Cdrama: The Swordsman 2013 Episodes


Is there a scene where Qiao En look imperfect? Girl looks beautiful in all her outfits. Except for the parrot one.

English Title: The Swordsman aka State of Divinity
Chinese Title: 笑傲江湖
Cast: Wallace Huo, Joe Chen Qiao En, Chen Xiao, Yuan Shan Shan
# of Episodes: TBA
Airing Days: Starting Feb.6th, date has changed (again)
Broadcasting Station: Hunan TV
Synopsis: Xiao Ao Jiang Hu is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong. The story is about friendship and love, deception and betrayal, ambition and lust for power. In the middle of it all is, Ling Hu Chong, an orphan who is the senior student of Yue Buqun, leader of Huashan Sect, and the protagonist of the story. The story deals with his journey and development as a swordsman and his witness to the various intrigues which take place in the martial world of the story. [Credit: Wiki]

Note: All files are RAW 540p mkv. These are TV Version, edited differently from the DVD releases on streaming sites. But no scene has been cut. Check DVD Episode 1 here. File Size: ~350MB
Subbing Group:

Episode 1
540p mkv

Episode 2
540p mkv

♦ Episode 3
540p mkv

Episode 4
540p mkv

♦ Episode 5
540p mkv

 Episode 6
540p mkv

♦ Episode 7
540p mkv

Episode 8
540p mkv

♦ Episode 9
540p mkv

Episode 10
540p mkv

♦ Episode 11
540p mkv

Episode 12
540p mkv

♦ Episode 13
540p mkv

Episode 14
540p mkv

♦ Episode 15
540p mkv

Episode 16
540p mkv

♦ Episode 17
540p mkv

Episode 18
540p mkv

♦ Episode 19
540p mkv

Episode 20
540p mkv

♦ Episode 21
540p mkv

Episode 22
540p mkv

♦ Episode 23
540p mkv

Episode 24
540p mkv

♦ Episode 25
540p mkv

Episode 26
540p mkv

♦ Episode 27
540p mkv

Episode 28
540p mkv

♦ Episode 29
540p mkv

Episode 30
540p mkv

♦ Episode 31
540p mkv

Episode 32
540p mkv

♦ Episode 33
540p mkv

Episode 34
540p mkv

♦ Episode 35
540p mkv

Episode 36
540p mkv

♦ Episode 37
540p mkv

Episode 38
540p mkv

♦ Episode 39
540p mkv

Episode 40
540p mkv

♦ Episode 41
540p mkv

Episode 42
540p mkv

♦ Episode 43
540p mkv

Episode 44
540p mkv

♦ Episode 45
540p mkv

Episode 46
540p mkv

♦ Episode 47
540p mkv

Episode 48
540p mkv

♦ Episode 49
540p mkv

Episode 50
540p mkv

♦ Episode 51
540p mkv

Episode 52
540p mkv

♦ Episode 53
540p mkv

Episode 54
540p mkv

♦ Episode 55
540p mkv

Episode 56 *FINALE
540p mkv

***101th COMPLETED PROJECT!!!***

(3/07/13) Sigh. Uploading this series wasn’t fun at all. Reading people’s reviews and forming my own thoughts about this whole production made me sad. So, I’m glad it’s over.

Kappy (2/07/13): Dang all those trailers! The chemistry is definitely sizzling between LHC and DFBB. Welcome here, drifters. There are 4 clubs for you to join.

1) The Dummies: For YLS, because she dumps LHC Gege. 😛
2) The Unfortunates: For RYY. Picking the right guy at the wrong time.
3) The Inappropriates: For DFBB. WRONG. WRONG. But I’m on this ship. Tskk!
4) The Wanderers: Those who just don’t care.

Those who haven’t downloaded the official OST yet, can do so here (released before the drama airs, more songs might be added).

Now, why don’t you join me in the colorful days ahead? 😀


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  1. vis

    Thanks in advance for the future uploads! XD Can’t wait to check this out for Chen Qiao En and Wallace Huo! And yeah I think the 540p files sounds perfect, the SOP Queen files were a great combination of good quality and reasonable size. I’d be a lot more hesitant to download the 720p version… 1.5 gb per file is just too much for me to download and I’m already lacking disk space as it is!

  2. Nhube

    Oh yeh!!! You put it up already. Thanks heaps! Looking forward to watching series with the family. I also think that 540p files are a good size.

  3. corlee1289

    I kind of want to get the HQ one because I want to see Wallace in beautiful high quality resolution~

    But thank you for your hard work!!

  4. frea

    i checked for ya kappy, both versions are the same at the moment, the tv version is just cut differently, hence episode 1 is shorter only 19 minutes.

    the rating for this one is high and they’re planning on shortening each episodes to insert more CF = more money. eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk bad idea!!

    thanks for 540p! 1.5GB is too much for moi. =D

  5. vhe

    I go for 540p if the quality same as Sop Queen. Thanks for upload this for us..
    Joe Chen looks so pretty and cool… can’t wait to see her doing wuxia and a confuse lovey dovey with LHC looks yummy lol
    but sigh I still need sub

  6. Kappy

    *waves to my supporters for this loooong project!* 😀

    To be completely honest, the quality is not as crisp and clear as Queen of Sop. Maybe because it’s wuxia and people are constantly moving around puffing invisible power energy balls so the camera isn’t in focus? But I think it’s good enough for the small size. If anyone wants to donate links, feel free to! I’d appreciate any help.

    For torrent users, Resie is uploading this series at D-addicts too. Check it out and maybe you can lend a helping hand to this ship? 😉

    Anyways, real life (Snowstorm Nemo, cute name, terrible aftermath) hit us East Coaster and sure enough, I’m affected. So is my internet. I’ve tried but the speed is only around 10kb/sec and you know what? I’ll quit this weekend.

    Tomorrow’s New Year so I won’t be home at all to do any uploading, neither should you all. Go out and enjoy some family fun time. Will resume uploading on Monday, hopefully, my speed is back full time. No one is going to send me glares right?

    Happy New Year to all. Stay safe and cozy. =)

  7. corlee1289

    Where would I be able to access the larger 1.5GB files?

    1. tracy

      Read her comment above, its at d-addicts, my frien.

      1. corlee1289

        I did check on D-Addicts, but I can’t seem to find it?

        I looked under “Swordsman” which showed results of “The Legend of Swordsman”, “Tale of the Romantic Swordsman”, and “Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng II”. I also looked under “State of Divinity” which showed me results of a series from 1996 and another from 2000.

        Is it under another name? Or has Resie not finished uploading it yet?

      2. corlee1289

        I did check under “Swordsman”, “Xiao Ao Jiang Hu”, and “State of Divinity” but I can’t seem to find it anywhere listed on d-addicts ^^;;

        Also to note, all the links are no longer working when I tried to access them.

        1. Kappy

          Only missing “s” in Resie’s naming.


  8. Yang

    the downloads are working fine. i’ve only tried 1fichier, not sure abt the rest

  9. Sapphiresky

    OMG THANK YOU SOOOO MUUUCH for the downloads, this was just what I was looking for. All those are working fine for me 😀 THANKS and really appreciate you uploading this!!!!!!

    1. Kappy

      Hey Sapphire! No problem!

      I see that you’ve already started the spazzing/flailing process for this one! I haven’t watched it yet but will do soon.

      1. Sapphiresky

        HI!!!!!!! YESSS hahaha, I’ve been quite hooked on this. I haven’t really watched any new shows for a while now. Awesome that you will see it soon!!

  10. capitalHIM

    Please, do you mind to upload a 720p version? It so sad that such a good drama does not have one.
    Thank you.

  11. Willy

    Any information about subbing group for this CDrama?

  12. Willy

    Can you upload using go4up.com again?
    The new mirror site since ep 21 often failed for me


    1. Kappy

      That’s weird, both sites seem to work on similar mechanism. =/

      I had to switch around because go4up was acting up, stalling my upload many times. This usually happens when I constantly upload there.

      Also, I haven’t seen softsubs around. Sigh.

      1. Willy

        I used billionupload, one of the hosting service supported by go4up as this is the only working download site working for me and i can use download managers to download from this site

        after the switch, it’s no longer available 🙁

  13. marine_maiden

    Thanks for the upload! It’s… quite different from all the version I’ve watched before. Never saw one with such a good friendship (read: insinuated romance) with DFBB LOL
    I kinda ship them too since it’s only them with strong chemistry up until ep 12 (what I watched so far). Seems like RYY appears very late in the show, doesn’t she? Actually I remember it supposed to be RYY helping LHC with his wounds but it’s DFBB and the harp guy in this version ^^;; Oh whatever…

  14. frea

    to quote my uncle who is currently flipping tables at the character assassination of his beloved Ren Ying Ying (sometime cold, sometime hot, but never scheming, and always righteous, he says, “stop watching this junk and watch tvb’s 1996 version!”

    well-made mv for the said version, it looks good!

    1. Rin

      Fiona’s hair side bang thing always makes me -_- at least back in the days wuxia series from TVB were good…

      1. Aryael

        At least then they get chocolate balls for antidote for poison but now, we get M & Ms for antidote. I suppose soon they will go from keeping antidotes in ceramic-like little bottles in their sleeves to amber glass bottles in their pant pockets! Wuxia has ‘modernised’!
        My thoughts for this 2013 version is – “Argghh! I want to see Wallace ending up with Joe!” They have such great chemistry while Wallace and the girl who played Ying Ying did not have much chemistry. They looked more like comrades rather than lovers! If DFBB is originally a woman (as in this version) then, it is perfectly fine for LHC to end up with DFBB. *sob sob*

  15. koua xiong

    can you reupload the ost I can’t seem to download it?

  16. Willy

    Ep 46 and the rest can’t be downloaded anymore 🙁

    1. Kappy

      OMGOSH. What happened to the mirror links? DELETED?!! Man….. I’m attacked. AGAIN.

      Life stinks. =/


      The links are working now. They had problems the other day. Phew~

  17. Handy

    EP 47 and the rest can’t be donloaded, Mr. Kaptain A please help…
    I’m looking forward for your support…
    Thanks a lot before…

  18. wuxiaddict

    I dun feel any Smiling proud wanderer. Only cocky wanderer and a couple of jokers castrating themselves. Ren Ying Ying seems to not stand out much. Linghu might as well marry dong fang GU NIANG.

  19. wuxiaddict

    Thanks for the upload 🙂 Haha Dong Fang is more girly than all the female characters here.

  20. kompek

    seem i cant download starting from episode 21 till end..can u reupload or using torrent?

  21. mia

    where can i download english subtitles (srt file) for tv drama The Swordsman 2013 ???

  22. petville

    where can i download engilsh subtitle for this drama ?

  23. anonymous

    Hi. Anyone know where i can download the english srt for swordsman 2013?

  24. mus

    could u make an english sub for this wuxia,or could u give a link for eng sub srt file for it. international fans really wanna watch it.

  25. Oliolio

    is the main storyline following the novel?as in the ending?tx

  26. loloq

    can someone reupload to other site . ?? sendspace .. or stream it on dramawcrazy.net ??
    seem like the link not working

  27. wan

    hmm, i thought it will be english subtitles, but chinese subtitles. Can u upload for english subtitle. so sad 🙁

  28. Kappy

    Drifters, it is your responsibility to read the post carefully. I did state in the NOTE section that the videos are RAW, which means (Cdrama-wise) it only has chinese (mando/canto) subtitles. And if you see nothing next to the Subbing Group Criteria, that further indicates that no subtitles are available at this point.

    Trust me when I say I want softsub as much as the next fan.

  29. oliolio

    Ep 12 all links deleted… Can reupload? Or anywhere to stream this? Tx

    1. Kappy

      1fichier and Uploadhero still work…

      1. oliolio

        tx!it was not english so i ignored it.got it to work now tx!

  30. ady

    help please english subtitles needed

  31. khashayar

    thanks for the series

  32. mind

    where I can find the rest english sub of this series??

  33. Shah

    thanks for the series 🙂

  34. Max

    Eng sub please!!! Hard to understand…

  35. jake

    I Cant Found EngSub srt Anyone Have it?

  36. jake

    Has been long time i waiting for engsub…but i have fait in u

  37. jake

    Kaptain A Do something…

  38. jake

    episode 4 >File Not Found

  39. Unknown

    The OST for Swordsman 2013 download links are dead, please reupload, thanks

    1. Kappy

      I just checked, at least 3 hosts are still working. 1fischer, filecloud, and uppit. Please try again later.

  40. SBO

    Thank you for sharing link video of the swordman.

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