Yang Mi is Hawick’s bride this May…


No, not yet. Did I give ya’ll fan boys a heart attack? Fan girls? 😀

They look cute together! Despite the big age difference, Hawick looks quite young. Hopefully, there’s a day when the two have their own wedding photo shoot. Yang Mi is still young, only 25, so I don’t think she’s in a hurry to get marry yet. But Hawick is 37 years old this year, an age where the elders shoot winks at him to get on the wedding wagon. If you have followed their interviews, easy-going Hawick Lau seems adorably in love with Yang Mi, while the latter is more reserved in PDA. The real life couple will collaborate for the third time this year, a drama produced by Hawick Lau himself.

For May, Yang Mi is the modern bride for the said magazine. She has a couple of other shoots too but I like this one the best. She looks beautiful. The hair is wonderfully done.







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  1. unforgetableme

    Sadly… I did LOVE her with Hu Ge… I guess Hawick isn’t that bad… Anyway, she looks beautiful in the pictures. I love Yang Mi. Such a beautiful actress… ^_^

  2. yui

    i just watched sealed with a kiss so i’m kinda familiar with Hawick, but he’s 37 y.o woww..he looks younger than it.. the bride is so pretty… btw is she Hu Ge’s ex girl friend or what?

    1. yui

      ps : she looks different in first pic *with Hawicks* maybe the power of make up 🙂

    2. Kappy

      Yui, I think Hu Ge’s leading ladies always have rumors of dating him….but I didn’t see any confirmation in the news.

      Hawick does look really young. =)

  3. Keane

    I only recognize the male actor, I… remember he debuted in A Kindred Spirit with his real life dad. My family followed that series religiously, but I haven’t seen any of his other work after that.

    She is really pretty, and looks like she enhanced her looks in Korea. I don’t know why I thought of that. LOL! Probably by watching too many Kdramas. Oh, they are 12 years apart… googling… yup, they are of the same Chinese zodiac – Tigers – a pair of felines. I know who is more dominant in the relationship now. Meow!! kkk~

  4. Kappy

    haha works done in Korea. Omgosh. Cracks me up. It’s the public perception that Korea has the best surgeons. 😛

    There are rumors and pictures of Yang Mi before and after.

    Minor enhancement to the nose (cut down the long tip?) and jawline (angle to round?).

    1. yui

      seriously..she looks different, but hell yes…so pretty..haha..’works done in Korea’, ah i wish i could..LOLs

    2. nynaeve

      I think, it’s the nose and the teeth that are obviously different. She’s a great actress regardless… 🙂

  5. Kathy Ayres

    Hawick and Yang Mi looks great together. It’s not easy to go public in a relationship. They seems very comfortable with each other. Both work hard and I hope the best for them always. Stay strong and stay true.

  6. mạnh

    yangmi em mãi là fan của chị!i love you yangmi!^^

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