F(x)’s Victoria and Jiang Jin Fu lead in thrilling Coccoon Romance Town

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Have some abs to rinse your eyes on New Year! Good luck to all!

If the title sounds weird, it’s because Google hasn’t done a good job. Chinese title is 茧镇奇缘, so pleaseeee help me out with a fitting translation (I’m embarrassed, obviously! We need a Translator on this ship!) Anyway, it’s a new Cdrama based on a novel with the same name and is set in the Republican-era (again, I know! Bought your ticket yet?) From the green cast (they keep getting younger!), we have another batch of young actors added to the small screen. This includes K-pop idol, Victoria Song, from the group F(X), playing the female lead. The leading guy is handed to Jiang Jin Fu, the young lad in Xuan Yuan Sword – Rift of the Sky. Unfortunately, I will have to break more hearts by revealing that our baby, Yang Yang, will be playing the second lead. Hopefully, his character is complex enough to make up for your sinking feeling!

As I don’t follow K-pop anymore, I have no idea about Victoria’s acting. She was in Taiwanese drama, When Love Walked In, in 2012. Is she serviceable or good?

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The story revolves around mysterious murder cases and the heroine is described as a bright, astute, and curious young lady. She uses her keen observation and analysis to solve cases. But the interesting factor lies in her special ability to extract clues from a set of tarot cards. After years of studying abroad, Du Chun Xiao (Victoria Song) returns to Jiangnan with her dear friend, Huang Meng Ching (Zhang Zhi Xi). Coincidentally, Meng Ching’s father, Mr. Huang (Jiang Tong), celebrates his 60th birthday. Blessed with a luxurious life, he welcomes Chun Xiao into their family without second thoughts. He likes her enough to engage her to his first son, Huang Mo Ru (Yang Yang). However, Chun Xiao’s stay with the Huangs causes strange events to happen, threatening her life. During those precarious moments, Chun Xiao finds herself befriending Huang Mu Yun (Jiang Jin Fu), Meng Ching’s younger brother. Slowly, feelings are developed and awakened. It’s also around this time that Chun Xiao discovers the truth about her identity, along with the layers and layers of unsettling sins caused by Mr. Huang in the past 20 years. [All mistakes are unintentional. Please do not take out w/o permission.]

Victoria Song. Our legendary female detective. Don’t really like that short bob.

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Jiang Jin Fu.

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Yang Yang.

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Zhang Zhi Xi. The sister and best friend. These three pictures are of the same actress, right?

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The sinister father. Mr. Huang.

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Not so nice 3rd mistress, played by Zhou Yi. Evil is written in her hair and pink eye stuff. Third picture is of 2nd mistress in Cao Yan Yang.

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Official Stills

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Behind the Scenes

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The cast wishing you all a happy new year!

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Uhmmm, is that skirt too short for that time period?

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Kissing scene!

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Coccoon Romance Town began filming in December and is set to be 30 episodes. Director is Li Shao Hong (Palace of Desire (1998), The Dream of Red Mansions (2010), Flower Pinellia (2013)), one of the well-known female directors in China.

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  1. Aehyu

    I didn’t think it was possible for Jiang Jin Fu to stop looking like a little boy, but he looks like he’s grown up a bit even in such a small time. Also maybe I’m blind but why does his face remind me of Wang Lee Hom? 0_o

    1. Kappy

      LOL. Maybe because good news have been surrounding Wang Lee Hom in the past few weeks? 😀 I think those period costumes make most men look older.

      Li Dong Xue looks amazeballs in them. I sat through 5 episodes of the Ninth Window just to see more of him. Sexy man!

  2. Nutella

    Ohoh Kappy, thankies for the new find.. lately I’ve been to busy to look at my radar, you’re an angel for spoon-feeding me _<;;) That said, I really want about half of everyone's wardrobes (how is it that the designers manage to fuse so many bang-on, pretty clothes with hideous monstrosities? Why?)

    As for the title.. the character for Town can also be read as calm/peaceful, so it could be Peaceful Cocoon Romance, but seeing the genre et al. I think your translation is the way to go ^^

  3. Julianne

    Out of all of them, I have to say Zhang Zhi Xi looks the most elegant and beautiful. Victoria’s bob is ok except something about the bangs definitely detracts from the look…and that flowery dress! The bright red flower in the middle really blinds me. I love Yang Yang’s look, but I don’t really think Jiang Jin Fu’s looking his best. Again, that hair does NOT fit you bro…it’s such a flat side part! I usually don’t have much of a thing for the republican era dramas, but it does seem pretty interesting.

  4. DrinkingHotWater

    Maybe we can just call it “Tarot Card Detective” from the book title.
    I don’t remember much from When Love Walked In except the bad dubbing LOL.

  5. frea

    @drinkingHotWater, why did they dub victoria? i thought she speaks cantonese well? i only watched one episide and figured its not my thing. but from the stills above seeems like she carried her korean aegyo to this drama tooo, though she did claim she isn’t an aegyo person on we got married. lols.

    gotta agreed with Julianne above that only zhang zhi xi looks elegant in her dresses and victoria looks odd for the time period. not all detectives have to wear those male clothes and geeky hat. that fake bob on her head is also distracting!

    yang yang looks good here!

    but WHT is that title?!! LOL

  6. Kappy

    Nutella, I’m so-so on the clothes. But agreed with Julianne that Miss Zhang looks appropriately pleasing. Victoria looks like Waldo’s daughter. 😛

    Julianne, Yang Yang does fit very well in those period suits. He looked like a baby 3 years ago in the Red Mansions.

    What a transformation!

    DrinkingHotWater, Tarot Card Detective sounds like something on earth compared to google alien translation. 😎

    Frea, I don’t follow Victoria so her aegyo, I have no idea. Which might be a good thing. 😉

  7. DrinkingHotWater

    @Frea They didn’t just dubbed Victoria voice they dubbed almost all the main cast. I think when love walked in was mainland china production so shouldn’t be that surprised.

  8. Julianne

    The sister’s looking quite pretty. Yang Yang can pull off the (imo) hideous side part of that era, but man, I really don’t think Jiang Jing Fu’s looking all that great in the side part and round glasses.

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