Kdrama: A Gentleman’s Dignity OST



Part 1 — *individual link
01. High High – Kim Tae Woo

Part 2
01. Beautiful Words – M Signal’s Jeon Geun Hwa
02. Everyday – Park Eun Woo
03. When I Look At You – Kyun Woo

— Part 3 —
01. My Heartache – 8eight’s Lee Hyun
02. You Are Everywhere – Big Baby Driver
03. Spring I Love You Best – Big Baby Driver

— Part 4 —
01. Love….What to Do – Yangpa

Download Compiled 1-4 // Mirror

— Various Artists Part 1 —
01. My Heartache – 8eight’s Lee Hyun
02. High High – Kim Tae Woo
03. Love….What to Do – Yangpa
04. Beautiful Words – M Signal’s Jeon Geun Hwa
05. Everyday – Park Eun Woo
06. When I Look At You – Kyun Woo
07. You Are Everywhere – Big Baby Driver
08. Spring I Love You Best – Big Baby Driver
09. High High (Bossa Nova Story)
10. My Heartache (Piano Ver.)
11. Love….What to Do (Inst.)
12. O.S.Love
13. You Are Everywhere (Guitar Story)
14. Everyday (Comic Story)
15. Smile (Feat. Jay Kim)

Download VA Part 1 // Mirror

— Part 5 —
01. My Love – CNBlue’s Lee Jong Hyun

— Part 6 —
01. More than Me – Jang Dong Gun

Download Part 5 & 6 // Mirror

— Part 7 —
01. Beautiful Pain – Kim Min Jong

Download Part 7 // Mirror

— Various Artists Part 2 —
01. More Than Me – Jang Dong Gun
02. My Love – Lee Jong Hyun
03. Beautiful Pain (2012 New Ver.) – Kim Min Jong
04. Your Sun Is Stupid – Big Baby Driver
05. More Than Me (Inst.) – Various Artists
06. My Love (Inst.) – Various Artists
07. Fighting Allows – Various Artists
08. It’s Imagination – Various Artists
09. Offensive Hips – Various Artists
10. Indelible Scent – Various Artists
11. Happy Footstep – Various Artists
12. Crazy Time – Various Artists
13. You Anywhere – Various Artists
14. That Person That Love – Various Artists
15. Starting Today, Lover – Various Artists

Download VA Part 2

Alice: Need to get back to this drama but find myself being distracted by others. Gah!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 = greatest enjoyment), rate Jang Dong Gun’s comeback.

Keane: I’ve added V.A. Part 2 album on 140517. I love Collin Black! (That’s two “L’s” on his passport, people.)

BONUS: Collin’s Mix | Juniel’s illa illa (original)


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  1. Daisy

    Thank you

  2. Nhube

    I’m really enjoying the drama and will definately give this a 10! Some of the scenes are really funny so it’s not just a typical love/romance drama. And though I would like to fatten JGD up a bit more, I still love him. I also, really like the other characters too, they really mesh well together.
    Now I have another reason to pine for the weekend to come, haha…. I only wish it was on 5 days a week instead of the 2.

    P.S. The songs are really nice too. Thanks for the OST

  3. ROSY

    ya va ala mitad esta super chevere se me hace bien larga la semana para verlos son unos reverendos truanes pero lindos

  4. puroren

    definitely a 10. jang dong gun really make my heart beat faster.

  5. Kappy

    hehe, everyone is so generous! A 10! 😀

    The beginning of this music video by skylabubble is hilarious! Jang Dong Gun fanboying over Ha Neul in swimming suits. His wife must be “tskk tskking” at home.

  6. JC

    The cast by itself is a 10! Who watched Warriors way? I DID! Way better than Ninja Assassin (and speed racer teehee). anyway Kim Ha neul, I really adore her. She has a quirky style, sort of a zooey deschanel vibe to me. Also the age. I kinda wish either of them were younger (because I don’t wish I were older). And also, Kim SOORO! I know [Alice is] a Family Outing fan! anyways I didn’t watch any of it yet, but I probably will, as long as QIHM doesn’t get in the way… So.. ninjas fought ninjas, and they fought cowboys, then the cowboys fought aliens, then lincoln fought vampires. i think Ninjas also fought some vampires, zombies and aliens. I haven’t heard ninjas fighting pirates yet. Lets get Jang Dong Geun fighting Johnny Depp. Chow Yun-fat was NOT a ninja. did anyone watch bunraku?


    HI, thanks for the OST… fall in love with this drama scale 1-10 i’ll say around 9…. love the chemistry…. Kaptain A could you please upload the rest of OST when they available….. this page is my only source… i love the instrumental…. especially the one for JDG and KHN…. so sweet and the music sooo soothing and calm… thanks again….. take care…

  8. meow

    A definite 10 from me! Maybe because the actors are all my age!!! LOL!!! (OK….I admit that I am probably the only ahjumma at this site!!) I loved JDG way back then, and am still feeling hots for him!! Keep up this good site. I love reading your writings…makes me wish I was young like you guys too!!!

  9. widesmile

    hahaha, thanks for the link. and 10 is not enough for me. numbers and words cant express my love for this drama. super thumbs up! 😉

  10. Christine

    Anyone know what is the song title played at EPISODE 13 when Imeahri pretend drunk sat in the Lawyer oppa car?

  11. rox82

    Is Juniel’s song not included in the OST? Illa Illa?

    1. Kappy

      That song is part of her debut album, not part of the official OST. For that, I should call it a “insert song”.

      Let me know if you’d to dl it.

      1. noninoni

        oo no wonder I cant find that song by Juniel. Really like that song..could you post the link to download it? thanks

      2. Kappy

        DL link: Jumbofiles

  12. Kae

    Did anyone know the song from ep8 when meahri sat in the room thinking about herself with yoon. Something sing about little star pls

  13. reluctantbutaddicted

    Thank you! Just started watching this show and I really like some of the songs. I was so glad to find the details here. Thanks!

  14. Chinggu

    Have to thank JDG to make a comeback in drama series. I almost finish watching it, can’t help thinking what I do after this. I am also at their age and it just the best ever series I watch ever. Now how do I get to buy the original soundtracks and series? Thank u kaptain A for everything… Looking forward to hear more of the ost and news.

  15. Meong

    maybe 8.5.
    But maybe it’s because i’m under their age.
    It’s wonderful to have friends like that!! To get older together and experience lives together.
    Thanks a lot!

  16. Anne Marie

    Thanks you soo much!!! i wanted this ost soo badly!! i thought i would never find it!!

    You are great!!

  17. tyele

    tanks….love drama

  18. June

    does anybody here know the song when Yi Soo was about to Do Jin’s office to get the chocolates back.. it’s on Episode 2, about 58 mins.. pleeeeease i really can’t find it.. T°T the instrumentals for the song was used quite a few times like when Me Ahri was showing to Yoon the yellow jacket she tried on(episode 3); and when Do Jin was putting on the white cloth on Yi Soo on the red dress moment(episode 1).. please please pleeeeease T°T

    1. Alexie

      I’ve been dying to know this song too 🙁 I really wish I knew it sucks I even if I hear it I can search the lyrics :((((

      1. Yoon eni

        Hello did you happen to find the title of the song? Until now i’m still searching about that song…

  19. maifern

    korean is always the best !!!!!!!!!!!! tae guk gi of dong gun jang.. is best korean film for me.. heartbreaking !!! and gorgeous haneul !!! gosh this gentlemans dignity is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. paty

    I give you the link to download Juniel with “illa illa” ( song that Colin sings at the Maeri and Yoon’s wedding)
    DL illa illa

  21. bqliank

    thanks for OST 😀

  22. Jasmine

    Thanks for the OST!!! Does anyone know the ‘sexy songs’ that was playing on Kim Do Jin’s radio when he sent Seo Yi Soo home? And also the song the guy was singing out of tune loudly while having his headphones on? I’ve been searching like crazy for these songs!

  23. Eveline

    Thank you very very much for the OST!!

  24. Keane

    Grab the official V.A. Part 2 compilation album, folks. And you may wanna check out my BONUS sound clip too. 😉

  25. darkn3ss

    Hello I was wondering if you still have the files for this OST, only the first link is still working for this page.

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