First trailer for Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 with Li Yi Tong and Yang Xu Wen

BLAH. What the heck. January will be the death of Cdrama viewers. Here’s another one set to air and competition will be tight among the contenders. Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 is another drama adaptation of Jin Yong‘s novel, first part of his Condor Trilogy, led by new faces Li Yi Tong (Demon Girl) and William Yang Xu Wen (The Legend of Chusen) who played the opposite-attracts OTP, with her being the cunning and shrewd female lead and him being the bumbling honest man every step of the way. The trailer looks good.


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First Trailer:

Directed by Jeffrey Chiang (The Myth) and written by Chen Man Ling (The Legend of Magic Mirror), Legend of the Condor Heroes (射雕英雄传) premieres on January 9th.

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  1. Jen

    Trailer looks 1000x better than what I thought this would be like. Good because I like Yang Xuwen. He was super cute in Chosen. I can’t decide if he is better suited to cunning or simple minded characters after watching this, maybe he is just that versatile.

    1. Kappy

      I’m interested to see which character he does better with, so far, I like his Qing Long’s hair more. heh.

  2. effervescent

    I feel like everything else is nice, but the female leads look a little too modern…

  3. Hannah

    How close will it be to the novel? There have been many bad adaptations.

    1. Wuxia Rocks

      From all the scenes and stills, it appears they may be sticking close to the novel.

  4. hohliu

    There are tons of reason to watch this drama but the lead pair is currently not one of the reasons for me currently. But I will watch with open mind. It is just hard to find a Ariel/HuGe combination. They were both so cute together.

    1. Kappy

      I found them really cute in the pictures, hoping that it is positive for great chemistry to come! 😀 I didn’t watch the 2008 version, only saw clips here and there.

      1. hohliu

        I can share my file with you. Can I PM you?

        1. Kappy

          Always welcomed to, hohliu! =)

  5. Julianne Lin

    Actually looks pretty good!!! Tbh a little too pretty and polished for the LoCH feel, but well, it is 2016/2017…gotta please the masses. At least it still holds a certain Wuxia feel and the kungfu looks decently not-too-much-CGI. The thing with LoCH vs other generic wuxia, is that JingYong’s kungfu has specific names and styles, and names/styles for specific kungfu moves too…they can’t make random generic “impressive” flashy lights and call it kungfu; so at least that’s decent.

    Actually like hohliu, I definitely prefer the Ariel/HuGe combo, even over Zhou Xun and Peng-something (sorry, the dude who also played the 2003 (?) Xiao Ao Jiang Hu). Still haven’t (but want to) watch the famous 1983 version, but it doesn’t really exist online. Anyways, back on this version. Definitely love QingLong Gege, and Li Yi Tong is very cute, but until we see them in action (the trailer was more of a montage than actual scenes so it doesn’t count as “action” to me), I’m not really feeling them as GuoJing/HuangRong. They’re visually cute, and I can kind of see Guo Jing in the dude, but Huang Rong is my fav ever (the Ariel version, and never the sequel HR cuz then she’s just an ass) and is a very complex character to play (maybe not VERY, but yeah). All the versions have played her slightly differently. (My fav, still HR). I hear Barbara is more playful/mischievous, not sure about the ones in between, but Zhou Xun emphasized the crueler/meaner side of HR, and Ariel is the cute-witty-fuck-what-u-think-if-ur-not-GJ type. They’re all kind of different, and so far as cute as LYT is, she just looks like any cute female lead…she’s not screaming HR to me.

    Anyways, all the nitpicking aside, I actually quite like the trailer and look forward to see the cast in action (mostly the older cast; cuz Yang Kang looks very meh and too much like a chopstick, MNC looks…more villainy and cunning on a surface level than expected, and Ouyang Feng leaves me scratching my head). So far so good.

    I’m actually quite excited for January. At least if something disappoints, there’s enough others to move on and quickly.

    1. Julianne Lin

      Sorry, meant Ouyang Ke

    2. Kappy

      Ah, you poked at my nostalgic side Juli! YESH! All the kung fu styles in Jin Yong’s novels, something that CGI and special splash colors can’t replicate. I’m gonna go rewatch the fight scenes in Demi-gods 1997 version. =D

      Beside William and Li Yi Tong, the second lead couple does not look up to par, especially Yang Kang! Michael Miu and Yuan Hong’s versions were memorable and very handsome.

      1. Julianne Lin

        Yeah. I don’t remember too much of the older versions, but Yuan Hong was SOOO good as Yang Kang. Really detestable and I hated him, but also so so nuanced and pained and struggling. Could never tell which side he was on, but not confused, just he was soo good at playing the edge between both sides. You had to keep deciding whether to believe Guo Jing that he had a bigger plan and a good reason everytime he did some shitty-ass thing, or believe Huang Rong that he betrayed them long ago and is just a straight-up ass. I feel like he didn’t even know himself. So much better than the weak Yang Kang whats-his-face played in the 2003 version. He was just weak and cowardly and I really questioned why Mu Nian Ci liked him.

    3. hohliu

      My first pairs were Felix Wong, Barbara Yung, Michael Miu, Sharon Yeung. Felix and Barbara was really good. They were as good a pairing as Hu Ge and Ariel. Except Barbara was prettier. I found the version recently on Chinese website. But forgot which. I will send you link if I come across again.

      1. Julianne Lin

        😀 Please do! I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about that version. While the 2008 Hu Ge and Ariel will always have a special place in my heart, I REALLY want to see the ’83 version.

  6. maymay

    Suddenly occured to me ZLY would’ve made an adorable Wang Rong as well. Alas,I think she’s past the age….Anyhow, it might not be a good idea seeing how even Ariel got a lot of backlash when she was first casted as Wang Rong.

    1. maymay

      Dang it. Huang Rong*

    2. Kappy

      Lol. It’s funny since she did play Mu Nian Ci (as a cameo for Yumama).

      I think she would’ve made an adorable Huang Rong! Maybe then I could truly like HR.

      1. Julianne Lin

        T.T But but…I really loved Ariel as Huang Rong. Although tbh, HR as a character is so detestable in the sequel Return of the Condor Heroes. She’s my favorite in LoCH and LoCH itself is one of my favs ever, but every time I watch LoCH, I wonder if she’s the same kickass girl I love. I can see how some parts of her personality fit in with her in LoCH, like biased towards Yang Guo, prioritizing and spoiling her daughter (I mean, she grew up spoiled herself). But the inflexible traditionalist part of her, the vehemently against their love part of her I will never understand.

        1. Julianne Lin

          I meant everytime I watch RotCH.

  7. Wuxia Rocks

    Please make some room, Wuxia fanboy in the house!

    I’m surprise this is airing in Jan. First week too. I thought it’d be latter.

    Despite the relatively new faces, this will be my series of the month. Simply because Wuxia + LOCH + Hot Yang Guo’s mom + Hot blind lady + Hot white hair (Ying Gu). These elder ladies gets younger every adaptation! I kinda like it. Also for a blind person, Mei Chao-Feng make-up is on point!

    To cap it off, this actually looks awesome! And by Huace Media? To those wanting sub, this might have a 50 percent chance of getting one. Huace Media have released DGSD 2013 uncut on their YT with Sub.

    I don’t mind the look for this GJ and HR. HR is cute, good in my book.

    And finally, thank you sis Kappy for all the lovely stills! If you don’t mind, I’m gonna be stealing them for my followers. Cause I’m a third-hand rated blogger like that! 😀

    1. Kappy

      Can’t bask in the glory of Wuxia fan all by yourself gege! I’m a proud Wuxia Fangirl too! =D

      I really wish it was aired later because now I have to be choosy with which one(s) I want to upload… 🙁

      Pretty things are there to share! =)

      1. Wuxia Rocks

        Yes! Yes! We are a proud family of Wuxia fan! 😀

        About that, why are all these company competing for the January slot? What’s wrong with putting some dramas out after Chinese New Year. It’s like they all want to rush it out asap. With all these dramas coming out, I feel sorry for Ode to Gallantry, that’s been delayed since like forever.

        Regarding the upload, I’m sorry you’re put in such a tight spot. 🙁

  8. peach

    Nothing much to say about the drama from the trailer, just that tt gives off the The Four movie vibes for me, in the beginning of the trailer.
    Huge fan of HuGe/Ariel’s ver of LOCH and LSS/YH otp as NianCi and Yang Kang! The actor acting as Yang Kang here, im not really feeling it. He just doesn’t fit, no idea why.
    But im just gonna try to keep an open eye for this ver.

    1. Kappy

      Michael Miu and Yuan Hong’s Yang Kang really made this character a visual festivity to the eyes (+ their acting and charisma). This young new actor doesn’t share the same level of appeal. I do hope he grow on us over time!

  9. sharreb

    Seems very packed in C dramas- alot out very soon. I find Li Yi Tong very pretty but hasnt really warmed to her acting.

    Havent figure out which C drams to watch or watch soon. Been a little regretful watching Princess of Lanling and even with V-focus im stalling even though it’s in the final stretch.

    Anyway, it’s the last day of 2016. Here’s wishing Kappy and all virtualvoyage readers Happy New Year 2017, may it be a good year for you and for our dramas.

    1. Kappy

      Haven’t figure it out! Too many to choose from in January Sharreb! =)

      Thanks for the wishes! hee! Hope everyone will have a great new year in life and drama-watching!

  10. Hannah

    Hands down Felix and Barbara were the best pairing. The chemistry! It is a must watch for JY’s fans. I know it may not cater to the fans nowadays without the CGI and excessive graphics.

    There were a couple of good adaptations of JY’a novels from TVB. I personally can’t stand the excessive CGI.

    1. Baby panda

      We must be similar in age, as I also think Felix/Barbara version is the best. Casting was spot on for the older characters too, like 洪七公, 周伯通, 東邪西毒, etc.

      I love the old Wuxia films with the real kung fu. Nowadays, everything is over-CGI.

      1. Kappy

        LOL! I grew up with a TVB/drama addict mom too so we all must float the same boat. X)

        Older characters actually look old and appropriate!

  11. Licorice

    Michael Miu still looks handsome! This time as “good” guy~
    That Li Yi Tong is too feminine, but somehow reminds me of Liying as Qian Gu O____O too similar. l feel like she’s lacking the stubborn, witty, mischievous, and bad girl of Huang Rong. l only watch Barbara Yung’s version since it stuck in my head, she was pretty and naughty, flirty and selfish.

    That Yang Kang looks like a boy! He’s lacking the mean and ruthless aura. Instead Nian Ci has the charisma and tough look, like a real mature woman.

    1. DonD

      Agree on Yang Kang, he doesn’t seem like a good fit for the role, but who knows maybe he’ll prove us wrong.

    2. Kappy

      Yep, Our miss doesn’t look like the gentle type. Me like!

  12. DonD

    I saw the trailer yesterday, looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it, hopefully it doesn’t take long for subbers to jump on this one 🙏🏼

  13. Mei

    Lol, I’m was once a TVB addict mom. Now, I’m addicted to mainland and Taiwanese dramas..
    I’m quite exited about this new remake… not that anyone can ever fill the original cast of Barbara Yung, Felix Wong or Michael Miu. They were meant to be the roles of a lifetime. The casting was documented and shown at the end of the DVD. What roles!!
    Now Michael is back, can this be ignored??? If Yang Kang never turned against his ethics, this is how he should have been , a great heroe!! If only…..but he’s here as Huang Yao Shi. I’m sure he will have a voice over. Just hope this voice will match his. The chemistry between Barbara and Kenneth Tsang was enviable. They adored each other as much as the father and daughter pair did in the story. I still remember when he knocked something down out of anger, she followed suit just to vent for him, their smiles at the end of this scene were so infectious.
    I hope this Huang Rong and Huang Yao Shi will have the same chemistry.
    My after school teacher was the one who told us Barbara passed away. Think most of us were in shock. I cried when it sank in. None has ever been pretty, intelligent, adorable or captivating as her. The actresses who has since played Huang Rong…only seems to have this but not that. Athena Chu was captivating, but her nasally voice…Ariel , cute…but not captivating. If there were others, sorry…they just aren’t memorable.
    Felix was great…goofy, cute….I kinda think the guys they cast held their own elements… I also think Guo Jing was the easier of the three to cast. Cute, but can look goofy (lol) Julian and Hu Ge were pretty close. But Felix when he thought that Huang Yao Shi murder his teachers. That was gut wrenching.
    As for Yang Kang…nobody, not even pretty boy Yuan Hong. He was too girly pretty. If he had his Ye Luo Xie beard, then we can bring him back to the board.
    Yes..this was my absolute favorite drama of all time. Sorry for the long winded blah blah…
    Getting back to this remake. The one who plays Guo Jing, can’t believe it’s Qing Long…goofy hair made him look so blah,? Why???
    Hoping this will be on YouTube soon

  14. sanity

    1983 theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNkDE72V3Dc

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