Youthful cast & gorgeous costumes for Princess of Lan Ling

 photo PLL21.jpg
My mother still believes that Kristy is Ariel’s long lost daughter. heh.

Holy Krap! Another version of the story surrounding the beautiful masked General of Lan Ling? It’s slightly different in that a heavenly maiden is not desired but a magical Qingluan mirror and Lican sword (sounds familiar to The Legend of the Magic Mirror?) Tell me this means that the ending won’t resemble each other? The strange thing is the production team just had to pick an actress that eerily resembles a baby Ariel Lin. Meet Kristy Zhang (1989’er)! The male leads are pretty youngthings too: Andy Chen (1986’er) and Guan Ying Peng (1988’er). One look slightly older than his age, while the other is the opposite. Looks and age can never go hand-in-hand, ya know. 😀

 photo PLL15.jpg

The story revolves around the last descendant of the Dragon Sect, Duan Mu Ling (Kristy Zhang), out on a journey to find the missing treasures (mirror and sword). Her mission is to ensure that these powerful treasures fall in the right hand, someone chosen by the heavens. And of course, she has to meet the Prince of Lan Ling (Andy Chen) and the pitiful Yu Wen Yong (Guan Ying Peng) because….she needs to mess up their lives. 😉

Anyway, let’s look at the colorful stills, a production team that rivals Yu Zheng’s love for brightness and hues.

Our female lead. She IS ADORABLE! GAH! I have enough girl crushes!

 photo PLL16.jpg

 photo PLL17.jpg

 photo PLL18.jpg

 photo PLL127.jpg photo PLL128.jpg

 photo PLL123.jpg

 photo PLL25.jpg

Andy Chen. He’s definitely the prettier Prince of Lan Ling. That shiny, flowing hair!

 photo PLL26.jpg

 photo PLL22.jpg

 photo PLL28.jpg

 photo PLL121.jpg

 photo PLL120.jpg

The choco abs!

 photo PLL119.jpg

This one is more natural-looking.

 photo PLL122.jpg

Well, whatever, here’s another one. 😛

 photo PLL27.jpg

Moving on to Guan Ying Peng. He looks cuter in modern pictures. But he is HUGE.

 photo PLL11.jpg

 photo PLL24.jpg

This one is a tall one. Look below! The height difference will be utterly cute. heheh!

 photo PLL23.jpg

Keep looking at her man. Her eyes are on someone else. Wahhhhhh

 photo PLL19.jpg

The men fight to death while our girl is as chirpy as ever in the back. LOL

 photo PLL129.jpg

Awwww. Stop it!

 photo PLL110.jpg

Sneaking a peck. Adorable. I can’t pick a ship!

 photo PLL29.jpg

Ah Ling with Yu Wen Yong.

 photo PLL111.jpg

 photo PLL112.jpg

 photo PLL114.jpg

 photo PLL113.jpg

 photo PLL126.jpg

 photo PLL117.jpg

Now Ah Ling with Lan Ling. Ok dude, you can’t have fairer skin than her! Tone down the foundation!

 photo PLL115.jpg

This might be the scene where they meet for the first time. Which is wayyyy better than mistaking him for a girl and jumping into the river to shower with a stranger. I still can’t get over that. ROFL!

 photo PLL116.jpg

 photo PLL210.jpg

The four guards. Liu Shuai Liang (In Green), Edward Zhang (Blue pants), Lily Tien (In Purple, also Lan Ling’s mother), and Zhao Qin (Lady in White).

 photo PLL131.jpg photo PLL124.jpg

 photo PLL132.jpg

 photo PLL211.jpg

And the best batch for last because my ship veers towards Yu Wen Yong in these stills. Sigh. I’m not sure I want to watch Yu Wen Yong being deserted for the second time. Oofffffff. Would you?

 photo PLL12.jpg

 photo PLL13.jpg

 photo PLL14.jpg

Directed by Ye Zhao Yi (Looking Back in Anger 1988, The Greed of Man 1992, I Have a Date with Spring), Princess of Lan Ling has already finished filming and is waiting to be picked up by a tv station. Hopefully, soon. It is 30 episodes.

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  1. Chenny

    Wow. The cast is pretty young. I don’t recognize them from anywhere. Must still be pretty new.

    But you’re right, the main girl looks like a younger Ariel Lin! They could pass off has sisters or if Ariel wants to play a young mother, she could be.

    I love the stills…especially Yuweng Yong stills with Duan Mu Ling!! Gorgeous! Can’t wait for this!

  2. RedPandaFox

    Hmmmm…I don’t know what to think of this drama and the story. I’ll wait till a trailer is released to form a opinion. But the cast is pretty and so youthful. The leading layd is quite beautiful and clearly looks like Ariel Lin. I don’t mind.
    I did have a mixed review about Lan Ling Wang so now I’m cautious. I will not be on the second lead ship again…right? O_O’
    30 episodes is fine. No extensions!
    My question is: when this drama ‘ll picked up, what’ll be the airing schedule?

    1. frea

      hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pandafox!! finally i see you here. i thought you disappear forever to fix your broken heart over yuwen yong. 😛

      but really where they did find the main girl from? exactly like ariel lin! now they can’t avoid comparison when this one comes out. i do think the main guy is prettier than feng shao feng…look at those abs! wooohooo!!

      the yu wen yong in this version looks so old! are you sure he’s 1988er? man! hes older looking than the other main guy who is 2 years older. funny. lols

      in king of lin lang, ariel hugs fsf in the rain, in the new version, the boy hugs the girl in the rain. =P

      airing schedule for cdramas are alike. 3 episodes then drop down to 1 per day throughout the week.

      1. RedPandaFox

        Hey yes it’s been a long time ^^ It’s fixed! But I think that with this drama, I might need to refixed it maybe.
        Sooo much prettier, with choco abs and flowing/smooth hair (no to strange mongol hair).
        Lan Ling’s mask looks like a japanese kappa…

        There’s so many comparaisons which can be done. Yup this scene in the rain! But at least here, I like the costumes. The more I look, the more I think I like it. I really did have a problem with Lan Ling Wang’s costumes (YWY’s one were fine)

        I’m confused about the magical mirror and sword. What about them? How will they integrate these things in the story? Cause if ther’e are magical, will this drama deals with magic/wuxia thing?
        Thanks for the info about the schedule 🙂

        PS: I know it’s not the topic here but I don’t know if the post is still alive so I’ll write here.
        I loved themovie “A Moment of Love” and OMG the sceneries! The test of love!

        1. Keane

          Woohoo~ does a happy dance reading about “A Moment of Love.”

          If you’d like to share more thoughts on the film then please seek our right sidebar under ‘current projects > recently finished.’

        2. Kappy

          The story will follow the novel with the same name. So that will be interesting. With the mirror and sword, one can unite and rule a country.

          The stills are killing me already! Gah! Those hugs and kisses. ❤❤❤

    2. Rolandavivian

      i love both Ariel and the prince of Langlang he so cool i just didn’t like the ending
      I wish that one be the same ending as the first one she really look like Ariel and i like Andy Chen
      he so hot and i watch some of his drama.
      i never like the other man lead so i don’t care.

      1. PHYUYEE

        Am I right lan ling wang is the lead one than yu wen yong.In some trailer on youtue, the girl is always with yu wen yong, I like lan ling wang, so I can’t stand the heavenly maiden being with yu wen yong . I like lan ling wang

  3. Keane

    Wow! Beautiful costumes. The cast looks real young indeed.

    I’m urged to rush finishing KLL now. Hmm, KZ looks like a hybrid of Ariel Lin and Ha Ji Won to me. Am I being delusional again?

    This will be on my Must Watch List. So beautiful in every aspect.

    Stop teasing me with choco abs, Batman. You know me too well since I’ve been whining about a lack there of elsewhere. *coughs*#INR3&$%@*SungJoonie*

  4. Julianne

    I’m definitely looking forward to this. Despite some bad reviews for King of Lan Ling, I actually REALLY REALLY loved it (of course, ending up rooting for Yu WenYong, but that doesn’t change the fact that I loved the drama as a whole).

  5. Kappy

    Chenny, they have only been in a few dramas. Andy Chen is in an idol group AK, with member Kris Shen. He’s also in this drama, as Yu Wen Yong’s brother, I believe.

    RedPandaFox, dear, if we were in the wrong ship last time, chances are we might find ourselves in the same position again. This is like a teenage version of KLL. Yep, no chances of extensions because they are done. Just waiting to be picked up. Schedule is like what Frea said. Several episodes each day, and once they hook you in, they will give you 1 episode.

    You’re right Keane! I do see Ha Ji Won’s features on her. The eyes? So glad this will be on your watch list. Too pretty to pass by on the newbies. They are always ready to go shirtless! AHA! My ab jokes surfaced because of you ladies’ complaints in the cbox. 😛 Hence I gave you 4 pictures to swoon by.

    BUT you have another reason to watch because this man is also part of the cast:

    Julianne, it’s okay my friend, as long as you like it, no one can take that enjoyment away. Despite the hiccups in King of Lan Ling, it was a fun ride nonetheless. 🙂

    1. RedPandaFox

      In LLW, extensions killed the pace of the drama.
      Hooo it’s Peter Ho! He looks mighty fine here !

      1. Nutella

        I actually didn’t even mind the extensions, tbh.. as Julianne mentioned below was the ending point.. like.. really? You’re going to punish us viewers? T_T

    2. Keane

      My wish came true! Peter Ho + mane of glory = ILOVEYOUFOREVERPETER

    3. Julianne

      Yep definitely looking forward to it. My only major prob with the first one was that seriously, everyone died EXCEPT the man who was supposed to die (according to “destiny”)…he wasn’t even that cool anymore near the end.

    4. Kappy

      Yep yep yep, if there’s anyone who looks convincingly like a general, it’s Peter. I wonder how he’s gonna fight in that hair. *flips hair right – slice* *flips hair left – slice* ??

      **********SPOILERS FOR KLL’s ENDING***********

      Julianne, I pitied the emperor at some point but when he pulled that stupid arrow to kill XW, I have no sympathy for him. Really. It was unnecessary!

      1. RedPandaFox

        *flips hair right – slice* *flips hair left – slice* ?? hahahahaha xD Love this description!

  6. Nutella

    Oh my lord they are all so adorable~~ *squees and dies* but like seriously, I would side with your mum if not for the impossible age-math, she’s definitely Ariel-lite (see, now someone like her I wouldn’t mind for Shan Shan).

    Andy is giving Mizushima Hiro vibes in some of the stills.. we’re not going to talk about the rest of those stills because I might die of a nosebleed. Guan Ying Peng strikes me as the guy who looks ok-good in stills, but when you see him on screen *swoons*

    Also: yisss they finally got pretty right. I mean, I love Feng Shao Feng and all, but no way am I looking at him back and jumping into the lake to bathe with him thinking he’s a woman. I mean, sure, imma jump into that lake to bathe with him alright, but thinking he’s a really muscly, (probably) hot guy with long hair.

    Can’t they give us twin sisters or something in those version I mean if you’re going with wuxia vibe anyway and throwing that much fantasy in surely you can give us clones so both of them can have happy endings. I seriously hate one baby having heartbreak and the other one not. And lest they think of thwarting me with having the FSF-Ariel version’s ending, I am warning them: Stay the hell away from there.. I seriously felt so cheated after I watched that ending that I wanted to shank someone.

    1. Kappy

      LOL There’s no way I’m jumping into a river and bathing with a stranger! Pretty or not! (Maybe if I was on a stalking mission and I finally found my target ALONE! 😛 )

      I really like the leads here. They all strike me as pretty and mature from the stills.

      Watch them in action for interviews here. At 0:18, our girl slightly shoves her friend to pose! haha! And Andy keeps saying “Ungh, Ugnh” to agree with whatever she’s saying. While Ying Peng, the giant is too tall so he gets the sideline.

      1. Nutella

        Ahaha Kappy… what if I replaced FSF with Peter? Then? Then?

        The cast is so adorable~~ The reporter speaks over their banter so I was like, hush lady, hush!! But yeah, they’re adorable. They even hold the mics in character 😛 Kristy holds hers as an elegant fan in both hands, Andy just grabs them in one fist and the other hand is behind his back all ~royally~ Haww they teased GYP about his height even in the video XD

        I really love the clothes~ That’s one thing I really like even from Yu Zheng’s production team as well, they don’t shy away from colours.. you feel like you’re alive watching all that pretty, makes the angst more bearable (what he does to the story itself though… yeah…)

        Also: http://i.imgur.com/GKNgWCu.jpg
        is it a plane? Is it a peacock? It’s… a lady~

  7. Aryael

    Might pick this up when they air IF I have the time then. Thanks for the update.

  8. lovedaeci

    Kristy Zhang looks like a Korean celebrity and Andy Chen is a much much prettier Prince of Lanling than FSF but man is he too pretty.

    They could dress him in a girl’s costume and let him play the male lead and I probably wouldn’t even noticed.

    What’s up with color lately? The Yu Zheng effect perhaps?

    1. Julianne

      Lol definitely I’ve noticed outrageously ridiculous colors in a lot of the ancient series costumes lately and it’s truly pissing/freaking me out! Like seriously that one pic with the new yu wen yong and his court ladies…there’s this one girl in bright hot pink (or some other shade of that sort) stand off to the side….seriously hot pink with embroidered-flower neckline?!

  9. Kappy

    heh. Nutella, Peter is Keane’s hubby, not mine so that exchange won’t work. 😛

    Oh Aryael, join us!

    lovedaeci, I quite like the mix of the colors this time.

  10. Gelena

    So I am confused, is this a reboot?

    1. frea

      consider its another fanfiction of the same story of Prince of Lan Ling. you know how one hero always get multiple stories written about him? yea.

      @ Julianne, LOL the hot pink girl is actually the female lead!! 😛 thats one of the only outfit i would say is overdone. the rest, she has nice balance of light colors.

      1. Julianne

        Yeah, I definitely agree that the costumes (not incl that one) are really nice.

  11. John

    So much pretty.

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