Four Character Teasers for Jiang Jin Fu’s Royal Highness

Yes. You read that right, we have a wagon of trailers released yesterday at the press conference for Jiang Jin Fu‘s period drama, Royal Highness (回明之杨凌传), based on the novel written by Yue Guang. The novel follows a modern man who is given a chance to re-live and is sent back through time and landed himself in the Ming Dynasty. Using only his wits, he’s able to rise the rank and befriend the emperor. Friends, enemies, and a house of lovely ladies. What a lucky man. I think this is the premise our male fans would appreciate more than us girls. Lol. However, I have to add that the trailers surprised me in a good way. I expected more comedy from the synopsis but each trailer runs solemnly and wraps the struggles of each character nicely in one brief minute. It’s back on my watch-list now. XD

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Proud of Love: Episode 3 Recap

The first two episodes are just a crappy beginning, but afterwards it really does improve! I really did watch until episode 10! >_< lol Thus, I have made the decision to rush the drama recap out to prove it! I could tell that many were vomiting blood previously. (Well I was too lol) This next episode will focus on their first day of gender switching, with many hilarious moments and our first insight into our OTP!

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Humorous interactions in Medical Examiner Dr. Qin New Trailer

Oh! The second trailer gives us an unexpected surprise to the series. The first one was pretty standard stuff, so the second one counters with a brand of petty revenge in the workplace and a cute bromance in the horizon. It also has an official air date. Looks like October is the month of investigative series. We have Yang Rong’s Memory Lost, Wang Kai’s When A Snail Falls In Love, and now Zhang Ruo Yun‘s Medical Examiner Dr. Qin.

Really is the battle of the brains, isn’t it?

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First Official Stills of China’s She Was Pretty with Dilraba and Peter Sheng

The Chinese Remake of Korean drama She Was Pretty is now officially called Pretty Li Hui Zhen (漂亮的李慧珍). Aww, I really appreciate the new title because it doesn’t encapsulate her beauty in one phase like the Kdrama did with She WAS Pretty. She was and still is very pretty. I’m not sure they even try but we have to go with their structure of beauty. Dilraba Dilmurat plays our heroine Li Hui Zhen, who had it all when she was younger (beauty and brains), only to grow up to be an average beauty (cue *roll eyes*). When an old friend (Peter Sheng Yi Lun) returns with his good looks, she’s made to feel humbled, asking her best friend to meet him instead. And thus begins a journey of self-discovery. At least, that’s what I hope!

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Proud of Love: Episode 1 – 2 Recap “Marriage Proposal.”

Imagine my excitement when the fluffy first episodes of Proud of Love first came out. I’m usually not into gender switching but I was totally reading the novel translation from hui3r before there was even any drama news and it was pretty comedic – a very light read. I’ve been on drama block for so long, from busyness and other ‘official’ matters it’s been good to have a break 😛 even if it is temporary. A ton of things happen even if the plot line so far does have a lot of loopholes. Yerp. Guess who proposes? And so early into the drama…?

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (41)

There’s no better time than now to do a batch news! Happy Sunday!

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Jiro Wang, An Yue Xi lead supernatural drama Rakshasa Street

Manhua series Rakshasa Street (超级网剧镇魂街) written and illustrated by Xu Chen gets a drama adaptation starring Jiro Wang (Looking for Aurora) and An Yue Xi (Tornado Girl 2). I initially wanted to check out 5 episodes of the anime but ended up binging all 20 episodes. They are pretty short, around 14 minutes each episode. And my gawddddd, the feels in this anime is no joke! Romance is little to none but it’s the story and love between the brothers that got my heart wrung out for them. Our heroine, Xia Ling, is a fresh graduate out of college and looking for jobs. When she receives a text message for an interview late at night at a street called Rakshasa, she rushes out, and belatedly realizes how weird it is for a company to interview so late (she’s desperate for a job). It’s too late now and she has crossed into a transitional dimension, the bridge between the human ream and hell, where spirits are kept until they are sanctioned. There are many streets like this and each street has a guardian general, guarding the place. At Rakshasa Street, it’s the turf of two brothers – Cao Yan Bing (older) and Cao Xuan Liang, presumably are descendants of Cao Cao.

The bond between the brothers remind me so much of my favorite anime – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The story has potentials.

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Hunan to air Zhang Han Yun, Andy Chen’s Princess of Lan Ling

We are almost there guys!! Finally some good news for us! The highly anticipated drama, Princess of Lan Ling (兰陵王妃), adapted from the novel written by Yang Qian Zi, is scheduled to premiere online at Mango TV on September 29th October, having been bought by Hunan and shelved till now (4 years?). With that, I’m sad to share the news that one of the cast members is no longer with us in this world. I wasn’t able to share the news back then, but she’s remembered fondly by the cast and friends and deserves a spot in your heart for her courageous fight against cancer.

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Sparrow: Episode 2 “The Friendship Delusion.”

 photo main.jpg

Chen Shen may be a talented spy to survive under the nose of his superior, enemy and sworn brother, but he is ultimately still human. Even at the risk of exposure and undoing everything he has done in the past three years, he desperately tries to save his sister-in-law from a certain death. It is our first glimpse of his idealism, and it explains a lot of what we know, and don’t know, about his relationship with Bi Zhong Liang.

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Zhao Li Ying asks for grieving space at Rookie Agent Rouge Press Conference

You guys don’t know, having a laptop means so much to me. It’s an extension outside the four walls of this white room. The upcoming republican drama, Rookie Agent Rogue (胭脂) has geared up its promotions, holding multiple press conferences in the past several days since it’s airing on the 27th. At one conference, our poor baby girl is badgered by reporters about her silence on weibo when it comes to Kimi’s passing. She basically tells them that each person has their own way of grieving, and hopes that people will respect the dead, giving space for everyone to mourn and accept the tragic news (really appreciate her costars patting her supportively during the interview). They also reveal new trailers and Li Ying’s song for Rouge OST, which is a very slow, slow song.

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