Love Bug Report: Luo Jin’s shoulders are only for Tang Yan


Luo Jin! You brave and romantic duck! It’s Tang Yan‘s birthday so everyone has been waiting on pins and needles to see what rumored boyfriend would say on weibo and he did not let us down. He posts, “My shoulders are always ready for you to lean on! My love, Happy Birthday!”

Tang Yan replies, “Fate is you.” (So it’s you.)

That’s it, folks. Another epic couple is formed with Luo Jin dating the current rating queen, Tang Yan. ♥♥♥

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Beautiful Stills: General and I, Dragon Pearls, Stay With Me

A lot of stills and they are beautiful, especially those of General and I

*UPDATE: Added Second trailer for General and I.

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Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 4

More productions started rolling in the last two weeks. Some were written about individually and here are the rest!

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Zhao Li Ying confirms as female ruler in The Monkey King 3

YAY!! I’m so happy for her!! WEEEEEEEEEE~~~

A press conference was held a few hours ago and the production crew of The Monkey King 3: The Land of Beauty (西游记·女儿国) posted on weibo to welcome your highness! She replied with “My beloved subjects, I have arrived!” Lol. This role is a big step in her film career and I really hope it does well, and even if it doesn’t (story-wise?), she has some significant exposure. Honestly, I’m really surprised at the confirmation because we all know that her name isn’t as big as other big Film actress, but then I remember a saying: everyone starts out small. From no name to big name! Without the baby steps, how can one’s name becomes a powerhouse in the years to come?

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IQiyi All-Star Carnival Night 2017

I anticipated the whole week for this event until the bomb dropped last night that Li Ying wouldn’t be able to attend because she needed to film an important scene for her movie, Ride the Winds Break the Waves, with Eddie and Deng Chao. Sigh….. Her manager went in her stead and she won Artist of the Year Award. Most of the attendees were Li Ying’s co-stars too! Good thing they have a good variety of stars to reel me back in. heh. The pretty!

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Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

As reported earlier this year, Taiwan will remake It Started With A Kiss one more time because you know it’s just so unique (LOL). The remake is called Miss In Kiss (恶作剧之吻) and it features rising stars in Dino Lee and Esther Wu. I recognize our lead actor in various movies and from the promo videos, he appears to be the most expressive of the actors so far. Good or bad, you would have to check in to know!

Short and long trailers and songs are posted after the jump.

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Zhao Li Ying up for female ruler role in The Monkey King 3

The net has been burning up with this rumor all day and her studio has yet to speak up.

If true, she’ll reuniting with Aaron Kwok, who plays Monkey King, Feng Shao Shao as Shifu, Him Law as Sha Seng, and Xiao Shen Yang as Pig Demon. It’s the third part of the Monkey King franchise, following The Monkey King in 2014, and The Monkey King 2 in 2016. This part tells the story of Shifu team as they head into the all-female territory known as the Women’s Country. The queen (or should I say female ruler?) falls in love with Tang San Zang and wants to marry him. To deceive the love-stricken lady, our Shifu monk pretends to agree and again escape with Monkey King’s tricks. Unsure how the synopsis of the movie will be like.

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Themesongs Released: Flying Daggers, Beauty’s Kitchen, Stay With Me, Advance Bravery

A few themesongs are released in the past few days. All compiled for your ears enjoyment. =D

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Cdrama: Princess Lan Ling, Princess Wei Young OST

Since both dramas have the word Princess in it, let me go ahead and merge them together. Took some time but the songs are now compiled neatly! This is my pathetic attempt at spazzing about this week’s episodes. 😀

NOPE! Happy Birthday to Luo Jin! It’s his birthday but he’s marrying a witch! LOL.

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An Yue Xi trespasses Jiro Wang’s dangerous Rakshasa Street

If they keep the soundtrack from the anime, I think this webdrama will be all set! It’s so good to jam to. Rakshasa Street (镇魂街) is the drama adaptation of a manhua starring Jiro Wang (Looking for Aurora) and An Yue Xi (Tornado Girl 2) as the leads in a supernatural modern world where there’s hell and heaven, and the in-between dimension. What is causing me to side eye this production is the lack of a child actor to play Jiro’s adorable, beyond-his-age, brother! WHERE!? I saw the stills of the brothers when they were younger but nothing when Jiro is playing the adult role. Please don’t remove that aspect. I love the brotherhood!

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