The Way We Were: Episode 7 “The first crack of friendship.”

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Honestly, this episode is quite lousy to me. The preview at the end of last episode is basically all the exciting scenes of this one and that is basically five minutes. The whole hour circles around the same group of friends having tea party at different houses. Worst is that they reminisce about the same things over and over again. I geddit. Can we please move on?

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Joe Chen Qiao En stuns in topless shoot for Him Magazine

Sometimes, I wonder how many male readers I have and whether this type of post would lure them out of hiding? Sorry to give ya’ll a nosebleed on a Monday morning. ;)

While I have followed Joe for the longest time, it still astonishes me whenever she poses with little clothing on because she’s very, very well-endowed and it’s weird how they hide it very well in dramas. I think Joe manages to remain classy without going overboard.

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The Lost Tomb reveals posters for its (awesome) male ensemble

Quietly filming and casting actors for the past few weeks, we now have a list of our treasure-hunters! Our little Yang Yang looks all grown up and hot at that. WEEEEEEEEEE!! ~~~

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The new face this summer: Leon Zhang Yun Long

If there is one good thing that came out of the terrible ship, A Different Kind of Pretty Man, it’s my discovery of a few new faces, and one that I caught my attention completely is Zhang Yun Long, (english name: Leon.) Chances are you’ve seen him somewhere in dramaland this summer because the boy had three airing projects. When he was not busy painting prophetic visions in A Different Kind of Pretty Man, he was busy time-traveling back into his kitty self in Ancient of the Legend Sword, and when he was not doing those crazy things, he was a college student in Yang Mi’s production, V Love.

Man, my life as a celebrity stalker just got bussssssierrrrr.

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Cdrama: Princess of Lan Ling Episodes

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Ten-minute trailer of Yumama’s Creating Beauty with Yang Rong

Hmmm. Not sure what Yu Zheng is pulling here. The fact that he had to announce about giving Yang Rong a lead role kinda diminishes her talents. The stills are gorgeous but then I heard her dubbed voice in the trailer…and I want to yank Yumama’s collar. If you’re gonna give her the lead role, do it right. Get a female adult to speak her lines!

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Surplus Princess: Episode 1 “Unconventional Mermaid.”

I’m in my drama-binging mode so if you see a slew of first impression posts, don’t be alarmed. Surplus Princess is quite out there and absurd in some ways, but it’s entertaining so far, ad requires little to no effort from your brain to make sense of things. Just go along with it. The heroine, our mermaid princess, is adorable, and it helps that she’s played by someone appropriate in age, and pleasing to the eyes. It’s only 45 minutes so the hour goes by really quick.

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Billion Dollar Inheritance with Choi Siwon releases more stills

Beautiful stills, mainly because of the youthful cast and Choi Siwon, looking exceptionally dazzling and dreamy. I’m still not sure how the story is gonna played out because the synopsis posted on viki made me want to unread everything I just read.

The highlight of this post is the short teaser… is it fanmade? Or is that for real? Because it’s hilarious.

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Intriguing 24-minute trailer for the well-made Nirvana in Fire

Everything looks good. The trailer stays consistent in its solemn tone throughout, the costumes are pleasant to the eyes, a different world from the showy and mismatched colors in Yu Zheng’s productions. The acting can’t be complained because we know who we are talking about.

And yet there isn’t a single bone in my body that is excited. Maybe because my brain is in fluffy world right now. I do hope some of you do like it.

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The Way We Were: Episode 6 “Unbroken Connection.”

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I enjoyed this episode since I had a recent meet-up with a few friends and while many things have changed, we settled into our old jokes and niches in no time. I’m sure many of us can relate to the emotional highs and lows of our group of friends as they reunite after a long separation, for better or for worse.

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