Remake of Legend of Madame White Snake 2016 teases Posters

Another remake in town. This one will strike a chord with older fans because the most popular version is Taiwanese drama, New Legend of Madame White Snake (新白娘子传奇) released in 1992 starring three beautiful actresses in Angie Chiu, Cecilia Yip, and Maggie Chen. The production even invited former costume designer, Wu Bao Ling, to work on the new series after 23 years. Whoa.

Stills and Themesongs From Older Versions:

—–> 1992 Version: New Legend of Madame White Snake with Angie Chiu, Cecilia Yip, and Maggie Chen. The story is based on Chinese folk legend, Legend of the White Snake, a love story between a snake-turned-lady Bai Su Zhen and scholar Xu Xian. After being fed an immortal pill, little white snake wants to return the favor to the humble scholar and turns herself into a human girl. In her quest, she also befriends a green snake called Xiao Qing. Bai Su Zhen meets the scholar again in human form and falls in love with him. Troubles come their way when the jealous turtle turned into a relentless monk Fa Hai, hellbent on ruining Su Zhen’s happiness, appears. He feeds Su Zhen a concoction, forcing her to reveal her true snake form to her husband, and it shocks him to death. Thus begins White snake’s journey in reviving her husband and constant running from Fa Hai. [More details.] (I have to say I didn’t know Fa Hai is actually a jealous turtle turned monk who didn’t get a piece of the immortal pill.)

Yep. Cecilia Yip portrayed the male lead in this version.

 photo Snake 10.jpg

 photo Snake 9.jpg

 photo Snake 6.jpg

Opening Themesong:

Ending Themesong:

The three ladies reunited for Jiangsu Tv 3 years ago, celebrating their 20 years anniversary.

—–> 2001 Singaporean version, Madam White Snake (青蛇与白蛇 or 白蛇新传) with Christopher Lee and Fann Wong. I remember watching this version!

 photo Snake 4.jpg

 photo Snake 5.jpg

 photo Snake 2.jpg

 photo Snake 1.jpg

Opening Themesong:


—–> Film in 1993 starring Maggie Cheung and Joey Wong. This is the pretty sexy version. Lol.

 photo Snake 14.jpg

Oh…la….la…. I can see my bloodied-nose uncle. LOL!

 photo Snake 13.jpg

Playlist of Gorgeous Soundtrack:

New Adaptation of 2016 reveals teaser posters for Fa Hai and Xiao Qing. Fans are placing in their guesses for the actors. Guesses so far: Huang Xuan or Huang Xiao Ming, and the ladies are Victoria Song Qian or Jing Tian or Nini. What do you think?

 photo Snake 11.jpg

 photo Snake 12.jpg

Directed by He Shu Pei (The Legend Liu Shan Men, Legend of Fragrance) and written by Li Bin Hua (The Nation Under The Foot), New Legend of Madame White Snake plans to have 60 episodes.

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  1. yoyo_oy

    Wow! never knew that info about Fa Hai until today!
    LOL, y not just Huang Xiaoming and Angela Baby doing this movie together then? hahaha

    1. Kappy

      Because Angela is pregnant! Lol. Xiao Ming hubby is watching her like a hawk. Plus, a fantasy drama like this one requires a lot of work. 😉

      1. yoyo_oy

        oh right, wasn’t aware of that. Haven’t been searching up many people lately. Glad to see after so many years, madame white snake is still a very popular thing. Hopefully they won’t rely 100% on technologies this time though.

        1. frea

          you missed the batch news 41 yoyo! she included it in there. congrats to the lovely couple. HXM is so attentive to her. hehe 😀 makes me wanna get married. lol

  2. frea

    the 1992 version is too old for me. but wow…a male lead character played by a female actress?!!

    same as yoyo, i have always assumed fa hai as having some revenge against white snake. so…he was….basically too…slow to snatch up the pill? hahah that would be funny and apt description for a turtle too!!

    i can’t tell. the male poster looks like it could be both HXM and HX. the female poster is harder cause she’s biting her lips!

    1. Kappy

      LOL! Your comment about slow turtle cracks me up. That could be the beginning of slow turtle story. hehe.

    2. ChocolateCosmos

      Frea you cracked me up there as well with the slow turtle lol.

  3. peach

    Omg!!! Looks so much like Huang Xuan!!! And the female poster really looks like Nini, though I doubt so since I don’t really see Nini often in dramas!

    1. Kappy

      Right?!! But I kinda don’t want him as Fa Hai. Lol. XD

  4. WuxiaRocks

    Wow, another remake. Interesting. Hopefully it will be good. I love the story of Madame White Snake.

    60 ep might be a bit much for me, but we’ll see.

    And you totally went historical digging for this blog post. Amazing work as always. 😀

    Still love that 92 OP!

    1. Kappy

      I like historical digging! I usually do it in the first post of remakes. 😀

      Very nostalgic exercise! ^__^

  5. Rachael

    Isn’t huang xuan a bit too good for Fa hai

    They are probably nugus

  6. Tyn123

    There was a TVB version with Maggie Sui but that version Green Snake was main. There was a musical in the 70s with Liza Wang and Mai Suet and a recent movie with Jet Li, Huang Shen Yi and Raymond Lam as well. I’m not a particular fan of this story yet somehow has managed to watch majority of it’s versions and some of the shorten versions in other dramas like My Date With A Vampire. The 92 version was also my favorite, the main guy I’ve always found too girly so when the got a girl to play him I seem to just like him better.

    The poster looks like HXM is playing a monk, so who plays the main guy?

    1. Kappy

      The production hasn’t officially revealed the leads yet. Playing the mysterious game so fans are just guessing. ;D

      But whoa, you have watched many, many versions. I loved the mini story in MDWAV too. 🙂

  7. yoyo_oy

    Heard that Leifeng pagoda collapsed in 1924, LOL that released the white snake! Have they ever thought of continuing on a movie where she found herself in modern time eh?

  8. ChocolateCosmos

    Definitely remembered watching Madam White Snake 2001. I shipped the Green Snake and Fa Hai so much lol.
    Green Snake 1993 movie…whoa there lol. I looked over the pictures for that movie and it looks very familiar. However, my mom during my younger days would shoo me out if I ever see her watch movies with scenes like that one. The soundtrack is definitely nostalgic for me especially song at 11:50 …maybe I was peaking my head through to see the movie 😛 ? 22:50 ;_; is soo beautiful.

    1. yoyo_oy

      Absolutely! Music in Green Snake was the best, so unbeatable. I heard some of their soundtracks in HDSD 2001. And I am so glad to hear it in Madame White Snake 2001 as well. And the trembling music in 2001 was also very good too. We are so alike, I love the green snake together with Fa hai in 2001 very much too.

    2. Kappy

      haha. Same here. One of my uncles loveeeeeeeed Joey Wong. I don’t remember watching the movie but I remember the soundtrack very well. Music sticks with me for a long time. ;D

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