Kdrama: I Miss You OST



— Part 1 —
01. Tears Are Falling – Wax
02. Tears Are Falling (Instru)

— Part 2 —
01. Look At You – Jung Dong Ha (Boo Hwal)
02. Look At You (Instru)

— Part 3 —
01. I Think Of Your Face – Byul & Shorry J
02. I Think Of Your Face (Instru)


— Part 4 —
01. Shouldn’t Love – Lee Seok Hoon
02. Instrumental

Download Part 4 here // Mirror

— Various Artists —
01. Tears Are Falling – Wax
02. Just Look At You – Jung Dong Ha
03. Reminds Of You (Feat. Swings) – Byul
04. Don’t Love Me – Lee Suk Hoon
05. Magic Castle – Melody Day
06. Sorrow
07. Lonely
08. Despair
09. Awe
10. Waiting
11. I Miss You
12. Magic Castle (Instru)
13. Don’t Love Me (Instru)
14. Reminds Of You (Instru)
15. Just Look At You (Instru)
16. Tears Are Falling (Instru)

Download VA here // Mirror

— Extra Songs —
Magic Castle – DBSG (Jung Woo’s Ringtone, *sobs for my 5 stars*)

Kap: I know I use some unfamiliar file hosts but it’s longevity I’m aiming for in these links. 😛


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  1. Mara

    Thank you so much!

  2. KriKri

    Hi, can you tell me the name of Yoochun’s ringtone in this drama?

    1. Kappy

      Is there a clip of the ringtone somewhere? I haven’t watched past episode 2.

      But others say it’s DBSK’s Magic Castle. If it’s true, then I’m rejoicing with other cassies. Very subtle, Micky!

      1. Hanna

        yup…the ringtone is Magic Castle ><

        1. lovekdrama

          Cassis aren’t right! the song Magic Castle was originally sung by Kim Kwang Jin of The Classic from 1994! DBSK cover the song! then SNSD also cover it!

        2. Kappy

          No need to call out the whole fandom. Not many fans know classic Korean songs inside out. A friendly correction is all that’s needed.

    2. Samuel

      Magic Castle by DBSK and Melody Day but the original is from 1994 look up “The Classic” – Magic Castle i really dont know who the singer is though

    3. Samuel

      actually the singer is just called The Classic

  3. snowdrop87

    Hi there, thank you very much for sharing.I love this ost very much~~

  4. yukjchan

    can u tell me the name of song in 59’39 ep 5??

  5. jamal

    hi I’m jamal from morocco I want to show the ost of this drama pla not the songs I want the ost

  6. nima

    hi,thank you plz keep doing the rest

  7. MoonHeeRa

    Hello, i would like to know what’s the name of the little melody during the whole drama I miss you. This little melody in the background that sounds like small bells ? We heard it at 8 minutes of the first episode of the drama. Did someone know how to find this melody on YouTube ? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. I miss You

      Helloo !! I loveee this melodyy too but i dont find it 🙁 if you find it, let me know please 😉 Thanks

    2. Tsukiko

      I’ve been searching for this melody too but i haven’t found anything yet!:/

    3. fyda

      I know! the music box sound is “the wind is blowing”

      1. angel

        Hey all! the music box link! indeed it is titled “the wind is blowing”


        Thank you for all the music links! =)

  8. ana

    waa amo ese dorama me encato bastante a pesar que no la termino de ver

  9. Nobita

    Does anyone know what the song title when Han jungwo met Lee seoyeon first time in front of police office? I think its kind of music box.

    1. emis

      oh yess i really wanna know it i searched a lot but without result plz if you found it tell me the name of the song 🙂

    2. Hosna

      Hi, I think it’s “the wind is blowing”. Someone shared the link before, look up!

  10. Joo

    Hi! I seem to be having trouble downloading the files. I’ve tried it a couple of times but I can’t download it still, they keep on opening pages for me so I don’t know where to go plus some said that the file is not available… Thanks for sharing this tho…

  11. Kappy

    Joo, the only link that is not working on my end is megaload since the site cleaned out my account due to somethingsomething. The other 3 links are working fine. Have you download from filefactory before? What do you see when you click on the link? Perhaps you can print screen that frame for me.

  12. cantando

    Hi do you know which is the song that he sings at the play ground while she’s secretly watching!

    1. cantando

      oh right its the chorus magic castle haha

  13. himononna

    Hi. Do you know the title of song that Lee Seoh Yoon (girl) sang when she was waiting Jung Woo in the park?

    1. himononna

      in the last episode I meant..

  14. sydney

    there’s that one song… the one they play in the trailer and towards the end in the final episode. in the trailer, the younger version of them are on the swings and soo yeon is saying, “he’s coming… he’s not… he’s coming…” what song is that??

  15. jess

    anyone knows the song that plays in episode 19 in the end? The instrumental one, when they are sitting in the car and jun smiles at them.? its the only one i cant find:(

  16. bladerunner 49

    Are they going to release the instrumental that plays in ep 2 after the kiss on the bus and they are walking up the hill to Su Yeon’s house?

  17. Caroline

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew where to find the song that starts on Episode 11 at 43:45? I think it’s like the most dramatic song ever and I love it, but it doesn’t seem to be released in the OST. Could someone help me? Thank you!

  18. Jen

    Thank you so much for sharing, I really love the ost in this drama…I always end up downloading all the ost of the drama specially if I love the drama itself~

  19. annie

    does anyone know the instrumental background song that sounds like a light music box? it’s really pretty but i can’t seem to find it anywhere 🙁 Does anyone know what it’s called?

  20. BiA

    Do you know the name of this track? It isn’t listed in the soundtrack its at 15:39 http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/missing-you-episode-19/280300

  21. Tsukiko

    So no one knows which is the song that sounds like a music box??:/ I really want to find it but I’ve been searching all this time and i couldn’t find anything!>.<

  22. My

    I want to download but The file I am looking for could not be found. otoke?

  23. sara

    can u tell me the name of song in 59’39 ep 5??

  24. sara

    can u tell me the name of song in 59’39 ep 5??thank

  25. roz

    hi, thank you for uploading the whole soundtrack, i’m really appreciate your hardworking, keep moving on, guys…oo can anybody tell me the song that sounds like a classic melody…that being modernized and sounds so sweeeeettt…if you guys could find it, please update the melody…thank you very much

  26. wapple717

    The song in this drama was great! Thumbs up (Y)

  27. Jookie

    Can anyone tell me the song name in Episode 5 for the fashion show? I really like it but I can’t find it. T__T It’s driving me crazy. Lol.

  28. Novis

    thank you so much ^^

  29. unknown

    whats that music which show in the middle of Ep 15 ( when harry’s mother look at Jeong U ) when she seeing him for the first time i think ..

    any way i reaaly love that Music it awesome T_T where i can found it please ?

  30. (UNKOWN)

    Whats the name of the song in the early episodes just like episode 2 that starts at 12:30 it sounds alot like a harmonica please can someone reply??

  31. JYP

    Thank You.

  32. Rizka Andini

    this is link of melody music box in drama I miss you. I thing everybody want to find it

  33. H.QD

    Hello. Anyone know the name of the classical song, 60-minute episode 19 what?

  34. Gerrine Santos

    Hi.. Here you can see the list of the songs for the I Miss You OST..


    and then you can just search for the free mp3 to download the songs you like..
    I can download most of the songs through this link..

    i hope this would help you guys. 🙂

    MOD EDIT: Album link has already been added long ago.

  35. HarryLover

    Hi does anyone know the violin piece that Harry loves to play whenever he’s sad/tired.Its like a classic piece,please let me know what is it. Omooo im going crazy~

  36. jade

    hello! What’s the title of song played in the julius and joy wedding ?

  37. sogoocouple

    what’s the song on ep 2 that starts RIGHT after jungwoo said “I’ll never ignore you again, I’m sorry” it kinda sound like a harmonica? lol please let me know 🙁

  38. pantsun

    이 드 라 마 를 제 가 좋 아 해 요. 특 별 좋 아 한
    사 람 은 남 자 배 우 입 니 다.

  39. Eveline

    Thank you! You’re just like angels! (: Thank you very much!

  40. Viktoria

    Hi, does anyone know what is that classic music (violin and piano) which Harry listened. This is the same violin piece what was in the Fashion 70’s.

  41. Viktoria

    Ok, I found it! 😀


    Sergei Trofanov – Moldova

    1. mika


    2. Minmin

      thank you very much ^^

  42. pao

    can you help me to find what was the title of the song in ep 7 while in han river cafe. the girl singing english language. i cant find it. please help me.

  43. Gypsophila

    Thank you Viktoria:)

  44. Carmela

    Can u tell me what is the ringtone of Lee Soo Yeon? Pleaseee?

  45. niha

    can u tell me the name of song in 00.56.00 ep 12??i’m very like that instrument but i cant find it..

  46. Becca

    Does anyone know or have the instrumental that plays during their first phone call in episode 3 (the scene is around like 11-12 minutes into the movie). It’s beautiful & I loved it ever since I heard it! Let me know please!

  47. Becca

    Woops, not 11-12 minutes. I mean 4-5 minutes.

  48. Apple Pendragon

    Thank you so much! 😀

  49. pari

    please call me the name of song in ep 7 in 13 minutes?

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