Cdrama: The Queen of SOP Episodes


English Title: AKA The Price of Being a Leftover Lady
Chinese/Korean/Japanese Title: 胜女的代价 (Sheng Nu De Dai Jia)
Cast: Chen Qiao En, Zhang Han, Godfrey Gao, Ming Dao
# of Episodes: 33
Airing Days: Weekend
Broadcasting Station: Hunan TV
Synopsis: After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings. [Credit: Wiki]

Note: Video Files are RAW 540p MKV TV Version (some scenes are cut) in various quality. File Size: 350MB
Subbing Group: Ripped by Resie@d-addicts

♦ Episode 1 *premieres 7/15
– (MQ – TV) RMVB // Mirror
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror // MIrror

Episode 2
– (MQ – TV) RMVB // Mirror
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror // Mirror

♦ Episode 3
– ((MQ – TV) RMVB // Mirror
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

Episode 4
– (MQ – TV) RMVB // Mirror
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror // Mirror

♦ Episode 5
– (MQ – TV) RMVB // Mirror
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror // Mirror

Episode 6
– (MQ – TV) RMVB // Mirror
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

♦ Episode 7
– (MQ – TV) RMVB // Mirror
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

Episode 8
– (MQ – TV) RMVB // Mirror
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

♦ Episode 9
– (MQ – TV) RMVB // Mirror
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

Episode 10
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

♦ Episode 11
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror // Mirror

Episode 12
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror // Mirror

♦ Episode 13
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror // Mirror

Episode 14
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

♦ Episode 15
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

Episode 16
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

Episode 17
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

♦ Episode 18
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

Episode 19
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

♦ Episode 20
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

Episode 21
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

♦ Episode 22
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

Episode 23
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

♦ Episode 24
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV // Mirror

Episode 25
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV *Multiple Mirrors in one link

♦ Episode 26
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV *

Episode 27
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV *

♦ Episode 28
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV *

Episode 29
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV *

♦ Episode 30
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV *

Episode 31
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV *

♦ Episode 32
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV *

Episode 33 **FINALE
– (HQ – TV) 540p MKV *

***UPDATES (12/28/2012): Reuploaded Ep.3, 6, 9, 25-33.



YESH! Fastest completed project (within 2 weeks)! Accepting cyber hugs and kisses! (✿◠‿◠) The total # of episodes adds up to 33, for confused minds alike. I haven’t seen an official OST anywhere, not even on yesasia. Will the production crew have one? Hmmmm? Remember, not all dramas have an official soundtrack. Unofficial/made-up version? Maybe… Stay tuned for any updates. Weeee ~

Kap: Heyaaaaaa folks! Your crack-delivering Kaptain is here! 😉

The wonderful subbers at Viki say this drama is airing 3 episode per day. At first, I was like yay , more pretty to watch!…. Then I realized I’m uploading this drama…and the excitement died pretty quick. GAH! Not to mention, I have two other dramas to upload on Sunday. So everyone, I ask for your utmost patience and support for this project. Goodies, like pictures and mvs, please share them down below. 😀


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  1. mswhatever-ranooosh.blogspot.com

    Hey Alice,
    Yaay I’m the first one here!!
    Anyway, it looks like a nice drama. I like the leads,
    I loved Chen Qiao En acting in Fated to love you
    And I saw Zhang Han in the Chinese version of Boys Before Flowers, though I didn’t like that drama, I liked him.
    I also saw Godfrey Gao in Momo love, he was adorable. And the lovely Ming Dao is going to show up to!!
    Well I think I can summarize the babbling up there in one sentence: Love the cast!!
    The story is interesting too. I just wish I don’t have so much drama to watch !! there are too many great dramas this year !!
    Take your time Alice and I’ll be waiting for the first episode!!

  2. jed

    Hey Alice. Good luck on uploading.. keke…
    but really, I want to thank you because you’re gonna upload this drama… have watched the teasers like for the nth time and I can’t really wait to watch this.

    Take your time and of course I promise I’ll be patient. haha..

  3. nynaeve

    Here are some pics of our NOT-OTP:




  4. Keane

    Hurray for weekends, again~

  5. Kappy


    Rana, yesh! You’re first! I like both leads, but no idea who Godfrey is. hehe. He’s so tall and manly!

    Jed, Weeeeeee! I’ll need the luck and patience. 😀

    nynaeve, haha, I actually read “Pics of OUR OTP!!” Oh my eyes….my eyes… Here, some OTP bonding time:

    Keane, Too many dramas to handle! I’m just so excited. Hopefully, it IS good!

    Like Perla stated in the preview post, I’m glad Ming Dao only has a cameo appearance as “Adam Bell”, a supportive and cheerful buddy for both leads (guiding them both to each other, heh). Because could you imagine the madness if MingEn stars in the same drama but not ending up together? I’d go insane… Joe Chen’s style is comparable to Ariel Lin’s fashion in In Time With You. I’d love to shop in Taiwan for office wardrobe.

    But….what the heck was this grandma’s dress she wore on the conference day (while getting smooched on both cheeks)?

    Joe, hire your drama stylist permanently! NAOOOOO!!

  6. jed

    hahaha… I had my eyes like this O.o upon seeing that teapot inspired dress… keke..

    and Hans Zhang, why are you so H-O-T man! hahaha… Can I switch places with Joe Chen on the above picture? please please!

    I definitely agree that it is good to have Ming Dao on cameo only coz I wouldn’t know who to ship for. oh noes! that would give me headache definitely. XD

  7. mswhatever-ranooosh.blogspot.com

    That dress IS defiantly a disaster,
    but the wedding dress she is wearing up there is lovely, right?!
    And those hotties are going to be the end of me,
    Why do they all have to be good looking, how are we supposed to choose?!
    It’s totally unfair!

    1. jed

      i agree with you. the wedding dress is lovely..

      we don’t have to choose right? right? we can have them both right? XD

      1. mswhatever-ranooosh.blogspot.com

        jed let’s just hope we don’t have to choose. I may go crazy if I see any of them sad or depressed. I might go there to comfort them. Hehe

  8. Xin Ying

    I’m watching the first episode on Youtube right now! ^^

  9. Keane

    I’ll take Godfrey teddy bear any day over what’s his name Zhang Han. Drama Gods, just please don’t make Godfrey a nappeun namja.

    ‘o , 0″ Oh man, Mrs. Potts? What was she thinking? Not even Angelina Jolie can pull off that dress to make it look any flattering. That fabric is good for place mats or napkins. Begone!! Did she really buy that from London, plus the necklace? I wouldn’t be surprised, well, at least it’s a tax write-off now.

  10. jed

    yay! Alice. you’re so fast. hehe. can’t wait to go home and download these files… gomawo… hows the first three epis?

  11. miisy

    i really like the cast in the show, even the supporting actors/actresses! i also adore the plot, for once the good guy actually gets the girl! we have zhang han acting as the good guy, who falls in love with the girl first, lends a shoulder whenever shes unhappy & is always there to help her in trouble. then we get the bad guy, godfrey who acts as the guy who uses the girl in the beginning but eventually ends up falling for her. in drama land, usually the girl would end up with godfreys character but for once shes not! she does in the beginning but then realises that her prince is the guy that is right by her side acting as her bestfriend 🙂
    very excited for drama, finally a nice simple romance drama that strays from palaces, revenge & inheritance <3

    1. Dreams

      Really? Does Zhang Han end up with the girl at the very end? If that’s true it is great news, although godfrey’s character is not so bad I still really hope she ends up with Zhang Han 😛

  12. Dream

    Ahhhhh omg! this drama is so good 🙂 been watching every night!! so sad theres only one episode tonight :'(

  13. phlaire

    thanks for the HQ of this drama..going to download it now =D love both Zhang Han and Chen Qiao En <3

  14. Shirly

    Where I can find the download for the english subtitle for this drama. Thanx

    1. nynaeve

      Same question here. If anyone stumbles upon the softsubs for this drama, I hope you could share… Pity those who could not understand a word of Mandarin.

      1. Tahuni

        me too me too! 😀 hope we get some softsubs up SOMEWHERE. none of my googling has found any yet… 🙁

  15. olaurentiab

    is there anybody know the song of Queen of SOP (this Drama) 😀 ? Please tell me the link….

  16. hamster428

    I know this is really annoying, but can you please upload 4 and 5 on something that’s not jumbofiles? I have never been able to download from that host. Or could you point me to where you get the original files? Your site is the only one I know that’s uploading this drama.


  17. nynaeve

    waaah, I posted the wrong links for the pics… Please disregard my earlier comment T_T

  18. Dream

    quick question how do i download from uppit? for some reason it keeps on saying file does not exist when i click the download button :'(

    1. Dream

      oops sorry I just read the twitter box! shall keep trying 🙂 but thank you for uploading!!!

  19. brian

    Hi…The link for Episode 12 is ok but no file found once i click download…

  20. Kappy

    Gah. Seems like a lot more folks are having trouble with BOTH jumbo and uppit. I don’t know what to do now. There isn’t a FILEHOST that satisfies everyone. 🙁 Please let me know if the problem persists…….hopefully not.

    @hamster, I use a private chinese tracker from a friend.

    @olaurentiab, will post them in the upcoming recap. Look forward to it!

    Episode 13 & 14 will be up tonight…..

    1. Keane

      I’m curious if some ppl are using DL-mrgs to grab FSS links, those appear empty files on that kind of program. Ought to just DL off the links directly and not go through an app. PPL, FSS links can ll DL, meaning you can open 2-3 links and grab them all at once however your internet speed can handle, just like MF.

      Kap’n, minus.com UL rate is ok lah, ll DLer too, but they cap 10gb storage per free user. Might give that a go if all else fails.

  21. vis

    I have no idea who would prefer the LQ rmvb files… I only go for them when there’s absolutely no other alternative whatsoever, but given the choice of course it’s better with the HQ mkv files! In this particular case, there’s hardly a difference size-wise and the quality is noticeably better. It’s totally a win-win situation if you ask me 🙂 I’m really enjoying this drama so I’m seriously happy that you’re uploading the HQ version (haven’t been able to find them anywhere else)! THANKS A LOT!

  22. hamster428

    Thanks Kaptain. The fileshare link works well. Uppit used to be good until it gives me 10 kb/s >_<

  23. luci8le

    Thanks for the fileshare link! it worked well and fast! uppit gives me 5kb/s…
    thanks again for all the hard work 🙂

  24. bqliank

    Hi, thanks for uploading this drama..
    i want to ask an favor to uploading 540p on “Resuming capabilities on other filehost without premium account”
    nb : its great if it on jumbo files.. 😀

  25. Hope

    I get “file not found” on ep 10, 11 and 12. I hope I am not to late. Fileshare works and jumbofiles most of the time.

  26. vis

    Just a little feedback: fileshare and filecloud both works fine, the first is decent and the second is super fast. Jumbofiles require some persistent, but you can usually get it to work after several tries. On the other hand, uppit has stopped working for me entirely when it comes to episode 10, episode 11 and episode 12… It’s taking 20 hours to even try and download one file and in the end the connection gets disconnected. After several days of trying, I still haven’t been able to download any of those 3 episodes.

  27. Kappy

    Thanks for the feedback folks.

    Jumbo and Uppit are doing weird things now. Jumbo uploads half the file sometimes. Uppit, like everyone said, slow speed.

    So filesharesite & filecloud for now. Kay!

    1. bqliank

      please add an mirror instead of JF or uppit… thanks 😀

    2. hamster428

      You’re awesome! Thanks!

  28. bqliank

    just some feedback, i have try to download an episode with 540p..
    at first i download on filesharesite it well download but it stoped while downloading 50++%, and 80++% and this filehost doesnt support remusing, so i must find another site to download these episode, for me jumbofiles running really well, and also uppit…

    please have an mirror on episode 1, 2, 13 and 14.. add a mirror link for 540p, instead of jumbofiles / uppit…
    thanks 😀

  29. kxyz

    Filecloud is awesome! Even I can download! :DDD But jumbo has been working for me too… Only mediafire has a problem for me actually. I do like MF, but I’m secretly happy everyone’s uploading to other sites I can use now. Hee. I wont be downloading SOP though. So… I’ll trouble you with the screencaps, Kap’n. Heehee.

  30. Jed

    Heya Kap.

    Do you know the title of the song played at the beginning of an epi? the catchy one? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  31. luci8le

    filesharesite and filecloud are both awesome!
    thanks again for the hard work!

  32. chochoco

    Hello I was wondering if you could upload jumbofile links as well?????? thank you so much for the hard work!!!

  33. bqliank

    Hi, can i ask for something about this drama OST List??
    i need an list for this drama OST and BGM..
    thanks 🙂

  34. Serena

    Hi All,

    If anyone has found any eng sub group for the show? I see where it’s unconfirmed. I am also mandarin illiterate. :]

  35. Kappy

    Some FAQ questions in this post…

    1) The official soundtrack hasn’t been released yet. I hope there is one. o.o~ I only saw the LQ ripped version but you guys know me well enough, I like my files HQ and clear. 😀
    2) No subbing team as of now, unfortunately.
    3) Jumbofile is unstable in the uploading department. It would only upload half the file and I have to redo. Therefore, only filesharesite & filecloud.
    4. The themesong (rainy day, lalala) is Joe Chen’s “Enjoy Being Lonely” (not true to her character….but whatever). I have this song in HQ so if you want it, wait for the upcoming recap by xy.

    This is all.

  36. Keane

    I’m almost done w/ Giant, then this show will go next on my list to watch. Thank you!!

  37. Happystar

    Thank you so much Kaptain A

    You are definitely a life saver because I have been looking for this tv series! I’m not quite sure how to dl 14 from that host. I guess I have to create a login/pw then it might allow me.

    1. Kappy

      Happystar, I don’t think you have to register. Scroll down to the bottom of the DL page > Request DL ticket > Press on download.

      Tomorrow’s batch will be the last one! Jia You queenies! 😀

      1. Happystar

        Thanks a lot Kaptain A – I tried that but they asked me to register – its all good I registered and got it – THANKS a million!!!

  38. hamster428

    A big thank you! And cyber hugs!

  39. Shirly

    How about the english subtitle…. Where I can download the english subtitle. Thank you….

  40. derrick

    Hi Admin,
    can you fix link eps 7 and eps 8 for MKV format?
    coz the link cannot download
    thanks so much about this series

  41. simplesim

    Thanks so much Kaptain A! SALUTE!

    But please can you give mirror in Filecloud, its good!. I see that there’s no more filecloud link from Eps25 onwards. I am desperate to finish the show.

    Sorry, I cant dl from Jumbo and file share never complete download! Always stop less than halfway for me.

    Thanks in advance. Aye Aye Kaptain! Lol

  42. heman88

    Dear Kaptain A,
    mkv for episode 7 and 8 is not working. appreciate your help to fix the link.

  43. lakatsumi

    Thank you so much for uploading this drama!!! Love the drama so far. It seems like the mkv for episode 7,8 and 14 links arent working.

  44. joywithvictory

    Thanks alot for uploading the drama!! Episode 7 & 8 mkv download is not working. Would appreciate if you can fix it. Thanks.

  45. rubbermaid

    Link for episode 25, 26, 27 and 28 stated “the file is currently unavailable”. Highly appreciate if you can look into this.

  46. Shirly

    For the Indonesian subtitle please download in https://www.dropbox.com/s/r14oq1bevn3sxyp/The%20Queen%20of%20Sop%20%E2%80%A2%20Episode%201-5%20indo.zip Thanx

    1. Raju Kwonnie

      the subtitle timing doesnt fit….where i can download subtile for the next episode…at least thanks for upload it

  47. pooh

    hi i’m a new here.i really like this film so i want to ask can u show me the link engsub of this film.
    i’m looking forward to hearing from u soon.thank u so much!

    1. Alice1994

      subtitle can be downloaded from here DELETED.

      MOD EDIT: We do not promote sites that earn money from Viki subbers.

  48. lovedrama

    hi, I’m new here, I want to ask how can I download the hit song of this drama, thank you.

  49. lovedrama

    hi, I’m new here, I want to ask how can I download the hit song of this drama, I am waiting for reply, thank you.

    1. Kappy

      Keane has uploaded the themesong and ending theme here: http://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2012/08/recap-queen-of-sop-episodes-5-7.html

  50. dadadupuz

    Any one know where to download the sub?

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