Forbidden kisses in Tangren’s Legend of the Nine-Tailed Foxes

I took a shift for a co-worker and now I’m 8 hours behind on my recapping schedule. BAH. Anyway, last time I translated the title of this drama out to be Green Hill Fox Legend, but yesterday, Tangren released a trailer and a few new stills, one of which is a poster with the English title and I took it upon myself to tweak the words and now the title shall be called Legend of the Nine-Tailed Foxes. The synopsis tells six stories surrounding the batch of our immortal characters and human boyfriends – all rising faces Tangren is promoting. When I have time, I will translate a quickie premise for each story. Right now, I just want to sleep, operating on a 3-hour sleep everyday for the past 3 days is taken a toll…I nodded off so hard on the train, my neck hurt. No Eddie to be my plushie pillow. Sigh~


Those with good eyes, check out the title in the poster below. =D

 photo Fox 46.jpg

 photo Fox 47.jpg

 photo Fox 48.jpg

Gina Jin and Nick Wang.

 photo Fox 49.jpg

These two lovebirds meet again after Wu Xin The Monster Killer.Β Sebrina Chen and Zhang Ruo Yun.

 photo Fox 50.jpg

Mike and Tina Tang.

 photo Fox 51.jpg

Kiton Jiang and Zhai Tian Lin.

 photo Fox 52.jpg

Ethan Yao Yi Chen Fu Xin Bo and Xiao Cai Qi.

 photo Fox 53.jpg

Gulnazar force-kissing Jiang Jin Fu.

 photo Fox 54.jpg

More screencaps taken by me:

 photo Fox 45.jpg

 photo Fox 43.jpg photo Fox 44.jpg

 photo Fox 41.jpg

 photo Fox 42.jpg photo Fox 40.jpg

 photo Fox 39.jpg

 photo Fox 38.jpg photo Fox 37.jpg

 photo Fox 36.jpg

 photo Fox 34.jpg photo Fox 33.jpg

 photo Fox 35.jpg


They used the same music background in Wu Xin The Monster Killer as the trailer background too. XD I really like the intricate nail designs on the ladies but the elf ears are a bit not-so-pleasant to the eyes. Gina looks perfect in her golden fish scale dresses.

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  1. chasingpolaris

    Gina Jin! Nick Wang! Everybody! 😍

    Btw the guy with Xiaocaiqi is Fu Xin Bo. Yao Yi Chen is in a different story.

    Have a good rest!

    1. Kappy

      Lol. Awake for another day at work.

      Don’t know how I got the two confused, Ethan looks much older! XD

  2. Angela

    Their elf ears are cracking me up!! The other couples, especially Gina and Nick, look way more interesting than the main couples – Guli and Jiang Jin Fu.

    That boat surrounded by lanterns are so pretty. Tangren never disappoints with their production quality.

  3. Aryael

    Any idea when this will be airing?

    1. Kappy

      Tentatively looking for an early broadcast in 2016! Where are you on Wu Xin Ary? I’m too impatient waiting for subs so will marathon it later. Is the story still intriguing?

      1. Aryael

        Ep 18’s the most current ep I’ve watched. Yes, the story is still intriguing and at ep.18, another revelation re. Wu Xin that will bring us to the next part of the story. πŸ™‚ I didn’t know you had to rely on subs. I could have helped with weekly recaps on Wu Xin but now, it’s kinda too advanced in its story to roll back and recap on it. A lot has happened!

        FYI – In general, there are a few things happening consistently at once in the story (which makes it intriguing): Wu Xin and Yue Ya’s relationship progress + fighting demons/spirits + bits of revelation of Wu Xin’s nature and abilities/limitations. Every week (2 episodes), Wu Xin and his gang will fight a demon/spirit with the occasional meddling from Yue Qi Luo. You would think that those demon cases are separate from the main story but as it progress, there will be little bits of information from each of the demon fighting cases that will come together as Wu Xin and gang tries to be rid of Yue Qi Luo for good while dealing with the weirdness of his condition. I must admit though that the romance bit is not the main topic of this drama though there is enough to keep things interesting. The main topic of this drama is really the main character himself.

        There are still some snippets at the ending OST that have yet to happen and I am especially curious about the part where Wu Xin holds a dead or unconscious Yue Qi Luo in his arms and cries in agony. I wonder what’s that all about since YQL’s been his enemy since Day 1!

        The posters are all adding to the confusion or intrigue as well. Notice how WX and gang will always be on one side while YQL and gang (the evil ones) at another. What is intriguing is how Mike’s character (Bai Liu Li) stands together with YQL and gang in all of the poster versions, although he’s currently being introduced as an old friend of WX. Is someone switching sides half-way through the story? Or maybe I’m just reading too much into those posters???

        The comical interactions between WX and his gang adds to the attractiveness of this drama too. I also like that there is minimal reliance on flashbacks and each episode progresses in a comfortable pace. Fingers crossed this will continue towards a good (not necessarily happy) ending for the drama.

  4. Keane

    A little bit of… Twilight… Mortal Kombat… Final Fantasy… Lord of the Rings… Harry Potter… hmm, it’s just missing a bit of Disney. Wait! The kids laughing in the b/g = Disney. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a big hit!

  5. Julianne

    Gina and Wang Kai better end up together…after Nirvana, I’m in love with Wang Kai. And I’ve been in love with Gina since WuXin, so the two of them…be my OTP!

    1. chasingpolaris

      MTE! I know in the TVB version of their story ChangTing, they did end up together. I am hoping they will too.

    2. shimokuren

      The elf ears and vampire teeth are cracking me up haha

      LOL I’ll pretty much be only watching for their part (Gina and Nick) in the story too πŸ™‚

      Same – I think I’ve become a fan of his after Nirvana in Fire πŸ™‚
      (He cries so prettily haha)

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