Kdrama: The Inheritors Episodes

Collectively, they say, “We’re in High School.”

Me: “I know, I heard that months ago. And I’m still face-palming.”

English Title: The Inheritors aka Heirs
Korean Title: 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들
Cast: Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin
# of Episodes: 20
Airing Days: Wed-Thurs
Broadcasting Station: SBS
Synopsis: A romantic comedy about high school students living in top 1% high society. Things get turned topsy turvy when the students end up getting tangled with a girl from lower class who is the heir of poverty, and romance unfolds. [Credit: Wiki]

Note: Files are RAW 540p mkv, encoded by Sin. File Size: 500MB+
Subbing Group: KOB ripped & Retimed by OrientalSubs

Episode 1 *premieres 10/9
540p SAM // Mirror // Mirror

♦ Episode 2
540p SAM // Mirror

Episode 3
540p SAM // Mirror

♦ Episode 4
540p SAM // Mirror

Episode 5
540p SAM // Mirror

♦ Episode 6
540p SAM // Mirror

Episode 7
540p SAM // Mirror

♦ Episode 8
540p SAM // Mirror

Episode 9
540p SAM // Mirror

♦ Episode 10
540p SAM // Mirror

Episode 11
540p SAM // Mirror

♦ Episode 12
540p SAM // Mirror

Episode 13
540p SAM // Mirror

♦ Episode 14
540p SAM // Mirror

Episode 15
540p SAM // Mirror

♦ Episode 16
540p SAM // Mirror

Episode 17
540p SAM // Mirror

♦ Episode 18
540p SAM // Mirror

Episode 19
540p SAM // Mirror

♦ Episode 20 *FINALE
540p SAM // Mirror

***120th COMPLETED PROJECT!!!***

****BONUS (Goodies):
720p-SAM folder (Will not reupload if links die)
– Added Running Man 166. Sub from KOB Here.
Discussion/Snerk Thread

Kappy: Well, after watching the 14-minute trailer, I don’t have anything productively nice to say. Cliché at its best; the last scene got me snickering. Hopefully, some of you are more tolerant than me or maybe Kim Eun Sook will surprise us…

On the positive side, I’m here for CJHxIJE! They got screwed so bad, it’s criminal.


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  1. frea


    for such a high-profiled drama, the poster can’t be blander! white and black with deadpan expressions? ARE WE IN HIGH SCHOOL? or preparing to enter the morgue? lol.

    btw, who is that girl next to kim woo bin? she looks like the ice-skater yuna.

  2. Rayole

    I’m looking forward to this series ever since I found out about it two months ago.
    Hopefully, it won’t be so bad with the setting being in High School. Xp

  3. Keane

    I love that poster (well, it’s HD version) more than the other posters dished out. Hmm, maybe Kappy can do is saturate the poster a tad to give it more depth. She’s the PS whiz around here. I don’t even have PS on my laptop.

    I need to do some warm ups… stretching exercises. This is gonna be a close race. *growls*

    1. Kaptain A

      I can only say that my creativity doesn’t kick with the poster. heh. Everyone looks so gloomy so I lacked the motivation to pretty it up… All I did was slapped on the names via flickr (not even PS!). XD

      1. Nutella

        I’m still sort of praying that we have something like ItaKiss time skip, so that the students are in the last few weeks of school and then they go to uni, at least slightly more believable that that picture. I think I am older than some of the cast, like Krystal, but even she looks more mature than me… I can’t imagine how she wants this to be at least slightly believable.

        Also, if they were going for elegant poster, they should have at least gone the QOSII or Game Of Thrones way, with everyone taking Inheritors literally and all of them having regal looks on their faces.. this poster seems.. half-arsed, like it’s supposed to be a police line-up of the rich and famous..

        Sometimes, writers and PDs should really listen to people on the internet. And not the ones who blindly squeal “Oppa is jjang in everything!!~” -____-;;

  4. blast

    This drama already dried out my patience and tolerance before it even aired .. wuhuuu

    hope my love for Kang ha neul, Woo bin and Kim Ji won would be able carry me through in watching this..
    though im bracing my self for a cliche overlaod and nonsense angst .. woaaaah

  5. rei

    where can I download the OST.?thanks

  6. lydia

    I can’t wait to watch… I AM SO EXCITED.. even though the story line is the typical rich guy and poor girl.. lol

    can’t wait to download ^^

  7. anicheung

    I love Lee Min Ho. I love Park Shin Hye. And I loved the idea of the two of them pairing together as well. But I have to admit that I don’t really like the concept of this series and I shall give it a “wait and see” from reactions of the blogging world.

  8. Kaptain A

    hehe. I love the positivity from ya’ll posts. Treading with caution. That’s the spirit! :D

    How’s episode 1 people? Sub is here.. SO FAST!

    1. Keane

      It was mehhh for mii. You know mii, I like the soundtrack more. Haha~

      DF subs are more better than Viki’s on this one. I too went w/ LIMO than HANrel (their encodes are getting worst – this time everyone’s too red) for MTT. Gosh, most actors in MTT have blood shot eyes like vampires.

      I like MTT more, there’s better chemistry. Just feel sorry for JJH stuck in serious mode. He needs to get involved in another rom-com right after this one, seriously. Playing 4D is good for the soul. :D

      1. sinecure

        hmm.. i haven’t seen HANrel encodes in a long time. too red? what about my encode? i noticed the 1080 source file the picture is a bit saturated. i think the intent of the director?? anyway hanrel may have filtered to over saturate the picture. just wondering if i should tone down the picture of my encode. looking at it vs heirs where the picture is more washed out colors… makes me thing MTT is a bit too saturated. i can knock it down a notch. so i redo my vids and notch it down a bit? what do you think in comparison to HANrel or LIMO..

        normally i don’t touch the colors of the original broadcast… but every once in a while i do when i think it needs it. so do you guys think MTT needs me to re-do saturation levels?

        1. Keane

          Dunno… HANrel did a good job with Master’s Sun and Goddess of Marriage until the audio issue late episodes. This time adding filters was a grave mistake for MTT. I don’t touch Baros, everything is so dim. Yours are fine, and I think a little better than LIMO, just a tad better in saturation.

          You may wanna check your Heir’s version though. Looks a bit dim to me (both episodes) vs. LIMO.

          Just saw ep.02 of MTT. I love it! Would be even better with subs though. T , T Le sigh, SM artists in dramas… *shakes head* another disappointment but I’m just enjoying the eye candy.

        2. sinecure

          thx keane for the feedback! :) master’s sun? hehe… HANrel and LIMO still haven’t learned how to de-interlace or ivtc properly… most don’t notice it tho until someone points it out.

          ie. where you can notice it easiest. is the rolling credits. sample of a HANrel or LIMO encode looks like this http://i.imgur.com/gXPqiYS.jpg

          i apply the correct de-interlace http://i.imgur.com/43cU9mO.jpg

          as you can see the characters are ghosting in HANrel/LIMO encode. mine is clear as day. why in master’s sun movements looked horrible… i’d definitely download an encode done by a custom encoder over hanrel/limo. KAGA/ernie/sodihd/etc… they all properly do it. both HANrel / LIMO use old settings… and they really don’t know what they are doing it seems. also, anybody that re-encodes from HANrel or LIMO can’t fix the problem either. if re-encoding to small files they should try to work with files from the ones i mentioned. i think even WITH encodes nowadays encodes better than HANrel or LIMO…

        3. Kaptain A

          I haven’t watched any so I have no idea. My eyes are exhausted but the De-interlacing talk/photo is quite mesmerizing. ;)

          I wish I have a better machine so I can learn encoding. The slightest heating puts my comp in a coma. T_T You won’t retire so soon right Sin? Promise?

          Keane, other than Min Ho, there’s another SM idol in MTT? Or are you referring to him? heh.

          Rayole, added mega link. Enjoy!

    2. Rayole

      Hello, Kaptain A.

      I know I shouldn’t be complaining of all the effort you have put into providing the download links, but is it possible in anyway to make the files smaller or use different sites?
      Currently downloading the first ep and the estimated time its going to complete download is 3hours

    3. Kaptain A

      Keane, if it’s meehh to you then I’ll have fun with the ladies in the snark thread! :P I haven’t checked out the OST yet…need to study for a verbal pop quiz tomorrow (the MOST stressful thing everrrrrr.)

      Rayole, Gosh, really?! I thought Kingfiles is fast since that’s the impression I got from the first time I used their services. This is usually what happens when file hosts experience fame, they begin to dwindle.

      If others continue to have slow download, I’ll move to 1fichier/ other hosts. Let me know drifters ~

      1. Rayole

        Yes, I tired using both links that you have provided and currently the Kingfiles is not loading or responding or donwloading at all. I used the JunoCloud and it was taking about over 3 hours.

        That would be very much appericated if you could move to 1fichier

        1. frea

          wwow, rayole, where do ya live? 3 hours? i like kingfiles though. only takes me 25 minute to download episode 1.

  9. Rayole

    Really? King files isn’t working for me at all and it’s been over 30mins
    I live in New Zealand.

  10. lydia

    How do you use kingfiles?? I’m not sure what to press to begin the download.. i tried pressing the download button on top of the free download.. and lot of pop ups appear and nothing else happens…

    I tried using the JunoCloud and it seems to take 3h for me to download as well..

    Kaptain A : Do you think You can change the host to MEGA (I think that is the name of the host)?? when I downloaded master’s sun episode from that host.. it didn’t take a lot of time…

    Thank you for the uploads ^^

  11. Kaptain A

    Like frea, I tried and was able to download in 15 minutes. What I will do is switch out junocloud and add in fischer. Sometimes, the host might not be favorable in one area (NZ) as compared to others (states).

    Lydia, follow these pictorial help I just made: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.

    Gotta catch my beauty sleep.

    1. lydia

      Thank you Kaptain A for the pictorial instruction. i was able to download the episode following the instruction ^^

      1. Yasmin

        Hi! I feel the same way! If it’s possible to use Mega again, please please please? :))) Thank you sooo much!!!

  12. nyad

    Can someone direct me to where the subtitles are? English subtitles. Thank you…

    1. Keane

      Right under the line “Bonus” in orange font top page. Check it out.

  13. Rayole

    Hello Kaptain A,
    I’m still having trouble downloading ep1 using Kingfiles.
    Is it anyway possible if you can use another hosting site.

  14. Rayole

    Thanks Kaptain A I really appreciate you adding in the MEGA link

  15. Yasmin

    Thank you for adding the Mega link!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! :)

  16. Titus

    Hey Kaptain A, really appreciate the MEGA link! Hope you’ll do it for the upcoming episodes, works really well for me ;)

  17. Winny

    Which file do I need to download for the subtitles?

    1. Kaptain A

      If you click on the subtitle link, just download the file with the same encoder name –> 540p-SAM.

  18. shirley

    i download mirror no sub eng but i click subscene and download also don’t hv sub eng? Why? actually which should i download?

    1. Kaptain A

      Mirror is not the sub file. It’s the raw video file but provided in a different file host.

      If you click on the subtitle link underneath note –> Subscene, find the version that has the same name as the video (540p SAM). Download the zip file and unzip the folder to get the subtitle. Make sure the video and SRT file have the same name or else they won’t play. You can refer to our FAQ to see visual tutorials.

      Please don’t repeat your question in the cbox. We’re not around all the time to address questions, but we will when we see them. That’s the beauty of this ship. =)

  19. Sam

    I’m at the 8episode, I’m not watching this drama because of Lee Min-Ho (like every one as I am a girl): the drama is really touchy. Maybe I am like those kind of personne really naive, but it’s fluttering my heart. I was worried for the begginning that it maybe same as Boys over the Flower but it’s surprising me in any case.

  20. NAZMAN

    hey, Kaptain A! I would like to thank you for providing the link for this drama….. i just want to know if there an update for ep 7 & 8 for 720p version in MEGA…….. can’t wait for it…..

  21. sil

    Min,where episode 11 and 12????

  22. sil

    Min,,where episode 11 and 12????

  23. Maha

    How do i download it ? and what is the difference between 540p SAM and mirror?

    1. Keane

      If you haven’t tried any of those file hosts before then go to our F.A.Q.s page for instructions.

      To help you understand, the only difference between 540p-SAM vs. its mirror….
      1. File host servers being used
      2. Download speed (King Files faster than MEGA)

      Have fun Maha!

  24. Kenny

    When will Episode 15 and 16 720p be uplaoded? Thanks!

  25. filzo

    sorry guys..i was helping my friend to find this korean…but can i know, is it 17 is the last episode for this drama? sorry if im bothering all of you..

    thanx in advance :)

  26. filzo

    *korean drama

  27. lydia1004


    Is it possible to post the maga link for episode 18?

    For some reason, it says it will take 5 hours to download for me.. i’m not sure why.. perhaps it is due to my location?

    Thank you

    1. Kaptain A

      Mega keeps crashing when I tried to upload today, so I gave up. 1fischer is really fast too. Sometimes patience is needed to download a file. I have on several occasions downloaded one episode for over 10 hours. Can you believe that nonsense? Tskkkk. :P

      1. lydia1004

        Thank you ^^

    2. Keane

      mirror (mega)

  28. is it just me

    1fischer NOT FOUND.. =/

  29. haikal

    why does episode 9 cannot be download?

  30. kazuhikoaikawa

    Thanks for all the download.

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