Disheveled Yang Yang wins over Bai Bai He in I Belonged to You

With the popularity of Just One Smile is Very Alluring, Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang have entered the top five spots (yesterday, he’s #1, she’s #3) on Baidu ranking, the top four spots were previously ruled by Zhao Li Ying and her various co-stars (Li Yi Feng, William Chan, and Lay) for the past month or so. Lol. The movie I Belonged to You or Passing by Your World (从你的全世界路过) stars Deng Chao, Yang Yang, Bai Bai He, and Zhang Tian Ai in a strings of mini stories about youth, love, and friendship based on the novel written by Zhang Jia Jia. The style of the novel is described as lighthearted bedtime stories of one person to another, recalling life experiences in a way that draws the readers into the shoes of each character. The latest trailer features the story of a bumbling youth (Yang Yang) inspired by his love for a tough police woman (Bai Bai He) to change his life around.


Three stories. First one with Deng Chao and Crystal Zhang Tian Ai. Second one has Yue Yun Peng and Liu Yan. Third story with Yang Yang and Bai Bai He.

 photo Belong 3.jpg

 photo Belong 10.jpg

 photo Belong 9.jpg

 photo Belong 1.jpg

 photo Belong 2.jpg

Messy hair is styled to be messy! It looks so funny. XD Could I help…mess up his hair?

 photo Belong 12.jpg

She knows where to find her man. heh.

 photo Belong 5.jpg

 photo Belong 8.jpg

 photo Belong 11.jpg

 photo Belong 6.jpg

 photo Belong 7.jpg

The village’s idiot’s smile!! =D

 photo Belong 4.jpg

English-Subbed Trailer:

Out in theaters on September 30th!

Sideline News: Yang Yang’s Martial Universe has Tian Ai in the running as female lead… KEKEKEEKE!!! Let’s wait for the official confirmation! Tian Ai was already caught filming something in a blue ancient costume… hehe. [Previous Post]

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  1. chasingpolaris

    Yang Yang could be in the ugliest outfit with dirt all over his face and he’d still look good, haha.

    YY and Crystal…they look more like brother and sister tbh. Let’s see how it works out in the rumored drama!

    1. Kappy

      Lol. I just remember how young the male stars are… Tian Ai does have one disadvantage in looking more mature than most of her co-stars.

      1. chasingpolaris

        Still waiting for an official confirmation. Yang Yang has already confirmed it. Hope it will turn out to be Crystal.

        On another YY note, any more updates with his drama with Yang Zi?

        1. Kappy

          I’m thinking that if he accepts Martial Universe, he might not do that one with YZ since she’s already done with Dragon and is looking for a new project!

        2. chasingpolaris

          Isn’t she due to film Ode to Joy in Sept? I read on weibo that the rumored one with them is slated to start filming early next year. If that’s the case then maybe it could happen. If not, one of them needs to take a vacation and make it work lol.

        3. Kappy

          Timing is everything Polaris! These kids are selling like hot cakes! Let’s start another praying circle to dramagods. X)

  2. avarachika

    Saw that trailer minutes ago too, and yang yang is just so cute and adorable. Can’t wait to watch the movie. I’m excited with the yang yang and tian ai pairing because she could act youthful and he could really act mature.

  3. Aryael

    I do not usually go down the fan road coz frankly speaking, most of these actors and actresses are even younger than my kids!…but I’ll admit, Yang Yang is cute. He has a pleasant, boyish face with an astute expression that makes him the best candidate for any role requiring a handsome nerd or genius. If he’s my student, I’ll think he’s a smart goody-two-shoes young man….most likely ending up as “teacher’s pet”. Unfortunately that also meant he wouldn’t fit into baddie roles. Now, that would be a challenge to his acting….give him a baddie role and see if he can pull it off!

  4. tokkita

    Oh gosh he’s so cute XD

    I think the Yang Yang and Crystal pairing could work! Waiting for the official confirmation now hehe.

  5. Jen

    This reminds me. So much of a Wes Anderson movie. From the characters to the bursts of background music. Love it!

  6. sassy

    Li Ying is back in the top 3. It was just yesterday. Keep in mind that Just a Smile is Alluring is a daily drama while her dramas are once/twice a week so it’s a feat for her to hold onto her top 3 spot

    1. Angela

      We also have to keep in mind that zly has 2 dramas, chusen airing mon-thurs. Its a feat for zheng shuang and yang yang to climb that high with just one drama. Granted liying is not the lead in both but shes well promoted by the ptoducer every week. Always releasing posters and stills.

      Its okay to fall off the charts for new dramas, nothing to be uptight about.

      1. sassy

        Like you said, ZLY doesn’t appear very often even though she’s the female lead. She can’t be promoted without even appearing some weeks. Some of her scenes were even cut in the Mystic Nine. Zhu Xian only airs Sundays btw. Also, Just a Smile is Alluring is broadcast on 2 channels. Hunan has so many different shows that it’s hardly going to promote just one when they also have Ice Fantasy, Hot Girl, and Whirlwind Girl 2. Not to mention, Just a Smile is Alluring is receiving very low ratings, below 0.5%, justifying the extra need to promote it.. because the TV channels are losing millions.. I just find it strange to say ZLY fell off the rankings when it was just 1 day. She’s now back in the top 3

        1. Angela

          They release stills and posters of her almost every week, like shes the female lead. They could release previews of other characters, but nope, they preview one of her only scene the other week to lure in fans for chusen. All marketing strategies. That’s what Im saying. Chusen airs online and qq have over hundreds thousands of vip members, not to mention all the rip online. Mystic Nine also airs online and on tv. Shes everywhere this month. My point is that it’s okay to fall off the chart with all the competitions.

          Plus, you dont need to have dramas to even enter the ranking. All you need is buzz and being searched. Look at ruby and wallace and hu ge (lol) topping charts during their wedding.

        2. sassy

          Just a Smile is Alluring is broadcast online as well and you don’t need to pay money to watch it unlike the Mystic Nine and Zhu Xian. But, the point is.. ZLY’s never been lower than number 4 this summer with/without dramas. Overall, ZLY is still the number 1 ranking celebrity in 2016 so far. I totally get that, Zheng Shuang’s birthday was this week. Plus, she was just pictured at a hotel with her boyfriend, Anson Hu, who previously caught cheating on her. That could be the reason behind her ranking one place higher than ZLY for that day. But, I totally believe Yang Yang’s ranking is because of his role in Love 020

    2. chasingpolaris

      Are we talking about the 娱乐名人排行榜?

      In any case, I feel like Liying’s popularity hasn’t waned at all since HQG last year and she’s only going to get more popular from hereon. Just look at the dramas that have her name attached.

  7. Bob

    I see China Lion will release the film in the US & Canada on September 30th. It’s on their YouTube channel:


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