[Discussion Corner] Kdrama: Shut Up Flower Boy Band


New Feature! ‘Cause this place has become a ghost ship. I don’t want it to become a convenient download center – it was (still is) never my intention. Other than requests for upload and dramas, you guys are a quiet, tame bunch, which makes me nervous.

So here’s the first discussion post for Shut Up Flower Boy Band where all spazzers are welcome to share their thoughts, goodies, mvs, and artworks with other fans. Don’t be shy and join the wild ship partyyy!

For now I will place the spoilers hidden just in case new fans click on this post. After the episode has been aired for four days, the spoilers will be shown publicly.

Character chart for everyone who is confused because of the pretty and weird kids in this school. As usual, we have the raw and gritty rock band, Eye Candy, moving from a broken down school to a new rich high school, complete with their own cool band and pretty girls.

– The band mates in Eye Candy –


Lee Min Ki as Joo Byung Hee
Role: Wacko, unapologetic leader
Instrument: Distinct personality, unwavering voice


Sung Joon as Kwon Ji Hyuk
Role: Right-hand man
Instrument: Guitar

Um, This boy should never EVER alter his messy bed hair. It works like a charm and adds edge to his character. Seriously, who prefers this over gel-slick hair?


L as Lee Hyun Soo
Role: Ice Prince, Left-hand man
Instrument: Guitar


Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il
Role: The Quiet Analyzer
Instrument: Drum


Yoo Min Kyu as Kim Ha Jin
Role: The Charming Playboy
Instrument: Bass


Kim Min Suk as Seo Kyung Jong
Role: Cute Country Pumpkin
Instrument: Keyboard

He smiles a lot but I pick his coolest photo to to match the other guys. =P

Our Heroine:

Jo Boa as Su Ah

I don’t have problem with the character, but her delivery is borderline flat. It seems like she has no energy when she’s acting/walking/talking. This lack of screen presence/charisma could be due to her newbie status. Let’s hope she engages me soon…

– The Rival Band: Strawberry Fields –

From Left to Right:
– Jung Eui Chul as Yoo Seung Hoon (Leader – Piano)
– Jerkface Pyo Joo (Fist and trash bag)
– Computer Man (Brain & Common Sense)


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  1. Kappy

    Let me start off this thread!

    A stunning music video made by TransparentDarkness, Frea posted this a week ago on the cbox.

  2. Prita

    I Watched this Drama until 6th Episode this far.. And.. I’m Soooooooo Excited.. MUKYAAA!!!! Love the loveline… And great soundtrack too..

    I want to ask something for you Alice, Which one “Eye Candy” member you like most?? I love “Do Il” because he is a drummer.. and “Kwon Ji Hyuk” Of Course.. Woaaaa…

    No Offense..
    Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il is a drummer of Korean indie band “Mate”. ^^;

  3. Kappy

    haha Prita, Ji Hyuk and Do Il are my top two too!!

    Ji Hyuk because he’s badass but knows when to stop for the sake of others.

    Do Il – I like that he can read into the situation and makes sense of it. He’s like Peaceful Gary!! 😛 He’s a real drummer? That’s awesome! From an indie band no less! Do you know any songs of his?

    Ha Jin – the playboy and his temper. He flares up fast and goes down it the same breath. He’s so adorable in episode 6, shielding Woo Kyung from the cat fights!

    Hyun Soo – I like the simmering instability in his character. He likes to challenge the band mates but doesn’t have ill intention. Just good old tension.

    Kyung Jong is adorable. He’s quick to dismiss the rising tension between Ha Jin and Hyun Soo, and even makes HS smile. Comic relief boy!

  4. Keane

    Let’s chirp a bit about E07. I find it a bit slow today, rather a lot of blabber I prefer to ffwd, and I end up lovin’ 2 segments… (1) when JH use his clean white tee as a napkin and (2) the end when JH torn up his record contract. Am I JH bias? I had no idea. o , 0″

  5. ydoodler

    Well, I don’t have much time but since you asked I’ll spazz real quickly. Was I the only one that was annoyed by Byung Hee’s death? I wasn’t annoyed that it happened cuz I knew he wouldn’t stay but I wanted him to die from the head blow and collapse and his friends all rush to him. What was up with the random speeding truck in the middle of the night? I thought it was too much. I mean I’m pretty sure you can die if someone hits you in the head with a metal bat so I don’t see how that was necessary.
    And that kiss! I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it on the bus. The kiss wasn’t anything magical but that hand hold!!! Perfection! Can’t wait until the new episode.

  6. sevenup

    Agreed with the doodler. That death scene was too dramatic. Byung hee needed to look pretty when died!!

    how did u guys think of L’s acting? Hes hyun soo. Im an infinite’s fan, so am curious. 🙂

  7. Kappy

    hehe Keane, I only skimmed thru the raw – the last scene! Our leader is awesome!!

    ydoodler, Kdramas like to be dramatic with deaths. I couldn’t imagine if BH dies in their arms…the tears!! X(

    sevenup, I think L’s awkward personality in real life works well with his character.

    1. Keane

      Haha~ N-I-C-E….. I love the very end where he’s shot in frame when he goes, ‘sprinkle some of this on your ice cream sundae’ look, so freakin awesome!

  8. thekors

    I think Byung Hee’s death was made as such cos’ had he died due to the head blow, then it would’ve been a police case and Pyo Joo would totally be the one at fault. So rather than that, Byung Hee actually died from an accident, although perhaps without a bleeding head he would’ve been more aware of the oncoming trailer. But the boys still had a reason to hate the Strawberry Fields gang for hurting Byung Hee in the first place.

  9. frea

    GOOOOD idea! let’s spazz!

    my favorite member is hyun soo, he just has so much tension and coldness that i can’t wait to see unleash when it comes to the girl that he likes – yerim. honestly….she looks plain….older than him too. feel bad for the playboy hajin cause she looks like a dear already infront of iceprince. that’s okay…he can go back and bicker with kyung joong! the adorable busan man. hehehe

    have yet to see episode 7…but judging on alice’s screencap.. THAT WAS AWESOME! DAEBAK! his brothers must be proud.

    agreed with you alice about soo-ah, another thing that pisses me off is her passive personality regarding Seung hoon. IFF YOU DON”T LIKE the guy…DON”T let him KISS you (on forehead)…AND DON”T LET HIM HOLD YOUR HAND for god’s sake!! What the heck was that all about? it makes her look like a player. it seems more to me that she doesn’t care much about him either – they have been friends for 10 years yet she couldn’t open her mouth about her condition – tells you a lot about their relationship. just artificial.

    i hate pyo jyo…nobody better says they like him. he’s incorrigble. they should have charged him for batting byung hee like that!! DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN you BOY!!

    poor do-il. wookyung needs to open her eyes. i love her confession in episode 6 about how one always want to look their best in front of the person they love….it’s like a mirror of reality. so true and hurtful to be in a unrequited relationship. i always look the worst in front of that guy… T_T

    sorry for the rant…been holding it in for a while. peace!

  10. Psychobrit2008

    I’ve actually been watching it since it started and i’m just in love with it recently! : D
    I totally can’t wait for next weeks episodes! ^_^

  11. Kappy

    I just watched episode 7 subbed at DramaFever and..

    Hyun Soo’s conversation with his little sister breaks my heart! When he walked off that stage in episode 6, I thought he would be mad at Ji Hyuk for a while. But after the performance, I choked up when he looked around for Ji Hyuk – the fear of losing a friend and the vulnerability in his eyes was palpable.

    And then he went and confessed why he practiced so hard on the guitar so JH would be proud…OMG! This babo! And firmly believing that the band members won’t come to his house again…. *sobs*

    Jumping on bed scene. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I love this bunch.

  12. myphim

    I posted these gifs over at soompi, but might as well share it here too. I’m in love with this show right now, so might as well share the love. 🙂

    1. Kappy

      Yesh! the beginning of an active discussion! SH’s sister looks like a creep in that scene (she looks at JH not as a recruit…but more?). The boys’ reaction is precious. Thanks myphim!

      Another great mv made by Svetik!

      1. myphim

        Yes, SH’s sister gives me a creepy vibe with the way she is looking at JH. But then again, looking at how cool and handsome JH is, what girls in their right mind wouldn’t be interested? 🙂

        You can tell I am JH bias. I adore and miss BH, but my favorite character is JH. I am so willing to give up my life here and move to a rooftop room if he is the boy next door. Or better yet, if he is my roommate!!! 🙂

        Oh, thank you for sharing the awesome MV. I love it.

    2. Keane

      Dayum, it’s the “sprinkle some of THIS on your ice cream sundae” giffy! I love the last 2s-3sec of your 2nd giffy myphim.

  13. myphim

    For L or Hyun-soo supporters…

    Man, this boy is so pretty to look at. 🙂

    1. Annette

      Thanks myphim – i am enjoying looking at him! LOL! I only like to look at pretty boys but not really interested i them, i prefer manly men. In ep 10 when they’re getting ready to go onstage the way they make those boys look so pretty – going on a date would be like you’re with another chick

    2. Keane

      I saw an old photo of him somewhere, and I swear it’s as though this pretty boy done a chin implant to elongate it for proportion sake. If you watch him closely in this show then you’ll spot something odd about his chin. No matter what the boy looks good.

      1. frea

        O____________O really our handsome hyun soo had PS!!?? dang…. no wonder why Korea has the highest rate for PS. everyone wants to look perfect. they’re pretty obssessed with looks. even their teeth has to be perfectly white and straight.

        1. Annette

          I didn’t know SK was big on surgery until i heard quite a number of references about SK and plastic surgery in dramas etc. Now it makes sense why they have so many pretty boys – i never understood how there could be such an enormous population of pretty boys in SK. So they are manufactured – or should i say they are enhanced by surgery? Of course makeup does make a huge difference. Its a shame we have to change ourselves to attain the look that is deemed acceptable – when will we stop chasing for something that does not exist. There’s no such thing as perfection, everyone has flaws even the stars who we think are perfect don’t see themselves as perfect

          The one interesting i noted is that Asians who were raised in America (or maybe out of Asia) are more Asian looking than those born and bred in Asia – i’m referring to actors/ those in the entertainment business. I couldn’t figure why that was until it hit me that it was their features. Compare say Vaness Wu with most of the other starts his eyes are waaaaay smaller than the others.

  14. Kappy

    ^ I like the way he suddenly smiles, he can’t stay angry at his band mates. Aw.

    Rooftop room is the new romantic getaway. 😉


    Preview of episode 9 guys!!

    Someone please stop me from pulling my blade (you probably shouldn’t). Ya’ll see what that fartface Pyo Joo did?

  15. myphim

    Our OTP

    These two are so cute together, they need to get together as a couple soon in the drama. 🙂

  16. Annette

    OOh Alice you were right am soo totally enjoying this show. I really like the scruffiness – even though they’re too cute to be rough but it works. I like the whole vibe – before his death the lead totally stole the show. The other actors only came out after his death – that actor is brilliant. I saw him in Dal Ja’s spring and yes the acting in that drama was good but it was typical male lead. He pulled out his acting chops in this one and i’m impressed but his character weirded me out.

    So far i like the cutie Lee Hyun Soo but he’s starting to tick me off a lil bit. They’re making it seem like he’s goin to be the Judas Iscariot of the group – or they cold surprise us and it would one of the others. I’m sure to add drama someone is going to “betray” the group. The conflicts plotlines have already started – the duet LHS’s going to o and the solo acts they want for him, JH and SA relationship being a problem
    I don’t like that Yeurim chick or whatever her name is, i hope LHS doesn’t start liking her. I don’t know why but i don’t really like her character, i liked her face when i first saw her but after a couple os scenes i don’t like her anymore

    Yoo Seung Hoon is not really moving me as the bad guy. His character is soso. I think if Lee Hyun Soo had that character and was taller he would do it justice – and am not saying that because he’s better looking but when i see that look in his eyes, his whole attitude, its more noticeable than YSH.

    Really like the soundtrack, singing along everytime they play their single or when the play the ballad JH sang

    1. frea

      i know right annette? too cute to be scruff. i love it when they turned all manly in fights…those cocky faces. =D

      leader byung hee needs to go in order for the other boys to shine. he has too much charisma and his character? WEIRD which enchants people.

      im with annette, don’t like yerim…she’s…uhh….don’t have a reason. lol

      alice must be busy with her projects…but if you watch episode 10! i’ll help with the slicer!!! PJ DESERVES nothing in the end. i hate the dude with a passion. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what’s with the hand on another fragile being, much less a girl. I HATE HIMMMMMMMMMM!!

      1. Annette

        Me too frea, there’s something about that girl i can’t explain but i just don’t like her.

        I like that the pretty boys can throw a punch. I also adore Kim Ha Jin, his accent is really funny. As for Byung hee his character freaked me out a little to be honest. It was too out there for me. He seemed like the typical rock star who eat drink and sleep drugs.

  17. Kappy

    Finally made it here Annette!

    I haven’t watched theis week’s episodes yet – too many stuff to do and I’m already exhausted. Friday please don’t come. T__T I’ll spazz more after Friday! 🙁

    I did saw the preview and what that scum did to Soo Ah. I’m sharpening my slicer, now Frea.

    1. Annette

      Yes i finally made it! LOL!

      Atleast you have spring break…wait, you’re spreak break starts later right? We start tomorrow. By the time the new dramas air you will be on break right?

      1. Kappy

        Annette! My spring break BEGINS NOW! Woohoo.. *watching ShutUp*

        By the time those new WAVE of dramas come, I’m back to school. Only one week break! 🙁

        1. Annette

          I know!!! I think for me what it’ll come down to is which drama holds my interest. Any drama that has lost the spark i will drop cos i just wont have any time to keep up with any of them.

          Apart from 2 Hearts and Rooftop prince what else is coming out?

  18. Tessa

    Kaptain & Annette,

    Sooooo sorry guys i could not spazz with any of the dramas..so many things has happened in the past few weeks..my dog was rushed to the vet and was sick for more than a week..we had relatives visiting..oohh.i missed so much fun…
    I promise to spazz on the next dramas…swear!
    Take care & God Bless…=)

    1. Annette

      Tessa!!! Missed you chingu!

      I hope your dog is doing better now.

      I understand if you don’t want to start any dramas that are already airing, i get put off as well at the thought of catching up with all the eps. We definitely have to catch the Ha Ji Won & Lee Seungi drama 2 Hearts and the Mickey YooChun drama Rooftop prince

      I can’t wait til our next spazz. Take care 😀

      1. Tessa

        Kaptain & Annette,

        My Dog is okay now..up & playful again..=) thanks!
        Oh Yes i want those two..i had read the synopsis and it looks promising..when does it air?14th i think?well, im sure the Kaptain will post about them before it does, right Kaptain?
        how about Love Rain?do you think this will hit too?i hope JGS’s a lot better in this one & has matured in acting..

        take care! have a great weekend you two, and everyone of course..=)

        1. Annette

          What is Love Rain all about? I don’t remember reading about it. JGS lost me during that awful drama Mary so haven’t really followed him much

        2. Tessa

          Here: (Credits: dramaWiki)

          “Love Rain” depicts a 1970’s pure love and a love from the present day at the same time. It shows how the offsprings of a previous ill-fated couple, who met in the 1970s, managed to meet and fall in love. Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee, a art student and a shy beauty, met and fell in love with each other during college in the 1970s but unfortunately their love was fated to never be. Now in the present 21st century Korea, Seo In Ha’s son, Seo Joon (a liberal photographer) meets and falls in with the daughter of Kim Yoon Hee, Kim Ha Na, a cheerful and energetic girl who’s personality is different from her mother’s. Will their love for each other keep them together or will they have to face the same fate as their parents?

          i think it’ll air on the 26th..wadya think?interesting?..let’s give it a try..seems different from the past projects he has done..( i know what you mean ’bout Marry me, Mary..hehe) Im Yoon Ah–the heroine is from the girl group SNSD..

          anyway,let’s see what the Kaptain has to say..so many upcoming dramas to critique these days?right Kaptain A?=)

        3. Annette

          It certainly sounds different from the other roles i’ve seen him do, why not i guess. You’re for this one

          Did you hear about Kim Sun Ah new drama? Its called I do, i do – about a single 30 something careerwoman, younger man, workplace romance. I read somewhere that the younger man might be played by Jung Yong Hwa. Apparently he’s very popular on Japan so i think the Japanese investors want him to play the role. Am not sure if that’ll work cos i feel like he’s gonna look waaaaaaay younger than the actress. We just saw him in Heartstrings and he looked barely past 17 – than again maybe its cos of the character he was portraying. Think he might pull it off? Am thinking about Scent of a woman and how young Lee Dong Wook looked and he looks younger than him

        4. Tessa

          Again?another May-December affair? well kim samsoon was like that story..i think Kim sun ah doesn’t want to be partnered with an older man,,hehe don’t you think?well except maybe for “dokgojin”..well he looks hot for me..i love Jung Yong Hwa…love his voice..well i think maybe he might pull it off..with his “not speaking much” personality, i think he can..=) i miss kim sun ah..i hope she put on a little weight..she’s too skinny it make her look older than her age..

          I miss Ha ji won im excited to see her on the series..wow and with LSG..i loved him in gumiho..hehe..he’s quite popular right? i want this series not just because i love her but i remember the Kaptain’s love for the HONG sisters, who also wrote this drama..so i think it’ll be worth the wait..=)

        5. Kappy

          Just a clarification – I was confused too. There are two sets of Hong Sisters.

          You’re Beautiful/Girlfriend Gumiho/Best Love = Hong Mi Ran & Hong Jung Eun (Fun, Cute, Sweet)

          Beethovirus/King 2 Hearts = Hong Jin Ah, Hong Ja Ram (More serious, less comedic)

          From the bottom of my heart, I hope it’s not Jung Yong Hwa. He’s too young to be next to Kim Sun Ah. This is like Royal Family all over again! But this time, the guy is doubly younger!

          Love Rain…..>.< I don't know. The time periods really don't pull me in. But I'll be a fair Kaptain and check out all possible destinations. 😀

        6. Tessa

          is that it? 2 sets of sisters? sorry..mea culpa..didn’t know so many Hong writers out there..=)

          well, we can never really tell what’s good & What’s not until we watch them..some are good at first and eventually turns disappointing..

          haha..you don’t want JYH next to Sun Ah? yeah,too young..mother & son maybe…haha! but i love Sun Ah..she’s funny..

    2. Kappy

      🙁 Hope your dog is fine Tessa.

      Next drama? …. See you on the Rooftop with Yoochun and his baby gang! And Lee Seung Gi being a jerky prince. Lovely neh?

  19. IndigoJuly

    Wee~ Seeing how many posts there are here…I assume this is good? (I skimmed). Guess I’ll try rewatching it as a reward for working on these…term papers in a few hours. Been soo busy since quarter is ending and all of my professors are like cramming everything in to get their ideal final exam result and what not. ._. too much crap. Plus, my sweetie came back from overseas (she lives overseas) for a month so been trying to make time but it’s impossible 😐 Anyways, Alice, fighting!! 😀

    1. Kappy

      Hey IndigoJuly! Glad to see you dropping by. This drama is good. Hope all is well for you and your sweetie! 😀

      I finished like 3 papers this week….my fingers fell off! *isuperglueditback – so no worries!*

  20. Annette

    It certainly sounds different from the other roles i’ve seen him do, why not i guess. You’re on for this one

    Did you hear about Kim Sun Ah new drama? Its called I do, i do – about a single 30 something careerwoman, younger man, workplace romance. I read somewhere that the younger man might be played by Jung Yong Hwa. Apparently he’s very popular on Japan so i think the Japanese investors want him to play the role. Am not sure if that’ll work cos i feel like he’s gonna look waaaaaaay younger than the actress. We just saw him in Heartstrings and he looked barely past 17 – than again maybe its cos of the character he was portraying. Think he might pull it off? Am thinking about Scent of a woman and how young Lee Dong Wook looked and he looks younger than him

  21. Annette

    Sorry didn’t now it would post twice, oops :p

  22. Kappy

    My Rant/Rave for ep.9 & 10! Don’t disappoint me now with the same stuff writers!

    If anything, I think episodes 9 & 10 made me realize how young and lost these kids are.

    The two episodes were cute but I was really frustrated with Ji Hyuk as the leader. The interview had me shaking my head in disappointment. It was a chance for him to take charge but his laid-back answers were jarring to the band’s image. But then I realized that he’s not a perfect leader yet – and that’s what this story is for – shaping and setting the stage for these kids in the unforeseeable future. They might make it. They might not. They don’t have to know yet because they’re young. How many of us knew exactly what we wanted to be in high school? At least not me.

    The ending of episode 10 had me physically pounding on my laptop. HOW MANY TIMES do they have to FAIL!!?? It’s like they each take turns in creating problems during the REAL performance. Writers, that is not cute. You have to pay the medical bills for my weakening heart.

    Someone please tell me there is a use for Pyo Joo in this story – other than being A SORE whenever he’s onscreen? He has NOOOOOOOOOOO redeeming traits at all. What a trash boy! Bullying a fragile girl. And what’s with this high-class school that nobody stepped in to say something? Seung Hoon – I can’t believe your heart is the size of a nut – a cheap one. A man is not a man if he doesn’t have the decency of a gentleman. I’m shipping you to my blacklist. Just stay there and reflect.

    Now the girls. I think I’m in the minority when I say this….but between the two ladies, I’m feeling and connecting with Woo Kyung. The actress is animated, livelier than Jo Boa. I was on the verge of tears when Hyun Soo blames everything on her! Did he forget his happy face after the fight? It’s not like they’re kick out. Just a warning! She didn’t call them! Her friend did! He’s so mean!

    I think people forget that she’s family to the boys. Although her eyes are all for Ji Hyuk, her heart wants them all to do well. Why are people cursing her!

    Soo Ah and her homelessness is becoming a tiring issue – just like how the boys keep messing up during the real performances. Is she going to get kick out of the rooftop too? Writers, I think ya’ll need to spin out new stuffs.

    Soo Ah…..Soo Ah, she’s cute with Ji Hyuk, there’s no doubt about it. But like I have said before, the actress is the weakest link. Even when she’s yelling at the trash head Pyo Joo, she’s still too soft, too careful in her delivery when she should have been ANGRY. That slap was good….what’s better is a kick to the jerk’s nuts!! Arggg…how I wanted to do it myself!

    And Ha Jin just shot up on top of my favorite list! Such a sweet heart!

    Hyun Soo: Shouldn’t we stay quiet (out of this)?
    Ha Jin: What are you talking about? OUR Woo Kyung is in trouble!

    Just like how he got his hair pulled last time for intervening in the cat fight. Weee!!

    And Shil Ba….he has the scariest face of all to see in the morning!

    1. Annette

      You’re on point espec about the band not getting a break. I think they’re trying to make it more realistic, that just because you’re signed doesn’t mean you’re already successful, that there’s a lot of work that’s done to get to the top. Since we’re getting the behind the scenes look, we can get an idea of what people in the entertainment business have to go through and that they’re success in not overnight

      Ditto on Pyo joo, why he’s still around i don’t know.

      Soo Ah is cute but if she disappeared = don’t care

      Don’t really feel sorry for Woo Kyung cos she’s forcing herself on a guy who doesn’t like her. I think Jang Do Il likes her – or maybe its just sympathy

      Lee Hyun Soo was better i the interview portion, although it seems like that boy feels he might do better if he was solo

      I like that Shil Ba is their manager – i feel like he would steer them in the right direction and would work in the best interest of the band. I like his wacky rocker friend – the one he used to be in a band with

  23. Kappy

    I can’t blame Woo Kyung because Ji Hyuk hasn’t been clear with her until this week. As for Do Il, he also needs to man up and protect the woman he loves (Finally he burst out at Ji Hyuk in ep.12, about time!)

    What I like about Woo Kyung is that she feels real, as opposed to a heroine being cut out from a comic book. Her insecurities can all be seen in normal girls. The age. Not a pretty face. Not being able to attend school. And always wanting to look presentable in front of their crush. Almost everything she has said so far about loving someone resonates with girls their age.

    And then again, the boys here have so much charisma and cuteness that they literally overshadow the ladies. I…can’t really complain…there? 😛

    If anything, I love Hyun Soo again after he rejects the offer to go solo and shows that he has always wanted to stay with the boys. Aw. But his sister’s medical fees need to be paid.

    Ep.13 Preview – the break is here guys. I’m shocked to see the burning of the guitar. A very symbolic item to them…. 🙁

    What I get from this preview: Ha Jin finds out (probably from Seung Hoon) that the company wants Hyun Soo to go solo and announces to the other boys. Ji Hyuk then discovers Hyun Soo’s sick sister. He asks Hae Ri to let HS go solo…but the sister asks, “What can you do for me in return?” Ji Hyuk stays out of trouble which means he’s going to stay away from Soo Ah temporarily. However, Hyun Soo wouldn’t sign the new contract, forcing Ji Hyuk to play the bad guy – “Soo Ah is more precious than you guys! So go sign that contract!”

    Hyun Soo: So this is the end?

    The question is: Would he?

  24. Annette

    I can’t blame Ji Hyuk because he has not shown not one ounce of interest in Woo Kyung. He has never reciprocated her feelings, she did all those things because she wanted to. She’s making him out to be the bad guy because she did all those things for him but that’s not fair cos he never did ask her to, he never encouraged or led her on. Even Do Il wants him to take responsibility for something he shouldn’t have to. Being a gentleman that he is he’s there for her cos he considers her family

    I also loved Hyun Soo for a moment when he showed his loyalty, but alas it was short lived. As usual he comes in and blames everything that goes wrong in the group on Ji Hyuk. I think he needs to grow up and learn to take responsibility as well, all the blame does not go to JH just cos he’s the leader
    I’m starting to feel like he’s one dimensional in his acting, i don’t see a range from him. Its either he has a smiling or an unsmiling face

    You know, i thought Hyun Soo liked that singer chick and was just trying to act hard to get when he was refusing to sing with her. Remember the scene when he was practicing and she came in, he asked her to leave and when she did he was looking to see where he went.

    At the end of the ep, at the press conference am guessing he confessed that Soo Ah’s his girlfriend then? If he’s going to use her as an excuse to break up with the group. I hope Hyun So refuses to go solo even if he needs money for his sister and for once he tries to find a way to keep the group together and make money/be successful as a band

    1. frea

      oh annette, im so saddd…seems like HS likes that singer chick! ha jin is heart-broken. me no like.

      the thing with wookyung and ji hyuk is that he’s never clear with her. it’s like not here and not there. for girls tha age, a DIRECT rejection is what they want or else they cling cling cling!

      1. Annette

        Whaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say it ain’t so T_T I had a feeling he liked her, i think i might just stop watching this drama or i’ll just skip their parts. I’m so sad too

  25. Keane

    I notice HS likes licking his lips recent eps. DANG. SO. SEXY~ nan michyeosseoyo~~ XD And I’m pro-leader, its all about the (deep) VOICE, no, I’m not getting swayed by luscious lips. andwae~~

    1. frea

      LOL! lets buy him chapstick then? but then again, i want to see that sexy move more! 😀

      but this week episodes were sad. kyung jong is adorable. he’s the best in my eyes right now, followed by do-il.

      the other guys are ranked 3rd together.

      2 more episodes. kekeke =(

  26. frea

    can i just say last night’s episode was awesome…

    now i can see why some people say sung joon is wasted in LIE TO ME. he was. dude, the drama is a fail and he was a failed character too. plus, he looks like a tree in there.

    here he just oozes charisma and manlinessssssssss!

    im glad hyun soo rejected that clawful girl yerim. about time boy, about time.

    soo ah is going to china….i can’t say im sad….her character is basically a pretty vase in this drama. the girls just can’t shine in here. i imagine can a group of girls come together and make a drama with the same theme? would people watch it? i mean….more girls watch dramas than boys no…?

    kyung jong is back! love that dork!

    where did everyone go????????? come and spazzzzzzz with moiiiiiiiiii!

    1. Keane

      I’m not so sure about that kind of rejection frea. By the looks of the finale… well… dang, Yerim’s a lucky girl after all! I’ve skimmed through the finale, and I’m happy we all can throw confetti and start flaring up fireworks for a happy ending.

      I just had to ROFL about Ha-jin’s acting debut. Reminds me of an episode of “Friends” where the group gathers to watch Joey’s tv appearance.

      Sebastian: Jumpin jellyfish, I love the bromance!

      1. frea

        i understand now after watching ep.16…… he actually likes her!! but thats……so sudden!

        maybe i should move on…this ice prince has already melt into someone else’s arms…. not mine!


        lol 😛

    2. Annette

      He really was wasted in Lie To Me and am glad he got the chance to show his acting chops.

      What i really liked about ep 19 is that Ji Hyuk finally confronted those whinny selfish brats. All they did was complain and put all the blame on Ji Hyuk for stuff they should have taken responsibility for. Its about time Ji Hyuk stopped them from walking all over him and told it like it is. Apart from Ji Hyuk, it seems like their acting just consists of yelling, not that there was really any ability to speak of. I think i was blinded by their cuteness to notice but after they started to annoy me i stopped caring

      1. Keane

        Y’all need to get showered by his chops on this tumblr: http://fuckyeahbangsungjun.tumblr.com

        ^ , ^ v

  27. Kappy

    Will spazz this weekened when I finish the last two episodes….

    You guys can go ahead first! 😀

  28. Annette

    Haven’t watched ep 15 yet, am about to so will be back after ep 16

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