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This past week might take the cake for the slowest news week ever! But I do hope you find at least one news interesting. Lol.

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  1. Tusu

    Wait, I thought Yang Yi was already married? Did she only hold the banquet now? And really wow at the number of TVB/ex-TVB guests! Nostalgic to see them all gathered together like this.

    ZLY is so cute in that birthday video 😀

    1. Kappy

      They waited to hold the banquet (think they registered marriage in March?), which if it’s because of the availability of guests, great choice! I’m positive everyone gathered and cried! =)

  2. Yui

    wooooww, looking at the tvb’s reunion.. 😀

    And yay for ode to joy 2, cant hardly wait <3 i just hope, there's no more Qi Dian. Ups, no offense. hehe

    btw, any news about Ady An's new drama? I am waiting for that one too. And Wang Kai-Chen Qian En's?

    1. Kappy

      Trust me, Yui, I’m waiting for Ady’s drama too! Nick and Chen Qiao En’s drama, I don’t think I can watch it but there’s no concrete news as well.

  3. Julianne Lin

    In some angles, the girl in Immortal Bird looks like Chen Qiao En. Also, I like how she’s looking so far (and how intense she seems) but her voice is kind of bothering me. Like it sounds like she’s trying a bit too hard, a bit forced, that it brings me a bit out of the character.

    1. Kappy

      I also like her intense glare! Didn’t pay attention to her voice cause I was distracted. Lol.

  4. lenje

    So glad to read I Belonged to You commands the Mainland box office! I hoooopeeee it will be picked up by a distributor here in my country. Have you watched it, Kap? (I remember you planned to). *back to hunting*

    Thanks for bringing forward the Lake Baikal rendition. WuXin’s opening and ending themes are among my favorite.. serene, melancholic, and just makes me sentimental 🙂 And the little talent has such a soothing voice — I love it.

    Sad to say I don’t know much about HK showbiz these days. I recognize the names thanks to Jaynestars LOL, but only a few faces, let alone their dramas 🙁

    Cherry Returns is the new drama where Hu Ge is the antagonist, right? I read somewhere he supposedly has a sorta evil spellbinding on the leading lady. That is exciting!

    Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai and Gina in one drama?? I’m SOLD! Make it happen, pleaseeeee!

    Liying’s video greeting is too cute. Great to know she remains good friends with Zhang Han. They’ve always had great chemistry. Honestly, I’m not too fond of him, dunno why.

    1. Kappy

      My mom is strongly against the idea of going to the theaters. All I need is a shove to make things go awry and I can’t afford it. 🙁

      That kid has an angel’s voice. I keep on repeating his version over and over. Smiling and wiping tears. Beautiful.

      Cherry Returns is a movie. 12/2 release date. Hu Ge only has a cameo antagonist role but the production team is milking his name now with posters and stills. He filmed it before The Disguiser and only spent 10 days on set. Lol.

      I’m with you on Zhang Han. It started after his fiasco with the guitar drama! XD

  5. creidesca

    Excited for the posters from Immortal Bird! Crossing fingers it gets an airing date not only on the TV stations but online too. Being a Zhang Jie production, many of the secondary actors/actresses have worked together before. And Feng Yue only appeared like in the final episode of The New Snow Leopard, being a member of the Nationalist party. I wonder if Zhang Ruoyun’s “Black Fox” Fang Tianyi 方天翼 will be making a guest appearance in the drama, considering that his character was a part of the New Fourth Army.

    I feel like the majority of Zhang JIe’s war period dramas are code names i.e. Snow Leopard, Black Fox, Blue Wolf…

    1. Kappy

      Immortal Bird looks badass. So it’s not just birds for code names! XD

  6. chasingpolaris

    So many Republican era dramas! Sparrow and Rouge will be my last two for the time being.

    Him and Tavia’s wedding looks like the TVB anniversary party except with faces we haven’t seen in a while. I miss Kenix. Her series used to appeal to me the most.

    I wish they’d leave Soulmate alone. It’s fine as a movie but I don’t know how they’re going to drag it out in like 30+episodes without adding lots of plot twists and unnecessary people.

    It’s been almost a week since I watched I Belonged To You and I’m still not over it. Hope you guys can check it out whether in person or online.

    So excited for Martial Universe! I saw a picture of a chart on weibo about what dramas are being filmed and their filming locations. I think it was hanging at some event. Pretty sure Zhang Tianai is going to star in this because her name and Yang Yang’s were on that chart. I didn’t know about Gina though. No matter, they will be a beautiful trio for sure.

    I’m so ready for a Hu Ge drama! Feels like he’s done a couple of cameos lately but nothing more.

    ZLY is too cute <3

    1. Kappy

      I was hoping you would binge more republican dramas, polaris! hehe!

      The wedding is more extravagant and definitely lacks the silly competition air. Everyone is simply happy to be there! I love it!

      I’m pretty sure about Crystal too but Gina is still a toss in the air. Would love to see them together. =D

  7. tokkita

    Tavia and Him’s wedding looks more star-studded and fun than the TVB anniversary galas XP I feel nostalgic now haha.

    这个世界不看脸 sounds interesting, would love to see Janice Wu leading in a good drama.

    1. Kappy

      It’s better because they gathered for love instead of the pork chop awards handed out! =D

      1. Lizzie

        Totally agree! Tania young must be well liked indeed 🙂 everyone came!!! And looked so happy 🙂

  8. Hannah

    ZLY will be attached to HQG until her next hit role lol

    1. Kappy

      The Tragedy! Lol.

  9. ChocolateCosmos

    Shifuuuuuuuuu ;_; where have you been?
    Down the path of nostalgic I go ~ oh TVB
    I remember Mama Yau 🙂
    I had wanted Crystal and Yang Yang to start in a drama together as a couple lol since Crystal had such a strong presence and lovely aura.

  10. kitai

    Apparently L.O.R.D was really poorly received by critics and the general public and is flopping hard at the box office…

    1. frea

      despite the star-studded cast in LORD, none of the stars are viewers-drawers. lol. and its a pioneer movie too with the hi-tech motion capturing technique. people are skeptical i guess. im hoping the story is good though cause too many people i like in it. lols

    2. polls

      It was attacked before it came out and probably by the distributors of the other movies that were screening. It got less than a 4 point rating even days before it came out. So rigged and so intentional. All the marketing blogs that were paid to trash the movie were so obvious too.

      I’m glad that this movie exists because it’s China’s first real attempt at trying to catch up with Hollywood regarding CG. It’s a brave movie. A lot of passers-by who weren’t affected by all the black propaganda actually praised the effects and the story. It’s at least new and exciting.

      “I Belonged To You” was awful. Brought nothing new to the table. At least Operation Mekong was good though so it’s OK that it’s doing better than L.O.R.D.

      I would hardly call making over 300 million yuan “flopping hard”.

  11. frea

    its hard for me to imagine wayne lai playing the pig 15 years ago. lol. he’s such a veteran!!!

    angel wang ou in a republican drama! missed that classy lady!

    i hope li ying dresses well for the awards. ROFL@ Hua Qian Gu nominations. *rolls eyes*

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