Recruiting recappers for….Cruel Romance and more!

Recapping and discussing drama is actually an area of this blog that I want to improve upon since the majority of our members are uploaders and my comprehension level is inadequate… Hopefully, some readers with enthusiasm to watch and review shows will come on board. Plus, I really need Cruel Romance to sprinkle some hotness around here! The airing schedule of cdramas makes its hard to keep up but remember that I’m here to help as well (screen captures, raws, etc) so please let this idea simmer and settle for a bit. If you have questions, leave them here. =)

As I know how Cdramas tend to go haywire in the latter half of the run, I do not enforce commitment to any drama (HK/K/JP/TW/C). You can write a first-impression post for the first four episodes and be done as well.

Interested recappers/reviewers/summary providers can send me an email. Please don’t play with my heart. Lol. ❤❤

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  1. frea

    really hope that someone signs up for all of our sake.

    “don’t play with my heart.” LOL. and awww our kappy and her fluffy heart!

  2. V

    I super wish I had the ability, but my Mandarin understanding skills are only satisfactory. And juggling school, work, and freelancing doesn’t leave me much free time :[ I super hope someone can help out though, it would be great to actually understand at least like 90% what’s going on as opposed to like 70% xD

  3. Kappy

    Waiting is the hardest part.

    But I shall never give up hope!

  4. silverdezz

    I have just sent you an email. Hope to hear back form you soon XD

    1. Kappy

      Thanks dear! I just replied! 😀

  5. Kitty

    Sent an email. Am wrapping up an amazing c series that just finished airing and I am itching to write about it. 🙂

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