Chen Qian En cosplays for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Game

Why does this woman look so fierce and badass in ancient costumes? It makes her recent character in Cruel Romance a huge joke!

*grumble grumble*

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William Feng, Zhang Jing Chu, Tang Yan at Three Body Press Conference

Three Body, is a film adaptation of the sci-fi novel, The Three-Body Problem, written by Chinese writer Liu Cixin. Set in the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution, the premise is about alien invasion and the government and scientists’ responses to this intrusion of their homeland by dividing into different factions. The humans are not all that innocent to begin with because a signal launched into outer space by a military project is captured by a group of desperate aliens on the verge of extinction. It gives them hope and the idea that coming down to Earth might save them. I’m planning on reading the translated English novel because I love sci-fi novels and the reviews sound positive! The star-studded film held a press conference today with its cast. Leading the pack is William Feng (King of Lan Ling) and Zhang Jing Chu (I Am Somebody, Honeymoon Hotel).

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Jing Tian’s Ban Shu Legend releases english-subbed trailer

Ban Shu Legend is said to be the sequel to Zhao Li Ying’s Female Prime Minister since the main character played by Jing Tian is supposedly her niece who was separated from her parents as a child and grew up in the grasslands. To be accepted by her noble family, she enters the Palace, hoping to prove her ability and become an instructor at the Royal Female Academy. I can see the potential in Jing Tian, but her OTP man Zhang Zhe Han needs to rise up to the challenge if he wants to shine next to her blazing self. Lol. Real life couple, Li Sheng and Li Jia Hang, are not playing lovers. Awww.

The good thing is it’s English-subtitled! Yu Zheng trying to get on the good side of international fans?

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Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Premiere Episodes]

We Are In Love is China’s We Got Married and Run, Brother is China’s Running Man. I don’t know how far we can go yet but I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where we can chat about Chinese Variety Shows on a weekly basis. And hopefully, the discussion/spazzing can lead to more interest and english subtitles! Feel free to join in!

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The Legend of Zu Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2015)

I know this drama will tease us with batch of little stills like this so here’s a compiled picture post so I don’t drown you guys with Zu posts. Lol.


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Filming begins for Chen Xiao and Yuan Shan Shan’s Love Up In The Air

Yu Zheng’s first modern drama (he’s the producer), tentatively called Love Up In the Air (or Cloud in the Air) has a booting ceremony to begin filming on April 18th. I think he’s only interested in messing with the wuxia world; Modern world is enough of a chaotic place without his paws on them. Chen Xiao (Romance of the Condor Heroes) and Yuan Shan Shan (City of Angels) are the leads. I did not remember these two were paired up way back in Beauties of the Emperor! I hated her character so much in that drama…..she literally got every single man she wanted in there! Truth be told, I’m not a fan of this pairing. Yuan Shan Shan has yet to capture me with her performance. Might this be the one?

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The Ark Of Mr. Chow with Zhou Dong Yu drops cute stills and trailers

Sorry for the lack of updates! Working and marathoning Daredevil took a toll. Wowzer. The Ark Of Mr. Chow is another youth-centered movie. But this one is a little different, focusing on the turbulence of puberty and the social awkwardness of gifted kids who are recruited at a tender age to train for a world of mathematics competitions. So geniuses without social skills. heh. Reminds me of The Big Bang Theory! Directed by newbie director, Xiao Yang, who was a graduate of the the same program three decades ago, the film promises to take an honest look into their lives and the embarrassing moments on campus that are heart-warming and equally hilarious.

I don’t know about the movie yet but the press conference is CUTE.

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5th Beijing International Film Festival

This is like the best time to check out what movies your favorite stars are in! And how entertaining it is for them to pick which movie to represent if they have more than one! HAR-HAR. It’s funny that some of them actually changed and then walked again for their other movie. 😉 Time to bust out those gowns and jewelries!

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Ariel Lin, Kara Hui, and Chen Xiao as The Mysterious Family

As previously mentioned in one of the C-News batches: Ariel Lin, Kara Hui, and Chen Xiao were invited to film a horror thrilling suspense movie last December (filming wrapped up in February.) The Mysterious Family is directed by a Korean director, Park Yu Hwan (Memento Mori) and revolves around a murder and the confusing dynamics of the family with Ariel playing the high school daughter (??!!!), Chen Xiao as the son, Kara as the mother, and Jiang Wu as the dad. Miao Miao, a carefree and bright-eyed student, encounters a night of brutal attack that changes everything about her routine life.

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Official Trailer for The Legend of Zu brings kisses and backhugs

A press conference was held today. Beside cat-walking down the red carpet in their costumes and waving their designated weapons, the first official trailer was also released to the audience. I watched the fancam trailer and is still upset with some of William’s fangirls. The need to scream EVERY SINGLE TIME his face is shown on screen while ignoring the rest of the cast members is frustrating, to say the least (click here for the fuzzy fancam). What’s going on here?! If I were there, I would be screaming for everyone, loudest for my girl crush Ying Ying because she deserves much more support than what was shown! Tskk Tskk!!

– calms self down –

Enjoy the heavy batch of images and trailer at the end. 😉

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