Cdrama: Singing All Along (Chang Ge Xing) Episodes

It’s here! Finally here!

English Title: Singing All Along
Chinese/Korean/Japanese Title: 秀丽江山之长歌行
Cast: Ruby Lin, Yuan Hong, and more!
# of Episodes: 52
Airing Days: Thursday & Fridays?
Broadcasting Station: Jiangsu Television
Synopsis: Set in 1st-century imperial China, the drama is based on Li Xin (李歆)’s 2007–2009 romantic novel series Xiuli Jiangshan (秀丽江山) and focuses on the relationship between Liu Xiu (Emperor Guangwu), peasant-turned-Eastern Han dynasty founder, and Yin Li Hua (Empress Guanglie), the love of his life. Although the original novel involved time travel, the television series does not contain those parts.

In 22 AD, the peasant brothers Liu Yan and Liu Xiu led a rebel force to overthrow the oppressive Xin empire and to restore the Han dynasty. Yin Lihua, their beautiful childhood friend, joined their fight. During the bloody battles, Liu Xiu and Yin faced death many times together before the Xin empire was finally toppled. In 23, Liu Yan was seen by the new Han emperor Liu Xuan as a threat and executed. Fearing he would be next, Liu Xiu, with the help of his new bride Yin, managed to have Liu Xuan assign him to a territory beyond Liu Xuan’s reach. However, developing a power base of his own proved difficult. In 24, Liu Xiu encountered a dilemma: in order to enter a military alliance with a mighty regional warlord, he needed to marry the warlord’s niece Guo Shengtong and break his vows to Yin. Meanwhile, Yin discovered that Liu Xuan also had feelings for her… When Yin finally reunited with her husband in 25, Liu Xiu was already the new emperor who had just captured the capital; with Guo, a woman he did not love, as his new wife. As the empire remained divided, naming Guo the empress seemed the ideal choice politically, but Liu Xiu’s heart never left Yin. Amid power struggle, war, and intrigues, could their love survive? [Credit: Wiki]

Note: Video files are encoded by me in 540p resolution. File Size = ~400MB
Subbing Group: Viki

♦ Episode 1
540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

Episode 2
540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

♦ Episode 3
540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

Episode 4
540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

– 540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

– 540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

– 540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

– 540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

– 540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

– 540p ZASK // Viki Streaming

Kap: I think Ruby managed to invite ALL the pretty boys of Cdramaland to have a role in here. Spot them all!

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  1. lenje

    Yes, yes. YESSS!!!! Thanks Kap! Will check this out soonest, and hopefully I won’t be too lazy to give my rating 🙂

  2. Ryu

    YES! I must have watched the trailer a dozen times. Thank you!

  3. chasingpolaris

    I finished ep 1 last night on Youtube and was wondering when I’d see this page up. Hehe. Thank you!

  4. Hannah

    I like Ruby’s ancient productions. She seems to put all the right pieces together lol

  5. Coralie

    “I think Ruby managed to invite ALL the pretty boys of Cdramaland to have a role in here. Spot them all!’

    Gotta catch’em all – Ruby Lin

    Sad that Wallace Huo isn’t in it though! The epitome of pretty man.

  6. frea

    wow, episode 1 is already subbed on viki! fastest translation i have seen this year! lets hope the same for ice fantasy and chusen!!

    thanks alice! i will spot all the pretty boys for sure!! 😉

    1. Marilina

      Hi Frea,

      Thank you so much for updating us on the English subs on viki.com

      My friends and I have been waiting for this TV series for ages . . hahaha . . and how many times we have seen its trailer . .

      Finally . . Our gratitude, Frea and to Kappy A.

  7. Humbledaisy

    Recovering from a lingering cold this weekend so I was able to watch seven episodes in a row so far. Very pleasant show to watch – cast, plot and acton flow well together. Although, with 52 episodes, when does the romance show up?

  8. loveruby

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you can continue uploading.

  9. legendzed

    update please

  10. Zelda

    I had to give up half way cause the storytelling style is a lot like Schemes of a Beauty.

  11. dundi

    I”ve seen both dramas and i think it’s quite different.

    Anyway i like this drama a lot, overall the acting, the characters and the plot is good

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