Kdrama: That Winter, The Wind Blows OST


— Part 1 —
01. Gray Paper – Super Junior’s Yesung
02. Instrumental

— Part 2 —
01. Winter Love – The One
02. Instrumental

— Part 3 —
01. Snow Flower – Gummy
02. Instrumental

Download 3 Parts Here

— Part 4 —
01. Tears fallin’ – Spica’s Kim Bo Ah
02. Tears fallin’ (Guitar ver.)
03. Tears fallin’ (Instru)
04. Tears fallin’ (Guitar ver.) (Instru)

Download Part 4

— Part 5 —
01. And One – SNSD’s Taeyeon
02. Instrumental

Download Part 5

— Various Artists + Instrumentals!! —
01. Gray Paper – Suju’s Ye Sung
02. Snowflake – Gummy
03. Winter Love – The One
04. Tears Fallin’ (Guitar Ver.)
05. And One – SNSD’s Taeyeon
06. Winter Love (Piano Ver.)
07. Tears Fallin’ (Piano Ver.)
08. Winter Love – 2eyes
09. Blind Love
10. I want to live
11. With U
12. Goodbye Happiness
13. 78 Billion
14. I do not need love
15. It’s Over
16. Winter Wind
17. Chamber of Secrets
18. Open Your Eyes
19. Poker Face
20. Misunderstanding
21. Black Jack
22. Warm eyes
23. Spirit of the room
24. Love met in the winter

10-24 = Google Translated. Help if you care!

DL VA here // Mirror

Kap: For some odd reason, I’m not as invested in these characters as I’d hoped. But the songs are lovely. Gummmmy~~!!


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  1. nima

    thank you very much ^.^

  2. JC

    -Part 5-
    01. And One – SNSD’s Taeyeon


  3. niceday

    Thank you very much
    Do you have the instrumental music of this drama? They are just amazing, and I cannot find them anywhere :(

  4. Ghost

    there are some instrumental background that does not have in these all ost above. i need that inst. song

  5. Kaptain A

    As a rule of thumbs folks, if it’s not here, chances are the Music PD didn’t release the instrumentals. Keep in mind that not all dramas get one. And if you want to look at it positively, it might get released in the future. When? I don’t know. But do drop me a note when you see it. :)

  6. Kara

    Hello! I find a background music on youtube. Search at this link on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AOODdzEKwo . I don’t find another one but I’ll keep trying .

  7. henlee

    try this guys, not perfect but nice to hear ^^

  8. Janny

    Thanks a lot for this post. The best melodrama that I’ve watched up till now. Love every single bit of it! Thanks again for this lovely OST!! :)

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