Cdrama: Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Love O2O) Episodes

Long day for me at work. Putting up this post early so you guys can chat and I can stalk. Lol.

English Title: Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Love O2O)
Chinese/Korean/Japanese Title: 微微一笑很倾城
Cast: Yang Yang, Zheng Shuang, Rachel Mao, Johnny Bai Yu
# of Episodes: 30
Airing Days: TBA
Broadcasting Station: Dragon and Jiangsu TV
Synopsis: A group of friends hanging out in the real world and slaying demons in the virtual game worlds. When two forces collide and admire each other, a meeting in the real world is necessary, is it not? (please say yes.) [Credit: Kap]

Note: Video files are encoded by me in 540p resolution. File Size = ~400MB
Subbing Group: Viki

♦ Episode 1
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Episode 2
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♦ Episode 3
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Episode 4
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♦ Episode 5
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Episode 6
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♦ Episode 7
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Episode 8
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♦ Episode 9
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Episode 10
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♦ Episode 11
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Episode 12
540p ZASK
– I’m going as fast as I can with uploading the episodes. It’s nice for viewers but a burden to uploaders! Please be patient as I try to get your drugs out on time. Lol.

♦ Episode 13
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Episode 14
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♦ Episode 15
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Episode 16
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♦ Episode 17
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Episode 18
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♦ Episode 19
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Episode 20
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♦ Episode 21
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Episode 22
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♦ Episode 23
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Episode 24
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♦ Episode 25
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– Soundtrack of the Movie and Drama is posted here. Come join for another round of tunes!

Episode 26
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♦ Episode 27
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Episode 28
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♦ Episode 29
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Episode 30 *FINALE
540p ZASK


Kap: From the lastest promos, I’m shipping Rachel with Johnny!! Hee!!

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– Chemistry:
– Acting:
– Directing:
– Entertainment Value:

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  1. peach

    The first 2 episodes was really good! I honestly enjoyed it and it met my expectations!!!
    The drama followed all the classic scenes and lines from the novel and made them fit in so easily, especially the gaming part! The switching of to and fro of reality and gaming was really natural!
    Im starting to love the actors of DaShen’s dorm mates already! They are exactly like how they are written in the novel kekeke!

    I saw the ending credits mv and the it looks like they really followed the novel, except for a few changes to add in more drama. I saw the scene of KO purposely moving into 美人师兄’s house, which means that they are showing their story too! YAY!

    Tbh ZS exceeded my expectations. I was expecting her to be the same old ZS but so far she seems alright acting wise. Dk how it will be like in the later episodes, but I shall just keep my fingers crossed.
    YangYang’s smile is so damn alluring gosh…he’s just so handsome in the drama! Love his portrayal of DaShen!

  2. emma

    can’t wait to watch it!

  3. Paige

    – Story:✪✪✪✪; I mean I read the book three times now with a couple more times on certain chapters(*ahem**38*) and the giddy rush is still there. I like it that there is little to no angst, and especially with dramas being more visual than a book, there are just stretches of time where there are just cute adorable sweet gushes of melted marshmellow rainbows played across my screen, and I love it.

    – Chemistry:✪✪✪ I still enthusiastic clapped like a hyper seal when the otp interacts, but with the way Zhen Shuang delievers her lines sometimes, like at the bridge, the moment seems very understated,demure, and calm. I like there to be a bit more zing, zippy swirls of fireworks, but I will settle for vanilla ice cream if that’s what it will come to be. the chemistry between the group of friends is great. With more time in the drama, there will be more scenes dedicated to the friends and their interactions and relationships.

    – Acting:✪✪✪ There are no surprises. I knew what I was gonna get, the way the characters are portrayed, base on the trailers. I will take it.

    – Directing:✪✪✪✪ The way the CGI is in this drama works for the context it exist in. It’s real enough, but there is still a tinge of syntheticness to bring differentiation that we are in the game world. I like the detailed shots of Xiao Nai, becasue with his character, we don’t get a lot of overtness, so we really need the shot of like when he subtly smiles at Wei Wei when she plays the game to clue us in what’s his thought process. Basically, close up shots of Yang Yang can only benefit the world and it can also develope his character as a bonus I guess. The writing of the drama follows the book quite closely, so I guess its plausible to plot the book over 30 episodes. I do expect some lulls, but that’s why the fast forward button for.

    – Entertainment Value:✪✪✪✪✪ This drama will continue to make my Mondays and other days that it airs, over the period it airs. Like I will be glad for Mondays is the level of hyped up that I am for this drama. The ending sequence tides me over between the episodes. This drama is basically a highlight reel of every swoony couple moments possible: being in close proxity with building sexual tension in the rain, showing off your hot significant other in people who wronged you, no significant third wheel, bycicle rides, and potential at least one hot steamy moement that SARFTA hasn’t managed to extinguished.

  4. NazhaGirl

    – Story: ✪✪✪ a very simply story, they really have to tie us down with some good moments.
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪ but its mostly between the group of friends. nothing between the leads yet
    – Acting: ✪✪✪ decent so far.
    – Directing: ✪✪✪✪ love the cgi and game scene! even though zheng shuang and yang yang’s bangs are annoying because of how poofy and stiff they are!
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪ waiting for the cute!

    Thanks for the upload!!

  5. jen

    I LOVE the first episode.

    The friends are great so far.

    And I love Yang Yang’s portrayal…he is very much like what i thought Da Shen would be like.

    Overall the episode exceeded my expectations.

    Zheng Shuang’s acting is better than what I expected – she is demure while being just spunky enough. She could be better but I’m really satisfied. My main critique of her is probably that she is waaay to skinny for the character.

    I also really liked the game parts which I did not expect to , i thought they would be awkwardly done but I found myself smiling at the game commentary in the world forums just like the book.

    It’s also less slow than I would have thought since the book was so short. Most scenes were directly from the book with just a little more dialogue here and there. I love the scene where Wei Wei is in the bathroom while the world forums were chattering. It was a nice cute filler moment.

    I give it 5/5 stars so far

  6. chasingpolaris

    – Story: ✪✪✪✪

    Already read the book so I know what I’m in for. Lots of fluff please~

    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪

    No strong chemistry between the OTP right now but I love the way they interact with their friends.

    – Acting: ✪✪✪

    Yang Yang’s Xiao Nai is how I’d envisioned the character. Cool, calm and confident. We see a lot of Xiao Nai through Wei Wei’s eyes in the book so I’m looking forward to seeing the different layers of him.

    Zheng Shuang definitely shocked me. I was prepared to be annoyed by her, to be honest. But in the first two episodes alone, she hasn’t done that at all. She’s still a little weak with her expressions but so far she’s on the right path to convincing me that she’s Wei Wei.

    Can I just give props to Rachel Mao? She is just too cute as Er Xi! Can’t wait to see her story with Johnny Bai Yu.

    – Directing: ✪✪✪✪

    The first two episodes had a good flow. The game scenes were watchable, and I wouldn’t get second hand embarrassment from the CG, haha.

    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪

    I’m getting the same vibes as I did when I watched Shan Shan, and that’s a good thing because SS was so adorable to watch.

  7. xxidpeace

    I think…watching the movie first ruined the WW-XN OTP for me. Every time ZS appears, I can’t help but compare her to the bubbly but demure WW by Angelababy. YY however is definitely the white collar dashen that I imagined…although his costume is a bit heavier and more bulky than I would have liked.

    1. ray

      hi may i ask where can i find and watch the movie version with eng sub? thanks 🙂

  8. mika

    Do you have the link to watch this c-drama? My usual website doesn’t upload this drama yet, i can’t wait for long.. Lol..

    1. Kappy

      Sorry, just posted the episode for downloads! 😀

  9. frea

    english subtitles will be ripped and places in this folder for ya, by a fellow fan: https://subscene.com/subtitles/just-one-smile-is-very-alluring

  10. Aryael

    Love it so far! Even my son & daughter joined me to watch this. Son could relate since he’s a gamer. LOL

  11. dhira

    viki aren’t subbing this anymore? :/
    i can’t find the drama on viki tho

    1. malgjac

      i was afraid this will happen 🙁 i think they shut the channel down 🙁 i hope the team that was subbing it will restore it soon because i am so addicted to this drama, i even read a novel 🙁

  12. Abugemilang

    I think it would be best if you could rip from DF instead of Chinese TV. I believe people with Chinese knowledge could easily find the video elsewhere and most of your visitor doesn’t read chinese. Chinese TV Rip comes with Chinese Text and It block English text from DF.

    1. Fanny

      This is actually what I love about this site, because it rips from chinese TV with chinese subs. If I torrent it from my usual site, it will have english subs, which I personally dislike if I’m watching a chinese show.

    2. Moonmoon

      I’m learning Chinese so having Chinese Subs help! Plus, the English subs overrides the Chinese ones and I really don’t notice them anymore.

  13. darkice7_12

    Thank you for the uploads. I can’t wait to watch the drama!

  14. skinnyteddy

    Thank you so much for the uploads!!! Really enjoyed the first 2 episodes, I was totally giggling the whole time.
    This is really tempting me to just get the book and dive in with my very limited Chinese.
    Sorry to the above commentator, but I hope that you’ll continue to rip this version with the Chinese wordings… It helps a lot contributing towards my very limited Chinese. And it is actually not that easy to get high quality videos of Chinese dramas… 🙁 Apologies 🙁
    Thanks again for the uploads!!! 😀 😀 😀

    1. abugemilang

      I can’t believe you can’t find video with chinese wording in HD for this particular drama. Ofcourse HD video for others cdrama isn’t always available in the internet. I don’t read and speak Chinese anyway, so it is really shocked me seeing a person with a knowledge of Chinese language can’t find one.

      1. skinnyteddy

        Hmm… How should I put this… There are sites where dramas can be watched online, but to download is not that easily available for me, like, too many words and I just poof got lost or, restrictions by my country… The sizes and quality here are perfect for me.

      2. Lugi

        Why do you sound so mean? You guys are uploaders, you know the ins and outs and the ropes of ripping and downloading videos. Not everyone is just as good and lucky to have people to help and show the way. There are many phony sites out there that provides viruses in their links. I have been a victim of the past, especially Chinese websites. So now, I only trust a few websites. So far, only you have voiced a problem with Chinese subs. It helps a lot of us trying to learn.

      3. chasingpolaris

        Not sure what knowing Chinese has anything to do with finding a non-sketchy site to download from. I am fluent and it took me a loooong time to find a streaming link for this drama. One, some countries have restrictions, .e.g. Youku blocking all content outside of China, Croton Media (production company of this drama) blocks this on Youtube and so forth. Two, even people who speak English can’t find sites to download American/English dramas so…???

        1. kitai

          Tbh, a quick search of the Chinese title plus the parameter site:dailymotion.com will do. On a side note, I believe Croton is in the process of unblocking the episodes? The more recent ones are not available but I can watch Ep1-6 fine on YouTube (I’m in the US).

        2. kiki

          That’s awesome! I didn’t even realize that they were unblocking some episodes. I’ve just been watching them through VPN went I want good quality and downloading the TV rip ones. They get better hits and views with being unblocked so I would think that’s an advantage for them.
          I like the episodes and the quality but they don’t have the previews for the next episodes. I’m so bad that I can’t even wait a day to see what will be happening next. It’s also weird how they all do it differently: Croton episodes do not have previews, Youku has previews, and the rip from TV has different previews.

        3. chasingpolaris

          Good for those who use Youtube. I’ve been watching on Youku.

        4. skinnyteddy

          So nice… Croton blocked this drama for Malaysia… 🙁 🙁 🙁
          Personally, I’m quite iffy about other video sites, probably because of the poor quality internet connection in my country or my country just limits what citizens can access to… 🙁 🙁 🙁

        5. lenje

          I watched it on Dramanice, since the Drama Fever site is restricted in my country.

        6. kiki

          Croton is really on top of hunting down the sites the upload the episodes. For the site that I use to watch, just 3 minutes after it was uploaded, it was already deleted due to Croton. They are slowly unblocking the first few videos but I’m still using a VPN to access the newer episodes. I wished that Viki was still able to translate it because they usually translate it to multiple languages whereas Dramafever only does English I think.

        7. tokkita

          The eps from youtube are region-restricted, but you can still download the videos (just can’t stream) 🙂

    2. skinnyteddy

      This is like my first comment after lurking here for a few years…
      But, anyways, excuse me for a moment, and let me fangirl here… this show is like so cute and at my age and after few hundred dramas (makjang and all)… allow me again, this show is just so so cute~~ 😀 😀 😀
      One of the rare shows that hooked me right from the start, easy to watch and so very entertaining~
      This show is how I thought my uni life would be, but alas…
      And I just found out that this show airs two episodes each day, and one on Sunday, WOOHOO!!! I am one very happy lady, especially to unwind after stressful work!! 😀

      1. kiki

        OMG REALLY???!! I thought it was just two episodes a day for the weekdays. Now that it’s two a day and one on Sunday, I’m even happier. This show is sooo adorable. I love Xiao Nai and how much you can see that he likes Wei Wei. He’s just cold to everything and it’s adorable when you see a hint of his smile when he’s interacting with her. I love his dorm mates too. The book showed us how close they are. It’s even better in the drama. I need to focus on school since it’s starting but I’m waking at 4:30 am in the morning to watch the show live because I don’t want to miss it. This show is so good, mostly smooth sailing and not too much angst yet. It’s just nice to see their college life. I can’t wait for when Wei Wei and Xiao Nai meet tomorrow and become official. All the scenes from the opening and ending makes me anticipate those squeal worthy scenes so much. They have so many cute moments together.

        1. skinnyteddy

          OMG!!! I totally agree with you on everything you just said about the drama… That’s why I am so tempted to get the book to tide myself… And YES!!! I can’t wait for all those squeal-ly scenes too~ This drama is just too adorable and sweet… but to wake at 4.30 in the morning… WOW! Dedicated ah…
          And yes, I don’t think I read wrongly on the broadcast days… *very shifty eyes* I got the info from the Youku page, which I think is currently inaccessible due to being overloaded (404 error)..??

        2. peach

          Apparently GuMan said on weibo that they even filmed the bed scene in the novel! Im so excited for it hahahahaha!!! Hopefully they won’t cut all the intense kiss scenes and bed scene out! YangYang was saying in an interview about how the kiss scenes just gets more and more intense kekeke!!!

          I just finished the latest episode and really thumbs up to the production team and scriptwriters! They stayed so true to the novel and portrayed it so naturally! The actors and actresses too! Their chemistry is really good!

          I honestly never thought they could film 30 episodes without being draggy for such a short novel, but now I am convinced! The pace right now is really good!

        3. kiki

          Yeah, from some of the clips floating around, I saw him kiss her and whirling her around when she was wearing the red bridal dress so I’m looking forward to that as well. Lol, if that’s what Yang Yang said, then we are in for a treat. I’m really happy with the pace as well, everything is following the novel pretty closely with the extra stuff added in to make the scenes move along.

      2. kiki

        I actually like all the additions they made to expand the story too. I liked meeting the parents and their comments about him are pretty accurate and funny when they were wondering who san sao was, LOL. Yeah, the youku page sometimes goes haywire, I can’t watch from it anyways since I’m from the US and it’s restricted. I can only watch the preview for the next episodes which I do because it’s different than what is shown in the episodes that I do watch. My Chinese is not great but I can understand enough and if I don’t understand a term, google translate here I come. Lol, I’m obsessed enough to even get the hard copy of the book to read through even though I already have a digital one somewhere. They are following the book pretty closely, even phrases by phrases in some scenes so it’s understandable. That’s great then if it’s continuous episodes, because I would not want to wait to see what happens after they meet tomorrow.

      3. Kappy

        Lurking for a few years Skinnyteddy?! I’m hurt! Lol. Welcome out of the hiding, dear!

        1. skinnyteddy

          Hahahaha 😀 Oops. I think I lurked since this was called Alice’s Voyage or something like that, unless I’m totally wrong… But yeah~ Thanks~~
          And. OMO OMO to all those kisses that shall come… cannot wait at all… 🙂

        2. Kappy

          Shhh Shhh…. Lol. Yes. I was corny and had a big ego, naming the blog after my name back in my teen years. LOL.

    3. skinnyteddy

      Hola~~ Thank you all for the suggestions!!
      And I must say, this is the only Cdrama where I want a few more episodes, this is ending a little too soon for me…
      I mean, there are so many dramas out there with way too many episodes *cough* Mystic Nine (those tomb raiding stuffs is wasting my episode minutes, I need more of Fo Ye and his Fu Ren) *cough*
      The end is near… I need a new drama which is good to curb the emptiness which this daily crack will leave… 😀 😀

  15. Mika

    Since viki is not available in my country, i watch from http://dramacool.to/love-o2o-episode-4.html (www.dramacool.to) it’s not as fast as viki, but better late than not watching at all, right? 🙂

    1. elena khan

      mika which country u r from?? even in my country viki is not available but specifically for this drama others are opening but not this one .Do u have any idea about that

  16. Dianonk

    for someone who want read the novel of this series can go to

    1. Happy_camper

      Thank You 🙂 !!

  17. shinchae

    STORY ✪✪✪✪
    Overall the drama seems to be faithful to the general context of the novel so I’m happy about it. I like how they are expanding the story without ruining it.
    CHEMISTRY: ✪✪✪
    No chemistry yet but the way Xiao Nai stares at Wei Wei is intense and I like it!
    ACTING: ✪✪✪✪
    This is the first time I’m watching both actors so I don’t have anything to compare but Yang Yang is definitely nailing it as Xiao Nai. He is the Xiao Nai I read in the book. Zheng Shuang is very pretty and she seems doing good enough but she is just too skinny. I’m worried she’ll break during the fight scenes in the online world.
    DIRECTING: ✪✪✪
    I was very worried about the CGI but it is watchable. I can now take a deep breath.
    I’ve seen the movie and I’m not satisfied with how the story was told but that was understandable given how they have to put it all together in less than two hours. I thought the drama will just have to compensate with it and I’m so glad it did. The drama team has the liberty to explore the story, put some side story here and there, and give us MV-like scenes complete with background music to show the progress of our OTP’s romance. Okay, I admit I love broody Xiao Nai in that dorm room scene in episode 4. I’m well entertained!

  18. jen

    The actors for KO and Hao Mei (Mo Zha Ta) are really cute and goodlooking. I didn’t really care about Heroin (too much angst etc for me ) but I’m looking forward to their boylove story!

    1. chasingpolaris

      Hao Mei is really adorable. I can see why KO took an interest in him, haha.

  19. lenje

    Just watched the first 4 episodes of Love O2O. Very entertaining, even though the gamers’ world is alien to me LOL. Rachel Mao is adorbsssss! I often times cringe watching enforced cuteness in Cdramas, but she’s a natural! :))))

  20. Hani

    Hi… may I know where can I download OST for this drama? Thank you~ ^^

  21. shinchae

    This drama is quite addicting. Yang Yang is so dreamy. Who knew this day would come that I’ll be back to my old habit of refreshing sites more than once a day just to check if subs are already out. I thought those days were behind me. LOL! It’s been a while since I was this invested in a drama even though I already know how the story will play out. I even dragged my lil sister with me. she’s currently nagging me to check if subs are out already. 😀

  22. cassey

    Thank you so much Kappy for the episodes!

  23. Tusu

    Kyaaaaa, I just started this over the weekend and I’m up to the latest episode, MORE PLEASE 😀

    Although I didn’t like the casting of ZS initially, but she’s okay in this! Everyone’s 颜值 is so high. I love the relationships of the characters – Weiwei and her cute girly friends, Xiaonai and his gang of bros (especially love the sincere confession from one of them)!

    Does anyone think that Yugong look like Jung Il Woo? The brothers look so good in their game outfits 😀 YY looks handsome as always, but I find his chemistry with ZS lacking. Perhaps it will get better in the later episodes where all the cheese will stuff my face? Yes, yes?? 😀 😀

    Hahahahahaha. PS: I have 3 dramas on hand, I’m feeling blessed! 😀

  24. wlnda

    i love how the story is going,,
    but i found error in ep 11,,
    pls fix it asap as im already addicted to this drama
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Kappy

      Can you let me know the error? I’m not watching this series yet.

  25. Moonmoon

    Zheng Shuang is doing fine…. but but her romantic chemistry with YY is offfffffff. I don’t feel any sexual tension….


    1. Apolix

      That’s what I’m a little bit disappointed about….the only disappointment in this awesome drama!!!!

  26. kei

    Does this drama airs every day? Is it still an on going drama or it’s completed already? please update me. i’m so dying to watch all the episodes.

    1. Niomi

      It just started to air, daily drama. Lol. Wouldn’t be completed already, friend.

      1. kei

        So, I will be expecting new episodes everyday? That’s would be great!! Is it 2 episodes per day?

        1. Tusu

          It’s two episodes every day, and only one on Sunday.

  27. kei

    *That would be great!!!

  28. rainy

    I didnt read the novel. so I want to know if wei wei is supposed to not react to ziao nai’s kiss ? like I wonder if she’s really like the guy…..? why is she like…not responding to xiaonai’s kiss.. I feel like only xionai who is so transparent about his love or feelings for wei wei.. I don’t feel the same for weiwei. I just hope she could be more appreciate to his love for her. after all that was her crush and every other girls crush. girl should be lucky that the guy like her too. Anyway, I watch the bts and it seems like ZH and YY are kinda not close to each other and looked bit awkward. I wonder if there’s something wrong between them.. because ZH was doing fine for kissing scene with Jing Boran in Love Weaves Through Milennium drama. Here, I don’t really feel the sexual tension from her every time they kiss. Or perhaps her characters supposed to be subtle in the beginning that I’ve not known of?

    1. chasingpolaris

      The first kiss, well, it was her first (and supposedly his first too but who knows with Da Shen lol) and she definitely didn’t know how to react to it. The book mentions how nervous she was and how her legs were about to give way Hence she blurted out how awful the airplane food was, haha.

      There were rumors about the two not getting along so that must have been awkward. They seem to be better now though.

      I do think they’re compatible appearance-wise but still lacking the sparks for now.

  29. Ahbu

    I like Jing Bo Ran’s Xiao Nai from the movie more. Because I am a fan of Love Through a Millennium by Jing and Zheng Shuang, I found it a pity that the two of them didn’t go together in this series. I preferred Angelababy’s portrayal of WW as a more tomboyish and study focused girl. She is more of the WW I had envisioned from the novel. Jing is more of the type of XN I had envisioned him to be from the novel. Tall, cold, handsome and smart. I like the 2 characters from the movie separately. But coz the movie is too rushed, especially the last part, I look forward to the story development in the drama series!

  30. Kayohs

    Lurking since 2011. Thanks for all the work. And words. 🙂

    1. Kappy

      Happy Delurking!! We need more active participants! ;D

      1. Kayohs

        Wish I had more to say.
        But all I can say is THANK YOU for sharing content.
        And… sometimes it doth feel a tad … not enough. Hehe.

        I have not been interested in chinese dramas for a while.
        But Yang Yang is changing that. Haha.

        It’s interesting how vibrant the community is at my other go-to… Dramabeans.
        I… am a bit hesitant to ask but… do you know what happened to Thundie’s Prattle?

        1. Kappy

          I can’t create a vibrant blog by myself! Lol.

          I don’t follow that many English blogs to know what happen to Thundie’s Prattle, unfortunately. Maybe someone else can help!

  31. AnnGominho

    I’m so glad you’re providing the episodes of this drama! I fell completely for it and was getting upset because he could not find it. But fortunately an online friend told me that here I could download them. I will continue to follow you… Thank you for your work!!

  32. abugemilang

    I’ve made custom subs for the drama so that the English won’t override the chinese one, You can grab it on subscene. @Kappy: I can’t get in to Sinecure Pages, I just want to tell you that OST for the drama has been released a week ago. Our forum has the subs uploaded a few days ago either in 320kbps or 128kbps

    1. Kappy

      I have the OST Abu, just forgot to upload it. Will do in a few hours.

      Don’t know why Sin’s page is not showing up. I haven’t done anything to it since…forever.

    2. Kayohs

      Hey Abu, Thanks for this. Really appreciate it.

  33. Rara

    Wow, it is my first time posting here * i think* after years of lurking.
    I really enjoy you guys rant & ‘bickering’ about dramas, it is one of my source of entertainment *True from my heart*
    All because of this drama that I need to rant about!
    Usually, I got boring around half of the drama or maybe after 5-6 episodes, but not to this drama.
    I read the novel & am glad the production team stick through the novel with additional of their life with roommates!
    How I wish my college life was like in this *sigh*
    How throughout the years of my college back then, I never encounter someone like Xiao Nai & the gang? They should stick to the computers & never played basketball hahahaha *no offense really* because our computer science major guys were like that. there’s none, NIL who played basketball well.
    The CG is acceptable, nothing to cringe about & I can relate to the game somehow since I once played mmropg~
    What do I do when this drama is over??? Can someone suggest other dramas that are good?

    1. Kappy

      The thing I envy the most is their beautiful decorated dorms. Reminds me of Li Ying’s dormitory in the Interns too.

      This drama is slated for 30 episodes so it’s the last few days now.

      Welcome out of hiding!

  34. Kayohs

    Me thinketh the kisses need a bit more zing from Wei Wei. LOL.

    1. Precious

      YES. I thought I was the only one! I feel like she doesn’t like it? You can be shy and dorky and like the kiss. Hahahaha

      1. Kayohs

        Mebbe Zheng Shuang was trying a wee bit too hard with the virgin / innocent girl thing. Haha.

  35. Kayohs

    Me thinketh the kisses need more zing Wei Wei! :p

  36. Kayohs

    Kaptain Kappy we need a dedicated post for kiss analysis. Very. Important. 😛

  37. darkice7_12

    Thank you for the uploads. This was my first time actually downloading a Chinese drama, and am grateful to you for uploading. I am loving the drama!

  38. Wlnda

    I love you for having posted it completely,,
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  39. AnnGominho

    I fell in love with the drama!!
    And I just have to thank you for having made ​​available the episodes here!!

  40. kitkat

    I can’t believe this is over! Thanks for all the hard work in giving us something to download and enjoy!

    No more Yang Yang to watch and follow everyday 🙁 Time to rewatch Lost Tomb, Whirlwind Girl and this for more of my 大神

  41. Kappy

    You’re welcome everyone! Thanks for dropping by! Until next time!

    Kisses for all. hehehe.

  42. Sunny

    Do you know what song is playing in episode 5 at around 13:11 ?

  43. Aisling

    Thanks for this! I was introduced to Yang Yang because of this drama. Previously I thought only Wallace Huo can pull off period looks. Now I look forward to seeing him in the movie version of Three Lives Three Worlds =D

    1. kitkat

      Have you watched The Four? You’ll like his look in there ^^

      1. Aisling

        Nope haven’t watched it. But I will go check it out now!!

  44. Aiii

    thank youu for this, but where can I find the subtitle ?

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