Liang Sheng Can We Not Be Laden With Grief confirms Wallace Chung, Ma Tian Yu, Sun Yi

Okay, okay. I know I’m not the best translator. Lol. A salute to all translators out there cause some of these titles be long and poetic. The upcoming melodrama adapted from novel 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 (Liang Sheng Wo Men Ke Bu Ke Yi Bu You Shang) written by Le Xiao Mi has confirmed its main cast in Wallace Chung, Ma Tian Yu, Sun Yi, Alan Yu Meng Long, and Zoey Meng Zi Yi. Our two young leads have been filming for a while now and it looks like it’s time for Wallace to jump in and scoop up the leading lady. Anyone up for a better title translation? 🙂

The important thing is the script and dare I say the author is very twisted and I’m kinda out. Lol. Which sucks because it’s Ray Ray and I want to see him in a happy role. Universe, why you do this to me?!

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Leo Wu Lei and Zhang Yi Shang lead fantasy film Asura

First stills are out for part 1 of an expensive movie trilogy, Asura (阿修罗). The word Asura in many Eastern countries means demigods and the story focuses desires and shows the ultimate meaning of life through the wars between humans and demon beasts. The kings of Desire will be played by three different actors with varying interpretations. They are Leo Wu, Tony Leung Ka Fai, and Carina Lau. After reading all that, are you confused? Cause I am. ?__?

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New Promos: Princess Wei Young and Pretty Li Hui Zhen

I know we’re busy with crime-solving dramas at the moment but one highly anticipated palace drama scheduled to be out in 2 weeks is Tang Yan‘s hopeful villainous transformation in Princess Wei Young (锦绣未央), in which she spars against her bubbly two-faced sisters and breaks the hearts of some men on her way to the top. Will she right the wrongs that past villains failed to do? (Kap: She better or else…Lol.)

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Cdramas: Memory Lost, When A Snail Falls In Love Episodes

Since both are Ding Mo’s novels, I’ve placed them in the same post for easy access. ;D Brains vs Brawn. Which one will capture your heart?

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Zhao Li Ying confirms movie with Deng Chao, new Eternal Wave Trailer

Ah, so my hunch was correct. Li Ying’s next project is Deng Chao‘s new movie, Ride the Winds, Break the Waves (Cheng Feng Po Lang, 乘风破浪). Though a quickie of the synopsis reveals its an emotional story about the reconciliation between a father and his son directed by Han Han (Easy Life). Do you see a happy smile on my face? Lol. I guess after 5 months of working for Princess Agents, she deserves a break in roles. The other actors include Dong Zi Jian, Li Rong Hao, and some sources say Eddie Freakin Peng!! AHHHHHHHHHHH. A sweet romance with everyone’s favorite movie son is fine with me too. One of my dream pairings!

A few updates of Li Ying after the jump.

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Lost Love in Times (Zui Ling Long) drops William Chan Posters

I’ll be honest and say I really wish Shi Shi didn’t pick this role as her comeback to ancient dramas, after filming If Love Like This and The Battle At The Dawn, because it really is the rehash of Bu Bu Jing Xin! However, on the upside, maybe having a mischievous smiling monkey in William Chan will give her an energy boost in performance? Still looking for the harumphhhhh feeling from Shi Shi. Lol. But anyway, Zui Ling Long (醉玲珑) now has an English name in Lost Love in Times, and is based on a novel written by Shi Si Ye. I like the name! No more Legend this and ancient that. Whew! They dropped the first posters just an hour ago of our leading male so have a look at his oh-so-serious face!

(If they release more posters within the next 24 hours, I’ll add them to this post.)

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Tong Li Ya and Chen Si Cheng’s Great Expectations reveals posters of veteran-driven male cast

Nothing like putting pressure on yourself by naming your drama, Great Expectations (远大前程)! But then how could you not when the majority are veterans in the field? Real-life husband and wife, Chen Si Cheng and Tong Li Ya, star in the highly anticipated republican drama by sending everyone back to the world of glitz and glamor of 1920s Shanghai in a constant battle of power struggles. Beside playing the male lead, Chen Si Cheng also sits proudly in the team of producers and sole scriptwriter chair that he’s been working on for 5 years. His previous script work was Beijing Love Story (北京爱情故事).

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Legend of the Ancient Sword 2 lines up Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er

Interesting casting news as Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er are not unfamiliar. They are a couple on a Chinese dating show called Perhaps Love (如果爱) that started airing a month ago with 3 total couples in collaboration with Korean company CJ E&M. Legend of the Ancient Sword (Gu Jian Qi Tan) Season 2 will not be a sequel but a new story. Production will begin clicking soon! More info will come out then.

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Zhu Yi Long sings for horror movie The Nursery with Thai actress Min Pechaya

You know when they come, they come in crowds! Min Pechaya is another Thai actress soon to meet Chinese fans on the big screen with collaborated horror movie The Nursery (育婴室) along with actor Zhu Yi Long. I hope no one is eating when they read this post…. because the movie centers on the ancient practice of consuming human flesh…. and I think the title hint enough at the evil spirits to come back and haunt those with a wicked heart! *chills*

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (43)

Happy Friday! I just received a flooding warning in the middle of a heavy rain. Gah. Let’s hope the trees and plants get their water supply and my basement stay dry. Lol.

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