Kdrama: Big OST


Track list:

– Full Album –

01. 너라서 Because It’s You
02. 사랑이라면 If You Love
03. 한사람 One Person
04. 미운사람 Hateful Person
05. Hey U
06. 어떤날 Some Days
07. 내가 좀 이상해 I’m A Little Weird
08. 눈물이 또 나요 Like Tears Again

09. 그래도 사랑해 I Love You Still
10. 너라서 Because It’s You [male version] (Special Track)
11. 너라서 Because It’s You(Inst)
12. 사랑이라면 If You Love (Inst)
13. 한사람 One Person (Inst)
14. 미운사람 Hateful Person (Inst)
15. Hey U (Inst)
16. 어떤날 Some Days(Inst)
17. 내가 좀 이상해 I’m A Little Weird (Inst)
18. 눈물이 또 나요 Like Tears Again (Inst)

19. 그래도 사랑해 I Love You Still (Inst)
20. 너라서 Because it’s You [male version] (Special Track) (Inst)

Download Full Album // Mirror

– Part 1 –
01. Davichi – 너라서 Because It’s You
02. Davichi – 너라서 (Inst.)

Download Part 1 // Mirror

– Part 2 –
01. B2ST/Beast – 미운사람 Hateful Person

Download Part 2 // Mirror | lyrics

– Part 3 –
01. Noel – 사랑이라면 If You Love
02. Noel – 사랑이라면 (Inst.)

Download Part 3 // Mirror

– Part 4 –
01. Huh Gak – 한사람 One Person
02. Huh Gak – 한사람 (Inst.)

Download Part 4 // Mirror

– Part 5 –
01. Venny – Hey U @320kbps
02. Venny – Hey U (Inst.)

Download Part 5 [240’s kbps] // Mirror

– Part 6 –
01. Suzy [miss A] – 그래도 사랑해 I Love You Still
02. Suzy [miss A] – 그래도 사랑해 (Inst.)

Download Part 6 // Mirror

– Part 7 –
01. Gong Yoo – 너라서 Because It’s You (special track – male version)
02. Gong Yoo – 너라서 (Inst.)

Download Part 7 // Mirror

Keane: I can’t wait for the premiere. Hurray for Mondays!

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  1. nonski

    hi alice dear…
    hope you still remember this chingu!
    i do come here but lurk only…. and only speaks up when i am so in dire need of a song… and i need one this time from big. the other song used in big, the one sung during the would be kiss on episode 2, at the bench

    hope you can help… thanks mucho dear.

    1. Kappy

      Hey nonski, I’m honestly not watching BIG at the moment. Maybe you should direct your question to an expert. Keane is undertaking this project and loves it as far as I can tell.

    2. Psychobrit2008

      7/2 issuance – “Hey U” I think that’s one you mean.


      It hasn’t been released yet.

      1. Kirika

        If it is “Hey U” you were talking about the DL is up now.

        1. Gaecholas

          you know the song when yoon jae enter the school with the taxi?

  2. doozy

    Thanks for posting the OST! 🙂

  3. iceslmarsheart

    there’s must a problem with the file? i always see error when extracting the file…

    1. iceslmarsheart

      nvm my post…problem fixed…thanks a lot..muash muash

  4. emerald17

    please make the link for OST Big part3 active. thanks! BTW thanks for all your work. I enjoy your site.

  5. Anna

    Hey I’ve been wondering about the links to the background music from Big (빅). I really love the background music from the first episode when Seo Yoon Jae accidentally pushes Gil Da-Ran. I loove that violin tune. Know I can find it?

    1. Bouchra

      heey, I love the background music too Im dyiiiiing to find it , havn’t you found it yet??? if you habe pleaaaase gve me the link

      thank youuuu ^_^

      1. IJS

        youtube. type in: Big Korean Drama Background Music. It should be #5. When I found it I was so happy I made it my ringtone.

    2. Angga

      ANSWER to Anna : Love at First Sight (Big 빅 OST background). Thanks for you atention. Any question? don’t forget my facebook http://www.facebook.com/angga.vegashoes

      thanks :))

  6. melo454

    Thank you~ :DD
    But I wish they’d release that cute song that goes “Hey you~” c:

  7. Mariah

    Thanks a lot for the OST! I’m loving track 1 and 4! ^^ Actually, have yet to hear the others! Maybe I’ll do it once I’ve had my fill of these two, hehe!

  8. akuroaida

    i want to ask something about the OST …. i think the chorus usually sing like ” i wanna hold you”…when seo yoon jae kind of cranky, playful i really wanna know the title of the song….

  9. meileen

    I really love this series, I’m on my 7th episode, can’t wait for more episode, i’m a big fan of gong yoo since Coffee prince, I also watched all of his series and movies too…Gong You hwaiting!

  10. Denise

    I really want to find the track where Gil DaRan falls down the stairs in the first episode. It sounds so sweet and I just have so many feels when I listen to it

  11. cloey

    Thank you so much for sharing – i love BIG ^___^

  12. Harizan

    Does anyone know a song with this lyric “I wanna hold you”..

    1. Marlo

      I’ve been looking for this too!!!! Are they not releasing it ? 🙁

  13. Noor Mahmood

    i’m really excited for the entire OST to be out! I want the instrumental background music too ><

    1. elfudes

      ahhh ım happy that ım not the only one :’o Im in love with various artists instrumental musics in BIG <33 but ım realy scared that they will not release this songs since they even release 2CD but but still not this songs :((

  14. Carol Saldaña

    The song that begins i wanna hold youu : search on youtube
    Korean Drama BIG (빅)OST -9.Background music

  15. heidybear

    this person doesn’t know the name of this song that starts with “I wanna hold you” but i’ve been dying to find it. so heck, this should do. (:

    1. eungkim

      this is a pretty good version of the ‘i wanna hold you’ song!!~
      also, click on the users channel, he has other OST background music with good quality.

      1. Keane

        WOW! Here, the least I can do for you great Big fans:

        6 background tracks ripped 320kbps ~ http://bit.ly/OqMKg4

        I did credit the remixer within my IDtags. ENJOY~~

        1. uneeta

          the link is broken.. can you please help revive it again? Thanks.

      2. elfudes

        OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH X”’D I want to cry from happiness ı swear :”) tehee ı loved orchestra musics and wait for release since first ep … this user is realy somethıng ı want to hug her T^T it sound almost perfect and real :’O

  16. eungkim

    Does anybody know if they are going to release an orchestral OST??~
    I realllyyyyyy want the songs 🙁

  17. ifat

    hi keane
    thank you so much for the OST.
    i love this drama

  18. vicky

    does anyone know what is the song when YJ enter the room like a model in a certain event with Gil Da Ran after their engagement has cancelled? tnx 🙂

  19. Keane

    ^ ^
    Gonna need an episode reference from you, vicky, better yet, time frame segment too, every day passes I’m not getting younger ya’ know. LOL~

    Anyhoot, so cute…

  20. davey

    when shin won ho and lee min jung meet in bus , what is the title of the song after lee min jung listen to radio?

  21. lauren minho

    i hope this series is so good bc whenever a kdrama comes out i always try to compare it with boys over flowers and i still havent watched a series as good as bof and i dont think there will ever be. But i hope this series is fun, im about to watch the first episode of it.

  22. kateekat

    thank you. i loved the series a lot and gong yoo. thank you for letting me download the ost as remembrance. :-*

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