Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Episode 1 – 30 “Love and Hate.”

I’ve been negligent towards this drama, mainly because I’m left disappointed. It’s an idol wuxia drama through and through. The only plus point is how gorgeous Zhao Li Ying looks in every frame (over 1000 screencaps of her in my harddrive), there’s hardly a minute where she’s not lovely. So pretty that I have a hard time focusing on other characters (they are pretty unlikable anyway, LOL). The plot is starting to cycle in circles with Papa Wu asking the same old question, “Daughter, does Ding Yi still trust you? If yes, approach him for the Nth time.”

Me: “Father, you’re really lame.”

Episode 21-30 are released today 11/22/15! Discuss away! I promise to be more active. =)

— Screencaps for the first 20 Episodes —

 photo Zu1.jpg

 photo Zu2.jpg

 photo Zu3.jpg

 photo Zu4.jpg

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  1. frea

    alrighty! let’s get the party started!!

    my favorite character is the monk character at mount zu, he’s the most understanding and forgiving, readily accepting wu xin into the family without prejudice.

    and im shipping wu xin with 5th ghost. ding yi is soooooooooo boring!! i don’t understand why she likes him and doesn’t even spare a glance at 5th ghost!!

    the plot is meandering in the same circle for sure, i was so bored with papa wu sending his daughter to trick ding yi. im hoping that the next 10 episodes is more exciting with the return of the big bad!

  2. Julianne

    You phrased it so accurately! That’s what I felt from the beginning! I was so disappointed with this because it was SUCH a typical idol drama. Chinese Paladin started the trend, but I feel like the CP ones worked because the plot and cast weren’t overly fussy, and the classic wuxia themes are all still there. Ancient Sword was ok, I thought, but Xuan Yuan Sword and Legend of Zu for me are so so idol wuxia. It’s almost hateful how so many dramas are going down this trend. If it weren’t for Gina’s awesome storyline (at least it seems that way so far), I totally wouldn’t even consider CP5 even with Elvis, because it looks, again, like an idol drama with very little depth. The characters for RPG/wuxia are getting so 2D and flat and underdeveloped, the cast unnecessarily huge, and the plot way too fancy and convoluted and flowery. It’s just all so surface-based and bland.

    I agree with frea though, I totally totally ship Wu Xin and the flirty demon dude. They have chemistry and are interesting together. WuXin + Ding Yi is so…one sided and it’s kind of going nowhere. They have no chemistry, and Ding Yi’s like a rock.

    1. ranter-ranter

      Now that you mention it I agree Chinese Paladin really did started the trend LOL!
      I think I might have found CP so successful because of their super dooooooper good soundtrack with great castings. I think all the casts were actually really really really new people, or people that was not even popular until CP was leased, so it was really amazing that they all rose to fame all in one shot together.
      Now I realize how successful CP was, it was probably the mark of challenging rise for new actors afterwards. (even CPIII was annoying and draggy, it was only with the help of well accomplished casts like Wallace Huo, Liu Shi Shi who gained huge fans from Liao Zhai with her great resemblance to Liu Yifei, and Yang Mi already so very popular as Guo Xiang.)
      I even think the CP 1 storyline was a little crappy and realize it was so so so pointless after watching it 10 times, but it was nothing unbearable u know, maybe simplicity is much better instead of overthinking on how to twist storylines. Liu yifei’s beauty was not the thing that lure everyone to watch CP1 (in which I’m only watching HQG and Legend of Zu bc ZLY is pretty), Lin Yueru, Ah nu, Tang Yu, and number7 characters were all pretty well thought of and was protrayed beautifully with naturalness. Clothings do not have to be very very beautiful or exotic but as long as they’re not annoying, which CP1 did so great on….and also all the natural make-up color on the ladies are awesome, it gets so weird nowaday how every ladies are with bright color lipsticks….One thing that annoys me in the journey of flower, it is so NOT cool how some 50+ people was dressed in the same bright color purple and making no body stand out.

      The rely on CGI is really toooo cheap, no matter how beautiful it looks, the taste is just not satisfying how it’s blending animated background with NON-animated people, the environment is even further apart from reality than the storyline.

  3. Ironfingers

    I absolutely love the tvb versions of both gods and demon and zu saga, but this is pretty people with bad bad story telling, not a fan of any of nicky wu’s work so i wasn’t expecting much. He needs to higher better production crew!

  4. unforgetableme

    I totally agree with everyone so far! I really had high hopes for this drama and was looking forward to it, but I’m left with disappointment. I still don’t understand how or why both of the main characters like each other AT ALL. I mean, it makes so sense! There was no development for their romance and relationship. Yes, they are the main characters and they will eventually fall for each other. BUT, as of currently, I still cannot seem to find a legit reason for either of them to even like one another. I mean, WX tried to kill him so many times, yet DY seems to be okay with it…??? Lack of common sense, I say.

    I do have to admit that it’s a very beautiful drama with great outfits, scenery, and good-looking people, BUT even that cannot save the fact that the storyline lacks so much depth. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my love of fantasy wuxia cdramas, I probably would have dropped this drama without even hesitating.

    One thing that I do like about this drama is he fact that ZLY kicks ass! She’s definitely a good strong female character compared to a lot of wuxia drama. She’s got a badass attitude, kicks butt, and she’s cool! I do like her anti-hero personality.

  5. Kappy

    Lol@ the shared sentiment everyone has for Zu. I’m watching to collect my baby girl’s gorgeous screencaptures so I can photoshop her with leading men I like. hehe! I like William but his character….makes me want to sleep! The acting also leaves much to be desired.

    I wanted their romance to be well-developed (slow and logical) and grounded but it feels like Tom & Jerry. Sigh. I like her with 5th Ghost too. He has principles. I like.


  6. Handy

    Yeah fast up pls, here was my only source to download, cant find somewhere to download this movie…. i’m has been search it whole 1++ month like crazy T.T
    Wish Chan n Liying gotten happy ending in this drama πŸ‘Ό

  7. Stev

    I completely agree with every1 as well that the plot is horrible zzz. however the chemistry is there XD. Zhao Li Ying outshines every1 in this drama. This is the behind the scene for The legend of Zu when they were doing the kiss scenes πŸ˜€


  8. peach

    Only watching this because Liying and William Chan looks really good on screen and their chemistry is quite good.

    The plot is just going in circles, Wuxin being sent to trick Dingyin and then he gets tricked but he found out she tricked her and she comes back again and all over again…but at least there seems to be development from episode 21 onwards. I was so upset when Wuxin found out she really likes Dingyin and Dingyin rejected her in episode 20. But then again, a relationship built on lies is never really going to work…

    1. Kappy

      Just wait till you watch episode 30! He’s so heartless to her! Ugh! She should just like 5th Ghost and be done with it. heh.

  9. Aryael

    I dropped this in Ep. 2 itself! Recognized a flop at the get go! I must be getting real sharp now! πŸ™‚ Haven’t re-visited it for ages! Yes, it is disappointing and a completely different work to the previous Zu Mountain Sagas. πŸ™

    1. shimokuren

      LOL I dropped this at ep 4 and then started watching Nirvana in Fire…. and we all know what happened then LOL

      And then after the drama void left by Nirvana, I went and watched Disguiser…

      And now I’ve run out of stuff to watch *sigh* (Love Me If You Dare is only 2 eps a week OMG so slow)

      1. lilhanh

        We are identical in that pattern. Actually, to be honest, I started with Journey of Flowers, and then NIF and then Disguiser…to LMIYD….to being back here again. Honestly, Disguiser took me to a whole other level of obsession but that’s probably due to NIF that blazed the trail.

        1. shimokuren

          LOL I get what you mean cuz I’m like that too! I love the NIF novel and the drama version of NIF made me fall in love with Shanying productions and the cast and then I watched Disguiser to fill the void … and now I’m like a die-hard Shanying fan haha.

          You have no idea how happy I was to hear they’re making NIF sequel! πŸ™‚

      2. chasingpolaris

        *coughsBattleofChangshacoughs* Come on, it’s a Shanying production. You know it won’t fail you. πŸ™‚

        1. shimokuren

          LOL I heard good things about Battle of Changsha so I will put it on my list to watch! πŸ™‚

          In the meantime we have NIF2 to look forward to πŸ™‚

    2. shimokuren

      Thing is, this drama only uses “Shushan” as the name – they’ve completely deviated from the novel (like unrecognizable) and I’m just like “screw it I’m not wasting my time with this shit”

      1. Aryael

        LOL, shimokuren, you are funny! I’ve read very favourable reviews on NIF and has placed it in my To Watch list, so is Battle of ChangSha (I agree with you chasingpolaris) and The Disguiser. Unfortunately, I do not have time for long dramas now due to work commitments but I am looking forward to the Christmas-New Year break to indulge in these dramas. Thanks for the recommendations.

        1. shimokuren

          LOL Nirvana in Fire is like a deep dark abyss – once you get into it you can’t get out. I read the novel so I already knew what would happen, but I still followed that drama like at 4-5am every night while it was airing – while I still had to go to class! I dunno what happened but NIF is more addictive than meth and I’m still in love with this drama even after it’s finished airing! I watched Disguiser to fill the withdrawal (I normally don’t watch dramas like Disguiser but I watched it cuz of the cast and Shanying) … and OMG it was SO DAMN GOOD. I haven’t watched Battle of Changsha yet but I may have to put that on my list…

  10. John

    Great Chemistry Speechless.


    1. Kappy

      You are faster than me John (thanks!). I was gonna litter this post with BTS videos, which are way more entertaining than the series thus far. HA.

  11. John

    More bts of Zhu


  12. John


  13. tyn123

    I want to like ZYL so much but everything I watch her in ends up a mess. I am only into ancient dramas so haven’t checked out any of her modern work.

    The inly thing i recognized from her work is she’s a much better actress than majority of the new actresses.

    This Zu saga has lost everything that the Zu legends were meant to be. There are so many stories that haven’t been adapted but instead of taking anyone of those they go a make one random one up. A very boring and lacking in common sense one.

    Someone needs to get rid of William Chan’s ugly front fringe. ZYL looks beautiful already but I hope they lay low on the evil eye make up a bit. She’s pretending to be good but looks conniving moat of the time.

    1. Kappy

      Many people loved her a lot in Boss and Me (Shan Shan Comes To Eat) but it was a little too saccharine for my taste. The directing and editing of The Interns were poorly done and it took me longer to actually like all the main characters. ZLY’s role was too nice.

      I love her conniving glare, as if saying, I’m not even acting and this kid eats up all my sob stories. Lol.

  14. Julianne

    Zi Ying is like a useless petty version of Guo Fu, so irritating.

  15. YL

    After watching 21-30, I did not really enjoy the progress of the show. A little too draggy. πŸ™

    1. Kappy

      Too much focus on Zhou Qing Wan and her mom’s reunion. I fast forwarded those scenes. Things gained momentum after episode 27 but then it ended with Ding Yi professing his love for Qing Wan. I hope this snaps our lovesick girl out of her love stupor. I want her to kick him in the groin and leave!

  16. viviatan

    I watch this b’cos of Zhao LiYing and William… unfortunately after ep 19, i start to get bored.. yeah .. i do agree with a few of you.. the story getting more and more draggy…

    I want to see more chemistry of Zhao Li Ying and William! muahahahahhahahahahha…

  17. Licorice

    Wow….so many bad comments here. l read that William and Liying are secretly dating because of this. Well, l don’t know what to say since l don’t see any “love beam” from William. Liying has given all, but William is so boring.

    Yeah, like everyone else said, l LOVE Wu Gui~ Wu Gui is so flirty and easy going. He’s so perfect to balance Wu Xin’s cold and stiff personalities. Btw, is someone know which eps Wu Gui forcedly kiss Wu Xin? ln the woods, not in their HQ one. l saw it on the trailer and l was happy instead of Wu Xin and Ding Yin kiss. LOL

    No offense, but l don’t see any beautiful girls in this except for Liying. You said it well, Liying outshines the other (girls).

  18. KHP

    Could you please update the download links to the latest episodes?

  19. Lady de Winter

    I dropped this series on episode 2,sooooooo uninteresting.Can anyone tell me if Wu Xin and DY’s dead wife are the same person?

  20. Umanonymousiguess

    Wow, zhao liying is gorgeous!

  21. Anne

    I have watched the whole series up to episode 56…
    Here’s what I think:

    The ending sucks to the max!!!!! Ding Yi really doesnt deserve Yu Er!!!!

    1. Kappy

      Everything that led up to the ending gave me high blood pressure. A formal post will be posted soon. XD

      1. Julianne

        So curious. I dropped Legend of Zu somewhere along the run of the first season. I just want to know if LiYing and Ding Yi end up together. The other girl is always appearing in the trailers and stuff, but honestly I can’t see any chemistry between Ding Yi and either of the girls. The other girl’s just like a lost puppy sans personality, and Ding Yi doesn’t go well with LiYing cuz he doesn’t have much personality either. Can someone tell me if Liying and Wu Gui end up together?

        1. Kappy

          Neither girls end up with him. He’s trapped with the Blood Demon at Mount Zhu Sect. Lol.

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