Cdrama: Princess of Lan Ling Episodes

I decided to revive this old post (when we were fooled into thinking it would air 2 years ago.) The comments section is hilarious and I want to share it with you guys once again. =D I saw a lot of familiar names and shed a tear knowing that some of you guys are still hanging around this ship. Thank-you. ❤

English Title: Princess of Lan Ling
Chinese Title: 兰陵王妃
Cast: Pretty people
# of Episodes: 50
Airing Days: TBA
Broadcasting Station: HNTV (online exclusively)
Synopsis: Based off the internet novel ‘The Royal Prince of Orchid Hills’, this is another adaptation, after the highly successful, albeit coocoopuffpuff King of Lan Ling in 2013, starring Feng Shao Feng, Ariel Lin, and Daniel Chan. Yay for baby versions! [Credit: Me]

Note: Video files are RAW and will be encoded by me! File Size = 400mb
Subbing Group:

♦ Episode 1
540p ZASK // Streaming (watch it before it gets taken down)

Episode 2
540p ZASK // Streaming

♦ Episode 3
540p ZASK // Streaming

Episode 4
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 5
540p ZASK
– The soundtrack is here! You’re welcome. 🙂

Episode 6
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 7
540p ZASK

Episode 8
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 9
540p ZASK

Episode 10
540p ZASK

♦ Episode
– 540p ZASK

– 540p ZASK

– 540p ZASK

– 540p ZASK

♦ Episode
– 540p ZASK

– 540p ZASK

– 540p ZASK

Kappy: It’s here! It’s here! FOR REAL! Lol. If anyone is interested in recapping this series on AVV, let me know. We always appreciate the help, whether it be first impression or summary or recaps! 🙂

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  1. frea

    O_O!!!! just saw your tweet. LOL someone’s sure excited!! but are you sure you want to take on another project? counting this you will have 7, and that is not counting the 5+ eps per drama!! that 7 days of the week of working. a full time job!!

    im on this doomed train, if anything, to support our crack leader kappy. 😉

    (please do episode 3 of my rising sun already!! LOL)

    1. Kappy

      Stop killing my buzz frea! Rising Sun what? 😛

      It feels like I will never finish my drama workload. Tskk I need a personal support cheer-leading team.

      1. Tusu

        GO KAP GO!

  2. Millie

    So excited for this! Really hope they air daily because GJQT is killing me with only 4 episodes per week. But maybe I should be grateful as school started again.

    1. Kappy

      Think of the poor uploader like me Millie! If they spread it out, there will be more time for me to sink into the pretty onscreen and spazz. =D

      1. Millie

        That’s true, better for both of us (my grades and your long list of drama uploads). The guys and gals of this drama look like they stepped out of a manga, so beautiful!

        1. Kappy

          True true. Don’t want your grade to suffer Millie! Jia You!

          Indeed, they are byooootiful!!

  3. pilou

    like i said on twitter OMGOMOGOMGOMG they mustn’t play with my heart and push back the airing date >__<
    damn why didn't i took chinese/mandarin in uni =_="

    1. Kappy

      Haha! So you’re the person on twitter who replied within 1 minute of my tweet!! 😀

      I ask the same question every. SINGLE. DAY.

      1. pilou

        yea that was me hihihihi

  4. Aryael

    I am currently watching this raw as they come out.
    Baking some egg tarts today. Making some moon cakes too. Anyone..?? 🙂

  5. Judice



    @Aryael, that is js evil. Lol. One order for two here please. 😉

  6. Aryael

    I am in a dilemma, peeps. Due to busy work schedule, I can only accommodate one drama at a time and both Princess of Langling and Cruel Romance start this week! Otoke??! Otoke??!!

    Which one should I watch while airing and which one should I leave to later???

    Arghh~~~!! The dilemma!!!!! >_<

    1. frea

      Is your source trustworthy Aryael? cause baidu says November is the premiere of cruel romance?

  7. shimokuren

    I’d check this drama out just for the pretty but alas, too many assignments and not enough time 🙁
    I even had to put GJQT on the backburner so I guess I’ll just have to add Princess of Lanling and GJQT to my ever growing list…
    Thanks for uploading this tho! I’m definitely gonna come back and check later! 😀

  8. Kappy

    Are you trying to give me a heart attack Aryael?! I checked everywhere, all says Cruel Romance to air in November. Bless my heart.

    Shimo! So you won’t be spazzing with us? Screw hw and assignments! (Easy for me to say now that I’m done.) Hang in there! 😉

    1. Aryael

      You are right. It’s Nov. *sigh* That means I will have to start with Princess of Lan Ling…. not that I am complaining… 😉

  9. Keane

    Why, why is the clock so slow today? Labor Day is all about kicking’ back and marathoning interesting shows. Kiikii~

    I almost forgot about Cruel Romance since OTP had been so quiet until now with Joe Chen’s nekkid photoshoot.

    Thank goodness FTLY and IOIL are almost over. I can focus on ISWAK2… and join this spazzathon.

    1. Kappy

      Tell me about it Keane. The second seems to tick by at snail’s pace. How am I gonna sleep tonight?!!

      I’m surprised at the quietness of Cruel Romance as well. No stills no new trailer.

      Yay for Kiss! I have 6 episodes to go! 😀

      1. Keane

        Well, you’re not alone my friend. We might as well have a slumber party tonight ’cause plenty of us will be antsy for its premiere. 😉

        All… right… looks like you’re just in time for S2. You have an advantage over me, since I lost all my ole feels for S1. I hope S2 can carry its own weight and renew my love for S1 ’cause I’m not gonna marathon S1 to regain any momentum. Can’t wait till the Special premieres.

        Hyperstoked, I am. Chris ♡ Kin-chan.

        1. Kappy

          The worst thing that could happen is seeing the premiere in low quality. I might lose hair! haha XD

          I want to see lots of kisses. But Japanese dramas rarely do them right, probably worst than Korean dramas’ flatfish kisses.

          Kin Chan! *heartheart*

  10. Kappy

    10-minute trailer of Princess of Lan Ling! I want NO TRAILER! Give me my episodes! ARGGG!

    Latest chattering: To air next year…… let me go cry in a corner.

    I should have listened to Andy than the fanclub…

    1. Keane

      Say what!?! I won’t get to see more of my Peter hubby this year? Here I go, on a hunger strike.

      Oh. Em. Gee. The camera angles are fabulous. Any one else had a few chuckles while watching the extras (as soldiers on the battlefield) will bad acting?

      Ooooh, I get it now why she’s so happy being with LLW. The girl can let her hair down and not have to wear that heavy head gear day in, day out. LOL! The price of beauty. Le sighs.

  11. Drinkinghotwater

    So it’s not airing today?? I was really looking forward for a new period drama to watch.

  12. Aryael

    I have a feeling that when this finally does comes out, everyone will probably get sick of all the red herrings that they would not be so excited anymore. >_<

  13. Kappy

    I’m so upset …………………….. Next time, I will wait until I visually see episode 1 before I get excited. 🙁

    1. Aryael

      Aww~~!! It’s ok, Kap. Have an egg tart… have two. 🙂

      1. Kappy

        *munches hungrily*

    2. pilou

      so coming back after a week…. soooo no episodes was a fake happiness??? ouiinnnnnnn………..
      boohoohoo ㅠ.ㅠ *join the train of sadness*

  14. eunhawn

    Why episodes are they not there yet ? snifffffff

  15. Ryu


  16. chasingpolaris

    Now you know never trust Cdrama air dates unless they’re printed on the official posters and on official weibos. Even then… =P

    Thanks for reviving this page, Kap. Looking forward to reading everyone’s reviews and thoughts!

    1. frea

      LOL. that is chusen for you. they changed the date like 9 times? from cakes to posters, to weibos. HAHAHHA

  17. Riley Elizabeth

    Will this drama get subbed? If so, where I can watch those? Thank you!

  18. Melody

    I watched it rawr bc I couldn’t wait. Hehe I understand enough to get me through their convos (except for the flowery poem language).

    Thank you for the links Kappy!

  19. tokkita

    I remember this drama being announced back when 蘭陵王 with Feng Shao Feng & Ariel Lin was airing. Didn’t think I would watch this (at the time) but now that it’s FINALLY here I’m ready lol.

  20. peach

    After watching 6 episodes, I am totally rooting for QingSuo and LanLingWang together! Their chemistry is really good, and I am very sure she is the one LanLingWang has been searching for all this time plus they have a romantic past together! But with 44 episodes to go, I bet lots of drama will happen, sigh… The actor acting as LanLingWang is quite good and natural!
    The 1st episode gave me a bad impression of Yu Wenyong lol… He was so smug and childish, and I have no idea why lol.

    The directing wasn’t really good at the beginning but it got better. So far the drama looks rather promising and interesting. I just hope that my ship will set sail as it progresses, and not let the female lead play around with the 2 guys, which I really don’t like.

    1. Kappy

      Lol. Good to hear it’s shaping up Peach. I will start watching soon!

      Initial boarding ship: Yuwen.

      Let’s see how things change in motion! hehe.

  21. Sparkie

    does anyone know the airing schedule for this show?

    1. Kappy

      I believe after the first week with 2/3 episodes per day, it will go back to 1 episode per day on Thursdays and Fridays, starting the 13th.

      1. unforgetableme

        WHAT?! This is killing me!!! I just wish it was all out so I can binge watch the entire show… LOL. The show isn’t the best, but it’s pretty decent (for now…). Sigh. It’s going to be torture just waiting for episodes to come out…. T_T

  22. visiopeia

    Just finish watching ep 8 online… love it

    Kappy .. will you going to upload the download link?

    1. Kappy

      There isn’t any good quality available for me to encode. Will have to wait until HNTV broadcast them in true HD. =/

      1. visiopeia

        Alright, shall wait for it … thanks kappy

      2. pilou

        don’t know if the quality is good enough for you or even if you even knew this channel but i found the pictures not bad https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPBEVBGgI8kiwrmBwlhDvWw/videos

        can’t wait for you to start encode it >_< kyaaaa

        1. Kappy

          I’m streaming from the same channel. LOL! Better quality will come out soon enough. We just need patience! 🙂

  23. CH

    Do you know anyone recapping this? There is no English subs for this series.

  24. unforgetableme

    I just have to say that I’m on the YUWEN YONG ship!!! They are just soooo cute and adorable together. LOL.

    1. eyoungieee

      Yay for more YongSuo shippers! Their scenes are really cute but not overly saccharine. Me like, haha.
      My favorite moment so far has to be when she found out he was scared of the puppy. How about you?

      1. unforgetableme

        I loved that part, too!!! Haha. It was HILARIOUS. So far, I really like the rain scene part (I think that’s what made me fall for him. LOL).

  25. saire

    And smug or not, Yuwen Yong at least respects her ability to adapt to any situation. He’s been on the receiving end of her schemes a couple of times. Plus they have cute moments and tense conflicts – more believable!

    LanLing Wang on the other hand, handles her like a delicate vase. And while it’s romantic that they have a past together, it begs the question of why he loves her now. Because of the “her” he knew in the past? Bad draw of the luck there.

    1. eyoungieee

      Hey fellow Yuwen shipper! 🙂 Thanks for making me not feel lonely last time in the last post, LOL.
      And omg, you wrote everything that I was thinking of! 😉

      I wonder what’s going to happen or what’s going to trigger her to fall for him because pretty much right now her eyes are still on LLW.

  26. Milkieeuuu

    YUWEN SHIP! I thought I would ship both guys after LanLingWang got more screen time with her but I guess not. In my opinion, the problem I have with LanLingWang is there’s not much substance to him or the interaction he has with QingSuo. We did get flashbacks of him and MuLian together and while those scenes are indeed cute, there’s not much to it except beautiful scenery accompanied by nice music.

    With Yuwen, I feel there are more tensions between two of them (e.g. funny misunderstanding, teasing each other).
    Plus, he sacrificed a lot for her and let her be with LLW even though he knows deep down he wants her for himself. Episode 18 & 26 pretty sums why I prefer the Yuwen ship. He protects, cares, and understands her better than LLW.

    1. unforgetableme

      Plus, she definitely has MORE screen time with Yuwen Yong than Lanling Wang. So, it makes sense for their relationship to really develop. It is weird that Lanling Wang was promoted as the “main guy”, but so far she really does have more scenes with Yuwen Yong…

      1. Milkieeuuu

        Tbh I was taken aback by the amount of screen time Yuwen got.
        Based on the trailer, I initially did shipped her with Yuwen but I knew judging by the title he was not the one and
        she seems so more happy and in love with LLW. And the trailer focuses a lot more on LLW and ofc the title
        so when it aired, I was a bit surprised. I read somewhere the original novel was called Princess of Orchid Hills but not sure if the source was legit but makes sense from the episodes given so far.

        With LLW they already sort of in a developed stage and I guess as a viewer, I like seeing OTP slowing falling for each other not already being in love, ha. Plus when they did met up they liked each other based on the sensation or the sentiment of their past. However I do understand why she would prefer him over Yuwen atm. He’s a lot more gentle, softer, and a sort of a ‘legend’ with great combat and fighting skills. Kudos to the director because I enjoyed his fighting sequences here. His skills are more believable in this version.

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