Run, Brother: Episode 11 “Fabulous team work!”

I would love to write more about this episode since it has sweetheart Gui Gui, and forever young, JJ Lin, but I got an injury at work today and kinda have a split nail bed + deep slit into the tip of my ring finger, which makes typing frustratingly slow and sloppy. You never cherish your fingers until you lose touch with one. =/

Anyhow, this episode is really cute with all the cheers, positive energy, and constant teasing. It made my day better. =)

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2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

Lol. Just another shallow excuse to post pretty pictures. You aren’t tired of them right? I like this one since most of my favorite celebrities were there. hehe ^.^ The full show is not out yet so I can only drool over the pictures. Apparently, all of my favorites perform/dance to something that night. EEEEEE!!! =D

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TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

No, they are NOT getting married. Lol.

Longest shift today. 15 hours! Then I came home and belated realized the TVB annual awards show was this past Monday. Surprised that it did not generate the usual heated competition like the other years among the contenders. Then I scrolled down the winners list and the reason couldn’t be any clearer. There was no competition at all. The major winners of the night were expected, with only a few great surprises. I think TVB had a decent year in 2014. At least I think so because I’ve watched more series this year as compared to the past few years. But the dismal ratings…so low…

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Zhang Han’s The Classic of Mountains and Seas unleashes official stills

This drama was first mentioned in my batch of entertainment news here. The production held a press conference today and revealed a surge of first stills, giving us a look at Zhang Han‘s costumes for his good and evil character, controlled by the said forces of nature. He plays a prince/king who is abandoned in fear of causing the death of his own father and another mysterious character. It’s a fantasy type of drama where legends and mythical creatures play a huge role in the outcome of one’s life. I’m more interested in the supporting leads to be honest. Zhang Han has yet to connect with me as an actor.

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We Got Married: Episode 250 “Wedding Day Part 3.”

So tired! And I realized it’s only Monday! I’m covering for a co-worker for the next two weeks, totaling to about 120+ hours. Crazy! But income is income and this girl needs to pay off her school loans. So if you don’t see me in the next couple of days, I’m most likely hiding in some corner, trying to catch up with some sleep…. Back to the pretty people above. They actually used one event (the wedding) and spread it out to three episodes. Because I encode the videos, I notice that they have been splitting up each couple into multiple segments. Why? Well, they want to maintain the rating. They want viewers to stay throughout the hour instead of watching one couple and then changing channel. Such a nuisance when I cut the videos!

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Rainie Yang invites good friend, Ariel Lin, to star in MV

Adorable. The baby-faced beauties of Taiwanese Entertainment together onscreen. Ariel Lin, plays her happy and content self because hey, she has a good career and a life-long companion. She wants good friend, Rainie Yang, to be brave and open up her heart because “Everyone Deserves Happiness.” That aside, I’m disappointed with this music video. You have two beautiful ladies and you had them meeting at the end of the MV? Psh poh!!

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NewsFlash: Premiere dates of Cdramas in 2015

Since I made a post for Cdramas airing in July 2014, it seems like folks like the idea of having a similar platform to keep track of their dramas and plan vacation days accordingly ( :P ) so here it is, dramas airing in early 2015/end of December, which are many and still subjected to schedule changes. But still, geezus!


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Discussion Corner & OST: Romance of the Condor Heroes (2014, Cdrama)

Let’s make the discussion corner a welcome tradition of AVV! I added the released soundtrack as a bonus.

Spazz away! =D

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Miss Diamond with Rain and Tang Yan unveils first official stills

With all the money they invested to invite Rain, I expected the star to be bundled up in diamond armor throughout the series as the millionaire bachelor of a large diamond company. And yet he looks normal, like he always is in Korean dramas. His leading lady, Tang Yan, is busy filming another movie and will join the production at a later date, while second leads Luo Jin and Dilraba Dilmurat have already started filming with Rain joining them a few day ago.

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Run, Brother: Episode 9 “Great games!”

This episode cracks me up and this is me not understanding much. The cast sizzle with chemistry and jokes and new games! They have been repeating many games from Running Man, so I’m so glad that the PD decided to try out new games to great results and great pains. We love seeing people in pain.

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