Legend of Madame White Snake 2016 continues tease with OTP posters

You like my artistic skills?

Oy, the mystery of the four actors taking part in this drama continues to thicken! Yesterday, the production team released two more posters and this time of the leads – White Snake and her lover, Xu Xian, letting the internet simmer in the pot of not knowing and the growing long list of possible contenders. Let’s put on brightest thinking cap, folks!

Who shall take the crown? DUN DUN DUN!

Teasing Posters of Our Four Main Characters:

White Snake. Possible Match-Ups: Wang Li Kun, Maggie Jiang, Zhao Yuan Yuan (me thinks this actress too).

 photo Snake 17.jpg

Xu Xian. Possible Match-Ups: Lay, Cheney Chen, Feng Shao Feng. I read Lay and got a little scared. Lol. Lay’s adorable on shows but he needs more brushing up on the acting side.

 photo Snake 16.jpg

Green Snake. Possible Match-Ups: Victoria Song Qian.

 photo Snake 12.jpg

Fa Hai. Possible Match-Ups: Huang Xiao Ming, Huang Xuan. I’m wobbling between these two actors too! Leaning towards Huang Xuan since XM has another project up his sleeves.

 photo Snake 11.jpg

Directed by He Shu Pei (The Legend Liu Shan Men, Legend of Fragrance) and written by Li Bin Hua (The Nation Under The Foot), New Legend of Madame White Snake plans to have 60 episodes.

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  1. Julianne Lin

    The chin for white snake and Xu xian look like Maggie jiang and lay to me. And yeah fa hai looks more like Huang xuan to me.

  2. Nino

    I can’t believe they gave us half the face and we still can’t figure these actors out. Lol.

    It does look like Lay!! Omg. That poor kid.

  3. frea

    this one is gonna be huge, i don’t think lay has time for it. saw the news of him being sick and passed out at the airport yesterday. exo activities taking a toll. sigh~

  4. Tyn123

    There is nothing you can say or do that will make me be exicted for this remake now that I have a chibi version to watch. NOTHING~~~

    1. Kappy

      Lol! Chibi version for the win!

  5. DrinkingHotWater

    Did you guys watch the kids version recently? It’s the best. Super cute. They should remake all the classics into kids version

    1. Kappy

      Posted the kids version 2 days ago: http://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2016/10/hunan-introduces-child-actors-through-madame-white-snake.html

      They are doing a few remakes of classic stories. 😀

      1. DrinkingHotWater

        oh haha. i don’t know how i missed that. i will keep my eyes open for other remakes then.

  6. anna

    Definitely not lay. his lower lip is thicker and his lips are generally more narrow in width. his nose tip is sharper and his nostril is more “hooked”. That guy looks like Chen Xue Tong but it could be not because of no dent on his lower lips and no sign of cleft chin.

  7. rua

    please don’t be Lay don’t be Lay don’t be Lay please don’t be Lay….

  8. abugemilang

    I thought it is already aired on TV?

    I find torrent for the drama with the screenshot: http://www.btbtt.la/thread-index-fid-950-tid-4320998.htm

    I’m not really sure if the Torrent is original or fake tho

    1. Kappy

      That is the child actors version, Abu. I posted about it before here: http://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2016/10/hunan-introduces-child-actors-through-madame-white-snake.html


      1. abugemilang

        Yes, I’ve read that before but I didn’t realize that there’s two version of the drama

        So they will air the child version first before airing with the adult version?

        This is my first time seeing a drama split into two: Child and Adult????

        1. frea

          i think kappy explained it in the post, its two different productions.

          the child version is only a summer program for potential kid actors to get a taste of acting in small, short, classic series. they are making a few short ones.

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