Ariel Lin accepts role in King of Lan Ling because of Daniel Chan

KLL (1)

Well, I guess the power of star crush did it this time, luring Ariel Lin to accept the lead role in the upcoming period Cdrama King of Lan Ling. Because of Daniel Chan. Aw! She admits on several occasions of her crush on him ever since she was young. In King of Lan Ling, Feng Shao Feng plays the main guy, a beautiful general who must mask his stunning looks during battles. Okay… Daniel Chan plays the other royalty, King of Northern Zhou. While Ariel is the object of affection for both men, named Yang Xie Wu.

Below are pictures from the press conference held in late March and the booting ceremony a few hours ago at Hengdian World Studios.

March 28th Press Conference: Ariel was not there. The handsome male ensemble was present. George Hu!! Wee~~~!

KLL (2)

KLL (7)

KLL (8)

Feng Shao Feng

KLL (9)

KLL (3)

Daniel Chan

KLL (10)



George Hu

KLL (4)

KLL (5)

First look at the cast in their costumes:

KLLC (3)

George Hu, Feng Shao Feng (hair, urgh!), Daniel Chan (barely recognizable)
KLLC (1)

Ariel and her idol crush Daniel, her lips can’t close. 😛
KLLC (2)

The Love Triangle
KLLC (4)

A fan’s artwork of the story

KLL (6)

Images credited as tagged & from Baidu.


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  1. lila

    the fan art looks better than the real thing, as it almost always is. Although my burning core of love for Ariel still exist, her costume looks fitted more for a slumber party than a maiden in the crossfires of two incredible eye-candy if hot lava hot men.

    1. Nutella

      I agree, I honestly had to scroll up and down a bit to see if the pretty boy was actually FSF (it was decided by the fact that he was the one who had long ponytail hair, as opposed to tied up.) It’s not that FSF isn’t handsome, he’s just not pretty (enough to have to hide behind a mask while battling). For some reason, the FSF in the artwork looks Jiro Wang-esque to me… I wish they’d chosen someone prettier (Mike He in period garb yesyesyes). Or they could’ve gone with the latest trend and chosen a korean pretty boy (imagine hearing dubbed historical speech *giggle*)… yes yes, shutting up nao~

  2. Keane

    FSF in the press con looks like Kato in Green Hornet. 0 , o” I miss Daniel Chan, the singer. Ariel in her costume.. so petite.

  3. Annette

    Hey guys, is Daniel Chan the guy who was in the Vaness Wu drama Material Girls??!! If so i think he was hot in there! Whew! Its gonna be even better in a historical – i don’t know there’s just something about men being brave warriors and looking so hot in their armour

    So drama is currently shooting which means we have to wait till next year? 🙁 that’s too long a wait

  4. Lilian

    Yeah! That was Daniel Chan in Material Girl. He was hot there!

  5. frea

    daniel looks sooo old now. he looks like a perverted minister in that robe!!

    FSF as the pretty general? he doesn’t look THAT pretty…daniel is pretty when he was younger…

    ariel looks petite. 😛

    @annette, all the good dramas = next year. lol. even BBJX 2!

    1. Annette

      You mean they making ANOTHER BBJX??! I have not even finished the first one – stuck on ep 20 since last year. can’t bring myself to embrace the 4th prince.
      What’s the story in the second one, and is Gong 2 out yet?

      1. frea

        annette, the directors are being quite tight-lipped in the storyline. filming hasn’t even started because the original stars are busy with other projects. filming is expected to begin this august. so another year of waiting. lol.

        can’t embrace 4th prince….lol i didn’t like him much either even if others explained and analyzed his actions to me. im with you and alice, the anti-4th club. 😛

  6. hitokirihoshi

    i wish i can watch this drama too.

  7. Trish

    Somehow, I like watching FSF and I think he’s prefect for his role. I think the producer should have picked a better main actress, someone who looks older, Ariel looks to small and tiny and to young looking, she does not fit the character and so FSF and Ariel does not make a good couple at all. I’m really only watching this drama because of FSF.

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