[Show] Cast of Romance Town on Happy Together

Since I didn’t have Romance Town as my project, here’s a very entertaining episode of the cast on Happy Together! Enjoy watching!

*Episode 195:
Guests: The stunning housekeepers and handsome chaebols from drama “Romance Town” – Sung Yuri, Min Hyo Rin, Jung Gyu Woon, Kim Min Joon, & Son Byung Ho
Watch here: Playlist@ DailyMotion

Alice: Oh my goodness! What a cute cast! Yuri is adorable with her cute love stories. “Ajusshi, please open the door!” had me rolling!! Oy, the things we did when we were young! Hyo Rin is a bit shy and 4-D, different from her chic photo shoots. =D Gyu Woon has an amazing upper body doesn’t he? Even when he’s sitting, his shoulders seem distinctively broader than Min Joons. Speaking of the devil! I think I found my next ajusshi crush, KIM MIN JOON! Photobucket

Anyway, lookie here, what I found: Love is in the air!
The boys smiley reaction to Yuri’s story!

Mi Sun asks, “You two are happy working with her (Yuri) right?” The boys, very shyly answer, “Yes.” So cute!

Gyu Woon’s caught smiling at Yuri’s story like a schoolboy!

Just look at their synchronized hands!

The boys, in the same posture, listen attentively to Yuri’s car kiss.

Okay guys, I’m heading to Romance Town!  Photobucket


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  1. weerainbow

    Oh YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I'm super excited you've uploaded this episode! I am loving Romance Town so much ^^ The cast and the storyline are loads of fun as well as having a lot of cute moments. I find Kim Min Joon's character adorable in the drama so I can't wait to see what he's like in real life =]
    Thank you!! ♥

  2. Chris

    How can i download this :O????

  3. alicechen

    Maggie, the main OTP is adorable. Since you have watched Romance Town, can you help me identify one scene? When SG (Yuri) rests her head on GW? I think it's on a bus. I'm itching for a banner! 🙂 

  4. alicechen

    Suggestion: http://pikeyenny.wordpress.com

  5. Chris

    Awesome, thank you ;D

  6. weerainbow

    I think I know what scene you mean but for the life of me right now I can't remember where it is… but I will try to remember and find it for you :o)

  7. Alrawy111

    Hiii. cann`t you put this ep for download ?

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