Hunan introduces Child Actors through Madame White Snake

Interesting direction. Hunan’s remake of The Legend of White Snake aired last week to successful ratings, providing hope to their other serial remakes such as Third Sisters Liu, The White Haired Girl, etc…. They are using this chance to introduce potential child actors found through the program Star of Tomorrow. Much as it is a tribute to classic television works, it also aims to educate the younger actors and audience of traditional customs, without putting pressure and tailored training to the batch of fresh faces and allowing them to act as they feel. They are between the ages of 6-12. When I say potential, the program director clarified that the kids chosen don’t necessarily go into acting as a career. It’s sorta like a summer program for most of them.


Our Xu Xian and his her White Snake. I like that they used a female actress to play Xu Xian too! She’s good.

 photo child 91 4.jpg

Tao Yi Xi (10) as White Snake. Zhou Zhi Ying (9) as Xu Xian. Miss Tao skipped the awkward stage or what? She’s a future heart-breaker! In parenthesis is their age.

 photo child 91 2.jpg

White Snake with Green Snake played by Liu Dai En (9).

 photo child 91 11.jpeg

 photo child 91 12.jpg

 photo child 91 9.jpg

 photo child 91 3.jpg

 photo child 91 6.jpg

 photo child 91 13.jpg

Chen Yu Heng (12) as Fa Hai! Lol.

 photo child 91 7.jpg

 photo child 91 5.jpg


Combined Version of the Short Serial Remake (each episode is about 20 mins, total of 5, I believe):

Better quality here. They are just sooo kute and precious! Anything to pull the kids away from cellphones and facebook is a check+ in my book!

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  1. lenje

    SO CUTEEEEE!!!!!! I grin ear-to-ear watching the trailer, and it just makes me happy!!!

  2. frea

    they sing in opera style? omoooooo!!! so talented. that little girl is simply stunning, taking the internet by storm for sure!!

    fa hai cracks me up!!! lols.

    chibi version!! πŸ˜€

  3. Serlie

    Tao Yi Xi such a pretty, cute, heartbreaker ❀️ Lol this remake so cute. I cant with Fa Hai πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Serlie

      They are so talented. Sing opera & not so bad acting (they are potential actors & actresses for sure). Lol at the end, babies have a baby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. Kappy

        Lol. Babies play elderly. XD So cute. I love their interpretation of older actors!

  4. Tyn123

    This is now hands down my favorite version kf this story, beating the random time travelling Taiwanese one I watched last year.

    Chibi versions…so cute. I hope it becomes a trend and they can do more chibi version of folklore.

    I would love to see chibi Mulan or chibi Yang General’s. All those tiny tots running around playing war games…

    1. Kappy

      OMG! Yang Generals would be too cute!!

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