Cdrama: Female Prime Minister (Lu Zhen Chuan Qi) Episodes


Chinese/Korean/Japanese Title: 陆贞传奇 (女相)
Cast: Zhao Zi Ling, Chen Xiao, Yang Rong
# of Episodes: 59
Airing Days: Starting 5/4/2013
Broadcasting Station: HunanTV
Synopsis: To escape her cruel stepmother, Lu Zhen enters the palace as an attendant. Her skills in making pottery and fabric garner the praise of Emperor Gao Yan, and he promotes her through the ranks rapidly. At the same time, she also captures the heart of crown prince Gao Zhan. However, she can never be with him as social status and jealous enemies work against her at every turn. She devotes herself to politics and helps Gao Zhan defeat a coup d’etat. Though Gao Zhan can not make her his empress, he bestows her with the highest position in the land, the female prime minister. [Credit: Wiki]

Note: Files are RAW. 540p/720p.
Subbing Group:

Episode 1
540p mkv // Mirror
720p mkv (quality = meh, needs to find another source)

♦ Episode 2
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 3
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 4
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 5
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 6
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 7
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 8
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 9
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 10
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 11
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 12
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 13
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 14
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 15
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 16
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 17
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 18
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 19
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 20
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 21
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 22
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 23
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 24
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 25
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 26
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 27
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 28
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 29
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 30
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 31
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 32
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 33
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 34
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 35
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 36
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 37
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 38
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 39
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 40
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 41
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 42
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 43
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 44
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 45
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 46
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 47
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 48
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 49
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 50
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 51
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 52
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 53
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 54
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 55
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 56
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 57
540p mkv // Mirror

♦ Episode 58
540p mkv // Mirror

Episode 59 *FINALE
540p mkv // Mirror

***105th COMPLETED PROJECT!!!!***

Last thoughts: 59 episodes! OH EM GEEE!! This drama really drained me! Did the story become terrible? I noticed the drop in # of downloads and was snickering at you guys – Giving up on me? Anyway, if you’d like to write a review for this series, please email me! Looking for fresh perspectives from guest writers! Put on those unique caps now! 😉

Kappy (5/3/13): What a pretty cast. And so young too. Zhao Li Ying, this girl, her agency is doing something right for sure. She caught my eyes in HZGG 2011 because of her cute-as-a-button face. From then on, she gets to star in many dramas with hot guys (and abundant kisses!) Her upcoming summer drama is with my high school idol crush, Kenny Kwan, where she plays a mermaid! And yesterday, she started filming a new drama with Suju’s Kim Ki Bum! Gah, I can’t keep up with her projects.

But looks-wise, Chen Xiao matches her perfectly. Same-age couple. ❤ Adorable ❤

I’m looking forward to Yang Rong’s character as well! Her candy-poppy portrayal of Ling Shan in The Swordsman 2013 left a pretty bad impression. From the trailers, she gets to play more than the pity party. The other pretty girl is sweet-smile Gui Gui! I didn’t recognize her in ancient robes, she looks glum.

If you’re going to watch this baby, hop on board! Lack of interest = Cease of operation. I’m returning to school in a week, and those summer courses are killers.


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  1. frea

    yikes!! its out tomorrrrrrrrrrrrrow??? feels like we waited for eternity for this baby.

    the king guy looks old and guess what? hes the same age as chen xiao and li ying!! LOL he just looks young. the amount of pretty girls in here is unbalanced with the guys!! so unfair!! yu zheng, you perv!! 😛

    will be waiting for people’s reactions. don’t let me down show!

  2. Whoopie

    I’m definitely watching this :D!

  3. Nhube

    Yes! Finally!!!!

    It feels like I have waited so long for this series to air, Hunan TV kept postponing the air date to a point were I felt luke warm about it, haha…. I hope that after such a long wait viewers will not be disappointed with the storyline and it lives up to its hype! I don’t want to wait in vain, hahaha…..

    So glad you have decided to take on this project even though you will be busy with school soon. Thanks so much in advance for the hard yards you will be putting in.

    Soooo looking forward to Sunday permiere, Yay!

    1. Kappy

      It’s funny cause Yang Rong once again plays a boy-ditcher. This time, Chen Xiao gets to feel how it’s like to be ditched. 😛 I keep getting duped of the broadcast date. *narrows eyes*

      GuiGui’s trailer:

      She’s adorable!

  4. Rin

    I’ve been looking forward to this drama but still hesitant cus it’s Yu Zheng’s production….. I don’t know how many times I got burned before lol. Hoping for the best!! But we all know how history turned out D:

  5. vis

    Looking forward to this! The trailer looks good~ And as usual I prefer the 540p version 😛 Thanks for taking the time to upload the episodes for us and good luck with those summer courses (I still remember how grueling they can be!)

  6. ChocoRail

    I prefer 720p. I just finished watching the first 3 episodes. and OMG!! the OTP are super cute together! I’m totally obsessed with them now.

  7. Kat

    Just saw the first 3 episodes on my phone, and while I didn’t like the trailer that much, I am enjoying the series! The simplistic chemistry between the two leads is just fantastic. The female lead is one of those rare lovable types as well. Would definitely love to be able to see the 720p version on my laptop.

  8. Kappy

    Posted the first 3 episodes!

    Maybe it’s just me but 720p files aren’t that big in quality difference. Uploaded episode 1 for people to check. I think it’s better I pick another source IF I’m going for HQ. *shrugs*

    Anyway, are we ready to spazz yet? 😀

    1. Nhube


      The show so far is really good. I’m already really addicted to watching it, haha…. Thanks for dl links! Have you started watching it yourself yet? What are your thoughts on it?

      Also, are you still planning to upload a even better quality source for dl if you find it? Though the 540p is pretty good quality, I would like to try and watch the 720p or better ones if you can upload them. Do you know if they have the torrent links for this drama series yet because I know you have provided them for other series before.

      1. Kappy

        Hey Nhube!

        I haven’t watched it yet, unfortunately. Still waiting for it to be subbed by Viki or other teams. But I do see that people are really liking the OTP. Always a good sign that Yumama hasn’t waved his wand completely for this production. heh. 😛

        I do plan on uploading higher quality videos because the cast is too pretty to miss. In regards to torrents, you should keep d-addicts in your bookmarks! I’m sure someone will upload this series there. I don’t want to kill my bandwidth by doing both DDL and torrent. 😉

        1. Nhube


          If this series continues to be consistently good, like it is now, I’m sure there will be pleanty of die-hard fans subbing away for everyone to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing what you think of this series though.

          I on the other hand, can’t wait til you find some really high quality videos and start uploading it and that way I can enjoy this series even more, haha….. if that’s possble. The two main leads look so good together in the series what better way then to see them in high quality, lolz…


  9. frea

    they are sooooooooo kute and look perfect with each other. she has these elfin features and he’s your handsome knight. plus, she’s so litttttttle.

    i hope my feeling for the OTP will be strong because he smooches other girls too!!! GAHHHHH!!

  10. Kat

    Thanks! You’re right… there’s not really a significant difference between the two.

  11. tmt

    I loooooove this show! It’s moving along at the perfect pace, my OTP look AMAZING together, and Zhao Li Ying is just so awesome as an actress. I just can’t stand how adorable she and Chen Xiao look together. It’s like she brings out the his ‘inner glow’ as an actor. I sound so lame…but really, onscreen they just shine together.

  12. Karen

    thanks for the up load and sharing this c drama loving them together

  13. Christina

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Clem

    Is there english subtitles?

    1. Keane

      v v

      Y’all are lucky since WITHS2 super fansubs team just decided to pick up this project. Check their site for updates.

      ^ ^

  15. h3r0

    do you have the links to english subtitle? ><

  16. pinky

    Sorry, but files 42 to 47 are missing. Can you pls reupload? Thks! And thanks again for your hard work.

    1. Kappy

      Mega, filefactory, uploadhero, & 1fichier links still work. Please give them a try.

  17. Aisyah Muhd

    english subtitle please…..

    1. kimster


  18. syima

    can you help me?…
    i really want to watch, but the link don’t know to use the link, eng sub

    1. Keane

      A friend post the subbing team handling softsubs just above your comment. You can’t miss it!

      Check our F.A.Q.s page up top header for instructions how to navigate through file hosts for what you want.

      1. syima


  19. ender

    do you happend to have this series in cantonese?
    I cannot understand mandarin, and would love to watch the show without subtitles

  20. kathleen

    I know this is really late, but could anyone direct me to get softsubs for this series? Thank you so much! I no longer saw WITHS2 handling it.

  21. Alexandra

    Why can’t I download on the link above? please help…

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