Kdrama: Master’s Sun OST

Track list:

— Part 1 —
01. Gummy – 낮과 밤 Day and Night
02. Gummy – 낮과 밤 (Instrumental)

Download Part 1

— Part 2 —
01. Hong Dae Kwang – 너와 나 You and I
02. Hong Dae Kwang – 너와 나 (Instrumental)

Download Part 2

— Part 3 —
01. Hyorin [SISTAR] – 미치게 만들어 Driving Me Crazy
02. Hyorin [SISTAR] – 미치게 만들어 (Instrumental)
03. Oh Joon Sung – Joogoon`s Sun
04. Oh Joon Sung – Good Morning Mrs Sun
05. Oh Joon Sung Feat. Guitar 이병호 – Who Are U (Ending Rock Guitar Ver.)
06. Oh Joon Sung – Out of the Ghost
07. Oh Joon Sung – Ghost Eyes
08. Oh Joon Sung – This Is Me
09. Oh Joon Sung – Enjoy Party

Download Part 3

— Part 4 —
01. Tasha [Yoon Mi Rae] – Touch Love
02. Tasha [Yoon Mi Rae] – Touch Love (Instrumental)
03. Oh Joon Sung – In Memories
04. Oh Joon Sung – Tears In Rain
05. Oh Joon Sung – Candy Love (Touch Love Guitar Ver.)
06. Oh Joon Sung – Love Connection
07. Oh Joon Sung – Ghost Tango
08. Oh Joon Sung – Empty Garden
09. Oh Joon Sung – 출입금지 Keep Out
10. Oh Joon Sung – Dangerous zone (Opening title)

Download Part 4 (Tracks #1-2)

Download Part 4 (Tracks Full)

— Part 5 —
01. Jung Dong Ha – 미스터리 Mystery
02. Jung Dong Ha – 미스터리 Mystery (Instrumental)
03. Oh Joon Sung – Painful Memory
04. Oh Joon Sung – Ghost Presents
05. Oh Joon Sung – Love Is Like A Picture
06. Oh Joon Sung – Feather Kiss
07. Oh Joon Sung – White Flower
08. Oh Joon Sung – Ghost World
09. Oh Joon Sung – Foolish Spy

Download Part 5

— Part 6 —
01. Melody Day – All About
02. Melody Day – All About (Instrumental)
03. Oh Joon Sung – Dirty Hands
04. Oh Joon Sung – Sad Wave
05. Oh Joon Sung – Water In The Sky
06. Oh Joon Sung – Like A Mosquito
07. Oh Joon Sung – Making Shadow
08. Oh Joon Sung – High Jump
09. Oh Joon Sung – Lake Wave

Download Part 6

COMPILATION of PARTS 1-6: Download ALL Parts (Single Link)

— Part 7 —
01. Seo In Guk – 겁도 없이 No Matter What
02. Seo In Guk – 겁도 없이 (inst.)

Download Part 7

— Part 8 —
01. Youme – Last One (Feat. Joo Seok)
02. Youme – Last One (Inst.)

Download Part 8

Keane: Great way to hook me into this OST; all for Tasha… my Drifters. If she wasn’t on this OST then I truly don’t care for it ’cause everything else sounds very repetitious to past dramas like Secret Garden, Big, and Best Love that I fell deaf-tone for a while… until “t” revived my hearing senses and made me go padam, padam. 😀

To me, “t” is the Godmother of Korean Hip-Hop. “T” and Tiger JK are Korea’s coolest celebrity parents around.

Don’t know who Tasha is?

Mii, Big Fan!


WARNING: Before you click PLAY – this MV is a bit graphic like “Kill Bill.”

Hmm, what do I have to do for So Ji Sub and Seo In Guk collaborating on this OST?

BONUS: E16-Park-Date (ripped) ♪ Version 1 | ♬ Version 2


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  1. RedPandaFox

    Hi! Thanks for this Ost ^^ It’s nice ! I especially appreciate Ost part 3 and 4. And “Touch Love – instrumental” is pleasant to hear again and again 🙂

    1. shaa

      can you help me download it? can you teach me pls

  2. Mariah

    Ah, Arigatou Keane! I’ve been waiting for this OST, especially Part 3!! ^^

  3. raudhah

    hi there. do u know the song in the drama when kang woo hugged tae yang. it goes like this i’m all about all about.? please? ^^

    1. RedPandaFox

      Hi! I think it’s a new OST, probably part 5. It’s not out yet ^^’

    2. konata

      they still haven’t released that one yet. i’m waiting for that song, too.

  4. Steph

    Thanks! Love Tasha. The songs in this drama are so pretty. The ballads make me emo.

  5. didyay

    I know this may sound stupid, but I tried all the link you posted and it won’t allow me to download the files. Instead, it’s asking me to download the filehost. I looked everywhere in the website where I could click to download it, but I can’t seem to find it. Please forgive me if I’ll ask this, “Can you tell me exactly where I could download it?”

    1. Kappy

      We all need help and guidance from time to time. 🙂

      Pictorial Help. When you click on embedupload link, it should lead you to this. Then, pick a host. For example, I’ll pick zippyshare. Another window/tab appears like so. Final Step.

      If you don’t see any of the pictures above, then this file host might not work for you. I dunno the reason. =/

    2. Keane

      Let’s try this as simplest as possible. Please grab the compilation albums SINGLE LINK above.

      Then follow this soshareit illustration: pictorial Step 1 | pictorial Step 2

      Happy listening 😀

      1. didyay

        Apparently, the single link doesn’t work for me. When I click on “Download Now”, it’s asking me to upload files. Kaptain’s tutorial worked for me. Yehey! Thanks for great work! 😀

      2. Keane

        Hmm, this soshareit host changed from one step process to two steps now so I’ve revised my pictorial.

        Glad to know those links work for your region. Enjoy~

  6. remstan

    Hi, i’m searching a song, it was at episode 8.
    It was starting at 00:30:12. When And in episode 9, it was in one scene too. It isn’t in ost list. Are there someone to know that ??

    1. Keane

      Sounds familiar. I think it was a track off of Hong Sisters’ past work, probably from Best Love or My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho but don’t take me too serious. Check those OSTs. I know for certain from Hong Sisters’ past dramas.

      1. remstan

        Ah i didnt find it. It was in episode 10 too. May be it will be oct part 6 for that.

        1. Keane

          True, so true. Part 6 added.

        2. remstan

          yes, finally..

  7. lovely goong

    The link to download all four parts is not working. I can’t seem to download it. Help please. Thank you. ^^

    1. Keane

      I honestly dunno if there are region restrictions from that host. I just tried the compilation link and it works for me. Try again later, or just grab the other links, since there are so many blogs sharing this OST I don’t feel a need for making mirrors.

  8. BuscoRuark

    Thank you so much for this OST!! It’s pretty. I love the song “Touch Love”

  9. joh

    if you know could you tell me the name of the song played i guess in episode 9 when TAE GONG CHIL heard about the arrival of JOONG WON!!!!?

    1. RedPandaFox

      I think it’s “all about” by melody day ( ost part6 )
      And if you’re talking about the ending song of episode 9, it’s “day and night” by Gummy. ( OST1)

  10. A

    The Hong Sisters did not write Secret Garden. SG was written by Kim Eun Sook who also did Lovers in Paris, City Hall, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and the new Lee Min-ho drama Heirs.

    Oh Joon Sung who wrote the score for TMS was responsible for the score for Prosecutor Princess, City Hunter, and Faith that’s why some background music sounded familiar. In fact, on episode 12 of TMS, when Tae Gong-shil was in the car center, the particular score used was from City Hunter (The Fire of Love).

    1. Keane

      Schooled. I like that, ’cause I only went by hunch not cross referencing details. Thanks for the tidbit A. 😀

      1. Nell

        They also used various tracks from Prosecutor Princess.

        To be fair, SBS had been recycling drama music from their previous dramas (Heard tracks from their recent shows, at least)

  11. RedPandaFox

    Yeahh Ost part 7 by Seo In Guk is out ! ^^ Nice song :3

    1. Keane

      1. RedPandaFox

        Whaa thank you for the video ^^ Now…can I just wish for a song sung by So Ji sub ? :X

  12. Kristin

    trying to look for the song


    it starts at 9:00 minutes.

    wondering if it was generated or if it is part of a song.

    1. Keane

      Hasn’t shown up yet. Sounds like a prelude to the track “Day & Night.” The finale is coming up. Maybe it’ll be in the LP album if there’s one after the finale airs… who knows?

  13. Ace

    Full sound track’s out. 2 CDs. Thanks for the fast dl links. Love love love this drama and the OST. I’m gonna spend the weekend rewatching and listening to the songs.

    1. Keane

      I saw however I won’t be putting the LP album up. The only track missing in the LP is from Part 3 “Good Morning Mrs Sun.”

      Really wish they had added something new to the LP, like hidden tracks.

      Glad you enjoy what our community has to offer. See ya around. Stay often. XD

  14. Raysie

    LOL at Inguk’s picture. I want to spend Halloween with him :-*
    Out of all the songs, my favourite are Touch Love, All About, and No Matter What <3

    1. Keane

      LOL~ SIG’s telepathy reads “You Belong To Me! (neon nae-kuh-ya!)”

      My favs are Touch Love, No Matter What, and Last One.

      Can’t believe some of us have to wait a few months till we can get to watch No Breathing. Seem unjust! This will be an excruciating painful wait… to see SIG in Speedos. Haha~ Let’s meditate. Ohmmmm~

  15. viri

    I love this dorama, thank u for sharing!!

  16. jia

    thank you! <3

  17. Amy

    What song was playing of Master sun of episode 9 0:41:54 It was instrumental and violiny song type PLEASE TELL ME ASAP 🙁

  18. Niel

    i thought i saw Kang Gary in the 1st glance in Mirae’s MV Get It In (1.01)~haha~guess my eyes play trick on meXD

  19. Terri

    HELP! I’ve gone through Oh joon Sung;s music, and as much of the OST for Master’s Sun but I still can’t find this music…

    It’s on Episode 10, about 40:00 (when Tae Yi-ryung is in Tae Gong-shil’s office…as she picks up her doll, the music starts playing.) This music has been used through out the series… it’s a jazzy, piano and guitar song with no words. People keep trying to tell me its Touch Love… but no… doesn’t sound the same… I’m beginning to think it’s music from a totally different series, placed in.


  20. ayune01

    thanks for sharing.

  21. Fatima

    hi im looking for the song when they have theyre date in the park. pls. help me i really like that song. its on episode 16

    1. Keane

      Look at my post more carefully. It’s there… as a Bonus track. Scan your eyes all the way down.^ ^

  22. Ibayayang >.

    hi there! im having problem with OST 8 and 9 >..<

    1. Keane

      Goes up to Part 8 dear. I don’t know where you got Part 9 from!?! Are you certain you are on the right topic?

      Part 8 still works fine for me. o , 0″

  23. TioIem

    Someone can help me??! Please, I am trying to find the song which starts when Gong Sil and Jung-won have the last date before Gong Sil go aboard! They go to the park and a girl sitting on the chair singing THAT SONG!!!! I wanna find THAT SONG! TT.TT, somebody can help me!!

    1. Keane

      I ripped the music and put it as a bonus end of my post. There are two versions. Enjoy~

  24. sarah

    a song is missing from the list in masterssun, its an instrumental played in the first episode aswell, its called ouverture by phillip rombi

    1. febby

      i dont know what is the tittle of instrumental’s song in episode 1, in 43:00..

  25. Marshmallow

    Does anybody know what is the piano song that was played by the pianist at episode 9 ?

    1. charlotte

      Hey , I know its a little late but did you by any chance found out the name of the piano piece played by the pianist in the masters sun ep 9? Pleaaase I really wanna know

  26. princess mae

    How can I download it? Where should I click? Or what should I do?

    1. Keane

      If you grab the compilation link then MEGA is self explanatory.

      What you want to see is…

      THIS! CLICK this to enlarge.

      This tutorial is a sample. Follow prompts thereafter. Happy listening!

      1. princess mae

        I really dont get it. Sorry. Im dying to download this. I just finished watching the master’s sun.

  27. princess mae

    Do I really need to install first that mega something? 🙁

  28. Changy



  29. Hannah

    anybody knows the girl group song playing in the mall when tae gong ri and the security guy talks (episode 10) at the 45 minute I think. would appreciate it very much if anyone knows. thanks 🙂

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