HKdrama: Triumph in the Skies 2 Episodes

English Title: Triumph in the Skies 2
Chinese/Korean/Japanese Title: 衝上雲宵 II
Cast: Julian Cheung, Francis Ng, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Nancy Wu, Him Law, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Rebecca Zhu, Ron Ng, Eliza Sam
# of Episodes: 43
Airing Days: M-F
Broadcasting Station: T.V.B
Synopsis: SAM TONG (Francis Ng) is a successful pilot with a smooth sailing career and has the optimistic ZOE SO (Myolie Wu) as his wife. Unfortunately ZOE suffers from congenital heart disease and since her condition can worsen anytime, SAM takes her traveling around the world. When ZOE knew her condition worsened, she didn’t want her husband to witness her passing, but when SAM wanted to turn back, it was already too late. Losing his wife caused a huge impact on SAM, he went traveling alone and met a shop owner MANNA (Michelle Yim) in London. Because of ZOE, SAM had learned how to make cakes and his skills were much appreciated by MANNA, who had a strong interest to hire him.

MANNA’s daughter HOLIDAY HO (Fala Chen) was also greatly impacted by her boyfriend’s death from a plane accident. She goes roaming around all over the place to cope with her grief. When the serious and stern SAM encounters the sensible and impulsive HOLIDAY, naturally the two would not get along. However as fate has it, the two comforted each other on the lost of their partners. SAM decided to end his traveling and joined Skylette Airlines.

JAYDEN KOO (Chilam Cheung) is the celebrity captain of Skylette. Whether if its the personality or the work, JAYDEN is completely different from SAM, which causes several conflicts and disputes between the two. JAYDEN’s younger sister SUMMER KOO (Myolie Wu) looks exactly like ZOE, which caused SAM to unconsciously treat her like family. [Credit: Wiki]

Note: Files are RAW 540p 576p CAN in mkv.
Subbing Group: Folder From memserv@AT. I don’t think they’re sync with 540p They sync with the 576p version! Yay!

Episode 1
540p mkv // Mirror [How to DL from 1fichier]
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 2
540p mkv // Mirror
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 3
540p mkv // Mirror
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 4
540p mkv // Mirror
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 5
576p CAN // Mirror
– I like this version better, chinese subs can be turned off!

♦ Episode 6
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 7
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 8
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 9
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 10
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 11
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 12
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 13
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 14
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 15
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 16
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 17
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 18
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 19
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 20
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 21
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 22
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 23
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 24
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 25
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 26
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 27
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 28
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 29
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 30
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 31
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 32
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 33
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 34
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 35
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 36
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 37
576p CAN // Mirror
– The # of downloads decreases week after week. It does speak of the script quality so I can’t blame you guys for being bored. 6 more episodes to go!

♦ Episode 38
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 39
576p CAN // Mirror

♦ Episode 40 + 41 (Double Release)
576p CAN // Mirror

Episode 42 + 43 (Double Release) *FINALE
576p CAN // Mirror

***113th Completed Project!!!*** Finally done!!! What an ending… *rolls eyes* Too tired to rant.

Kappy A: Woohoo. It’s been 10 years since the prequel. Time passes by when you’re not paying attention. Heck, who am I kidding? We want to break the dang clock. Anyhoo, I was on the fence since they announced making a sequel because knowing Tvb’s style, they will surely kill off someone. And they did! I don’t remember much from the old series anymore except it started out well and then descended into this mopey soap opera of love triangles.

Look at the promising bunch of dorks from 10 years ago. It’s sad that not all of them returned.

L to R: Sammul Chan, Ron Ng, Francis Ng, Michelle Ye, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong


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  1. Keane

    Part 1 was grrrrreat, Part 2 better not disappoint.

    I’ll need to get Part 1 again. Yoohoo~ where are you my old time crush Joe Ma?

    Thanks Ace! ;)

  2. frea

    My parents still have the dvds of the first one. I didn’t watch it because of the melo romance….LOL

    Keane! joe ma is such a pervert. me no like after what happened last year!!

    HKdramas are not popular around here kappy, might as well not waste your time.

  3. Nhube


    I too can’t believe it’s been 10 years, Ah…. time really does just slip away unnoticed, lolz….
    I remember really enjoying series one of this drama and I too was excited that they finally decide to film the sequel after all this time. I’ve seen the first 3 episodes and so far so good.
    I do have to confess that recently not many TVB dramas have kept me remotely interested but this one is keeping me hooked for now. Lets just hope it does not turn out to be a disaster like the War and Beauty sequel, Ekk! Saw my parents watching that and from the glimpses of what I saw, that sequel was a shocker! But l have high hopes for TITSII, not to mention I love Chi Lam, he’s just so cute with that baby face of his.

  4. Kaptain A

    Keane, I vaguely remember being annoyed with Zoe, the stubborn character played by Myolie. I do like the young cast. They were all so fresh!

    haha@Frea. I know, HKdramas are not very well-loved anymore. They were leading back in the days too!

    Hey Nhube, I have a few series I need to catch up on. But I’m wondering, did you check out A Change of Heart? How was it?

  5. Rin

    I watched the first 5 eps already and not bad so far… I don’t remember much of the first series so I’m not gonna compare and what not but I don’t hate this so far! Lol. I really like the cast (Julian!! :D) for this so hopefully it won’t disappoint!

    Only problem is Fala’s character… she’s sorta annoying right now lol. I just hope the series won’t go downhill with the messy love triangle/square later!

  6. Nhube

    Hi Kaptain A,

    Sorry, Did not watch A change of Heart but I did DL for mom to watch and she seemed to enjoy it. She said the storyline was alright. But I reckon give TITSII a go first, like I’ve said been watching this with mom and am enjoying it so far. The storyline so far is interesting and you don’t even have to remember the 1st series to enjoy it. I do have to agree with Rin that probably Flora’s character (and her acting for me) is my least favorite part of this series.

    1. Kaptain A

      Thanks Nhube. I downloaded 10 episodes of A Change of Heart because the cast is irresistible. :)

      Many are liking TITS2 but people are not downloading it…unfortunately. Tsk. I don’t remember liking the females in TITS1 altogether, maybe Michelle. Melo love triangles and indecision.

      EDIT// Added episode 2-4.

  7. AutoPilot

    Hi, please continue to upload this drama. It’s cool up till the latest episode. You have to enjoy it ;)

  8. Dannie

    Yes, please continue to up this drama. It’s the best drama so far from TVB.

    Thank you so much.

  9. CleverMunkey

    KEEP IT UP! I can’t wait for the next episode! :)

  10. Keane

    I like looking at desserts, but honestly, I don’t like nor do I know anything about baking some. Can someone care to explain it to me in ep.01, why Sam had to separate the egg whites and yolk when after dump all of the same stuff in the same mixing bowl? Let air in? Any bakers in DA HAUS? I’m so confused. That part was silly.

    <3 JAYDEN <3 LOL!

    Grabbing ep.04+ now. So good… maybe my mum and I shoulda waited and marathon this without interruption. I'm gonna go crazy waiting for weekly releases. DIM GAI!?!

    1. Kaptain A

      Heh. Your inner Amour et Pâtisserie fangirl has kicked in Keane! You noticed that small detail. :P

      Yesh. yesh. Very good!

  11. em

    thank you for uploading this series, but for the CAN version, the chinese subtitles come out as boxes for me, I need the subtitles to understand the drama. i think this is most likely a problem with my computer, but chinese characters come out fine on my other files. I’m using VLC player to watch this, i hope someone can help me. thank you!

    1. Kaptain A

      Because in CAN version, the Chinese subtitle is not hardsubbed into the video, it’s embedded instead, so you’d most likely need to set your VLC language to Chinese, provided that you’ve all the necessary fonts installed, before viewing. (Keep in mind that I don’t use VLC player so this is all my speculation and guesses. Google when in doubt!)

      But then I don’t understand, there’s English subtitle, you don’t prefer that?

      1. em

        Thank you! The Chinese characters appear now.

        I can understand Cantonese but I was born in Australia so it is not very good, sometimes what they say in the drama I miss it or don’t get what they said so I prefer having the subtitles there. As for English subtitles I don’t really like using them for Chinese/HK dramas, in fact I don’t use them at all. Sometimes the translations can be weird so I prefer understanding the drama in my own way, if you get what I mean?

        Anyway, thank you so much for helping with this problem and for uploading the drama! :)

        1. Kaptain A

          I get it! Some jokes never translate well into English. Plus, it’s a learning experience for you too. Got it! Enjoy your drama and don’t forget to spazz with us! :)

  12. Keane

    Two of my favorite subthemes in this drama:

    Mag Lam ~ Air Lovers (Triumph In the Skies II OST)
    Mag Lam's Official MV "Air Lovers": http://youtu.be/2jDdihd0rz0

    Raymond Lam ~ On My Way (Triumph In the Skies II OST)

    Wish there were hardcore fans who list all the insert songs in this drama. All the UKPop songs are so good.

  13. teepee

    English sub for episode 23 is missing? :(

    1. Kaptain A

      Oops. Just added. Thank-you for informing me! :)

  14. kaxez

    It’s not that it’s getting boring. It’s just getting really predictable. It kinda went downhill after 30 episodes. Then they’re kind of just rushing the end. But thanks for all the hardwork for the downloads!!

  15. kaxez

    btw when’s the ep 31 + subtitles gonna be up? I can’t waittttttt~~~

  16. simon

    Kaptain A:
    Firefox can’t find the file at 42 + 43.mkv. ?

    Any Clues?

  17. Keane

    I finally finished TITS2. The ending was too rushed but I liked seeing Captain Cool rejoining HKAF. His nickname totally suits him, too bad most of the times his popularity is a curse on his love life. In the end, the most adorable couple is Jim Jim and Coco IMO. I liked Sam spending time with the matchmaker agent the most more than with Holiday or Summer; they had the best chemistry.

    Sure, I had some “rolls eyes” moments around the time Coco went into labor and delivered Kiwi. It was like an infection, some bad acting episode after episode (not particularly the one actress but a small group) but thank goodness the acting got better later episodes.

    Overall, this show wasn’t bad. A few episodes I’d rather skim through (eps.mid-30’s) however I didn’t, except for the final episode where my patience dried off like rubbing alcohol.

    Thanks a lot Kaptain-A for an enjoyable TVB show.

    1. Kaptain A

      You have more patience than me. I skimmed through most of the late 20s to the finale. Kinda zoned out when it came to Holiday and Sam scenes. They just do not fit and I hate the ending for creating an emergency situation to put them back together. These two won’t last long. He’s too critical and demanding as a boyfriend. If I were Holiday, I would pick to be his sister instead. :P

      Jayden excited cooly. He doesn’t belong at Skylette. Let a bird fly, I say.

      Coco and Jim Jim are indeed adorable. How I wish they have more scenes to develop and anchor my feelings for them. And how awesome was Nick? Tsk Tsk. Someone needs to pick him up already. ;)

      Looking forward to the next one. *prays that it’s good*

  18. Eugene

    Hi. I cant download ep22 from both links, is it possible to reupload them? Guessing it might have been corrupted or deleted?

    1. Kaptain A

      Weird. 180upload still works on my end. But here’s another mirror at Kingfiles.

      1. Eugene

        Cheer bro!

  19. Admiral Kong

    Does anyone have a mirror for the last two episodes? Both links don’t work. Thanks.

  20. x

    hi! the links for ep 12 is not working. Is it possible to fix it? Thank u

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