Kdrama: Arang and the Magistrate OST

Bringing more goodies with my new ship, Aroh! Wee ~


— Part 1 —
01. Fantasy – Jang Jae In
02. Instrumental

— Part 2 —
01. My Secret Dream – Yoon Do Hyun
02. Black Moon – Shin Mina
03. Black Moon (Harmonica)
04. My Secret Dream (Intru)
05. Black Moon (instru)

Download Part 1 & 2 // Mirror

— Part 3 —
01. Surprised – Kim Bo Kyung
02. Surprised (Inst.)
03. Arang Love Theme (My favorite!!)
04. Arang Legend
05. Who Am I?
06. New World

Download Part 3 ***LINK UPDATED 11.30.14

— Part 4 —
01. Love and Love – Baek Ji Young
02. Instrumental

Download Part 4 // Mirror

— Part 5 —
01. Mask Dance – MC Sniper
02. Instrumental

— Part 6 —
01. One Day – Lee Jun Ki
02. Instrumental

Download Part 5 & 6 // Mirror

— Part 7 —
01. Love Is You – K.Will
02. Love Is You (Instru.)

— Part 8 —
01. Mirage – Yoo Seung Chan
02. Mirage (Instru.)
03. Eun-Oh
04. The White Stairs
05. 셜븐살매 (Song btw. Arang & tragic Joo Wal…) English tran anyone?
06. The Dream Of Arang

Download Part 7 & 8 // Mirror

— Part 9 —
01. Shout Out – Lee Ki Chan
02. Shout Out (Instru.)

Download Part 9 // Mirror

Note: CD 1 is all the songs released thus far. Repeated so I won’t be uploading it.

— CD 2 — (Old + New Instrumentals)
01. Legend of Arang
02. Arang Love Theme
03. A Garden of Heaven
04. 셜븐살매
05. New world
06. Who am I?
07. 서털구털
08. A Walk
09. Memories of Arang
10. Destiny
11. Eun-Oh
12. The Dream Of Arang
13. The White Stairs
14. Murderous
15. 덕호들
16. 대무녀
17. 다소니 혜윰

Download CD 2 // Mirror

Kap (7.20): Gah! None of the songs appealed to me. Where are those beautiful scores in the background!? Me want them nao!! Also, Shin Mina is sneaky, she has been steadily singing for her drama soundtracks. 😛


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  1. Nana

    I really love this drama ! Thanks for the OST <3

  2. Kim

    Thank you so much for this, I love this soundtrack

  3. Mariah

    Domo Arigatou Kap!!! Haven’t heard it all yet but am just listening to that end theme’s end part over and over again, hehe! Will check out the rest later sometime! ^_^

  4. Hyo RIn

    hi Alice ^^
    nice post 🙂
    could i copy your download link for my indonesian blog?
    i’ll be glad if u don’t mind ^^


    1. Kappy

      Hyo Rin, please don’t copy and paste our work. Everything here is done to our own style. Link back to the page is sufficient. Thanks for your understanding!

      You can read our FAQ page for similar questions: http://www.avirtualvoyage.net/f-a-q

      1. song

        i can’ t download the songs. can you tell me how?

        1. Kappy

          I’m not sure how to explain. Just click on “Download Part 1” and follow the direction on the page.

          1) Filefactory:
          – scroll down > SLOW download > Click “Download” > Enter Captcha Code > New page, Scroll to the bottom, click
          – Wait for 25 seconds, then click “Click here to Download” Confusing at first but you’ll get the hang of things in no time.

          2) Rapidshare: Simpler
          – Click on link and it should pop-up with “Save file”. Or if you’re redirected to the Rapidshare, just click Save File to your computer.

          For the other file hosts. Check out our pictorial help Question #14: http://www.avirtualvoyage.net/f-a-q

  5. Hyo Rin

    okey… i’ll delete my posts as soon as possible ^^

  6. nicefiffy


    thanks for the OST….
    i’m waiting for the part 6….

    thanks again for your hardwork….


  7. Alin

    Anyone know the link for backsong played when joo wal asking for arang’s heart?

  8. coby

    thanks alice!

  9. gek_herry_s

    thanks for the OST.

  10. lovekdrama

    I search the part 7 & 8 which come out! when do you post part 7 & 8? thank you

    1. Kappy

      Oops. Had it uploaded just wasn’t posted ’cause I’ve been watching Lost (up to S2 only)…and is currently trapped on the Island with mighty fine fine Jack and snappy Sawyer.

      ……….The Virtual World is a lovely place. 😉

      1. lovekdrama

        Ok No problem! The part 9 is out too if you can post it!

      2. lovekdrama

        The ost part 9 and the special OST is released! If you can post the part 9 and the special OST please!!!!

        EDIT// Kap: Ha! I’m faster than your request. 😛

  11. sato

    Hi. Just want to ask, what was the soundtrack when arang was sent back to earth by jade emperor. The scene where she was in the river?. Thank you very much. 🙂

  12. Fressia

    I was wondering if someone knows a name of the song playing while the magistrate storms Lord Chois house, during the hole fight. It’s a korean rap song and I would love to download it.

  13. Fressia

    during episode 18!! I forgot to write it!

    1. Suni

      That’s the Mask Dance by MC Sniper in part 5. 🙂

  14. kdramatic

    Thank you so much for putting up the Inst. OST. I always love those more than the songs XP

  15. Kris.H

    Thank you so so so much for share!! 🙂 I love this drama so much also the OST….really amazing musics!

  16. Kajol

    OMG! Thanks so much for CD 2. I LOVE the orchestral score of this drama

  17. aenea

    Hi there. BTW, thank you so very much for the instrumentals, I love them more than the songs.^^

    Speaking of which, I was hoping that the background music for the three Bangs was here, too; e.g. when they kidnapped En-oh in episode 1 and when they sent that urgent message to Eun-oh’s father in episode 18. Sadly, no. Does anyone know where I can get it? Thanks.

  18. sato

    what was the soundtrack during the scene when arang sent back to earth and became a human because of jade emperor, the scene where she was in the river and she was naked like a newborn, what was the title of that soundtrack it’s like a instrumental/harmonica with some like of chorus.


  19. sonia

    why I can’ t download ost part 6?? pls help me..

  20. davinazalia

    thank you so much for sharing the OST!
    keep sharing, keep caring,,
    you’re site is the best~ ^^

  21. dpmrs

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Loved the OST especially the instrumentals.

  22. Tiffany

    i can’ t download the songs OF part 3. . can you tell me how?

  23. Tiffany

    and… i can’t install Softsafe PART 1-2, and 4 in my computer… Why????

  24. Kappy

    Link at go4up.com for Part 3 still works. Just pick your desired host.


    And what do you mean by “can’t install softsafe?” What is softsafe?

    The songs are in a zip file. You need winrar or 7zip to extract the songs from the folder.

  25. Sianna

    Hello! I love this Drama!!
    I love the music that plays the Jade Emperor in episode 6 but I dn’t know why this is…
    Can you help me?


  26. K

    It took awhile because the downloads were free but eventually I got everything.
    Thank you so much! I watched this show with the volume low so my kids could sleep and didn’t get to listen to most of the music… It’s nice to hear them at my own time…

  27. renzo

    i really love this K-drama thank you for this ost 🙂

  28. joey

    Is there a working link for Part 3? All links in direct and mirror are broken/invalid.

    Also, what’s with the CDs on eBay that aren’t the special edition? It says parts 1 and 2 but has different tracklisting than parts 1 and 2 on Wikipedia (and listed here).

  29. joey

    Is there a working link for Part 3? All links in direct and mirror are broken/invalid.

    Also, what’s with the CDs on eBay that aren’t the special edition? It says parts 1 and 2 but has different tracklisting than parts 1 and 2 on Wikipedia (and listed here).


    1. Kappy

      I’m not too sure about those since they look to be physical CDs repackaged after the drama ended.

      1. Joey

        Ahhh, good ol’ Asian OSTs. Even more complicated than R. Stevie Moore’s discography.

        Thank you much for the updated link as well as the answer to my question! 🙂

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