Jasper Liu flashes dimpled smile in Rainie Yang’s Some Water

We made it past wednesday. One more day before the weekend, drifters! I know most of us are still speechless and deeply saddened about the sudden departure of D-addicts torrent section. D-addicts was where I learned to torrent and the place I uploaded my first torrent. So this news definitely hurt where it matters. But when there’s a strong will to share, uploaders will definitely find a way (have we not overcome many hurdles before this?) As a matter of fact, there’s already a thread discussing that right here. A helping hand here and there and we might have something soon.

Anyway, Rainie Yang just released her music video for her latest song, “Some Water.” Hopefully, the appearance of Mr. Bright Smile can soothe a part of your sorrow.

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Alec Su’s directorial debut, The Left Ear, releases trailer and posters

Three posts in one day? Who’s the bomb now?! ME. Well, I have work the next two days so I’m just gonna update consecutively knowing that I’ll be too tired after work to do anything. You ladies have fun with all the pretty. Following the footsteps of actors-to-directors (Deng Chao, Ruby Lin, Zhao Wei, etc), Alec Su‘s movie adaptation of popular novel, The Left Ear, written by Rao Xue Man, will hit theaters in early 2015. A press conference is held today in which the four main actors, posters, and a trailer are introduced to the audience. However, the face of our female lead is hidden/excluded in ALL promotional materials. This is a first.

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The Condor Heroes with Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen gets an air date

I checked and I haven’t written about this remake since….last year? Whoa. To be fair, there’s nothing to write about anyway since we know the story inside out, and head to toe. The catch is how Yumama is gonna change (ruin?) the story. I guess you’re anxious for the real date? Rumors last month said that Yun Ge From the Desert would air back-to-back with its prequel, Sound of the Desert. But the latest news from HunanTV adds a small twist and Romance of the Condor Heroes will premiere after Sound of the Desert on December 3rd.

BUT don’t worry, Yun Ge From the Desert will also air on December 9th. Two Yumama’s dramas back-to-back in one week. I guess your days of blood-spitting will happen 24/7 and every day of the week. Lol.

Let’s think positively for a second here….

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Angelababy mesmerizes Michael Chen in new film, Love on the Cloud

Angelababy is pushing all my right buttons recently. With her fun and bubbly self on Run, Brother, I’m beginning to transition those good feelings to her filming projects. Not to mention she recently donated to a charity in Huang Xiao Ming’s name to celebrate his 37th birthday in the states. In her latest film, Love on the Cloud, she’s paired up with Michael Chen. These two are good friends and it’s not hard to see that when he calls her troublesome/handful on Run, Brother.

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Aim High: Episode 2 & 3 “Run or Confront?”

 photo Aim2-15.jpg

You guys should have seen my face when Yi Fen complains about not hearing from the jobs she applied to just a few days ago. Gurl, this missy’s been waiting for months! And unlike you, this missy does not know a handsome manager to get her a job! Oy, the pains of reality. Anyway, the plot is moving at a snail’s pace, and if it weren’t for the likable cast, I might not have continued this far.

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Changes and additional casting decisions for Chen Qiao En’s Destined to Love You (+ Official Stills)

They look like hot flight attendants. heh.

Since the last time I wrote about this drama, Tony Yang’s name has been replaced with HK actor, Bosco Wong. The lucky lady involved with Bosco and the male lead, Jia Nai Liang, is Joe Chen Qiao En. The unlucky lady who plays the supposedly dead fiancée, Zheng Shuang, rounds out the four-legged love square.

BUT OMG!! The men cast in the roles of officers/soldiers are freakin amazeballs. All my recent favorites.


POST UPDATED >>11.20.14.

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Cdrama: The Battle of Changsha Episodes

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HunanTV’s remake of Queen In Hyun’s Man picks Zheng Shuang and Boran Jing

Well, Korea can’t have all the fun with remakes, so China, specifically broadcast station, HunanTV, has put their paws into the same bowl of ideas as well. One of the two projects includes the popular 2012 Cable drama, Queen In Hyun’s Man, that catapulted the talents of Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na into the public eye. Can the same success be achieved a second time with Zheng Shuang and newbie singer-actor Boran Jing? Hmmmm….hard to say.

Tentatively named, The Queen’s Man, filming is expected to launch in December, shooting for a premiere in 2015.

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Li Yi Feng sings the themesong for The Legend of Fragrance

Did you know this puppy started out as a singer? I didn’t. Both Legend of Fragance and Cruel Romance were slotted to air in November and I was pumped for them until they were stripped of their line number. =/ But anyway, they are now scheduled for an early broadcast in 2015. What the heck does that even mean?!! *grumble grumble*

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Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

Are you ready to see some action between the newbies from Run Brother and the original members of Running Man?

Race starts!

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