Cdrama: The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Episodes

Why am I still here…. Lol. Even the songs are the same. *side eye*

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English Title: The Legend of Chusen 2
Chinese Title: 诛仙青云志2
Cast: Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, Yang Zi
# of Episodes: 16
Airing Days: Thursdays 3 episodes
Broadcasting Station: Online Vip
Synopsis: With Bi Yao’s deep in a coma, Xiao Fan sets off to try to revive her. Things don’t go as he wants and eventually Xiao Fan is pushed to the dark side. He follows Ghost King and gets a new name in Gui Li (Ghost Tears). [Credit: Kappy@AVV]

Note: Video files are encoded by me in 540p resolution. File Size = ~400MB
Subbing Group: TBA

♦ Episode 1
540p ZASK
– Season 1 is here.

Episode 2
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 3
540p ZASK

Episode 4
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 5
540p ZASK

Episode 6
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 7
540p ZASK
– Awww Gui Le saved Wu Yan because his story with Bi Yao hasn’t ended yet and he needs Wu Yan to see their ending. And beside Ghost King, only Wu Yan reminds Gui Le of Bi Yao…. Another bromance in the making…

Episode 8
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 9
540p ZASK

Episode 10
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 11
540p ZASK

Episode 12
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 13
540p ZASK

Episode 14
540p ZASK
– Oh Wu Yan, you’re killing me here! When he recalls memories with Bi Yao and laments about his painful love, he’s happy that Gui Le hasn’t failed her yet. All the emotions I want from Gui Le, you deliver. Sigh.

♦ Episode 15
540p ZASK
– Shu Chang appears in this episode! When asked if saving Bi Yao means the world would be destroyed, Gui Le says, “Then the world would have to be destroyed.” GAHHHHHH. My heart. Now, if only I was with him emotionally…

Episode 16
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 17
540p ZASK

Episode 18 *FINALE
540p ZASK
Summary and Spoilers


Kappy: Watched the first three episodes and I have to say the people from Qin Yun are all cold-hearted robots. Beside not caring about Bi Yao’s death, they don’t seem affected or torn when their Sect Leader wanted to kill Xiao Fan. Who in their right mind would return? If you’re not from the good sects, you get automatically labeled as bad immediately. Qin Wu Yan (Mao Zi Jun) stole the emotional sadness from Xiao Fan (lol). When he said he forced himself to help his biggest rival, only to have the result unchanged (not being able to save Bi Yao), I believed him. He cried! He cried for her! I hope Li Ying gets to work with Mao Zi Jun again, they have chemistry. 😉


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  1. Dian

    Thank youuu sooo much Kappy for listening to my request. I agree with you, I watch the trailer and the righteous sexy doesn’t care about bi yao’s death . JING YU even blame Xiao Fan for siding Ghost King sect.

    1. Kovslo

      I love to see the actor Cheng Yi who plays as Jing Yu. Coolllll…Hopefully there is no serious fight between Gui Li and Jing Yu…

    2. Kappy

      I’m now watching with detachment to see where they are gonna take these characters. Jing Yu, this one is tough to crack! He saw his own Shifu as the wolf in sheep clothing, but he’s still so inflexible about what is truly good and bad when it comes to judging a person.

  2. Dian

    Not only they doesn’t care about Bi Yao’s death , they have forgotten already that the sect leader tries to kill Xiao Fan as well. If according the novel the only one that care about Xiao Fan’s problem is Ah Xiang from Tian Yin. Qing Yun people really doesn’t have heart at all perhaps.not only doesn’t have the right mind.Lol.

    1. Luna

      I thought that Xue Qi and Tian Bu Yi+wife really cared about Xiao Fan in the book. They were the ones who kept on thinking and worrying about him for 10 years. Teacher BuYi even ordered his students to keep on cleaning Xiao Fan’s room, and he was angry when he was reminded of how Reverend Head tried to kill Xiao Fan (so touched when reading this part :(( ).

      Yeah, why am I still here too *lol*. Couldnt help it..like the story and I like LYF+Gui Li *lol*. Been waiting for ages for Gui Li to appear ..hmmm..should I watch this or not? *lol*

      1. Dian

        Tian Bu Yi and his wife is indeede still care about Xiao Fan. Tian Bu Yi still regard Xiao Fan as his disciple,that’s Why he ordered to clean Xiao Fan’s room after so many years. He even said “I’m not the one that kicked him out the sect” . But he didn’t date to show his affection in front of other people. Xue Qi even dare to face Zhu Xian sword just like Bi Yao when Dao Xuan tries to kill Xiao Fan again.

        1. Kovslo

          Don’t tell me if something bad happens to Jing Yu. Hopefully,he will have a happy ending with Jin Ping Erl….

        2. Kovslo

          Thanks for your spoiler,Dian….Hopefully this 16 series will reach the novel volume 7 (at least)….

        3. Dian

          @Kovslo let’s just hope so, so that even there is no season 3 or it still long long way we won’t be too disappointed. But it seems that some part from volume 5 or 6 of the novel has been showed in season 1. And please don’t forget to put a request for license here : https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/
          Let’s support the volunteer subbing team

        4. Kovslo

          Dear Dian, I’ve already submitted my licence to viki….Sometimes,I read the legend of chusen’ s translation’s on shuesheng bar. Seems some part of the novel (for example the moment when Zhiao Fan for the first time met Jing Yu after the sect leader had used the sword to kill ZF) is different from the movie season2,part 1…
          Hahaha…that’s right, let’s hope this time the movie, season 2….won’t ‘leave us’ in the dessert again…just like season1…Huuuu…a lot of questions were hanging….

        5. michael zhang

          honestly i’m do not want any love blooms between xiao fan and xue qi,just let Bi Yao being together woth Xiao Fan forever,,if love does bloom between xiao fan and xue qi in this series,itu totally make me dissapointed .micahel

      2. Kappy

        I think I’m still here because I would really feel cheated if I didn’t lay an eye on “Gui Li.” LOL.

        1. Dian

          Well nothing bad happened to Jing Yu, but Jin Ping Er does. So seems they doesn’t end up together.

  3. Snow

    After watching the 3 episodes I cannot express how irritated I got every time Jing Yu’s Sifu appear because WTH!! The last episode of season 1 he almost interrupted and ruined the process of prolonging Bi Yao’s life if it wasn’t for Qin Long.

    Now!!! He freaking stole the stone that was supposed to save Bi Yao and the damn dude gone go ahead and bring it with him to hell too! Like c’mon man! Can’t you do some good before you die???

    I really can’t stand the people from Qing Yun! The Sect Leader tried to kill him, the woman that he loves sacrificed herself to save him and they’re expecting him to waltz back to the Qing Yun like nothing happened. And he’s siding with Gui Wang if he doesn’t! What will guaranteed him that the Sect Leader won’t try to kill him again? Xiao Fan damn near not as stupid to return and risk wasting the life that Bi Yao traded for with her own!

    P.S. Have anyone seen Xue Qi’s new hairdo? I prefer her old hairstyle T-T it suits her better in my opinion.

    1. Hi

      Well said

  4. Aryael

    I can’t believe this drama is still alive! I stopped watching it at Ep. 6! When will it stop? The story didn’t appeal to me. 🙁

  5. Afyf

    LOL. I too, am wondering why I still want to download this drama.
    Thanks for the links Kappy.

    1. Kappy

      Self-destruction bug. Welcome on board, Afyf. XD

  6. Hannah

    Yes to ZLY and MZJ! The cold-hearted QWY is deeply in love with BY. I wished we got to see more interactions between them in ZX.

    1. Hannah

      Also, LYF and ZLY attended the Tencent Awards together.

      More chemistry offscreen than onscreen lol

      1. Serene

        Lol .. yeah..
        But anyway if LYF have off screen chemistry with ZLY (like Tang yan with Luo jin).. his billions of crazy fans will eat her alive lol
        I guess LYF has to stay neutral from anyone for now, no romance at this stage…at least to maintain his no 1 level of popularity lol ^^ ^^

        1. Dian

          Oh really? I don’t mind both of them together like Qin Jun Jie and Yang Zi ^-^. Why did LYF fans doesn’t agree if they got together. They look good together. Perhaps LYF still broken hearted because Tang Yan finally chose Luo Jin? Li Ying is not with William right?

        2. maoh

          I think both their fans get along really well, but this could be due to them being shy and awkward around each other. I have seen her fans defending him and vice versa, which is rare since I don’t think they are close friends. They also vote for each other. So far it is one of the nicest relationships I have seen among fandoms. However, I have no doubt that if there were really dating rumors this could go sour.

        3. kitai

          The reason why fan relationships go sour is because of the way the actors/their staff/fans try to cook up the non-existent “attraction” between the two actors. It’s a common way to get their names out. Zhao Li Ying had her fair share of these troubles with Chen Xiao and William Chan.

          For instance, CX and ZLY were constantly grouped together during Legend of Lu Zhen but the “break up” wasn’t done amicably. That’s why there were a lot of fans saying that CX betrayed ZLY when he got together with Michelle Chen. CX clarified that it was just them trying to build hype (炒作) then but he was reluctant to do so initially. It became awkward because it appeared as if he was implying that ZLY was the one actively pushing this notion but people managed to dig up how CX was actually the one who was constantly mentioning her. Anyway, things just went bad, especially between their fans.

          Now for WC, there’s still a lot of people thinking that there’s something between him and ZLY. A lot of news articles were written about it, and their “compatibility” and “sweetness” was highlighted in the Happy Camp episode’s title (even though I watched and saw nothing). In a recent interview though, when asked about the relationship he gave a very crude answer “No.” CP fans became unhappy, especially because of the way he expressed it. I watched the video myself, and I must say he sounded a little annoyed. On the other hand, because ZLY has a track record with these CP rumours, people also wrote stuff like how WC was a victim of her team playing up these rumours and he was upset about it.

          Honestly, I think fans should just be cool about things like that; they should let go when it’s time to do so. You can hardly believe in these things.They are all just doing this for the drama (and themselves). However, at this point in their careers, I don’t think there’s a point to them tying their names with each other anymore. They don’t need the fame anyway. That’s probably why there isn’t any of these things for Chusen.

        4. maoh

          As if ZLY needs to create a dating rumor to promote herself. It is comical that they are saying that. On top of it ZLY has been saying for months that she is single, but people just ignore it.
          As for Chusen, there has been plenty of rumors. To be honest in Chinese entertainment, media creates rumors out of nothing. I remember there was an airport pic of ZLY with her cousin and the media was spreading that it was LYF, etc. However, both fandoms have been quick to defend each other and prove any rumor wrong. Like I said, this is rare. There were plenty of opportunities for things to go bad like it usually does, but I keep seeing them defending each other. I think it is mainly due to the fact that it is kind of obvious they are not dating and they are just coworkers that have a decent relationship. So fans don’t feel defensive.

        5. Dian

          Forgive me for being stupid, but I still don’t understand why fans both of them could become don’t if there is any real relationship between them? Since both fans supported and defending each other wouldn’t it be better if there were real relationship between both of them? I mean they are the same age and good friends too. Not that I’m pushing both of them to be together. I just doesn’t get the point. I guess chinese fans become so fanatic like korean fans huh?

  7. Wu Shang Jing

    Is there a reason you guys cant do 720p or 1080p like the source is released as?

    1. frea

      you must be new here, team zask is created for the purpose of small file size with minimum quality loss.

      1. WU SHANG JING

        But quality is lost when the resolution is reduced, I have fast internet so if there are 1080p sources that would be very nice

        1. Dian

          There is 1080p if you search at you tube. Just enter 诛仙青云志 ii and you will find various quality from 360 to 1080p

        2. frea

          they are encoders, they know. hence i said “minimum quality loss” lols.

          each original video can range easily over 1-2GB (korean original is easily over 10GB), not many file hosts can host it for free. and these people are encoding for free. they don’t make money, so no money for premium accounts. have to take a lot into account.

  8. Hi

    I’m really glad that Cang song has been stop for once and all. He was annoying character and honestly speak him and Xiao fan came to the same conclusion that the righteous sect were hypocrites but the difference was that Cang Song was a coward and decided to hide within them rather then face them up front and leave behind the sect while Xiao fan will call them out on it and break away and face them head on.

    Xiao fan is such a noble character

  9. Li Fei Xiang

    Any chance you guys can do Legend of Flying Dagger?

    1. Kappy

      No immediate plan as reviews are generally unimpressive. Plus, sources are not stable.

      1. unforgetableme

        Is it a miss already? I haven’t watched it yet because I’m waiting for more episodes to come out. I love Yang Rong and I want to support her. However, I’m a bit hesitant on Hawick (never really been a fan of his). But I’m just more concerned that the story is weak and not good…. Any thoughts?

      2. Julianne Lin

        Yeah, it’s pretty meh. I was REALLY into it for a while cuz nothing else was really interesting (this was end of 2016-ish) and cuz I love love Yang Rong, and all else said, she’s pretty great in Dagger Li. BUT, tbh I also lost all interest and motivation around ep 29-30-ish cuz that’s when all the other more interesting stuff came out…and plus the plot is really boring and circular. Like, I just skip to all the YR parts cuz frankly you totally forget what’s going on half the time and you forget what the point is of everyone trekking around Jiang Hu. Aside from YR, the girl (I forgot her name) who was Er Ye’s wife in Mystic Nine is really cute and adorable. I really LOVE her. She looks so much younger and so much more her age when her stylists aren’t trying to make her look like a sickly wife. Aside from that, there’s really nothing about Dagger Li that makes it worth watching. I love Gui Gui, but they make her character so annoying and hateful that I really don’t enjoy watching her. I wish she got to lead her own drama that has a decent plot line and characterization.

    2. Hannah

      It’s really bad! Hawick’s forte isn’t wuxia dramas. Poor YR.

  10. kupu2menari

    Chusen!!!! \o/

  11. maoh

    I told myself I wasn’t going to keep watching but…here I am.
    It is not an addicting drama, but I keep on watching. I think I just want to see XiaoFan turn evil.
    ZLY and Mao Zi Jun had a lot of chemistry. I also want to see them in another drama.

    1. Hannah

      I would love to see them as a main couple, but ZLY’a popularity is rising…

      1. Kappy

        Life is long and I have faith! LOL. XD

  12. Dian

    The song still the same huh? I am wondering when will they release YZ and LYF song for this drama?

    1. Kappy

      They will release Gui Li (Xiao Fan)’s song for Bi Yao first, sang by Li Yi Feng. Will upload when there’s a decent link. 🙂

      1. Dian

        Yes. I read it on their Facebook. We’ll be looking forward to it. Thank you so much Kappy. 🙂

      2. unforgetableme

        Any news about a soundtrack with just the instrumental music??

        1. Kappy

          Maybe after it’s completed airing ~

        2. Dian

          Yes. The instrumental music is very touching.. I hope they released the instrumen version too. But I’m sure if they released the song, Happy will surely upload it here when she already find reliable source. Thank you Kappy

  13. Licorice

    Yeah I don’t know why it became like this. Only going to watch until season 2 though.
    Just like you, l really really really love Liying and Mao Zi Jun! Actually l love Liying with all the guys here! LOL but these two seriously need to do a drama together!
    l hope the subbing team will get to sub soon after the license is being granted!

  14. visiopeia

    Thank you!!! Finally able to continue the story!!!!

  15. DonD

    I can’t watch it at the moment but are the episodes subbed?

    1. Kappy

      All episodes are raw unless stated otherwise. Viki is still trying to get it licensed. 🙂

      1. DonD

        Ah I see; thanks for the info.

        I guess us non Mandarin speakers are going to have to suffer a while longer…

        1. Dian

          YOu could help sending request for license to Viki. The more people asking perhaps Viki will consider to buy the license. And then the subbing team can start their work. The Link is above

        2. DonD

          I’ve put in the request for translation through viki

        3. Dian

          Thank you for helping request on license. Please keep sending request (I my self does it everyday) and let’s hope viki listen to our request and have it licensed soon

      2. Kovslo

        Dear Kappy, I hope this time the marketing division won’t do the same thing like in season 1… Between episode 54 and 55, it was extra long days. How about season 2? Will they do the same thing….???

        1. Kappy

          They will release 3 episodes every thursday, no long waiting anymore.

        2. Sanil

          Really every thursday will release?? I love to see this drama…after finished season 2..third season will come or not..

  16. DonD

    Found a subbed YouTube vid:


    1. Dian

      really? do you sharing the link Please ^_^ Hope it’s not mistaken with season 1

      1. DonD

        I posted the link in the message is it not showing?

    2. DonD

      Just watched episode 1, its the only subbed at the moment, arrgh….

      1. Dian

        it seeems they only translate the first episode. Until now there isn’t any fruther progress. Too bad. We can only hope viki listened to our rquest and get it licensed soon. arrrgghh….

        1. DonD

          God I know, this waiting is killing me, so is Viki the only active group of subbers out there? I don’t understand why others aren’t subbing such a popular franchise.

  17. sankusl

    The Legend of chusen

  18. Kikii

    Thank you so much for this!! I’m a first time fan watching Chinese Tv series. I came to like this series while searching around looking for something to binge watch on my Christmas break. I think my mother in law was watching this and the history was on my YouTube so I sat and watch it thought nonstop or sleep. It’s so sad at the end of season 1. I truly hope they both be together again. I’m watching this in English Sub and was looking to continue to season 2 and unable to find any in English sub. Hope there are coming soon. Thank you.

  19. KM

    Is episode 5 already subbed ?

    1. Dian

      Episode 5? As far as I know only the first episode that already subbed. Many people still waiting for the next episode get subbed. @ KM If you could find link of subbed episodes, we will be grateful.

      1. KM

        Here the links : Episode 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z_yDTCi_Pg and Episode 4 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GTAM3C9kqA

        Episode 3 and 4 got subbed but episode 2 didn’t get subbed.

        I hope this will help you.

      2. Dian

        Correction,I just watch it again. Episode 1,3,4 already subbed, but don’t know why they seem to forgot episode 2.

        1. KM

          Yes its a shame tho i hope they will sub episode 2

  20. Zachary

    I really enjoyed all the episodes. So please update it will you? I thought every Thursday will refresh at least 3 episodes? Why am I here waiting for nothing? Admin I truly know and believe you are very good hearted and best guy ever, can you please update the episodes asap? Please!!!!

    1. Dian

      Please be patient. The video is released on YouTube at 23.00 china time. And Kappy still have re encode it into 540p format. I’m sure Kappy will update as soon as she can. If you’re not patient enough to wait you can watch or download it from YouTube.

  21. KM

    Will this series get further subbed ?

  22. KM

    Will this serie get further subbed ?

    1. KM

      Sorry for the second post . I fcked up

  23. resa

    sub english?

    1. Dian

      Yes. We all waiting for english sub. If you read comments above you will understand

  24. Wuxialovers

    Thanks for the update Kap. You are awesome as usual 🙂 I was so frustrated with the ending of Season 1 that I told myself “nope not watching”……but guess what? I couldn’t help myself and started watching it on Youtube (sigh) The producers must have diverted a bit from the novel though yeah. So far, I must say that I quite enjoy it although I am impatient to see the outcome to Guili’s quest in reviving his beloved Biyao. Will he succeed or will he fail? Will he end up with Xueqi like in the novel? Tbh, I don’t see much interaction or chemistry with Xueqi though. I quite like the interaction between Shushu and Xiao Huan. They look so adorable together. He looked after her and their interactions are so funny and they are well suited. And I also like the idea of Jin Ping Er and Jing Yu. Mao Zi Jun is a hottie. Despite him being casted as a villain, I like him a lot. A pity that Biyao didn’t like him. I hope to see them in a drama or another movie together this time as a couple. That would have been so nice. Can’t wait for the following episodes now…..

  25. Syafiqa

    When i download the story why they dont have the subtitle?

  26. kongsao

    Hi Kappy
    do u know They will release Gui Li (Xiao Fan)’s song for Bi Yao first, sang by Li Yi Feng.
    in want to hears please share the song or MV YouTube here thank also do u know when they release season 3 out i already watch season 23 no sub 1-18 so short this season am die to continue this dram i love GU LI character i hope Bi Yao come back ALIVE

    1. Dian

      They have released Gui Li’s song a few weeks ago and Kappy has already post it here. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/KUhaV5eibGY. Hope it helps 🙂

  27. visiopeia

    Just finish watching ep 18 (the last ep) and found out that the ending is not what i want…. will there be season 3? If yes, still the same actor and actresses??

    If it really ends like that i am disappointed.

    Not to mention more, doesn’t want to be a spoiler kkkkkkk

    1. kongsao

      YES !! THEIR WELL BE seasons 3 MATTER FACT !! for season 3 i read that it well be 50-60 Epi long however not to sure about about the cast are still same person but i read that LYF still main leading that all i know and suppose be Season 4 too if season 3 was be cut they well soon start filming this drama but don’t know when so am looking forward toward this season hopefully Bi Yao still in that part and have happy ending or else i be PISSES if the ending not her instead Xue Qi i hope it SURPRISE since director change a lot storyline from the Nobel book so let wish best for Gi Li & Bi Yao season 3 together

      1. Dian

        @Kongsao could you please tell us where do you read about season 3 and 4? How many episodes is it in each season? Does it confirmed that LYF is still the main lead? I really can’t wait for the next season.. And I do hope that Bi Yao can be revived again and they can be together once again.

      2. visiopeia

        thanks @Kongsao … i hope the storyline continue with the original cast… if not, i will not watch season 3!!! lol

  28. amalee

    Me too I just watched season 2 last episode (haven’t watched the previous eps lol) and was like… meh, what’s that… As for season 3, not sure if the cast will remain, CMIIW but didn’t LYF mentioned on his weibo that he didn’t know when he will be back to TV/drama land? I believe he’s focusing on movie now. So I’m pretty sure he’s not confirmed yet. And considering all the mess, I don’t think he will.

    1. visiopeia

      What??!!! if Season 3 no Li Yi Feng .. then i am not going to watch it

    2. kongsao

      IS TRUE that Li Yifeng not going to continue this Season 3 then how the drama going to have GOOD ending and also i read that he like his CHARTER so he might be continue this novel the ending and he not focus any more TV -Drama and only Movie WTH?? are u very sure about this about are they going to remain the same or not i don’t care as long is LYF & Bi Yao in season 3 also the director already state that it confrim season 3 be shooting all this season 1 and 2 no him season 3 is that was time for rating and view the watch they not going make any $$$$
      PLEASE share LYF webio account i want to read that ?

      1. Dian

        @Kongsao it’s true that LYF is a big fan of Chusen and he really likes Xiao Fan/ Gui Li character. So why are you so sure that LYF will still be the main cast? Do you mind sharing with is where did you heard or read about season 3? LYF once said in his weibo when sparrow comes to end that he doesn’t know when will meet in dramaland again. You can read it here : http://m.tw.weibo.com/liyifeng2007

        We all hoping that the cast will remain the same, especially the main cast (LYF and ZLY). And me personally hoping that they will end up together

        1. kongsao

          actually one the admin from Legend Of Chusen that said that Li Yi Feng might sight back on coz he like his character and i crossing my finger for him to be in it as long he continue season 3 and ending their that be perfect i hope Bi Yao as well but also read that if she not coming back ALIVE which at the ending season 2 Epi u she she drop her heart and her bell waking up if director know better to get best rating and view he should be changed the storyline like the way different then the book like how he did in Season 1 if all this not happen in season 3 NOBODY well watch this drama and the director get BIG TIME disappointment
          BTW…i can’t read chinese in webio at where can i read that he said i hope for just right not in FUTURE he can’t just DUST out historical TV Drama like that make him best famous as know IDOL ACTOR right??

        2. Dian

          @Kongsao let’s just cross our fingers and hopes that LYF will continue to star in season 3. My chinese is not really good either , but at his weibo he said don’t know when and what role will he meet again with everyone in TV drama, but he will continue fighting like CHen Shen(his character in Sparrow), at least that’s what I catch from translating his weibo. Do you mean at the end of season 2 when Bi Yao shed tears when her happy bell (he huan ling) And broken heart flower(shang xin hua) opened, Bi Yao dies? Indeed according to the novel she didn’t able to be revived, in the middle of the reviving Bi Yao process, the Miao Shaman dies.That what triggers Gui Li to run from Ghost King sect. So the director finally decides to follow the original storyline because he is afraid of the rating and critics from the novel lover?

        3. kongsao

          yes that what i mean by Bi Yao it sad that she die for him and this two just finally bild their TRUE relationship together and what happen she DIE save Xiao Fan i read that he be defeat the Qui yin and Marry Xueqi and even have s son with maybe that why she main lead in season 2 but even THAT??/ i don’t why she have no chemistry with him what so ever even she is am don’t like her be with Gosh Li either however if the director really follow this Novel then i am not going to HAPPY watching even if Li Yi Feng still in that season to honestly i love this drama to point i very addict esp GU Li acting and the drama character here i watching Li yi feng act he sure Nile his character and love it!! but once again i like Zhao Liying & Li yi Feng together i hope both do more drama in future on i found them are beautiful couple WOULD YOU???
          anyway if you have new INFO about season 3 or 4 please LET me know am die to know who in season Esp LYF and for Drama Land he state in his Webio let hope he still continue do a lot even not to many fantasy but as lease it still historical am happy with that and see him more in their i also love him in Modern drama too but i refer him in historical that JUST ME though!!
          BY WAY?? are fan of Li Yi Feng or this drama Legend Of Chusen?? or both??

        4. Dian

          @Kongsao I personally hope that the director doesn’t follow the end from the novel, and Yes I really love to see LYF and ZLY to do more dramas in the future. I am a fan of both (LYF and Chusen). So far there is no news that he will do any other drama, his latest project is a movie titled Xin Li Zui(Criminal Minds), it will be released around this month or next month perhaps. IF you like LYF you can join a group called Li Yifeng World Fan Club on Facebook. The posting there is all in english,so don’t worry about doesn’t understand chinese. If there is any news about season 3 or other drama from LYF I will let you know. I,m often read his drink, even sometimes I am having difficulty to fully understand what he said 🙂 Or perhaps Kappy will update it in cdrama news every week. Nice to know another fans of LYF.

        5. Dian

          @Kongsao LYF plays the second lead in Evil Minds, as a partner of Liao Fan, he plays the role of genius criminal expert Fang Mu. My FB is Margaret Dian, and I have ask the admin to add you into the group, hope she will approve you soon. Btw have seen other drama of LYF like The Lost Tomb or Legend of Fragrance?

      2. amalee

        Can’t say anything since nothing is officially confirmed yet so let’s just wait. Oh and his weibo account is @李易峰 he said that when he posted about Sparrow’s last episode. But I might be wrong because of my lack understanding of chinese. Lol

  29. Wuxialovers

    I just watched the ending of Season 2 (been anticipating it since last week) and I was like……………..WTH !!!!!! Common guys can you not do a proper ending??????? Not even sure I want to continue with the rumoured Season 3 eventhough I love the rest of the casts. It is just so disappointing. Kind of like, “we’ll do it this way and the viewers draw their own conclusion on whether or not Biyao actually woke up….?” Pffffttttttttttttttt Oh dear oh dear. Anyway, happy weekend everyone. I am looking forward to watching other movies / dramas now so any recommendation will be more than welcomed.

  30. kongsao

    thank for welcome i am happy to part LYF fan too and i well keep on supporting !!
    by the way what your name in FB so i can know who u are?
    Yes i the trailer EVIL MIND look promise to me is LYF play evil guy or he main lead that goes investigator i saw their press-con as well LYF so claim and gentle man i love his personality he so handsome and funny at same he can be very GOOFY person too sweet and lovely i have see him Legend Sword 2014 that how i became his fan but i was NOT follow him until i watch this drama Legend of Chusen i totally in love with and became his TRUE fan now ahahhaah LOL……………DO u know they SUB legend of chusend season 2 yet so far i only see some site sub Epi 1 3 4 but not the rest maybe they wait until season 2 Complete and do it again!!
    i don’t like youtube i can even read the annotation the yellow terrible what youtube done they totally SCREW up which make me mad coz some YouTube i can even read they subtitle at all……. i would love to know all LYF update i just saw he make new CF anyway i hope to see more LYF drama i guess so far i loving him in Legend of Chusen i read that he BIG FAN of this drama also so let hope he is sing back on for season 3 !!
    LET keep in touch here so far i sent a message to Li Yifeng World FanClub 李易峰 i
    hope get in the group can u add me in their?? my name is Kong Rain

  31. ehis gabriel

    Sorry to say re u guys telling me that the movie is going to end in episode 18 season 2 .i will love to see Bi yao and xiao fan together again i was thinking that xiao fan is going to revive her if that is the way the movie will end is fuck

    1. Dian

      Of course the story doesn’t end in season 3. I Heard that they will start shooting season 3 soon, but they haven’t reveal name of the cast yet. Besides season 2 is actually part of season 1. They split it into two season because of rules in china. One tv station can only broadcast costume/period drama 150 eps per year

  32. ShinSakura

    Hi, I am here to ask for the OST if it has changed in season 2 as you did have the ost for season 1. Thanks for any reply

    1. Kappy

      A few added songs, I will try to upload this weekend. 🙂

      1. ShinSakura

        Yay, thank you. ^_^

  33. ehis gabriel

    That will be great i will love to see it

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