Love Cheque Charge: Episode 1 “Potentials but…”

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Where’s the line, Georgie? I gotta be first to get that guarantee!!

Now that I’m free from The Way We Were, I decided to check out a newly premiere SETTV’s drama, Love Cheque Charge, featuring baby Georgie and Phoebe Yuan, an actress who has an uncanny resemblance to his previous co-star, Annie. Then I belated realized it’s a freakin’ daily drama! For a whopping 70 episodes…. I am not happy with this arrangement. Georgie, I don’t do dailies! You know that! Can’t you be more a little more considerate and star in a normal 15-episode drama? With Gui Gui? (I had to throw that in there, drifters.)

First episode is decent.

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Hu Ge sings subsong for Sound of the Desert

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Life is weird isn’t it? One minute, we aren’t getting enough promotional materials, and the next, they can’t wait to release everything…one trailer every few days. Today? Our ears are treated to another subsong, sang by Hu Ge, depicting his love triangle with wolf girl and handsome general and his voluntary departure from the equation at the end of the day. The Chinese title is 好好过 and google translated it to “Take Over.” Thoughts?

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Movie version of BBJX courts Zhao Li Ying and Kris Wu as leads?

Pleasepleaspleaseplease don’t let this be true! Can these people stop milking the already dead and dry cow that is BBJX? The sequel isn’t any better so why spend more money remaking a plot that we have seen done to perfection on the small screen in 2011? Why? Why?


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Discussion Corner: Line Walker (2014, HKdrama)

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Still enjoying this drama even if the tonal shifts are jarring at times. For a serious genre, with life and death at stakes, Line Walker befuddles me in its embrace of comedy and happy-go-lucky tunes from time to time, sometimes within seconds of a dramatic scene. I guess even moles need breaks too. Anyway, as Hong Kong dramas air at rapid speed with five episodes a week, it’s hard for me to keep up with recaps so I decided on an alternative – this discussion post! So please join me as we guess and recover the last undercover agent (UC) and the big bad wolf in the police force. You can find this post under the discussion corner tab on the right hand corner of this website!

Please refrain from posting spoilers of the identities of the big wolf/last mole if you’ve read it beforehand in TVB magazines. At least wait until it is revealed in the episodes. Other than that, nothing is restricted!

UPDATED (9/18/14): Episode 11-15 Summary.

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Nostalgic stills and posters for Ethan Ruan’s detective film, Shanghai Noir

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I mentioned this movie in June of this year and the release date is announced to be in…November. Anybody sensing a pattern here? November is the July of movies and dramas! BURR! A trailer will come out any moments now but first let’s dip our feet into Shanghai at the time, known as the Paris of the East during the French concession which lasted for about a century.

In the movie, Ethan Ruan plays the framed detective when the woman (Yang Zi Shan) he’s supposed to protect went missing. Now all the police forces are searching for him, including the said woman’s boyfriend (Yang Yang) as the prime suspect! Aid comes in an unexpected form – a blind young woman (Zhou Dong Yu). What’s a man gotta do to clear his name?

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The Way We Were: Episode 9 “Losses.”

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Everyone loses something in this episode. And this drama loses me. Unfortunately, this will be my last recap for TWWW. Why? 1) I’m tired of repeating myself every episode. 2) The story goes in circles. 3) Not much to discuss. 4) I stop caring about the main OTP. They are infuriating.

Questions to ponder: If you were Jia Ni, would you forgive your best friend and husband for that one night? If you were Wei De, would you let the past haunt your present?

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TvN to remake popular Japanese manga series, Liar Game

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not again Kdrama Producers! NO!”

Was my initial reaction when I heard of the news a few weeks ago. Secretly, in my dungeon, I had formed a praying shrine, hoping that all is a fluke! Then today, they announced the leads! KIM SO EUN! GIRL, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! Why are they pitting my girl crushes against each other!? If you don’t know already, the manga series spawned two seasons of drama adaptations in Japan, with Toda Erika as the female lead, Kanzaki Nao, and Matsuda Shota as the genius swindler, Akiyama Shinichi. Then I scrolled over and saw the male leads – Lee Sang Yoon as Akiyama? Then we have Shin Sung Rok on the other side (I think he could work – he’s quite quirky in Trot Lovers.) Still………LSY?


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Victoria and Jiang Jin Fu’s Cdrama has an official name and trailer

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I last talked about this drama earlier this year. Remember how some of us wanted to correctly translate its name? Thanks heavens the production company took care of that problem during the press conference held today. The official title is now The Chronicles of Town Called Jian. Did someone fall asleep and forget one missing letter in the title? Ahum.

Check the 5-minute trailer to see if it caters to your taste!

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Yan Kuan signs up as the new Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2015

I’m pretty sure that good news is gonna come out soon, cause there’s no other reason other than baby daddy that can force a man to leave his beautiful wife right after marriage and work endlessly and over nights, right? Still filming for Three Heroes and Five Gallants as the dashing Zhan Zhao, Yan Kuan takes on a completely different character – a noble thief, Xiao Shi Yi Lang, in the novel by Gu Long (The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung, The Proud Twins, The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng).

The last drama adaptation of Xiao Shi Yi Lang was eleven years ago, starring Nicky Wu, Yu Bo, and Athena Chu. Watch on Viki. Around the same time, TVB also has their own version with Felix Wong and Maggie Siu (I watched this version, but don’t recall much…)

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Sound of the Desert amps up premiere with gorgeous stills

Yes, ladies. The wait is over! After changing its name for the Nth time, the production settled with Sound of the Desert, set to air on October 1st on HunanTV, the slot left by Legend of the Ancient Sword, as it completes its monstrous run. It’s a shorter drama with a total of 35 episodes.

And here I thought I could catch a break. They’re just going to air back-to-back! *not complaining*

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