Fierce make-up marks Zhao Li Ying’s character transformation in The Journey of Flower

No more ghost Kappy! I’m officially back. It was a good trip, I’ll post pictures after I sort them out, making sure that nothing inappropriate grazes your screen. Lol. I like that when I return, I see badass pictures of my girl crush in her glorious demon make-up, hair, and costumes for the drama and the game app of Hua Qian Gu aka The Legend of Flower, which is scheduled to premiere on HunanTV coming June 9th! This also means the end of The Four (I need to continue watching this one) A longer trailer will be released very soon so hold on to your horses! I’m excited mostly because she’s been missing from the small screen for way long! And this is HER HAREM drama. All female actresses should have their own harem drama. That should be the law. =D

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Jerry Yan and Ron Ng compete for the title My Best Ex Boyfriend

Ghost Kappy reporting to duty!

Interesting. With a title like that, it’s no surprises that our female characters cannot move on with their lives! Everybody is everybody’s exes. Modern drama My Best Ex Boyfriend features Jerry Yan (Loving Never Forgetting) and Maggie Jiang (Go Goal Fighting!) as the main ex-couple, while Ron Ng (Return of Happiness) and Viola Mi (My Sunshine, The Empress of China) as the second ex-couple.

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Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 5]

Hello-halo! This is Kaptain-K speaking, Keane here taking lead for today’s chat station. I have CONTROL on this ship, muahahahaha~ *rubs hands together* kiikiikiikii~ I’ve tossed Kaptain-A in the Bermuda Triangle, so she may need to befriend sharks in order to return here and charter this massive vessel.

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Adrenaline is sky-high in Eddie Peng’s To The Fore

First post written by ghost Kappy!

You know I can’t leave you guys without nothing to read right? So there are pre-written posts scheduled to publish every 1 or 2 days. This way, you won’t feel my absence at all, except in the comment section. heh. Have some pretty pictures of the hard-working cast in To The Fore as they prepare to bike their way into your heart this August 7th! The scenery of each biking competition is worth your time, not that these pretty boys and girls aren’t appealing enough. I remember the last time we talked about this movie, it was all about their pervie uniform in the diaper area. heeehee! 😉

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (10)

This is just a mini version of my usual long C-news post…. much shorter… -snickers-

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Two movie adaptations for one novel: Ghost Blows Out the Light

Why? A drama version and a movie, okay, I’ll take that with a bitter face. But TWO movie versions of the same novel filmed at the same time? Just you wait, they are gonna announce a drama remake soon! The first adaptation I had talked about is called The Ghouls starring Chen Kun, Shu Qi, and Angelababy. The second one is called Ghost Blows out the Candle: Demon’s 9th Tower/Floor (roughly translated) starring Mark Zhao, Yao Chen as leads, and Tang Yan and Jerry Lee in supporting roles. Yep. You saw that right. TANG YAN. Bloody heck! You guys can’t say I’m crazy now…..she’s definitely a robot.

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Remake of TVB’s A Step Into The Past courts William Chan

Looks like the next IT boy receiving casting love calls left and right is William Chan (Legend of the Ancient Sword, The Legend of Zu). I’m not sure I like this… The original did bring fame and attention to the rising group of newbies led by Louis Koo and the talented Kwong Wah. When I was younger, I liked A Step Into The Past a lot… Time travel was a novel idea back in the days and who knew TVB was the pioneer of many things ages ago (heh). A Step Into The Past is an ancient drama produced by TVB in 2001; the story is based on a novel of the same name by Huang Yi and follows a police officer (Louis) as he travels back in time to the warring periods of China and gets involved in many historical events leading to the unification of China under the Qin dynasty. Raymond Lam played the first emperor of Unified China, aided by Louis along the way.

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Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

The drama actors come to pay a visit! MORE PLEASE. Maybe a batch of drama actresses in the future!

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The Lost Tomb’s teaser feature collapsing caves and crawling critters

I was hoping for more horror elements since the novels are not shy of those scenes and descriptions. It’s only the first installment of a 8-part series so maybe they will go darker down the line. Premiering in June! A couple of more weeks to go.

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Voyage Passport: Kap’s First Vacation Across Sea! [Planning]

Happy Mother’s Day drifters! I love my mum. She’s the best unless she’s in her drama zone. =P

And right now Kap’s mom is not happy that her little bird is going on a voyage!

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