Extended Trailer for Wilber Pan and Xu Lu’s Be With You

Don’t get fooled by the above photo. This is a straight-up melo drama. If wuxia, period, and modern rom-coms don’t fit your bill, here’s a melo for those itching to cry and pull out their hair this January. SAY WHAT? Yep. No breathing room at all. Be With You (不得不爱) is adapted from the novel Every Step Is Wrong, written by Lan Bai Se, the same author behind Loving Never Forgetting with Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya. Wilber Pan and Xu Lu play our OTP and they are not nice people. *prays to my land lord that our female lead DOES actually inflict damage and pain*

What? EVIL?


I….am. =P


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Extended Trailer:

  • Oh boy, this looks crazy and dramatic. Tell me some of you guys will watch this. Lol. So then I can save myself from hair therapy session. =D
  • Directed and co-written by Catherine Tsang (Off Pedder, Best Selling Secrets) with two other writers, melo drama Be With You has 44 episodes and premieres on January 2nd.

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  1. Julianne Lin

    Xu Lu’s character seems to be a bit of an emotional ass. She (in the trailer at least) seems to play with both Wilber and the Yao bro. Tbh. Wilber’s character also seems like a bit of an ass. Feel the most sympathetic towards the Yao siblings (T.T Rachel…). Definitely NOT going to watch. WAAAAY to melo and ridiculous and “gou xie” for me.

    1. Kappy

      Lol, they don’t look like nice people, I’m hoping there’s a good transformation for our leading lady. Love that she’s not nice and sunny. 😉

      1. Julianne Lin

        Lol “Sunny” — most common and least descriptive of heroines ever.

  2. Cindy Ngo

    I still haven’t gotten around to finishing the last Wilbur drama I started, Endless Love (not because it wasn’t good, I just got too busy with other stuff and haven’t gotten back to it), but I might tune in for this one if it gets subbed. I like Wilbur a lot so I’ll give this a shot.

    1. Kappy

      YAY for one brave volunteer! Thanks Cindy. ;D

  3. MiaUeda

    I’m watching it since I start to have soft spot for Xu Lu after I saw her in Tribes and Empires trailer and stills and this is her 1st drama in 2017. My latest is ep 7 but I peeked at later eps and so far I like it enough, rate it 8/10 for now. The plot is, as I expected, your usual soap-revenge makjang melo. But the romance is very good, lots of hot and heart-tugging scenes with Xu Lu and the guys, they show us early how the 4 guys each interacts with the female lead. The “antiheroine” female lead is also a refreshing touch, I like the suspense of her “double agent” life.

    1. Kappy

      Thanks for the quick impression, MiaUeda! I do like an anti-heroine female lead. I see that 25 episodes have been released. Maybe when it gets subbed, more will check it out! 😀

      1. MiaUeda

        Subbed will be a nice bonus, but as long as its not VIP only-restricted anymore, it’ll has more ppl to check it. Her antiheroine char. also brings a fresh take in “harem” genre (she’s bit manipulative towards the guys). And Xu Lu acts good, I may really end up become her fan even before her most-awaited dramas come (Tribes, Candle in the Tomb The Weasel Grave with famous director Guan Hu and Ethan Ruan’s series comeback after years! also car-racing drama Sonic Youth, something rare in C Drama).

        1. Kappy

          Yep, she and few young actresses all have multiple series this year. Let’s see the young ladies dominate the screen.

          Tribes is killing me with all the wait!

        2. MiaUeda

          I initially just intrigued with her since Tribes is still one of my most fav novel and Su Yu Ning is my most beloved female char. there and I feel the production team has found a very suitable actress for her based on trailer and stills. But after I get to finally watch her acting in Be With You, I begin to like her for who she is, not only for her Su Yu Ning.

          And yeah about Tribes, originally Hunan wanted to air it Jan 2017, but but the post-production taking longer than expected, so General air 1st. The latest rumors are ranging between Apr-Sep.

          It’s clear already from trailer they change many things from the novel. But what I’m most curious about is, Mu Yun Sheng-Su Yu Ning’s marriage. The original novel series stopped without them married, so I’m curious on how the adaptation will develop the pair. Whether they intend to make it a triangle. An unruly & tough general’s son pining over a palace trainee girl who has to marry the shunned future Emperor. And how the married couple build their affections over time even though both loved another. Sounds exciting.

        3. Kappy

          I have always liked Xu Lu and the promotions for Tribes prove a caliber above an average period drama, so I was in the day the first trailer showcased. Never read the novel but heard of the complicated characters and relationships. I adore Shawn Dou and Huang Xuan so really CANNOT WAIT FOR THE ANGST! Weee!

        4. MiaUeda

          Actually, there was no complicated relationships in the novel. Each of the regular chars. have their own love interests, even the prophesied future Queen never marry the future Emperor. Well it’s to be expected since it isn’t a thick book and even unfinished. Most of the chars. the drama promoted as regulars, like Emperor-Queen and their children, Queen’s jealous niece etc, either died soon in the book or only appeared a little bit. That’s why I was surprised they make a 80 eps out of it LOL. The easiest spotted change is the wedding in trailer. Not only MY Sheng-SY Ning actually married, but we can see all the royalties are still alive as the guests, even the lamenting 2nd Prince Mu Yun Lu.

        5. Kappy

          LOL. You know they had to make it long for the milking production of China. XD

          But I believe the angst will be delivered by them!

  4. Rabbit

    Found this link for people who aren’t VIPS. So far I actually like it! Its your typical I hate you then I love you leads lol. Lots of eye candy too esp the guy who is chasing after the lead girl!


    1. MiaUeda

      Finished all 1st half 22 eps now. Gotta say it’s not exactly “I hate you then I love you leads”. I don’t think the male lead ever hate the female lead. He clearly loves and protects her from the beginning til the end (albeit possessively LOL), he only has to behave otherwise to “deceive” his mom. The female lead, her love for him initially wasn’t as strong as him to her (to enhance the harem theme and her manpulative side), and later she even tries to hate him, but I don’t think she truly hates him too.

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