Kdrama: Love Rain OST


— Various Artists Part 1 —
01. Shiny Love – V.A. (Various Artists)
02. Love Rain 사랑비 – Jang Geun Suk
03. Because It’s You 그대니까요 – SNSD’s Tiffany
04. Love is Like Rain 사랑은 비처럼 – Na Yoon Kwon
05. Again and Again 자꾸 자꾸 – Yozoh
06. The Girl and I 그 애와 나랑은 – S.Jin
07. Love Rain (Piano Ver.) – V.A.
08. Again and Agian (Guitar Ver.) – V.A.
09. Song of Rain – V.A.
10. The Girl and I (String Ver.) – V.A.
11. Confession Song 2 고백송 2 – V.A.
12. I Like The Rain 비를 닮은 그대 – V.A.

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— Various Artists Part 2 —
01. Because It’s You 그대니까요 – Na Do Kyun 나도균
02. First Love 첫사랑 – 길구
03. Love Inside Me 속마음 – Bell Band 방울악단
04. Fate 운명 (Like A Fool 바보처럼) – Seo In Guk 서인국
05. Always Raining 비가오고 또 비가오면 – Bongu 봉구
06. Now I Am 나는 지금 – Kang Seung Won 강승원
07. Love Rain (String Ver.) – V.A.
08. Love is Like Rain (String & Piano Ver.) – V.A
09. Again and Again (String Ver.) – V.A.
10. Song of Rain (String Ver.) – V.A.
11. 사랑스러운 그대 (Scatsong) – 손빈나
12. Again and Again (Guitar Ver.) – V.A.

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Happy listening!


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  1. Xin Ying

    Pretty random, but for those of you who like covers, or piano covers in this case, visit http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UU6-2I_uDhxik9NQMTPaIeYw&feature=plcp.

    Varya’s a really good pianist! She listens to songs/tracks and put them into notes by ear, and plays it out herself. I didnt watch Love Rain so I didnt listen to her Love Rain covers, but I’ve heard her other (Arashi!) covers and they’re amazing! (She’s also a friend thus the mini advertising. xD)

    Go check it out! (:

    1. jacklin123go

      Thx !!!! It;s so cool !!!!! maybe i can catch up some style of playing here !!!! ^^ Thank you.

  2. Shanny

    Which song is it in ep 12- minute 35? (00:35:00)

    1. AsianKdramaKid

      It is The Girl and I 그 애와 나랑은 – S.Jin

  3. jacklin123go

    Oh My Gosh !!!!! finally !!!! thank you so so so so much !!!! ^^

  4. Kappy

    Shanny, it’s in the soundtrack, The Girl and I – S.Jin.

    Xin Ying, Aw! Your friend’s talented! I wish my stubby fingers would move gracefully just like hers!

  5. AuiiTHaw

    Thank you, guy!

  6. jacklin123go

    The English title for:
    03. 속마음 – 방울악단 = Bell Band – Love Inside Me
    05. 비가오고 또 비가오면 – 봉구 = Bongu – Always Raining
    06. 나는 지금 – 강승원 = Kang Seung Won – Now I Am

    1. mochi

      WHEEEE THANKS A BUNCH!!! So no. 11 is part of Again&Again?

  7. jacklin123go

    No. 11 is from Again and Again…… ^^

  8. Marloes

    Does anyone know where to find ‘Who’ll Stop The Rain’ ?
    I like that song 🙂

  9. Tassanee

    may i ask what is the song in the beginning of ep 2? where can i get it?
    thank you in advance.

  10. NORI

    May I ask… what is the name of the song that plays in episode 6 (restaurant scene)? The music seems to be a French music….


    1. mairifik

      is that the one with “walk away baby that’s the way that you do” line? i’ve been looking for that song as well. apparently it’s not in the soundtrack =(


  11. seiran

    any1 know the song in episode 10, when Geun Suk lean on YoonA …?

  12. nafirka

    i say thanks…

  13. marge

    thans a lot!!!

  14. ramona

    pleaaase can any one tell me wath the name of the frensh song that joon’s paly it for ha na to dance and relax for the photoshot I am daying here pleeeaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzz

  15. clau

    Thanks you!!!

    1. clau

      edit: Thank you!!

      XD! damn you typo!

  16. spiffyrosegirl

    thanks so much!

  17. mg

    Thank you for long life links

  18. cyblue

    i am really grateful for this site, for all the hard works and generosity of every one keeping this wonderful site running…i have enjoyed every OSTs you have shared!

  19. Chichi

    Yay! Thank you for this! <3

  20. HoneyDuke

    may I ask what is the title of the song in episode16 , at the time when Ha Na and Sun-Ho were talking in a restaurant .. then Joon suddenly arrived.. plsss i really wanna know the title of that song. <3 pleaassssee!!

    1. Paty Redf

      Did you mean the brazilian song that was playing? If yes, The song is “Caminhos Cruzados” by Tom Jobim.
      Here, confirm it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga9eofrh8Eg ^^

  21. MaryamTal

    Thank you very much that was really good. a complete pack . Nice!

  22. Kely Bermudes

    Sou brasileira e fiquei muito feliz em ouvir as musicas do meu país como fundo para cenas.
    No episodio 20, quando o casal esta no restaurante enquanto ela acena para o bebe toca uma musica de fundo com melodia encantadora. Alguém sabe o nome desta musica?

  23. Paty Redf

    Se não me engano a música é Caminhos Cruzados do Tom Jobim, mas que é cantado por outras pessoas.
    Veja se é esta: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga9eofrh8Eg

  24. Ruth

    Does anyone know the piano song for ep 20 at about the 13:40 minute?

  25. boshra

    please post inspiring generations sound track too!!!!

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