Cdrama: Lady and the Liar Episodes

One Tang Yan’s drama done, another one comes out. What’s worst is that The Legend of Fragrance airing next week will be direct competition to this one. They are screwing with ya, Tangie!

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First trailer and stills for Movie Version of BBJX, Time To Love

My feeling for this franchise has become indifferent, thanks to the stubbornness of certain people to LET IT GO. Does the sequel not tell you anything?

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Li Sheng and Li Jia Hang’s First Sweet Wedding Photos

Awww these two are so sweet and precious in their wedding photos for CosmoBride, which as you could imagine, is only the first of their many shoots. I know I said before that they are still young for marriage but after seeing their beautiful smiles together and knowing how mature they were in handling their relationship to the public, I cannot say otherwise.

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The wait for Cruel Romance is over…mark your calendar!

Yesh. I have resorted to begging now because the people behind this are clearly enjoying the pain inflicted on us!! Lordy. I know the name of the game is Cruel Romance, but no need to extract the cruelty from it and give it to us. I have plenty of drama pains, thank-you very much. This morning, a little bird told me, the date has been pushed forward. February 28th. DUN. DUN. DUN.

Have some stills while we charge through another month… of agony.

NOTE: More stills added 1.28.15 Will be doing so until it airs in this post.

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Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

3 posts in one day!? What’s going on? Well, a blizzard of around 3 feet is coming to the East Coast and the likelihood of a power outage is very high so I’m just gonna release all the goodies before I’m stuck without electricity. Lol. Bundle up drifters in the same land!

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Themesong for Love Weaves Through A Millennium by Wei Chen

Ah, I love this song!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! SO GOOD.

NOTE: I will be updating this post with pictures as more stills/songs are released. All in one place.

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Cdrama: My Sunshine (Silent Separation) OST

Full Soundtrack was out two days ago. :)

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Andy Lau becomes Boran Jing’s grief-stricken father in Lost and Love

If there was ever an award for the most recognizable star of the tv and film industry, Andy would get it.

In the upcoming film, Lost and Love, Andy Lau strips himself of make-up, tailored suits, guns, and spy missions to play a simpleton. Based on a true story of a child abduction case back in 2010, Andy plays a farmer whose child is kidnapped at the tender age of two. This begins a moving and raw journey of 15 years to reunite Andy with his adult son, played by Boran Jing. It’s amazing how I didn’t know who this kid was last year, but now he’s standing beside one of the most beloved actors to come out of Hong Kong in the past few decades. Me thinks this kid is going to places. Keep an eye on him!

NOTE: More stills added 1.28.15

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Mythological drama, The Gods, courts Chen Xiao and Wang Li Kun

Thanks heavens! Chen Xiao, if you have escaped Yumama’s claws, never go back again! Please accept this offer! He doesn’t have anything line up except for that horror flick with Ariel Lin, and his other drama, Love & Life & Lie, might be airing in June. He’s been quite free lately as evident of his touring fashion shows in Milan these past few days. Which is good because a period in between each project is a healthy practice to me. Now he just needs to influence his friend to do the same thing…. ;)

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Running Man: Episode 230 “The New Pretty Boys.”

My, my, my. Have I been THAT out of the loop with K-ent? Five pretty boys are invited on Running Man and I only recognize two! Did you know all five or are we on the same boat? The things about pretty boys and pretty idols being on Running Man is that I get to cackle with glee when our Kim Jong Kook throws them around like stick figures. Stop preening in front of the cameras and hit the gym lads!

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