Han Dong Jun is infatuated with Sun Yi in Siege in Fog’s 9-minute trailer

In the latest extended trailer for Siege in Fog (迷雾围城), we go inside the heroine (Sun Yi)’s mind as she broods over her ill-fated marriage life with one very obsessive man (Elvis Han Dong Jun), while she harbors feelings for another seemingly heroic guy (Jeremy Tsui). For some odd reason, I really, really love this extended trailer. Crazy moments still take place but the trailer has adopted a calming, melancholic tone throughout the whole 9 minute. However, it never falters in the intensity of each stirring scene. We see more sides of Han Dong Jun’s crazy love for Sun Yi and how her resistance slowly slips away under his dashing good looks and undying devotion through it all. I also love the wide shots of the filming sets – they are gorgeous, along with the detailed and vibrant colors of each costume. *swoons*

I give in. I will watch.


 photo Fog 156.jpeg

 photo Fog 155.jpeg

 photo Fog 154.jpeg

 photo Fog 153.jpeg

Took Screencaps from the trailer:

 photo Fog 92.jpg photo Fog 93.jpg

 photo Fog 94.jpg

 photo Fog 95.jpg

 photo Fog 96.jpg

 photo Fog 98.jpg photo Fog 99.jpg

 photo Fog 100.jpg

 photo Fog 101.jpg

 photo Fog 104.jpg

 photo Fog 105.jpg photo Fog 106.jpg

 photo Fog 107.jpg

 photo Fog 108.jpg

 photo Fog 109.jpg photo Fog 110.jpg

 photo Fog 113.jpg

 photo Fog 114.jpg

 photo Fog 115.jpg photo Fog 116.jpg

 photo Fog 117.jpg

 photo Fog 118.jpg

 photo Fog 119.jpg

 photo Fog 121.jpg

 photo Fog 122.jpg

Zou Ting Wei. Elvis’s older second brother.

 photo Fog 123.jpg

 photo Fog 124.jpg

The handsome men: Yu Bo and Alex Fong.

 photo Fog 125.jpg photo Fog 126.jpg

 photo Fog 127.jpg

Jeremy Tsui.

 photo Fog 128.jpg

 photo Fog 129.jpg

 photo Fog 130.jpg photo Fog 132.jpg

 photo Fog 133.jpg

 photo Fog 134.jpg

 photo Fog 136.jpg photo Fog 137.jpg

 photo Fog 138.jpg

That tiny gun cracks the hell out of me. LOL.

 photo Fog 139.jpg photo Fog 140.jpg

Torn brotherhood!

 photo Fog 142.jpg

 photo Fog 143.jpg

 photo Fog 144.jpg photo Fog 147.jpg

 photo Fog 149.jpg

 photo Fog 150.jpg photo Fog 152.jpg

That smile. I’m in.

 photo Fog 156.jpg

9-Minute Trailer:

  • Everyone brings their A game in the acting department. Pleasantly surprised with Zou Ting Wei.
  • I’m falling in love with Elvis all over again…. He looks amazing and his torn faces and happy puppy faces. AHH!
  • Sun Yi’s crying scenes are also on point. I need a heroine to root for! And of course the bromance between Ting Wei and Elvis.
  • Still… No air date yet.

Siege in Fog (迷雾围城) aka If Time Could Stop at The Moment When We First Met is directed by Lai Shui Ching (The Magic Blade, The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils) and He Shu Pei (Legend of Fragrance, Liu Shan Men), and written by Guo Bao Xian (Sealed With A Kiss, A Clear Midsummer Night).

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  1. Lizzie

    Elvis Han!!!!! – for whom I even tried to bravely finish CP5 (which in all honesty wasn’t bad just a tad dull and lackluster!)

    Loved Sun Yi in 15 years of migratory birds as well so have no choice but to watch this then!

    1. Kappy

      You’re a better person than I am, I gave up CP5 long before anything else got to happen! Lol.

    2. ChocolateCosmos

      I agree with Kappy. Lizzie you are the better person than I am as well lol. I only watched CP5 up to episode 30 and the last episode. Then I said sorry and goodbye to Elvis and Joe ;_; I couldn’t persist any longer and I felt Joe had the meatier role to play than Elvis.

      Siege in Fog (迷雾围城) … it’s one of stepmom’s novel …. all those tears.
      That screenshot of Ting Wei when he looked up and is wearing a gray suit…beautiful (◍•ᴗ•◍)

      1. Lizzie

        Hahahaha – I persevered till ep 35 and then dropped it to watch something else – I think it was 15 years. Honestly I was invested in the Joe – Gina pairing and could not get how he actually had feelings for the kid! At that point nothing could save the show for me!

  2. chasingpolaris

    Fei Wo Si Cun male leads must come from the same mold of being obsessive and use a lot of force on the woman they love. It’s too intense.

    Elvis does look good here. Sun Yi reminds me of a former TVB HK actress, Cherie Chan, in some angles. Not attractive at first glance but has that “aura” to her.

    1. Kappy

      I think I said before I don’t like her male leads at all. And I wasn’t planning to watch this either but it is…so beautifully shot…

      Awww Cherie Chan. She’s adorable!!

      1. chasingpolaris

        And there is Elvis to lure us in…

  3. Miyeon

    I like both leads and usually like this type of drama where obsessive male lead falls in love but for some reason I’m not feeling it right now based on today trailer. I like the other short trailer more. Hmmm we’ll see.

    Btw random but I swear they make him shirtless in every drama he’s in. Not a bad thing but erm…yeah.

    1. Kappy

      Lol. The trailer worked the opposite way for me and you. XD

      If he has something to show, might as well do it! hee!

  4. frea

    aww his sweet smile at the end!! i tried CP5 but they have no exciting story to tell… lol….. gave up.

    i also like this trailer, the story seems to flow like a short tease. dramatic but not over the top. the other one put together all the craziness so it was a bit much.

    ting wei is killing it though. beautiful cast.

    1. Kappy

      That smile is irresistible. It’s like she’s seeing him again for the first time.

      Bromance is gonna be good. Their oldest brother isn’t shown in the trailer but he’s in a wheelchair! Dun! Dun! Dun!

  5. Amy S

    whilst the vibrant colours definitely say it's not historically accurate, the maturity of the acting is convincing me that this is more than just your typical idol drama *cough "The Cage of Love" cough "Lady and the Liar" cough* (still enjoy those dramas but "Siege in Fog" is on an whole other level)

    Now this is a well-put together trailer. Even though it's 9 minutes long, it doesn't give away the entire storyline! And yes, love the wide angle shots — I always wished dramas would show us the surrounding environment. It makes you see the dynamic between the actors! The positioning and everything :)))

    Why still no air date?! This and "恋恋阙歌" omg and then next year, Song Yi and Yan Kuan's "小楼昨夜又东风"

    1. Kappy

      It surprised me too by not going overboard with spoilers. We haven’t seen all the characters yet even!

      Lots of dramas to anticipate next year!

  6. nell123

    O_O preeettyyyy!!!
    If this drama is as pretty as its trailer, I am watching the first couple of episodes. I’m not sure I can deal with so much angst but the pretty is just irresistible. Also, smiling Elvis is the best kind of not shirtless Elvis 🙂

    1. Kappy

      I’m here for the pretty, Nell! I’m holding my breath to check out the first couple of episodes as well. Looks solid so far.

      Can’t we have both smiling and SHIRTLESS Elvis? Lol.

      1. nell123

        yaaay for the pretty then because everything else makes this one not my kind of drama. I don’t like extremely dramatic stories, too passive female leads and overly obsessed male leads. One of the first mainland dramas I saw was Sealed With A Kiss, several years later I am still traumatized. if this one is from the same author, I don’t have high hopes about finishing it.

  7. tokkita

    I’m not a fan of obsessive male leads but good to see Elvis in a meatier role. After all the fluffiness in Love O2O, I think I’ll be ready to watch this haha.

    Everything looks so pretty too!

    1. Kappy

      Agreed! Eat up all the fluff before the angst Tokkita! XD

  8. Dundi

    I like the actor’s portrayal in Wuxin very much. I even tried not to FF a lot in his scenes with YR in CP5 with its snoozed inducing plot and characters. Lol. I usually don’t like the drama with obsessive male lead falls in love with weak and not bright female lead, but i’ll watch it for my fave Wuxin, i hope the plot is smart and interesting enough to follow.

  9. Coralie

    *Drool* Elvis Han is so beautiful.

    Is it even fair that such a beautiful male specimen exists?

    I even sat through most of CP5’s tortuous story arc and his god-awful tight hair-wig just to see him.

    But this? This is on a whole other level. I can just feel his manliness oozing from every pore in this trailer. I just friggin hope that his onscreen female partner doesn’t disappoint. I’ve yet to see him with a compatible co-lead (personality or acting-wise.) As much as I like Gina, her personality was boring in WX. Don’t even get me started on Guli Nazha; she definitely experienced a disastrous character-assassination. I actually quite liked Chen Yao as his other half in WX, but too bad she had to play the part of his rival. Anyways, I can only hope for the best for him in this drama. Can’t wait for it to air!!

  10. Cin

    Oh this show looks promising! Hopefully someone will sub it on Viki

  11. SammyE

    OMG they are all so beautiful. Can’t wait to watch!! UGHHHHHH finally there are good dramas being filmed..
    please keep us updated on the air date!!

  12. zuttrx

    there is no release date yet?

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