Yang Rong’s gorgeous palace in Gu Long’s Flying Daggers

It’s only one still but if I had a palace house like Yang Rong in the latest remake of Gu Long’s The Legend of Flying Daggers, I would host my Thanksgiving and Christmas party there every year! Basically, I would never leave. Is everyone here all set for the big dinner tomorrow? Don’t head out to the grocery store because you’re most likely gonna get a black eye. Not pointing fingers but it was brutal last year. Lol. Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow drifters (~^_^~)! Remember to be thankful for what you have instead of the luxuries you don’t own (read: Black Friday is just around the corner! =P) There is a reason why you have those in the first place. Cherish them! =)

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (23)

Another long overdue batch. Just to catch up before Thanksgiving.

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Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Episode 1 – 30 “Love and Hate.”

I’ve been negligent towards this drama, mainly because I’m left disappointed. It’s an idol wuxia drama through and through. The only plus point is how gorgeous Zhao Li Ying looks in every frame (over 1000 screencaps of her in my harddrive), there’s hardly a minute where she’s not lovely. So pretty that I have a hard time focusing on other characters (they are pretty unlikable anyway, LOL). The plot is starting to cycle in circles with Papa Wu asking the same old question, “Daughter, does Ding Yi still trust you? If yes, approach him for the Nth time.”

Me: “Father, you’re really lame.”

Episode 21-30 are released today 11/22/15! Discuss away! I promise to be more active. =)

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Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 4) and Run For Time (Ep.3)

Sorry, I missed last week! Was just too caught up with life and work. If you’re watching any other shows, hit us up in the comment section for a recommendation. I haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet so you ladies can chat about them first. I have work tomorrow morning so see you in the afternoon!

Elvis, Gina, Hawick, and Luo Jin are here with us!

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Remake of The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016 begins casting

I have no words for this trend anymore. But since it’s happening, we might as well join in the fun of unraveling new faces. I’m hoping that they stay true to their words and cast new faces through whatever reality shows/programs they’re planning. Two production companies, Huace Media and Perfect Pictures and Media Group, have bought the rights to adapt Jin Yong’s Legend of the Condor Heroes, first part of the Condor Trilogy next year. Producing the series is Guo Jing Yu (Yangko Dance), directing is Jiang Jia Jun (Yangko Dance, Love is Back), and writing is Chen Man Ling.

Let’s walk down memory lane to see which remake is your favorite?

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Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing for 20 Once Again Drama Version

Interesting pair. I love me some Elvis Han but someone needs to feed Hu Bing Qing too. What’s with our actresses looking like walking sticks these days? :( At least she doesn’t look ill (like the case of Sebrina). Veteran actress Gua Ah Leh will be reprising the grandma “heroine” role from the movie adaptation released earlier this year with Lu Han and Yang Zi Shan. 20 Once Again is the drama remake of hit Korean Movie, Miss Granny. Despite having already three versions of the same source material, I still haven’t watched the original movie yet! Chime in below if you have seen previous adaptations and your thoughts on the casting choices. I think it’s high time for me to get my hands on Miss Granny now.

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So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

Last time we talked about the drama version of So Young, we only have three confirmed male actors, and now we have a full cast list! The leading and supporting ladies have been decided and I’m a little less enthused, mostly because of the way they chose to style our heroine. She looks like a bum. Lol.

Included is a low quality fancam trailer that I ripped from the press conference.

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Ice Fantasy production welcomes fans to filming locations

If you start seeing more banners of Prince Ray around, don’t be annoyed. That kid is taking my breath away with his white hair and perfect skin. Yesterday, the production crew opened up their filming locations to reporters and a few fans (not me…sadly BECAUSE I WOULD NEVER LEAVE!) They were filming a battle between the two royalties – Fire Princess and Ice Prince!

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Goo Hye Sun joins Zhang Han at The Legendary Tycoon Press Conference

It’s official. Goo Hye Sun will be playing Zhang Han‘s female lead in his currently filming drama about Sir Run Run Shaw called The Legendary Tycoon. A press conference was held today with its main cast attending in their costumes. Chen Qiao En is taking the part of an extended guest role as she will be playing a TV Queen who is supported by Sir Run Run throughout her career and ultimately reaches a tragic end. She has wrapped up her scenes in the drama. Song Yi (The Disguiser), another love interest, did not attend the conference due to scheduling conflict.

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Sparkling cast chemistry in new stills for Liu Tao’s Ode to Joy

Mentioned this two months ago, and have been compiling stills since then, so this will be image-heavy (when are they not? hehe). I originally thought we were gonna get a healthy dose of sisterhood (so lacking in Cdramas and everywhere else!) from this workplace drama, but from the stills, bromance is also in the game. This is icing on the cake because everything looks promising even if we might get one or more love triangles. Everyone is talented in their craft so I’m excited for what is to come! Finally, a modern drama that I’m eagerly anticipating!

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