Cdrama ‘King of Lan Ling’ w/ Feng Shao Feng & Ariel Lin drops 7-minute trailer


Let’s just forget about your crushes for 7 minutes and allow Feng Shao Feng to shine as the handsome and beautiful General Lan Ling. The drama is wrapping up filming in July.


  • Ariel’s character: crying, tripping, hurting….nothing special? Is it only me but she appears too modern for ancient dramas?
  • Georgie and his curls… *shakes head*
  • Feng Shao Feng’s red & black costume looks nice!
  • Daniel Chan’s royalty appears at the 5-minute mark.


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  1. Tanya Escano

    Ariel Lin. Yay!

  2. Wen

    YAY ARIEL LIN! I fell in love with her from Legend of Condor Heroes. She was brilliant as Huang Rong.

    1. Ett

      LOL,Same here!!! saw her in LOCH. not only was she pretty, but also adorable. cant wait to see this drama.

  3. JC

    Although the Korean Dramas are intensely romantic, the chinese ones tend to have better fight scenes, maybe because of more acrobatic practice, especially on wires? I’m comparing Bridal mask to this, or is that unfair?

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