Ending Discussion Thread: How Cruel is Cruel Romance?

Home stretch here. In any case, this is the place for you guys to RANT….and….rave… about Cruel Romance in its entirety and final chapters.

SPOILERS IN COMMENTS AND EVERYWHERE in this post are expected.


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  1. Aryael

    It has ended. FINALLY! Lots of flashbacks in the final episodes (39 & 40) and once the bad guy’s eliminated, the ending was quick and abrupt. However, there are many emotional scenes as well, especially ones pertaining to Xiang Han Chuan and Ming Zhu. That really got to me and I shed a tear or two. I can totally relate to Xiang Han Chuan and his hard as steel character. As the eldest child in my family, I was given responsibility to care for my younger siblings at a young age as well. I was like mum and eldest sister to them. I must be their rock. Hence, the final scenes of Xiang Han Chuan really got to me and I cried bucket loads for him! My final rating for this drama is 7.5/10. Passable but not great. If only they got rid of all flashbacks, insignificant scenes and tighten the drama to 25-30 episodes, it would have been a better product.

    1. Kappy

      I’m another rock here! πŸ˜‰

      1. Aryael

        That totally explains everything, Kap. You rock! πŸ˜‰

  2. frea

    i don’t think i will finish this drama….i stop somewhere after maeda raped ming zhu. DX

    maybe if the start subbing the dvd version again…. but still im highly disappointed. i blame you guys for setting up the expectations so high to my neck!!

  3. Keane

    I somehow dozed off between eps.25-30 then found myself getting into it eps.31+ to the finale. Sooooo much flashbacks, and too much overviews latter half of the series. It really could’ve ended at 30 instead of 40 eps. I’m so upset, like WTH.. I don’t need this to be a Goong ripoff in the closing episodes. Is the show trying to sell teddy bears for OTP fans? Talk about PPL?

    I am certain I know why I don’t like HXM dramas. His acting is limited a sorts, like watching a male peacock showing off his colors and puffing up his chest. Haha~ Lookin’ pretty… boring (me). I did watch this drama more for Joe, and she did do what she did best, cry buckets load and got her revenge. Yay! I cried more for ZZ’s two minions; his left- and right- handed hunchmen. I said “more” so I too felt all Aryael felt for XHC not much for MZ even though I was very uncomfortable watching her being raped twice. I was cringing when JX lost her baby. How horrible!?! Did ZZ find that bastard policeman and teach him a lesson to respect pregnant women? (I may have dozed off, again.) That a**hole had a mother too!

    Maeda was still an interesting character to watch out of the bunch. He did have more dimensions to his persona than the rest of the them. Wacko was my muse.

    EDIT// I voted for (10 yrs. of) hair treatment that I lost while setting my sails on cruise control.^ ^ No forward button abuse here.

    1. L

      Couldn’t agree with you more dear Keane πŸ™‚ , also When you find a good hair loss treatment, please share!

    2. dundi

      I can’t find better words to describe HXM’s acting. I concur

  4. Kappy

    After the R incident (twice??!!!), I haven’t continued…. But I could see how MZ and Mr. Xiao’s story might be the most touching and emotional one after all.

    I think there are faucets attached to Joe’s eyes! Those tears!


  5. Nhube

    Just finished it and managed to make it through without fast forwarding through all those flashback scenes in epi 39-40! That was an effort, haha…….the fast forward button was always tempting me! I totally feel that they should have not have cut out/edited some scenes and just minus sooooooooooo many of those flashbacks. It would have maybe made the storyline more interesting I reckon.

    I totally agree with frea’s comment about the hype. But blame myself for hyping this drama so much in my head that it was quite disappointing when it didn’t meet my expectations, boo……. πŸ™ Having watch “Lady and the Liar” and then “CR” back to back, I have to say I much preferred “Lady…” Besides the storyline, I actually like the set design and clothing much more in Lady then in CR.

    I also felt that the storyline progression and time frame in Lady (besides the screw-up epi 9-10 epi) was much better set out and flowed more “smoothly” so it made better sense. CR’s editing and “passing of time” sequences made the viewer have to do so much more inferencing and filling in the gaps for one-self it just ruined the mood and mind-set when watching the series and I don’t know if I should blame HuNan for that or the drama itself, lolz…..

    Overall, I was surprised I did not give up earlier and stuck with it all the way through but like my cast vote (“It so bad, it’s good”, lolz….) I couldn’t stop watching. It’s almost like watching a car crash; I have obviously put my hand over my eyes but can’t help but keep my fingers ajar so I can still see the actual crash unfold! hahaha……

  6. Angela

    I fell for the hype and cast, thinking that nothing could go wrong. To think that its based in a book!!! I blame you book fans for not warning us!!

    Joe can cry but sometimes its not necessary to cry that much, that scene with ming zhu when they first met was overdone.

    The amount of flashback is ridiculous as well. This drama aired every freakin day, do they think we are gonna forget or something?? My god.

    Best actor would be the older brother for me. HXM preened too much. Lol. Nothing new for Joe and she got the most unlikable and useless character ever. Boooo!!

  7. Yui

    just started watching, just reached ep.7 and still waiting for the DL link from myasiantv. and coming here to read some comments.. thank you guys ^^

    so far, i watched it for the cast, the storyline emm.. not bad not good, so-so..
    i dont like joe’s character, too good to be true.. hehe.. and hxm looks a bit old there.. but however i still like him πŸ™‚

    im such a turtle when it comes to C-dramas. waiting for engsub and DL link πŸ˜€ sooo thank you guys for the comments, i got some points πŸ˜€

  8. Esth

    The happy ending was too short! And the amount of flashbacks in this drama is wayyyyyy too much. Also, I lost interest in it halfway through the drama at the rape scene.. After that the plot just becomes really ridiculous and everything just takes a really sharp turn, without any explanation or reason. How did they agree with the scripts like this!! Everything was nice and consistent in the first 20 eps! πŸ™

    Either way, I hope to see the uncut version online soon!

  9. sanaz

    guys where can i download this drama whit eng sub?

  10. anglvue

    there was so much hype…sooooo muuuuuuch.

    i’m a joe chen fan and i just wanted to like this. i really did. and then, i just couldn’t do it anymore. he was pretty to look at. she was pretty to look at. the drama as a whole was not pretty to look at. hahaha. it was hilarious seeing that friggin tower or whatever it was in every other scene. i seriously thought there was no where else to go. hahaha.

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