the other 3! Lol!

  2. violinsweetie

    I thought it was Yang Zi that was in Chusen? Unless Shu Chang appeared and I forgot in the chaos of everyone accusing Xiao Fan of joining the demon sect.

    1. Kappy

      Both ladies are in it. Shu Chang has a cameo appearance in S2. She hasn’t appeared yet. I have posted her promo pictures many months ago. 😀

  3. kitai

    With Jing Tian’s background, I expected heavy promotions plus an all star cast. This is quite surprising.

  4. Hannah

    Surprised MZJ isn’t leading in this one. Maybe co-lead?

    1. Kappy

      Mao Zi Jun is still climbing that ladder to the shiny stage. His character is mostly described as pining for the female lead. Lol.

  5. tokkita

    Interesting how they’ve shown the characters’ names rather than the actors/actresses. The drama looks quite promising, Hopefully they can keep up that level of intensity for all 60 episodes O_O

    I am waiting for Mao Zi Jun to lead as well haha. He’ll get there! XD

    1. Kappy

      There we go, two supporters for Mao Zi Jun! =D

  6. Julianne Lin

    I really love Jing Tian and she looks completely and utterly fab in this. Shu Chang looks great too and finally a decent stylist who doesn’t make her seem older than she is (doesn’t happen all the time, but has happened way too often). I love the guys (no idea who Allen is), but why why why can’t Mao Zi Jun be the lead T.T I love him so, but he’s always the psychotic-pining-second lead who ends up being evil. He deserves the love he wants too!!! Qing Jun Jie is also one of my favored boos, but he has his only lead drama coming up so I can deal. But seriously Mao Zi Jun needs to lead this, and then things will be near perfect. (LOVE the idea of the female general!)

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