Tencent QQ Star Awards 2016, more of Marie Claire Artistry

The endless rounds of red carpet events. O_________O I need some cookies and drinks after this. Lol.

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Cdrama: The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Episodes

Why am I still here…. Lol. Even the songs are the same. *side eye*

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Tang Yan, Luo Jin’s First Couple Appearance at Marie Claire Artistry

Another fashion event! This time the talk of town is of course the long-rumored-finally-confirmed real couple Luo Jin and Tang Yan in their first public appearance as a couple. Not sure if they planned it before hand but their appearance coincides with Princess Wei Young‘s last episode. Not in reel life but in real life. 😉

If you want me to post other celebrities too, let me know. I have a few appointments to attend to today. ^^

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Eddie Peng and Zhao Li Ying wrap up filming for their movie

Now that is fast. Movies are generally faster than dramas. Now our girl can begin filming for The Monkey King 3 soon. Lol. For their wrap-ups, Li Ying spams weibo with a lot of pictures. This girl has been spamming people’s weibos these past few weeks. Even writer Han Han couldn’t escape her royal wrath. Lol.

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The King’s Woman led by Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin

Those who have watched The Legend of Qin will find this story right up your alley because it tells the story of Tian Ming’s parents or at least, his beautiful mother. Adapted from the novel, The Legend of Qin: Li Ji Story (秦时明月之丽姬传), the official English title is The King’s Woman (丽姬传). Our female lead’s beauty is the cause of all troubles and I think they are spot-on in casting Dilraba Dilmurat. But I’m confused at the synopsis, looks like they have made changes…

Side-note: Isn’t it funny that in the remake of She’s Pretty, Dilraba plays an unattractive woman and here, she’s the  most beautiful? Lol…

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Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

They say that time heals all wounds and I really wished this drama didn’t air so soon. If it is hard for us to talk about Kimi Qiao, imagine how difficult it is for Chen Qiao En, one of the few actresses that Kimi showed again and again how much he adored and loved her. Modern drama, Stay With Me, held its press conference today and it is a time of acceptance and civility. Everyone tried to keep the mood swinging but we can tell it’s no easy task. Joe took it to weibo later to express the thoughts that she couldn’t finish. A rough translation at the end of the post.

Exactly one week before I return to work. Kimi, you and I, must we be linked this way?

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Nothing Gold Can Stay drops first stills with Chen Xiao, Sun Li

Based on a true story, That Year Flower Blooms The Moon Is Full (那年花开月正圆) has an official English title as Nothing Gold Can Stay. The story features Chen Xiao (Romance of the Condor Heroes 2014) and Sun Li (Legend of Mi Yue) in a period drama at the end of the Qing Dynasty in Shaanxi, surrounding the merchant trade of silk. They held a press conference a few hours ago and boy was it a star-studded event from the TV industry with TVB ladies Myolie Wu and Niki Chow, as well as Ren Zhong, Yu Hao Ming, and veteran Zhang Chen Guang in attendance.

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New Korean Drama I Look Forward To: Seven First Kisses

Well, I’m back again! ♥♥♥ This time with a Korean drama! As you all know, many new dramas have come out, and they all look very good! Today I’m here to talk about: Seven First Kisses! It features many “hot guys” whom I think you will all recognize when I talk about them.

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Love Bug Report: Luo Jin’s shoulders are only for Tang Yan


Luo Jin! You brave and romantic duck! It’s Tang Yan‘s birthday so everyone has been waiting on pins and needles to see what rumored boyfriend would say on weibo and he did not let us down. He posts, “My shoulders are always ready for you to lean on! My love, Happy Birthday!”

Tang Yan replies, “Fate is you.” (So it’s you.)

That’s it, folks. Another epic couple is formed with Luo Jin dating the current rating queen, Tang Yan. ♥♥♥

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Beautiful Stills: General and I, Dragon Pearls, Stay With Me

A lot of stills and they are beautiful, especially those of General and I

*UPDATE: Added Second trailer for General and I.

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