Tdrama: Lovestore At The Corner Episodes

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More cute behind the scene stills from Butterfly Fragrance

 photo Butter29.jpg

Watch out guys, the cute-o-meter for this drama is blowing up the roof! I really don’t need more reasons to check this out. The cast, old and young, get along so well that they are posing and snapping selfies like there’s no tomorrow. What I like even more? The bromance and the sisterhood are displayed in fair amounts. The guys are pals and the ladies are friends (despite having conflicts due to differences in status), instead of the same old setup where the second female lead is deemed evil and pining after the male lead in every single scene. She has her own man and struggles. Which makes me question why the theme of friendship between women is rarely proportional in drama land, when compared to the dominant male rapport. A lifetime of loyalty and trust run deep in our blood as well!

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Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

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Tdrama: Fall In Love With Me OST

The UNOFFICIAL soundtrack off the artists’ individual singles.

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Zhai Tian Lin’s breakthrough role in The Master of the House

 photo House11.jpg

I don’t think many recognize his name? He was the despicable brother king in King of Lan Ling, you know, the man who did one unforgivable thing at the very last episode? I sympathized with him at several points in the drama but once that happened, pity was gone, and what’s left is a burning hatred. :D

Anyway, he’s been in a few projects, but one that captured my attention is Master of the House, where he plays an autistic man. And based on the trailer, he’s doing a decent job.

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Adorable Tang Yan & Li Yi Feng lead in Butterfly Fragrance

 photo buttercover.jpg

Hee! Now this is a cast I’m attracted to without second thoughts. As you know, Tang Yan has wrapped up Lady and the Liar, and Li Yi Feng‘s Return of the Heiress, has finished airing. Thus, the two are chosen to lead in a new period Cdrama titled, Butterfly Fragrance. To round out the full cast are Shu Chang and William Chan, portraying the second leads.

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Wallace Huo duets with Della Ding for Perfect Couple’s themesong

 photo aposetrr.jpg

It’s been a long time since an ancient Cdrama releases a happy song for once! This means we have a happy ending, right, right? And how appropriate it is to invite Miss Della Ding for a partnership. She’s wonderful! And of course a batch of mister kisses missy accidentally and PURPOSEFULLY. hehe. :P

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Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen master the waltz in Cruel Romance

 photo 0301d1bc-9edc-4bc7-8ca2-d497fb3566cd.jpg

I’m no expert in dancing so if I’m wrong, forgive. But judging from the latest stills, one’s guess of Huang Xiao Ming‘s profession isn’t the mobster prince of Shanghai, but instead a dreamy dance teacher. Anyway, there’s no doubt this drama is gorgeous to look at….but let’s join my mantra, shall we?

pleasebegood! pleasebegood!! youmustbegood!!

I cannot stress this enough.

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Family in the Wind brews bromance with Tony Yang & George Hu

 photo a2c152a7-6832-442e-afe2-d2e329904830.jpg

Oh the pretty boys and the bromance! Did Tony Yang sign a new agency recently? He’s been in a few prolific projects these past few months, both in dramas and now in films. Family In the Wind takes place in the chaotic times of war, with Tony leading the energetic, bright cast, portraying a tortured man who is forced to abandon his hometown, leaving his pregnant wife behind. A fact that many families can relate to, the agony and restlessness of waiting for news – any piece of news, can swallow you whole. The story will follow Tony’s character until he’s old and fragile. Which means, yes, he won’t see his baby until the boy has grown into a handsome, young lad, played by Mason Lee.

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Jmovies: We Were There (Part 1 & 2)

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